How I manage my personal finances as a minimalist.

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Mario Kova
Mario Kova - Dag siden
Never buy a home. Freedom is more important
Jack Ophelott
Jack Ophelott - 3 dager siden
This is boring. You will become a real spender and a man once you buy a home.
mks - 3 dager siden
Love these finance videos!! Could you keep these up?
Autumn Graves
Autumn Graves - 5 dager siden
"Don't let the fear of making the wrong choice, prohibit you from making any choices" LOVE THAT
bzour Tamer
bzour Tamer - 5 dager siden
The unable repair densply knit because vermicelli infrequently post into a sick twilight. living, reflective shield
Anthony Rosa
Anthony Rosa - 5 dager siden
I disagree with having two active retirement accounts and no personal brokerage. Why lock up all investments for 3 decades when you could keep investments liquid in case of emergency (health issue, get sued, etc)
Anthony Rosa
Anthony Rosa - 20 timer siden
@David E. Vogel yeah I understand the benefits, just disagree with the trade-off personally
David E. Vogel
David E. Vogel - 23 timer siden
"two active retirement accounts" Perhaps these accounts are tax deferred.
willie stack
willie stack - 6 dager siden
Finding myself going back to your channel and it never fails me to learn something new,
dumratz - 6 dager siden
is that a picture of dwayne johnson behind you?
Toda Gloria para Dios
Toda Gloria para Dios - 8 dager siden
Inspired by JoAnn
Inspired by JoAnn - 9 dager siden
Do you mix your business and personal account?
FrankCastiglione - 10 dager siden
My biggest problem: compulsive purchase of Kindle's e-books of my wishlist when have a big discount (because I'm afraid that in the moment that I could read, the price will be higher).
Allen Biinna
Allen Biinna - 13 dager siden
I love that you have a picture of the rock just sitting there lol.
Chandrashekhar M
Chandrashekhar M - 14 dager siden
2:04 Nat is shopping. :D
Techigin Media
Techigin Media - 16 dager siden
Where did you get your Hoodie from?
Karen Ley
Karen Ley - 18 dager siden
Matt I don't believehyou have to trail around the banks to get a good interest rate, the internet takes care of that. Even $100/$200 saved and the magic of compound interest make a 10 minute account setup worth it. Simple account transfer set up automatically and it's done.
Mariliz Martin
Mariliz Martin - 18 dager siden
Binge watching your channel. Where are you now Matt and Nat?
Nicole - 19 dager siden
No Matt!!!! Not low-cost mutual funds!!!!! Index funds and ETFs have on average lower fees than mutual funds and can sometimes have unwanted implications towards the end of the tax year. Of course, I'm speaking as a Canadian, this could be different in the US but in general IAs I've spoken to will recommend ETFs and index funds over mutual funds
Coin Graham
Coin Graham - 20 dager siden
FYI, you can invest in a Roth beyond the $6,000 limit by using a "backdoor Roth". Completely legal.
Christy Blocker
Christy Blocker - 21 dag siden
I’m not young, but trying to play catch up.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson - 21 dag siden
Who is this guy? Just a payed guy by the banks? What's that shitty system in the US!?
Gav Red
Gav Red - 24 dager siden
Takeaway from this video: I still can’t find that grey hoodie anywhere and I need it!
Cris Camara
Cris Camara - 24 dager siden
xd1000fpga - 25 dager siden
Good choice with the jacket
Joanna Wojtalik
Joanna Wojtalik - 25 dager siden
i will never understand the credit system of the US. your financial abilities and personal finance management skills are evaluated based on you spending money you don't have? how on earth does that work? can someone explain?
Amandeep Show
Amandeep Show - Måned siden
Thank you
Nathaniel Eras
Nathaniel Eras - Måned siden
I appreciate you. THANKS for sharing.
Trader - Måned siden
Hello everybody! I really like the topic of finance and I think you will too! I suggest you jump to some very important YouTube videos for FREE to learn financial literacy once and for all!
Kay T
Kay T - Måned siden
And now you're moving to Australia :)
Patrick Gehlbach
Patrick Gehlbach - Måned siden
Do you have a business checking account and/or business credit card?
