How To Be Behzinga | Official Trailer

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Once a poster boy for poor health, Ethan Payne (aka Behzinga) has turned his life around. His biggest challenge yet, the London Marathon, has been cancelled-- so what will he do next?
Take the journey with Ethan this October 19th.
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kuba pleban
kuba pleban - 13 timer siden
That make me cry when tobi said i dont know if ill see my friend again your such a inspiration behz
Ayy behz keeps the tittle of being a boss mn
Chris Leahy
Chris Leahy - Dag siden
Behzinga you have inspired me to do what i want to do and get up and put in the hard work to do what i want to get done thank you very much for being such a role model
YouRaZe - 2 dager siden
You are absolutely amazing!!!
BlessedWarrior - 2 dager siden
1:02 !!!!!!! 💪💪
ISHFAAQ Khan - 2 dager siden
Listen, im not a behzinga fan but what this guy has done so far is crazy! Behzinga, your a beast bro.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 2 dager siden
People who got chills watching the trailer....
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 3 dager siden
🔥 this is mad inspiring fr. Ima fully watch this.
Aidan Morales
Aidan Morales - 3 dager siden
I'm stoked
hey hey
hey hey - 3 dager siden
His Dad bouta come back from da cash ngl
Dan Panah
Dan Panah - 3 dager siden
Come on bro
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 2 dager siden
through so much and came out the other side is so amazing. You look great and dont ever think differently!
soyuncu lcfc
soyuncu lcfc - 4 dager siden
So cringe
soyuncu lcfc
soyuncu lcfc - Dag siden
@yasio bolo mate I am 23 pharmacist .
Aaryab Agarwa
Aaryab Agarwa - 2 dager siden
Leicester fan
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 3 dager siden
You have been through so much bro there’s people that love you bro keep running and keep your head up bro
soyuncu lcfc
soyuncu lcfc - 4 dager siden
Aaryab Agarwa
Aaryab Agarwa - 2 dager siden
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 4 dager siden
🔥 this is mad inspiring fr. Ima fully watch this.
Joey Deakin
Joey Deakin - 4 dager siden
Behz mate, I beg this wasnt actually just fun to watch - seeing you, your Mum, Finlay and your fans all support you through this and the way you've changed your life around is truly truly inspirational. I think that everyone will agree in sincerely congratulating you in your success and the message you've given to many
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey - 4 dager siden
What’s the women trainers name in this video with the pink top on?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 4 dager siden
Let’s goooo
king of k
king of k - 4 dager siden
This is awesome
ulanchique - 4 dager siden
living legend. big up especially to ethan’s mum
Parker Barnett
Parker Barnett - 4 dager siden
This is sick
Cassie - 4 dager siden
can't wait for this lad👀
Chris Machado
Chris Machado - 4 dager siden
This is going to be great
TheBananaPeel - 5 dager siden
Calvin Tai
Calvin Tai - 5 dager siden
Put some respect on my man's name. This kind of mindset is praiseworthy.
Kayleigh Lane
Kayleigh Lane - 5 dager siden
Man you are actually my biggest inspiration when it comes to my training. I've been working hard for a year now and I always think if you can do it, so can I. The fact you have been through so much and came out the other side is so amazing. You look great and dont ever think differently!
Cassie - 4 dager siden
Exotice_james 10
Exotice_james 10 - 5 dager siden
You have been through so much bro there’s people that love you bro keep running and keep your head up bro
Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley - 5 dager siden
my god he is so strong mentality and physically from where he came from
Essex Runner
Essex Runner - 5 dager siden
This is sick. I’m a runner and I like this
Mr Liew
Mr Liew - 5 dager siden
dont think at 0:42 - 0:45 it was in any of the eps right?
Connor 756
Connor 756 - 5 dager siden
He has done it lets go
Char704 - 5 dager siden
@Behzinga yes king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u smashed it!!!!!!
BOMB3R - 5 dager siden
Let’s goooo
Gee 1988
Gee 1988 - 5 dager siden
Dislikes are Logan Paul Fans 🖕🤣
Aryan - 5 dager siden
Whos here after hes finished the marathon
Connor 756
Connor 756 - 5 dager siden
Me lol
Saphe Khader
Saphe Khader - 5 dager siden
a legend in the making
Francisco Alarcon
Francisco Alarcon - 5 dager siden
A diffrent lv of respect for this man much love
Delia Lerma
Delia Lerma - 5 dager siden
Abishan Thanikasalam
Abishan Thanikasalam - 5 dager siden
I'm back from the live chat this guy is soo underrated and he is goated
Dhruv Arora
Dhruv Arora - 5 dager siden
Melissa Maulding
Melissa Maulding - 5 dager siden
Ruland Furqan
Ruland Furqan - 5 dager siden
The title should have been How to Be-hzinga
Aser Almehgub
Aser Almehgub - 5 dager siden
Beano _real1
Beano _real1 - 5 dager siden
you got this
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mama mami 1234 yeet
mama mami 1234 yeet - 5 dager siden
JJ : Man went from a 2 to an 8..
Trevor Helgesen
Trevor Helgesen - 5 dager siden
Honestly though. What shoes is he wearing for running
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 5 dager siden
can't wait for this lad👀
Whiti Bailey
Whiti Bailey - 6 dager siden
Dang that gave me goosebumps.
