How I Pack for Travel (Carry-On Only)

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Nobody sponsored this video but I thought you might want some quick links to products mentioned:
Roller Bag:
Toiletry Bag:
Metal Filter:
Coffee Grinder:
Wix - 4 dager siden
Name of the song at 8:15 please! :)
Irish - 6 måneder siden
Matt D'Avella what drone case do you have
Jim Davis
Jim Davis - 8 måneder siden
Darleen Kimberly shhhhhhhhh
H o n e y
H o n e y - 10 måneder siden
@Darleen Kimberly How isn't it? He's recommended products that he intends to keep for a long period of time and recommends them in that context. He's not saying "buy this because I own it" , he's saying "I like and use this product, please learn about how I pack" . He's not advertising the bag out of gaining money, but because he likes the bag - no fault from anyone's end but your perception.
Danny Soto
Danny Soto - 11 måneder siden
Richard Mendoza yeah I would like to know that too!!!
Shannon Strong
Shannon Strong - Dag siden
WHY IN GODS NAME would you put your laptop in one bag... And your laptop charger in another bag?!!!! THE MADNESS!
Alejandro Salvino
Alejandro Salvino - 3 dager siden
do you know if this is the 20L or 30L backpack?
Garv Yadav
Garv Yadav - 10 dager siden
What is the company name of the bags??
Min Khant
Min Khant - 29 dager siden
Finally I realized how I actually am a extreme minimalist 🤣
I carry only 2 t-shirts, 1 jean pant, facial cleanser, toothbrush & phone charger in my backpack.
Salman Nurani
Salman Nurani - Måned siden
Why did Matt say "this is my wife beater" or I'm just hearing things or Matt just playing around I hope so.
Rebecca Fay-Read
Rebecca Fay-Read - Måned siden
It's a slang name for a style of t-shirt 😊
friendell arias
friendell arias - Måned siden
amazing videos, ive been planning to go outside philippines. looking forward for more of your videos i love you bags, can i buy it from amazon?
Embers - Måned siden
I have a very simple way of packing for travel:
1. Put on shoes.
2. Tie shoes.
beth sa
beth sa - Måned siden
No sneakers, no flip flops 🤔
Concrete Monkey
Concrete Monkey - Måned siden
I bring my stuffed polar bear and a toothbrush
Daniel Kellen
Daniel Kellen - 2 måneder siden
Hey Matt. What kind of t shirts are those? They look really well made!
iam νερό
iam νερό - 2 måneder siden
I miss packing my bags even though I don't go on a trip that much. It's just the idea of not getting out is what makes me want to pack and go out.
Takira Sharde
Takira Sharde - 3 måneder siden
I keep rewinding the video to listen b/c PUTTINGTHESUITCASEONTHEBED has been distracting (:
Noah Durose
Noah Durose - 3 måneder siden
Dam you know your a not tech guy when you don’t have a battery for your suitcase
Nathanael Kutzbach
Nathanael Kutzbach - 3 måneder siden
This is so depressing during comic times ... what should I pack for ???? Traveling to my backyard? :[
Vitalii Levchenko
Vitalii Levchenko - 3 måneder siden
go vegan 🌱 👍
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - 3 måneder siden
I used to travel often at short notice. My work bag was only luggage, a carry on with a satchel I used for business meetings. I had 1 suit with 3 shirts I could launder / iron with a few ties. I kept some casual clothes to lounge around my hotel room with a pair of slip on shoes. If I take a laptop, all my chargers are in my work bag as I breeze through security. Socks & underwear can be laundered in your hotel room for free.
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K S - 4 måneder siden
What T-shirt brand is that?
nobie days
nobie days - 4 måneder siden
5:15 i just smiled which made me happy from inside “I don’t know where I am going “
smellyalater - 5 måneder siden
although i don't identify with minimalism anymore i've been watchin your videos forever, and i think you're great! i do wonder though why 98% of the minimalists i have known in my life/watched online only wear black and grey and white and dark... charcoal and off white hahah
Shourjyodeep Barman
Shourjyodeep Barman - 5 måneder siden
Wow! Do airplanes allow all those batteries?
Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast
Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast - 5 måneder siden
The main thing you're missing is compression, you could get this down to 1/3 the size with a compression sack, then go back to 1 carryon backpack instead of 2 bags. I've NEVER had creasing issues apart form with smart collared shirts, which I don't compress.
Why not just leave coffee making stuff at your parents place? (you could even leave an ELECTRIC grinder).
You wash your shorts after every work out session? Seems a little excessive, how much do your thighs really sweat?!
Also headphones. Use Airpods Pro. Just as good noise cancelling but 1% the size. You can leave them in the tiny pocket in your pants 24/7 too so you always have them, and save a TON of bag space.
1 bag is always better, a compression sack makes that possible. The one bag on top of the wheeled case has to be the worst travel anti-pattern out there. It's a nightmare, as soon as your case tips it goes off axis, stairs, off axis. Just awful.
1 messenger (Mission Workshop Rummy) or backpack carryon under seat in front. Next level.
On laundry, you can handwash very easily in a compression sack too just using shower gel, takes no time, guarantees nobody will ruin your clothes, it's free and fast.
Alexandru Covaliov
Alexandru Covaliov - 5 måneder siden
I didn't know air companies allow two hand luggage. Usually just one.
HaryBackMary - 5 måneder siden
Why do people always pack their clothes with luggage on their bed? Isn't that dirty?
Michael Schiffmann
Michael Schiffmann - 5 måneder siden
Hey Matt, thanks for sharing your minimalistic thoughts. I am a flight attendant and film student and made a video about packing less and less - while conforming the airline rules. I am happy if you have a look
James Postle
James Postle - 5 måneder siden
You could take three pairs of underpants if you used merino underpants. Triple Aught Design Commandos are awesome. Never smell and can be washed in the shower and dry quickly.
Michał Suchecki
Michał Suchecki - 5 måneder siden
The colour of ur clothes is acc goals
Brandon Yeung
Brandon Yeung - 5 måneder siden
So you can really bring a suitcase and a backpack for carry-on in the states? I got no problem for a 20L backpack (sometimes 30L) and suitcase in Asia and Canada, but AA turned me back at the gate said I can’t not bring that suitcase on because my backpack is not small enough to put under the seat??? Mine was even smaller than this peakdesign backpack tho…. and after I gave them my suitcase, the guy who sat 2 rows behind me had a suitcase and an around 40L Swiss highschool backpack?, and he put both of them overhead!!??? I was like wtf, think asian is easier to say yes? 
Anyway, another great video Matt!!!
Hue Khong
Hue Khong - 5 måneder siden
Where did you get your t-shirt from?
Captain Sunday
Captain Sunday - 5 måneder siden
So odd how people say wife-beater instead of the easier two syllable "tank top".
Mark Janes
Mark Janes - 6 måneder siden
If you were travelling on a low-cost airline in Europe, you'd need to check that roll-on bag. One carry-on only. I like your backpack. Thx for link.
STQTV - 6 måneder siden
I remember seeing the backpack on a MKBHD video. I believe its was the what's my tech-kit video!
Trevor Hayes
Trevor Hayes - 6 måneder siden
So I guess... packing if you're going to only a warm climate and don't need to conduct any business? T-shirt every day doesn't work for like 95% of people.
Khristian James Calderon
Khristian James Calderon - 6 måneder siden
Your voice sounds like Seth Rollins (any WWE fans here?)
Chase Nelson
Chase Nelson - 6 måneder siden
Is your backpack the 20L or 30L? I have a similar amount of gear and am torn between which fits it best.
John Ventures
John Ventures - 6 måneder siden
sorry if this has been addressed, but what brand T shirt are those?
Masaters - 6 måneder siden
Where would yoy put your passport?
fishtherapy100 - 6 måneder siden
Dweebs like this really exist. Unbelievable. Mat would not have lasted 10 minutes at my school. what a complete girl.
fishtherapy100 - 6 måneder siden
this is proof we need a war, so we can see how girls like this will manage under fire. How will he pack?