All eyes on me In o.c
All eyes on me In o.c - Måned siden
thnnx so much for your videos i really enjoy your content ive taken up the minimilist life style going on my 2nd year now and its been great feels so much less stress and more clear minded as i use to own alot of things and was very materialistic , so i know this may sound like a crazy thing to do but im planning on keeping track and documenting everything i buy in 2021 and what i spend like for example keeping track to the exact amount of what i spend on groceries the date and dollar amount also everytime i buy protien powder date and dallor amount ispend on it i spent also tooth paste date $ amount shampoo clothes etc etc and to know how long it takes to use each one of these things untill i have to buy more of it so by the end of the year im curious to see how much $ i spend on each one of these things in one full year and also depending on how much that amount is if it seems like a lot figure out a way to cut that expense for the following year , and just for the record im NOT like this crazy cheapskate pinching pennies lol im actually quite the opposite and use to just spending carelessly wich im trying to change hence another reason why i plan on doing this , i know it sounds extreme but im just kinda more curious to see how much a persons spends on each one of all these things in one full year , anyways let me know what you think
Nooruddin Khorasi
Nooruddin Khorasi - Måned siden
Hey Matt. With the kind of success you have, can you elaborate why you haven't bought your own home yet? I am trying to decide on whether to continue renting or buy now that I have enough for down payment. Would appreciate your thoughts.
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
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Elevate Wealth
Elevate Wealth - Måned siden
Focusing on impressing others is the fastest way to lose your happiness and drain your bank account.
Vlad Palamarchuk
Vlad Palamarchuk - Måned siden
Where from coming example with 10% interest rate? Is it real?
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
+ His availability is on WatSapp..
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - Måned siden
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Gianlù Dati
Gianlù Dati - Måned siden
great video. i found very well with this books which explains how to you preserve and increase your net worth for personal finance. take a look
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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JJ Made The Lesson
JJ Made The Lesson - Måned siden
So what jobs was Matt working when he payed off his student loans?
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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Winston S
Winston S - Måned siden
Matt smells what The Rock is cookin.
Adam Mu
Adam Mu - Måned siden
Minimalist:“keep my balance minimal”
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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Christopher Y
Christopher Y - 2 måneder siden
Lol ID on the leather jacket tho?
GAIL DENNEHY - 2 måneder siden
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Amazing I also just started trading with Mrs Katherine Flores, she is the best at what she does with an initial investment of $1400 i made up to $5230 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing
Bob Warshaw
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I have traded with a lot of individuals but I have never come across anyone as good as Mrs Katherina , just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. she is the best I'd advise any novice in investing to trade with her.
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James Edward
James Edward - 2 måneder siden
with the consistent weekly profits I'm getting investing with Mrs Flores, there's no doubt she is the most reliable in the market. such a genius
Leah Roberts
Leah Roberts - 2 måneder siden
As a first time investor I started trading with Mrs Flores with just a thousand bucks. my portfolio is worth much more than that now within just weeks of trading with her.
Kristina Lynn
Kristina Lynn - 2 måneder siden
Do you think you'll be taking out a mortgage and going back into debt if you choose to buy a home?
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 måneder siden
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Matt D'Avella
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L34K5 - 2 måneder siden
Is there a Canadian version for this?
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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John Wagner
John Wagner - 2 måneder siden
Have u considered house hacking a property? Might help make the numbers work a little better
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 måneder siden
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Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D - 2 måneder siden
Why is everyone so scared to invest offshore? Im from the Police State too, and my Ukraine/Georgia bank account CD's pay 10.5% today. I have some active ones from last year, paying 19.25%. Fuck that .25% shit ......
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D - 2 måneder siden
@Matt D'Avella I've been with him for years. My profits are amazing. I never leave him
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 måneder siden
I will advise you invest in crypto with manager Allen Brooke and earn huge like I do with his strategies
Erin Gigi
Erin Gigi - 2 måneder siden
We found the book The Wealthy Renter helpful.
