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Thanks for watching & for your support! If you're interested in checking out any of the gear I mentioned in this video (or other stuff I use that I didn't reference) you can check out my Kit above. All the links on there are Amazon Affiliate links.
After many requests to get a breakdown of the gear I use I thought this would be a great resource for people struggling to find useful film tools. But don't feel compelled to buy anything you don't need or won't get value from. Good luck creators! Keep making weird stuff.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 09:17


Killer 911
Killer 911 - 12 dager siden
2:07 This just looks like a sniper gear to me....
Tom Solid's Paperless Movement
I LOVE your humor man! The kit link is broken?
Yoga op Klompen; online Yogales
The hack to film over 30 minutes is interesting. Can you tell us how you did it?
Thank you for all your informative videos!
Zayna Quader
Zayna Quader - Måned siden
This was such a great video--thanks Matt!
St. Pio Films
St. Pio Films - Måned siden
the link does not work
sam shot
sam shot - Måned siden
1:10 Did anyone told you before that you have a great smile?
AmSamFam - Måned siden
Loved this video! I really like your video style and would love to see more behind the scenes, instructional videos like this.
Culpepper Concepts
Culpepper Concepts - 2 måneder siden
Question: You have canon glass and some Sony body's... What adapter you use that works well?
(craps, while typing I realise why it works... Your lens are primes... All but one, the 24-105... So my question still has relivance 😊) 🇹🇹
Andrea Pavanello
Andrea Pavanello - 2 måneder siden
Hi Matt, the link for the kit does't work anymore.
Dima Carvalho
Dima Carvalho - 3 måneder siden
Hi Matt, Do you know you have wrong links in video description? You put instead ща and link doesnt work. I found iе in few of your videos. It is better to change it I guess )
Thank you for your videos, I love it.
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
prime lenses are great in lowlight they're very sharp in the f-stop gives you a great depth of field the Canon 24mm mmm 1.4 lens works great when I'm talking directly to the camera for documentary style interviews I almost always use my Canon 50 mmm one point say I'm filming a documentary it's a running gun type situation I will probably use my 24 to 105 or 16 to 35 mmm
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
I use the Sennheiser MKH 416 it's expensive at around $1,000 but it has amazing sound quality with very little post editing budget for the first six years of my filmmaking career IU rode ntg 2 much more affordable not as sharp it's not as crisp I use this collapsible manfrotto boom stand pole to accomplish this it Lights The professional version of my like kit is the Light Panel Astra it's a powerful and solid light that I bought a few years ago the light is adjustable between daylight and tungsten often use it with a softbox or simply balanced it against the wall or ceiling my DIY approach that I used for the podcast and other scenarios is a paper lantern this is an absolute game-changer for budget filmmakers this cheap solution provides a nice even light for a stupid amount of money everything needed can be purchased on Amazon for less than $30 Mic: Shure sm7b microphone which is connected to a cloudlifter and then plugged into an H6 audio recorder the mic is amazing at reducing outside noise so I can record and pretty much any room when I had a lower
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
Sony A7 3
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
I started vlogging with a 25 mm batis lens but it was a little bit too tight for turning the camera on myself so I opted to invest in the more versatile 16 to 35 mm g Master
Tania Sims
Tania Sims - 3 måneder siden
Using different environments and create shortcuts that fit your needs the Canon c200 is my higher-end cinema camera that I use for client chat almost entirely on a Canon C300 Mark 1 in 1080P the autofocus also come
Barracuda Bamm
Barracuda Bamm - 3 måneder siden
Barracuda Bamm
Barracuda Bamm - 3 måneder siden
rebeccaloebe - 3 måneder siden
Any chance you can update the kit link? I love that mic stand!
Utkarsh Kothari
Utkarsh Kothari - 3 måneder siden
You do great color grading in your videos! Please help us and teach us how you do that!

Like if want the same topic :)
Elhoussein Zoubeir
Elhoussein Zoubeir - 3 måneder siden
Color correction & grading 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
J.Sch. - 3 måneder siden
Dear Matt, yourlink for the gear kit doesn't work - "Page not found". Could you please upload it again? Thanks and regards from Switzerland!
