How the Beirut explosion was a government failure

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And why Lebanon is on the verge of collapse.
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On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion rocked Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. The blast occurred when sparks in a warehouse hit a stockpile of ammonium nitrate - a highly explosive material - that was stored in the city's port. It was one of the largest accidental explosions in history and it couldn't have occurred at a worse time for Lebanon.
For the past several years, the country has been sliding into an economic depression and a political crisis. The root causes began during the country's 20-year civil war and extend to the organization of the government, in which control is divided among the country's many religious sects.
After years of corruption and negligence, Lebanon's people are now stuck picking up the pieces.
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winterupsetjustin578 - 3 timer siden
America is better compared to this
neil Taylor
neil Taylor - 10 timer siden
long story short: a shipment was taken into custody for illegal transport and its contents was placed inside storage: years later multiple warnings and issues were stated by defense workers and safetey whom they asked and said its unsafe and needs to be taken somewhere else: after contunious lazy ingnoring from the officials in power it then led to the explosion.
Klyd Klyd
Klyd Klyd - 14 timer siden
9:53 sandra bullock, thank me later 😆😂🤣
Mirkatu - 15 timer siden
Thank you for explaining this, it helps me understand what is happening in Lebanon.
I'm a Starboy Not a Dr
I'm a Starboy Not a Dr - 22 timer siden
More like government greed & are disconnected from their own people...
Jesse Thatcher
Jesse Thatcher - Dag siden
There is a story about a couple and their young son who were there as part of a business trip for a few weeks, and when the explosion happened, the large view window shattered and sent a shard of glass into their little boy's chest. The little boy died, and the family is haunted by the entire event, the fact that they weren't even suppose to be there, since their flight out was delayed by another day. So horribly heartbreaking
tor imas
tor imas - Dag siden
Same thing happened in argentina back in 01 with the banks.
UH UH - Dag siden
Goverment problem government bills no funds pls
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit - Dag siden
religion is beyond harmful. when will we move past it as a species
Kenneth Harkin
Kenneth Harkin - 6 timer siden
Never so find a way for it to exist alongside the systems of government. I say this as an atheist. You cannot stamp out religion, people overwhelmingly and inherently create myths to fill the void they cannot accept.
Angel Meza
Angel Meza - 2 dager siden
Supposedly if you watch the beruit explosion video and you put it in you slow it down and put inverted you see a airstrike hit it
Tony G
Tony G - 2 dager siden
You need to make a similar video about Bulgaria. I didn't realize how much in common we have with the Lebanese people. Just swap religious conflict with ethnic conflict and civil war with gangster war and you are there.
Maihime Tenkisam
Maihime Tenkisam - 2 dager siden
Et nous on est tjr là
Dank_ 47
Dank_ 47 - 2 dager siden
Teacher:What do you know about Lebanon 🇱🇧
My brain: mia khalif....
Huns CT
Huns CT - 2 dager siden
Man of culture 🤝🏻
Genghis khan
Genghis khan - 2 dager siden
Israel and the UN: "what ya got there"
(A storage house full of highly explosive material)
Lebanon: a smoothie
Raymond Melanson
Raymond Melanson - 2 dager siden
Of course this video speak truths but the mass of the population have no clue of the big picture of it all!!! Especially the spiritual of it all and the physical reason why the destruction of the port was so intense! It was done by a powerful missile and not only what the port contained. A video on YouTube that showed plainly the missile but removed quickly from YouTube with only very few had a chance to see this!!! Unbelievable how most are still in the dark!!!
Pietrão - 2 dager siden
X to Doubt
Coocalacka Not a chiken
Coocalacka Not a chiken - 3 dager siden
Lebanon is a total mess
Black dotLV
Black dotLV - 3 dager siden
Thats why you dont mix religion with politics
Jan Witts
Jan Witts - 3 dager siden
Ahh.. the old pyramid scheme... well known to be totally unlawful... and then they don't pay their debts...