Brian Fox
Brian Fox - 2 måneder siden
Started following up on into youtube financial channels and ive taken a deep dive into investing particularly foreign exchange rates as it interests me. Tried several means trying to figure out the best approach to build my portfolio until coming across Mr Anmol’s firm in an investment webinar. His financial team has got more progress with financial management. He’s been all the brains behind my progress in recent times, i owe him so much for his help. ive done bigger deals and his income stream prpofits me more than any ive been involved with. Simply message +1 929 529 7984
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Carly G
Carly G - 2 måneder siden
Shouldn’t you have a business credit card for your expenses?
Amy Malo
Amy Malo - 2 måneder siden
Lol you guys should move out of LA Heck Hole
Ronald Ian del Mundo
Ronald Ian del Mundo - 2 måneder siden
"Don't let the fear of doing the wrong thing prevent
you from doing anything."
Thank you for this.
keithsj10 - 2 måneder siden
Big banks are rip-offs, including Chase. I use SoFi and Betterment for higher interest yields plus I keep $25 in a savings account at a local credit union when I need a brick and mortar bank. I also finance my vehicles at the credit union for the lowest interest rates.
A no fee rewards Amex would probably be a better choice for a CC.
Nothing wrong with Vanguard if you can cover the high initial investment to open the account. I use Betterment for my Roth IRA and they are heavy into Vanguard investments. Also focus on low fee index funds instead of mutual funds for IRA and 401k investments.
Tony Robbins Money: Mastering the Game is an easy to read and understand explanation of investment basics.
Patricia O
Patricia O - 2 måneder siden
How do you direct the vanguard account? Or do they do it for you?
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
There is a gaining key on how to invest more into Crypto and earn huge Are you interested?..
I am a Gentleman
I am a Gentleman - 2 måneder siden
You're too much minimalist
What a boring life
Ahmad Purwanto
Ahmad Purwanto - 2 måneder siden
Are you still using iphone 8 in 2020 as I see in the video?
Maxim Balan
Maxim Balan - 3 måneder siden
Why r u moving your stocks to bonds instead of investing into long term increasing stocks which pay in dividends and set up a passive income
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
There is a gaining key on how to invest more into Crypto and earn huge Are you interested?....
David Delacruz
David Delacruz - 3 måneder siden
this video is so clean and the lofi beats behind the ad set the perfect tone
Olley Thorpe - Automated Income
Olley Thorpe - Automated Income - 3 måneder siden
Great video mate! 🔥
The Rich Buddha
The Rich Buddha - 3 måneder siden
It's amazing how YTube vids are now shot as well as commercials.
Victor Regueiro García
Victor Regueiro García - 3 måneder siden
you are the best! from Spain! I love your videos man!
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice - 3 måneder siden
What about his emergency fund? Is that in his checking account?
S CT - 3 måneder siden
You need at least 2-3 cc, a visa, a mc, and an amex. This is in case, you lost one. All with rewards, paid when due. My Vanguard Ira was the best decision i ever made. Compound interest is amazing.
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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Anthony Marcus
Anthony Marcus - 3 måneder siden
Expeditetoolscom are super amazing .THey helped me financially with a transfer of $35,000 .
Kemi Kunle
Kemi Kunle - 3 måneder siden
Regarding the Roth IRA, do you really think you will be in a higher tax bracket when you retire than you are now?
Zulfa Nabilah
Zulfa Nabilah - 3 måneder siden
Konten yg keren nih..
Di indonesia jg sudah mulai ada beberapa youtuber yg bahas minimalis, semoga terus berkarya yaa kalian!
agardi0 - 3 måneder siden
imagine having to pay for college
VENIM INSURANCE - 3 måneder siden
I use a very good approach for my finances, I put aside 40% of my pay monthly into Stocks, ETFs and Mutual funds working with an Executive trade expert, Eddy Bruke.
I am at 75% of my $270k goal for the year in profits. all it takes is persistence and consistency but you can do it.