Jacob - 6 måneder siden
Why so damn expensive
fuck me...
xspireddreams - 6 måneder siden
2 bags actually feels disgusting to me
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm - 7 måneder siden
Finally video to find to go New Jersey I dont do Minimalist yet but i am working on it, We move to Arizona but I go back every Summer I know guys are different to pack and easier to pack but we go down Jersey shore for a month and my uncle live near by our family Shore house, so i bring my laundry to there house and put my clothes with my aunts so it be in one basket/ do you know were L,B,I is?, What your thought for if we go this Summer 2020 and we go for a month should i go for Two week of packing this Summer? and we from Union area
Alexander - 7 måneder siden
I believe minimalism is all about compromising on what you consider to be the most essential items you need. So you could say it's a matter of minimalism vs functionality. Depending on the situation and what you absolutely need can determine on how it can ease up your daily life. Because let's face it. It'd suck if you don't have the items you need, just because you wanted to keep your daily life as decluttered as possible and that in itself pretty much destroys the purpose of minimalism. Because the main aspect is to have it make your life as easy and simply as possible for you to focus on the things you want the most on. I'm no minimalist myself, but I am trying to declutter my daily life as much possible for things I either don't need or haven't used in a very long time.
Sorry for the novel writing on the comment section. I figure I might as well write my entire statement rather writing something that could risk being too abstract.
tl; dr: Minimalism vs functionality. Having some extra items better than having none for the utmost convenience in your daily life.
Kai Lockwood
Kai Lockwood - 7 måneder siden
I visit my grandparents in northern canada for 2 weeks twice a year and travel by car with an old 1990s kelty treking backpack
darioprime - 7 måneder siden
I don't know how serious he was about the minimalism thing(the pakt bag video was peppered with jokes like one i loved about packing that way being for serial killers) but it is funny watching him having to walk it all back in this video. Let this be a lesson to you kids, its probably best to keep your lifestyle philosophies to yourself.
jupamoers - 7 måneder siden
Packing cubes...and I roll the clothes instead of fold them
Shiva Sundar
Shiva Sundar - 7 måneder siden
Do you take out everything at the airport tsa?
I'm gonna die alone ;-;
I'm gonna die alone ;-; - 7 måneder siden
Wasn't this called "How to pack like a minimalist"?
iScreamCandy TV
iScreamCandy TV - 7 måneder siden
What do you film with?
Ciaran O'Donovan
Ciaran O'Donovan - 7 måneder siden
$250 for the luggague? Not sure how the ordinary person is supposed to afford this, though it does look great.
Wyatt Waters
Wyatt Waters - 7 måneder siden
Peak Design gang! Best backpack ever, has lasted me for three years now (for school, urban commuting, and everday stuff), totally worth the investment (I have 30 L), and get the charcoal version because it tends to hide any battle scars.
Khalil général Abdelrazig
Khalil général Abdelrazig - 7 måneder siden
I need to sell my kidney to get these 2 bags 😅😅
Denrypaul Dalilan
Denrypaul Dalilan - 7 måneder siden
This guy really loves to drink coffeeeee. We can get along.
Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta - 7 måneder siden
Great video Matt. I am a big fan of your minimalism videos. They have been very helpful. This year while going to Paris to deliver a TEDx Talk the airline misplaced my bag. It was quite a turning point in my life because in those few days I realized how little we need in order to live. I delivered the talk in the same hoodie and jeans because that's all I had. That changed the context of the talk and made it more relevant because I was talking about Sustainability and minimalism was great to start with. When I came back to my home in Mumbai I got rid of more than 80% stuff that I had at my house. I have learned most things we buy on a day-to-day basis are not used too often and I have started saving a lot of money. If you like, here is the link to the talk-
cibong pokemontrainer
cibong pokemontrainer - 7 måneder siden
A minimalist that put two headphone on one trip, alright subscribed
NinjaNutz ForFun
NinjaNutz ForFun - 7 måneder siden
Your a pretentious douchebag and this is just packing porn
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu - 7 måneder siden
What are those shoes at 1:01?
Newecreator - 7 måneder siden
Sometimes I am glad that I am an only child... I only end up sharing coffee with my mother-in-law.
Maximilian Wallefeld
Maximilian Wallefeld - 7 måneder siden
I have a backpack for weekend trips that splits in half like a suitcase and has three big compartments. One of them is accessible from the outside as well as the inside. That way I don’t have to dive for items at the bottom like in a traditional backpack because every part is completely accessible.