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 - 6 dager siden
This is a beautiful video 💯💯💯💯
Urška Barl Kolman
Urška Barl Kolman - 6 dager siden
This looks sick!!
Haris Hussain
Haris Hussain - 6 dager siden
So many familiar faces in this we would never expect
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 5 dager siden
Break your body.
EMERS - 6 dager siden
Mad tings
MR MRL91 - 6 dager siden
Behzinga just to let you know god doesnt make any mistakes you are a great youtube role model.
Haidan Hook
Haidan Hook - 6 dager siden
You legend bez ❤
Chr1stophεr - 6 dager siden
Master Wongggggggggg!!!!!!!!!
YBN_Nolan 16
YBN_Nolan 16 - 6 dager siden
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming Is Fun - 6 dager siden
TubGaming05 - 6 dager siden
Seen you since day one. Your an giant inspiration to all
El Guapo 2x
El Guapo 2x - 6 dager siden
Absolutely love this! You smashed it bro
Hridoy Khan
Hridoy Khan - 6 dager siden
Much much love and support bruvv !
Ksi and you really did inspired me to move myself and get in shaped .. wallah bruv I love you 🖤
dope water
dope water - 6 dager siden
Can't wait
dope water
dope water - 6 dager siden
Bazinga even though you won't really see this message I also have went through what you've I was you know little bit big they're in there I started to see myself as this ugly hideous person I hated myself out always cry and wasn't cool21 day I showed all those haters that I can change my appearance and then I got slim 😂 and now that's why I started watching you and all the assignments I'm a new subscriber remind me of me you know hope you get all the best things that you need and all that stuff you know 👊🏾
Bill Watson
Bill Watson - 6 dager siden
W1ckan Wickström
W1ckan Wickström - 6 dager siden
Love from Sweden
Love ur vids
Never give up on your dreams
legendsnowSK - CoDM
legendsnowSK - CoDM - 6 dager siden
*Break your body.*
Ash Redmond
Ash Redmond - 6 dager siden
To hear Tobi say “I didn’t know if I would see my friend again” was genuinely heartbreaking. I lost my sister to suicide and hearing it really clicks in your head. Big props man ❤️
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 6 dager siden
You really have to rate this. You can’t hate the man for this
Yann G.
Yann G. - 6 dager siden
You are truly amazing!
Oskar Puusepp
Oskar Puusepp - 6 dager siden
Keep up the work my g
Josh100 HD
Josh100 HD - 6 dager siden
U know ima be watching this
Nahhh b
Nahhh b - 6 dager siden
You hv come a long way BROTHER so proud
Grim - 6 dager siden
@Ptao Tom "my name is jenny" Name:ptao tom
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 6 dager siden
🥺♥️ so proud of him
Liam Simpson
Liam Simpson - 6 dager siden
This just came with some heat 🔥
BoxingChannelHD - 6 dager siden
Lydia Cooper
Lydia Cooper - 6 dager siden
i'm so fuckin proud of you behz
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 7 dager siden
Your bloody brilliant
Λпշ - 7 dager siden
Jenna Begum
Jenna Begum - 7 dager siden
bro im here for u never give up me and 4.15 mil people are in this journey with u luv u man
It's Kai
It's Kai - 7 dager siden
unreal lad
Wiliam Aled
Wiliam Aled - 7 dager siden
We love you behz
Shayne Weather by
Shayne Weather by - 7 dager siden
such an inspiration to me thank you , you legend
MacsMagic - 7 dager siden
Full respect👊🏼 properly feel you on this. Few years ago I weighed 23stone and was unhappy constantly, finally built up the courage to hit the gym and managed to lose 10 stone in 5/6 months, was the best decision in my life! if you want something go get it don’t let anything/anyone get in your way!
Harvey Rayner
Harvey Rayner - 7 dager siden
I just got chills throughout all of that, much love behz
Psyco Gaming
Psyco Gaming - 7 dager siden
I really hated him back then. But now, i think he should be the most respected sidemen
Owrn Patrick
Owrn Patrick - 7 dager siden
I hate that this video has dislikes
Selina XD
Selina XD - 7 dager siden
🥺♥️ so proud of him
Tumbika Kalua
Tumbika Kalua - 7 dager siden
What a lad
abdallah qatarneh
abdallah qatarneh - 7 dager siden
What a legend 🔥🔥🔥. Im so inspired
Masked MintZz
Masked MintZz - 7 dager siden
Man Like Behz!! HE LIFTED UP A FIRETRUCK FORWARD!! Thats Hard and Challenging.. Anyways Can't wait to watch Episode 2 of How to be Behzinga! :D
Audunfk - 7 dager siden
Such an Inspiring guy! You and Eddie be pulling trucks wth.
Brandon Ojeda
Brandon Ojeda - 7 dager siden
I’m here after the first episode. It was so frikkin good, I legit teared up
Lmfao - 7 dager siden
What an inspiration. Big up you absolute legend ❤
Vohul - 7 dager siden
claza clarence
claza clarence - 7 dager siden
SHADOW FIRST - 7 dager siden
Who else got shifted to this vid as the live ended?
Bharat - 7 dager siden
That was moving.
spop_s - 7 dager siden
Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards - 7 dager siden
that was fucking amazing
ImTheNME - 7 dager siden
This should be on Netflix
Jessica - 7 dager siden
Sierra Anwar
Sierra Anwar - 7 dager siden
This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait
Alfred Joseph
Alfred Joseph - 7 dager siden