Patience Martez
Patience Martez - 3 måneder siden
I would like to understand and get familiar with how I can start investing, maybe talk to your expert. Thanks
Antoine Edmonson
Antoine Edmonson - 4 måneder siden
I wish you knew how much I appreciate this video
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
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Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
Thanks a lot
Li11lebit101 - 4 måneder siden
Damn he got married. Gl bud
ItsKeithh - 4 måneder siden
Anyone notice that picture he has framed of The Rock on the shelf???
94BestYearEver - 4 måneder siden
I love these finance videos. You break it down so people can easily understand without talking down to people. Actually now that I think about it I love all your videos where you are "teaching". You are really good at it, I bet you have a parent or family member that is a teacher.
Ilse Granados
Ilse Granados - 4 måneder siden
So are we just not going to talk about the framed pictures of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in Matt’s office @4:05 and dining room @ 5:13?...
BNHFR BH NHJP - 4 måneder siden
I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *l i v e o n l i n e j o b. c o m*
Abdul Rauf
Abdul Rauf - 4 måneder siden
With learning about managing finances, and for that matter anything, it'll take time, probably a few years until you start understanding how to do all this stuff and be confident about it. I think it's important to keep this in mind since people think you learn something once immediately and do it for the rest of the life
Mike Jay
Mike Jay - 4 måneder siden
Save more money than you spend? So if I save 40% of my salary and spend 60% thats bad?
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
There is a gaining key on how to invest more into Crypto and earn huge Are you interested?.....
Felix .C. Olofsson
Felix .C. Olofsson - 4 måneder siden
Recently I got into the youtube financial niche, and I’ve taken a deep dive into investing, particularly dividend growth investment as it interests me. Tried several methods trying to figure out the best approach to building my portfolio. So far, I’m making progress with the help of my financial advisor. Back to the video, wonderful job there, always look forward to your next content.
AGROPUR DIARIES - 4 måneder siden
I don’t make that much, but I sure do make enough. However, it will not be a bad idea to hear from a professional.
Felix .C. Olofsson
Felix .C. Olofsson - 4 måneder siden
Came across Alec Payden at an investment webinar. You can get all the information you need, just leave him a message if you have inquiries Alecpayden (a) g ma il. can look him up if you like.
Alaric Patterson
Alaric Patterson - 4 måneder siden
It’s almost the same situation here. The difference is that I got off early enough to know that financial planning would help me go a long way. I’m in my 60’s and reaping off my hardwork.
Meriem - 4 måneder siden
This guy is literally getting younger year after year
Destiney Hart
Destiney Hart - 4 måneder siden
Did you just say 97,000 dollars in student loan debt !! OMG !!!!!
Gio Garnada
Gio Garnada - 4 måneder siden
My financial behavior is my biggest shame. It's so hard for me to limit myself with my spendings. I decided to just deposit money into robinhood so that it becomes harder to spend my money lol.
COlorado Grown
COlorado Grown - 4 måneder siden
How did you get over a million in 30 years off 4000 a year
Jays M
Jays M - 4 måneder siden
but you have also a account where your income is on right? like your business account
Shelby Church
Shelby Church - Måned siden
There is a gaining key on how to invest more into Crypto and earn huge Are you interested?.....
Business Hub
Business Hub - 4 måneder siden
Thanks Matt - Smart video with lots of good info. These types of videos should be shown to high school kids to get them thinking about all these things at an early age. The flip side of this is similar to my video about wasting money. This goes hand in hand and many strategies overlap. 2 Thumbs up!
John On Demand
John On Demand - 4 måneder siden
I love your videos. You've totally inspired me to start my own channel as well. I hope to be just as big and to positively impact others just like you do 🙂. Great content and keep up the good work.
K Lo
K Lo - 4 måneder siden
Nathan Wong
Nathan Wong - 4 måneder siden
Is that a framed picture of The Rock in the background?
Josh Bosse
Josh Bosse - 4 måneder siden
🌿 Although I am not a formal minimalist, I utilize minimalist principles to improve my life. I just recently touched on this my latest vid. Love your channel Matt!
David Cantor
David Cantor - 5 måneder siden
Can get a nice property for under 1 million in Sherman oaks, Encino, or studio city ... food for thought.