Lawson Higgins
Lawson Higgins - 3 dager siden
is it a taif agreement or a tarif agreement hahahaha
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu - 3 dager siden
Thanks Vox
Reno Agasthya
Reno Agasthya - 3 dager siden
Tolerance at its finest 👌
gareth roberts
gareth roberts - 3 dager siden
Corruption at its worst
KaccoTime - 3 dager siden
*POLT TWIST:* They actually did it on purpose so they can get help from other people.
Its Me Again.
Its Me Again. - 3 dager siden
When you wish buildings were just Lego
Apple - 4 dager siden
Angela Engle
Angela Engle - 4 dager siden
They're going to find some reason that it's America's fault for this catastrophe. =/
NextLevelGaming - 4 dager siden
Multiculti doesnt work
SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS - 4 dager siden
Good thing half that zone was in the ocean I mean no good thing but out o he most terrible situation it’s a plus
Karim Itani
Karim Itani - 5 dager siden
Im from lebanon and i currently live in lebanon and the information that this video gives is a 100 percent true and i agree with all the statements said in this video , sadly our country is falling apart and it cant be fixed
arka santra
arka santra - 5 dager siden
Funny lives in hand of corona also.
Ali Amhaz
Ali Amhaz - 5 dager siden
As a Lebanese I see that zombies will start from here same as aliens and ww3 and... Any suggestions?
Rita-Maria Younes
Rita-Maria Younes - 5 dager siden
I'm Lebanese 🇱🇧and I'm ashamed of what our government did and are doing to us they kiled our soul people from our family our friends and beirut 💔
End of Bandicot
End of Bandicot - 5 dager siden
Who else in the US is laughing at them
mo33n ???
mo33n ??? - 2 dager siden
JL History
JL History - 5 dager siden
At least the citizens can move out of Poland into other eu countries
avicohen2k - 6 dager siden
So having an official military/terror organization (hezbollah) funded and controlled by Iran, controlling the country has absolutely nothing to do with its decline? Interesting..
Adam, Mohammed S
Adam, Mohammed S - 6 dager siden
Lebanon 💔
bio jui
bio jui - 6 dager siden
To the editor please lower the music next time, we can't hear a thing
Azamanis Ishak
Azamanis Ishak - 6 dager siden
its a country created by the france for the christian who helped them in the ww 1
VERRATEN ➊ - 6 dager siden
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu - 6 dager siden
Dualities - 6 dager siden
every invaded country has 1 thing in common...centralized banking
drzero7 - 7 dager siden
This was an insightful video.
Plushiie - 7 dager siden
really I thought religion, greed, and politics mixed well.
Jack Clark
Jack Clark - 7 dager siden
Thank you Vox for this wonderful reporting of my country’s problems.
Capt kushal
Capt kushal - 7 dager siden
You guys just entered list of Somalia like fail State ...I feel for you !
Police_ Aker25YT
Police_ Aker25YT - 7 dager siden
That was on my birthday...... wow
JustTheTruth - 7 dager siden
Religion is the scourge of people
reubs91 - 7 dager siden
It’s an OH&S issue. The western world has most of these processes in place, when are these back water countries going to wake up and start realising we implement these OH&S measures for a reason.
luis stanziola
luis stanziola - 8 dager siden
What the left does to a country...
Shaney Hellboy
Shaney Hellboy - 8 dager siden
The government is robbing the people
Thunder Nugget
Thunder Nugget - 8 dager siden
So the stuff was shipped there during the Obama administration? So much of it in fact, the local government couldn't figure out what to even do with it for seven years? I wonder where and/or who it came from. Someone other than their local government knew a great potential for harm was there.
The Lua Programmer
The Lua Programmer - 8 dager siden
It's not because of Lebanon, it's because of Hezbollah. This weapon they wanted to drop on an Israeli city killing thousands of civilians, God will curse those who curse Israel, and he did. Sadly, innocent people from Lebanon had to pay that price. I hope this won't happen again and Hezbollah leaves Lebanon forever.