Ali - 4 måneder siden
Education and entertainment at the same time.
Gabriel Figueroa
Gabriel Figueroa - 4 måneder siden
my dude has timeless content thanks to the sick quality of production and the (almost) unchanging outfit
Sai Kandallu
Sai Kandallu - 4 måneder siden
The domain for changed! Back to taking copious notes!
Dmitry Kuzovkov
Dmitry Kuzovkov - 4 måneder siden
Very cool and very expensive 😂😁 I only shoot x3000. come to my channel
SABARI - 4 måneder siden
2:07 Sony with cannon underwear
Carolina Collepardo
Carolina Collepardo - 4 måneder siden
Link is dead....
Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta - 5 måneder siden
Love this guy ❤️
You're awesome
Love from India 🇮🇳
Ashin - 5 måneder siden
Matt sitting in the corner all alone talking to himself!
Carlos G.
Carlos G. - 5 måneder siden
Hey Matt ... Was filming your original trajectory in life? What you set out to do prior to 14 years ago? Did you go to school for something else and then decided to make films?
MuhammadAli Ismonov
MuhammadAli Ismonov - 5 måneder siden
Very good taken!
XS MAVERICK - 5 måneder siden
amina berour
amina berour - 6 måneder siden
My broke ass watching this while I only use my phone for making my videos.
ant enc
ant enc - 6 måneder siden
We need an updated version of this
Nafees An Noor
Nafees An Noor - 7 måneder siden
And here I am struggling to buy canon m50
Student Time
Student Time - 7 måneder siden
Matt. I've produced shorts and docs live and work in L.A. would LOVE to connect with you as I'm seeking brilliant editor, camera talent. And plus you're an AMAZING producer. Isn't worth a chat?
Prism Productions Documentary and commercials
Carl Kim
Carl Kim - 7 måneder siden
The link to your kit isn't working.
Alberto Lugo
Alberto Lugo - 7 måneder siden
The link to your gear is not working.
Brendan Metcalfe
Brendan Metcalfe - 8 måneder siden
Kit not working
Ashish Jham
Ashish Jham - 8 måneder siden
Clicking on the Link -My Gear, mentioned in Description -

2018: wow this is so cool...Thanks Matt!

2020: Error 404 - Page not found or moved
Lifestylehack's vivek
Lifestylehack's vivek - 8 måneder siden
How u edit your video
Rob Jorg
Rob Jorg - 8 måneder siden
so what you are saying is buy a A7R4 and buy a 16-35 and 24-70 lens.
BDW꧁ ༒BAPPY༒ ꧂ - 8 måneder siden
Please make a video about how you colour grading your video...!!!!!🥰😋😋😋 please...!!!
Mike Olaski
Mike Olaski - 8 måneder siden
Hey Matt, you're really an inspiration right now for me so thanks, and great work... BTW (your link is a .com by accident so you're missing your commissions :)
João Conde
João Conde - 8 måneder siden
Hey Matt! Question: How do you script your youtube videos? Do you write every word or just make a bullet list with the subjects you want to cover? How about a teleprompter? Ever used? LOVE what you do man, changed my life.
Jeetesh Nariya
Jeetesh Nariya - 8 måneder siden
Hey Matt, Kit link doesn't work! please update the link.
Jacob Lackey
Jacob Lackey - 8 måneder siden
That boom pole got me shocked😳😳
Rohan Banerjee
Rohan Banerjee - 8 måneder siden
What's the camera hack for recording more than 30 mins?
David Agtarap
David Agtarap - 8 måneder siden
Hey Matt! What is the tripod you are using?
Unique Anecdote
Unique Anecdote - 8 måneder siden
Can anyone please suggest best editing app for videos??
twinklybird - 9 måneder siden
Great video!
Was wondering which microphone arms you usually use in the podcasts. I noticed you're using a table stand in this video, but often use microphone boom arms. I'm currently using the Shure SM7B in combination with a Halo shadow reflection screen. The combo of both seems a little bit too heavy for the cheap Rode boom arm I have. I'm guessing the combo is too heavy for any type of boom arm (given the limits of those, and... well... gravity), but I'd love to know what you're using as it looks sturdy.