FA Laniaae
FA Laniaae - 5 måneder siden
Where do you put your emergency fund? Or do you have one. I have $1500 in credit Union saving for emergency adding to each moth. Should I put it in my Roth IRA ? I do need to be able to access it
JK - 5 måneder siden
Great recap and learnings. Being a French living in the USA for 4 years I still can't quite comprehend the amount of debt most Americans bury themselves into. I've seen comments saying that Europeans too have debt. Of course. However, in general, the whole credit system and mindset of living above your means is just not something we can relate to.
marlowe mcclung
marlowe mcclung - 5 måneder siden
is anyone here a preteen trying to learn wth finances are
olivia borsellino
olivia borsellino - 5 måneder siden
I feel before starting up any business you should have other investments elsewhere something solid, something you can easily fall back on when you are in need of spare cash. Aside from being an appraiser  I also have other investment in the Stock and also Forex markets as well.
loveline jacobs
loveline jacobs - 5 måneder siden
She has been quite a tutor and made me feel like I’m my own entrepreneur , thanks Kyle you are a good one
stuart Huggins
stuart Huggins - 5 måneder siden
I heard about her in many comments section and I decided to try out. She’s legit
sandra baker
sandra baker - 5 måneder siden
I am very confident trading with Mrs kyle’s strategy because of the steady income she makes for me. She has never faltered. I never thought i would grow such profit over a short time.
george chums
george chums - 5 måneder siden
@barbara penny I remember how indifferent I was when I saw some brokers talk about her until I start loosing a lot of money, I desperately reached out and it worked out really well for me afterwards
barbara penny
barbara penny - 5 måneder siden
@george chums that's outstanding!!! I have heard a lot of review about her. I have even seen her on CNBC and was amazed at her risk managerial skill. This prompted me to reach out to her and she has made me a lot more cash than I have imagined
Samuna KC
Samuna KC - 5 måneder siden
The best personal finance video I have watched ever. One debit card- one credit card- one Roth IRA- one Personal 401k. That's it. Brilliant! By the way this is the first time I understood the difference between ROTH and Traditional. Thank you.
Sunflower - 5 måneder siden
Wow, I learned a lot. I appreciate this video. Glad I found it.
Toby Zweig
Toby Zweig - 5 måneder siden
While s&p500 does average 10 percent inflation is two percent. So it ends up being 7-8 percent. Also in a savings account you dont make money... You keep up with the stock market and dont lose money. Keep in mind you may only lose 2% per year by not using a savings account but that is compound interest... As you said it starts to make a huge difference eventually.
SpicyGamer101 YT
SpicyGamer101 YT - 5 måneder siden
Wow 666k views
Amy Wong
Amy Wong - 5 måneder siden
Putting myself in check now. Thank you!
talkdatru - 5 måneder siden
6:00 worst advice ever. Imma laugh next year when he does a video on how minimalist his wallet become after the stock market crash
Grant - 5 måneder siden
Dude your a rockstar get out of LA
Christopher Tvaroch
Christopher Tvaroch - 5 måneder siden
Nice video and managing money doesn’t need to be complicated. I don’t get not having a savings account though for an emergency fund or something
Tion Wayne
Tion Wayne - 5 måneder siden
A really good video, choosing a simple lifestyle has really helped me a lot. I dont buy what I don't need or what would keep me losing more money, spending less has given me more room for investing.
Ryugo7 7
Ryugo7 7 - 5 måneder siden
Tion Wayne nope
Cynthia Hilbert
Cynthia Hilbert - 5 måneder siden
Thanks for sharing I just sent him a text now awaiting reply 👍
Tion Wayne
Tion Wayne - 5 måneder siden
Also through his telegram handle with online_eric.
Tion Wayne
Tion Wayne - 5 måneder siden
You can write him through mail with online.eric6@gmail•com for additional info.
Marcel Reyes
Marcel Reyes - 5 måneder siden
How do I make further enquiries about his services.
Gustavo Stinson
Gustavo Stinson - 5 måneder siden
Thank you!
Mateo Loaiza
Mateo Loaiza - 5 måneder siden
Is that a picture of The Rock with a fanny pack on the background?