Matthew Lawton
Matthew Lawton - 8 dager siden
- religious people ruined society
- let's put religious people in charge!
This is why we can't have nice things.
H. J. Babilonia
H. J. Babilonia - 8 dager siden
Problem #1: religions.
Humans won't be able to evolve until all religions are erradicated from societal constructs.
Leafy Pop
Leafy Pop - 7 dager siden
H. J. Babilonia what is that supposed to mean?
HDxD3 ___
HDxD3 ___ - 9 dager siden
Beirut looks like a map you would find in the latest call of duty
Anastasia Bolu
Anastasia Bolu - 9 dager siden
This is terrible
Black Ricky
Black Ricky - 9 dager siden
Lebanese stereotypes: *"always record vertically bo matter what happens"*
jim young
jim young - 9 dager siden
"Cliff!" - Young Ones.
jim young
jim young - 9 dager siden
US, UK, Lebanon, etc.
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan - 9 dager siden
This is how 98% of Americans watching learned that Lebanon exists
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan - 5 dager siden
@CreepergeniX America probably caused the explosion tbh
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan - 8 dager siden
CreepergeniX very true
CreepergeniX - 8 dager siden
They'll still reffer to it as "Dangerous" and "Terrorism" Because it's America ya know most there think what America is doing in the middle east is right and the catastrophe aftermath is "the country's own fault"
Rohan Yadav
Rohan Yadav - 9 dager siden
I love vox❤️
TheLegend27 - 9 dager siden
Religion doesn’t gel with government who knew
Gameknight - 9 dager siden
Vox: Spreading clear, concise, and accurate information since who knows when.
paul zet
paul zet - 9 dager siden
Middle east:
The only place with good food but it has war crimes as a buffet
General Chris Gaming
General Chris Gaming - 9 dager siden
If that keeps out will they become a people controlled government hmmmmmm intresting
Adrian Oropeza
Adrian Oropeza - 10 dager siden
Do an Atlas of Venezuela. Very similar to this situation, but worse
Celine Cann
Celine Cann - 10 dager siden
this reminds me of canadian student loans. when the interest is 33% of your principal, you know where the flies are swarming.
President Obama
President Obama - 11 dager siden
Wow I'm lebanese and I was in beirut when the explosion happend I was frightened
I'm not rlly sure about my opinion on this video though but I'll give the benefit of the doubt
Dany Varna
Dany Varna - 11 dager siden
:-D Pushing for regime change, aren't we :-D The kvetching is palpable
Karl Harfouche
Karl Harfouche - 11 dager siden
Only Vox can make a 10 min video talking about problems Hozballah created without mentioning them once.
TheStarGamer 15
TheStarGamer 15 - 11 dager siden
We need Communism
nagasaki - 11 dager siden
All because of iran and hezbollah
Confused Crab
Confused Crab - 11 dager siden
How weird ,the two abrahamic religion fight against themselves
Sama - 11 dager siden
Rip the guy recording in the first video😂
Alexis Kuehl
Alexis Kuehl - 11 dager siden
Fear, Anyone? 😏😏😏😏
Syria Ball
Syria Ball - 11 dager siden
0ne word: ISISRAEL).
Natanael Aldana
Natanael Aldana - 11 dager siden
Lebeon go BOOM!
Aditya Khetarpal
Aditya Khetarpal - 12 dager siden
I don't like religion just divides us.
The RealTalk Podcast
The RealTalk Podcast - 4 dager siden
@Demetria Dark i like restrictions. i can proudly say, laws and restrictions protect us.
The RealTalk Podcast
The RealTalk Podcast - 4 dager siden
@Aditya Khetarpal dont blame religion. Blame bad evil people.
