HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular Students Funny School Life and Hacks by 123 GO! SCHOOL

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Oh popularity! School can be hard enough without having to worry if people like you or not. Who loves being unpopular?
We'll show you school life of nerd vs popular students and funny life hacks.
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leslie mason
leslie mason - 12 minutter siden
Don't lhafe crys
leslie mason
leslie mason - 13 minutter siden
I am a nerd
David Doyle
David Doyle - 38 minutter siden
👌Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood one
Martine Jade Strande
Martine Jade Strande - 42 minutter siden
Thank u for calling me a nerd just brcause I wear glasses 😭😐
sugar rollz
sugar rollz - Time siden
I dont think plastic knives are her prescription lenses sooooo.... There not going to work
Remy Cooper
Remy Cooper - 2 timer siden
Remy Cooper
Remy Cooper - Time siden
Is so funny that's so funny video yummy I always watch your videos so you're pretty oh so bad so make some more videos
Tiana viv
Tiana viv - 2 timer siden
Soooooooo non prescription glasses work?
Eliana Rios
Eliana Rios - 2 timer siden
bruh when they made that baby oil and powder trick they made effects even though none of this stuff works.
ammar jazic
ammar jazic - 2 timer siden
Good video
hero osman
hero osman - 2 timer siden already popular but i still watched this -
hero osman
hero osman - 2 timer siden
Estabraq A
Estabraq A - 2 timer siden
She could see the glasses break
Lill J :D
Lill J :D - 2 timer siden
So apparently you always carry a hair dryer with you -_-
Toni campbell
Toni campbell - 2 timer siden
Toni campbell
Toni campbell - 2 timer siden
A G - 3 timer siden
Omg love your videos
Stay Gold
Stay Gold - 3 timer siden
wtf it's cringe af
Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams - 3 timer siden
َ - 3 timer siden
ترا جمال جمال لإخلاق مو الشكل امثالكم😒💢
Puye Haufiku
Puye Haufiku - 3 timer siden
Puye Haufiku
Puye Haufiku - 3 timer siden
Puye Haufiku
Puye Haufiku - 3 timer siden
sorry of uot diuas so so sorry😢☹☹☹
ChiCKeN LiTTle
ChiCKeN LiTTle - 3 timer siden
7:39 sis I’m listening to savage love rn
Henry Lantz
Henry Lantz - 4 timer siden
Hatar iden
md. hannan
md. hannan - 4 timer siden
Tan Bulut
Tan Bulut - 4 timer siden
goldmind deal
goldmind deal - 4 timer siden
Trump and Obama go 1 round in a boxing match 👀
vimal prakash
vimal prakash - 4 timer siden
Sibel Simeonova
Sibel Simeonova - 5 timer siden
_stxrry eyez_
_stxrry eyez_ - 5 timer siden
this channel is toxic,who would care about being popular
Signe Enlund
Signe Enlund - 5 timer siden
Sulianys Ortiz Semprit
Sulianys Ortiz Semprit - 5 timer siden
Emery Ash
Emery Ash - 5 timer siden
Savage Love
Keith Meehan
Keith Meehan - 4 timer siden
Young Hikari
Young Hikari - 6 timer siden
Aku sangat suka
edlen dy jongco
edlen dy jongco - 6 timer siden
I love the voice but the old one..
Bundhoo Ziyad
Bundhoo Ziyad - 6 timer siden
Anna marie Barrand
Anna marie Barrand - 6 timer siden
กิตติศักดิ์ ศรีสวัสดิ์
Denesha Stewart
Denesha Stewart - 7 timer siden
Gab The Young
Gab The Young - 7 timer siden
Are you doing savage love dance???
Peishan Liu
Peishan Liu - 8 timer siden
gorrt asdf
gorrt asdf - 8 timer siden
~evening 1 xuchd Flow Flow