Aditya Khetarpal
Aditya Khetarpal - 4 dager siden
@The RealTalk Podcast I have no problems with beliefs or stories that otherwise might not be real, but give someone a hope to continue with what they're doing. The real problem starts when humans commit homocide or acts that might cause harm to anyone or anything , just in the name of religion and we start segregating people based on religion . I'm pro religion when it comes to good moral and ethical values , but using it to manipulate an entire community to do something wrong in the name of religion is the reason I don't like it. I see religion being used more for bad than good in this world.
Demetria Dark
Demetria Dark - 4 dager siden
The RealTalk Podcast Nope. Religion restricts way too much. Like most of it is human nature and them clowns are oppressing humans.
The RealTalk Podcast
The RealTalk Podcast - 11 dager siden
Religion is the biggest reason to why people in the east still have hope. Something westeners struggle with.....
DFC masters
DFC masters - 12 dager siden
can you make a video about the nagorno karabach conflict?
Sir Jorhito
Sir Jorhito - 12 dager siden
Did someone else get Detroit become human vibes from the intro??
john doe
john doe - 13 dager siden
Dude... tune down a knotch the dramatic music... reeks of manipulation.
Sama - 11 dager siden
Bruh what
من يستلم تليق عباس قال رسول
4.8 is the new 9.11 😔
Tilion Lieberman
Tilion Lieberman - 13 dager siden
Miss Johnny
Emmett Lee
Emmett Lee - 13 dager siden
Thomas Jefferson is screaming right now
BreizhSCULPTURE - 13 dager siden
Separation between Church and State is a modern "must have" for civilization And in a Democracy Vote the Vulgarity Out . I'm sending healing and positive vibes to The Lebanese People from Arizona USA :-(
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy - 14 dager siden
The Dust Filled streets remind me of 9/11. R.I.P To lives lost in beirut, And in 9/11.
Randy Chaya
Randy Chaya - 10 dager siden
Zain Kassem
Zain Kassem - 14 dager siden
Btw lebanon is proof that the usa isnt the one ruining the middle east
Zain Kassem
Zain Kassem - 14 dager siden
Hezbollah is the worst thing in this world
Daquus - 14 dager siden
Pray For Lebanon
Syria Ball
Syria Ball - 11 dager siden
Pray for Palestine first and lebanon.
joe bazinga
joe bazinga - 14 dager siden
This is our Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No punchline. I’m not joking. This is sad.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - 14 dager siden
Yeah it was a failure but at least they gave it 110%
some random person with internet access
0:11 What kind of menu were they serving at the Taco Bell there?
Emma Kate
Emma Kate - 15 dager siden
this is so unbelievably sad
B & R Studios
B & R Studios - 16 dager siden
Do the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Water Niger
Water Niger - 16 dager siden
*_When will people stop fearing the rat and start to exterminate it?_*
Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan - 16 dager siden
government should be punish in this situation with there life countries are poor because of evil people
Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan - 16 dager siden
People are suffering but government getting richer
Marwa Yassir
Marwa Yassir - 17 dager siden
I really wanted something that shows the story of Lebanon like this from the beginning, hope Lebanese get the country that they really deserve, Lebanon thar old people always talks about!
Also I really hope you do a vox atlas like this one about Sudan. Sudan currently has been through bad floods in the nile that made thousands of people homeless. That is beside the fact that Sudan has been through a lot in the last 30 years because of the government that was ruling this whole time, and after our revolution ( started in December 2018) the government changed, but nothing really changed. People need stay in really long lines for bread, cooking gas, and gas for their cars (that if you didn't stay for HOURS but it finished), you have to look in 9 drug stores or pharmacies just for your daily medicine, electricity cuts off daily and in different times, because there is no gas, there is no enough buses around the city so you'll wait for ever, the dollar is around 270 Sudanese pounds and it changes all the time, and mooooore and more.
XAVIER JOUVE - 17 dager siden
A country should be about the people, instead its about the gouverment
CraftingBlue - 12 dager siden
Its mostly religious conflict. As long as religions exist, war will always exist
Julian Sen
Julian Sen - 17 dager siden
This video was well researched and made, but is the added subtitles really necessary, their English are on point and they aren't even heavily accented.