Combined weight of the Shure and the reflection screen adds up to about 2,61 kg / 5,19 lb total.
Rahul Kolhapure
Rahul Kolhapure - 9 måneder siden
How u edit your videos
Isabella Morales Salis
Isabella Morales Salis - 9 måneder siden
What camera can I buy on a budget? I'm just starting.
Adhi Prabowo
Adhi Prabowo - 9 måneder siden
How about using a gopro?
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee - 9 måneder siden
Hi, the video is very helpful. Thank you. However, I have learnt that your kit link doesn't work anymore. Would like to know the model of your tripod.
Ben Martin
Ben Martin - 10 måneder siden
Please do an updated version of this viddddd
Full Time Mar
Full Time Mar - 10 måneder siden
Matt, ,this is n old video with great info, maybe do a remake with updates and tips for fellow youtubers and creators?
Tuan Amaya
Tuan Amaya - 10 måneder siden
Would love to learn more about filmmaking from you!
Hearty Sol
Hearty Sol - 11 måneder siden
Fun to watch videos. I just try to keep looking ahead and rarely look back. I have such a minimal setup and only purchase more if the checkbook allows. I love seeing where other creators start.
TekCheetah - 11 måneder siden
Ur kit link stopped working, can you please fix that @Matt D'Avella?
TekCheetah - 5 måneder siden
6 months later
Célia Leocádio
Célia Leocádio - 11 måneder siden
What lamp do you use? Normal ones I buy in ikea? How many lumens?
Tuan Amaya
Tuan Amaya - 11 måneder siden
Hey Matt, what camera would you recommend for starting on Youtube under $1000?
Chia Fairy
Chia Fairy - År siden
Pleeeeeeeeeasse make more filmmaking videos!!!
Alain Haberstich
Alain Haberstich - År siden
Hey Matt
The kit link unfortunatly isn't working... says can't find username mattdavella...
Nezesty - År siden
Love your videos :) So inspiring, Thanks yo so much ! I noticed your link
Is not working... why ?
May girl
May girl - År siden
step 1: HAVE MONEY
Jason O'Malley
Jason O'Malley - År siden
Is anyone else having an issue with the link that Matt provided? I am trying to find out what model of Shure mic he uses. Thanks in advance!!
iCanbttrthniQ - År siden
this is so helpful. thanks math.
Nerds of Wisdom
Nerds of Wisdom - År siden
tried to check out your kit that you were keeping "up to date" and it's not even there. Ummm.... help please?
Project B
Project B - År siden
Kit link?
kate chaste
kate chaste - År siden
does anyone know what kind of external hard drives he uses to store his films?
SHEMAE - År siden
Thankyou for great content! I learned a lot ☺️
Vini Simoni
Vini Simoni - År siden
does anyone know the exact model of the Manfrotto Boom Stand ?
TheSnydaMan - År siden
Kit link is dead ):
Josh McNulty
Josh McNulty - År siden
Please do more videos on filmmaking, how you started, where you got your kit from, and what other past videotography have you done?
Grady Willson
Grady Willson - År siden
Just put ads on your videos lol
MENT - År siden
what song?
King Javo
King Javo - År siden
I'd love to hear a deeper dive into how you setup you Shure SM7B to record podcasts or any other method used!
CAV3MAN227 - År siden
Does your minimalism get in the way of sound proofing a room(s) with acoustic foam panels or something similar or do you feel they are just not needed for what you do?
AnhVL - År siden
Man. Love your 30 day challenge videos. Always wonder how could you make the awesome videos.
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez - År siden
why no one uses nikon?
Andre Costa
Andre Costa - År siden
Amazing !❤
Glenn Upgraded
Glenn Upgraded - År siden
What manfrotto boom pole is that?
Glenn Upgraded
Glenn Upgraded - År siden
Want to see your kit again. 😥
You seem to deactivate it.
Teddy77 - År siden
Thanks 😊
Halley Rai
Halley Rai - År siden
same lame saying about out
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - År siden
Matt your kit link doesnt work
tinkers - År siden
Gear link doesn't work.
Supercocoquentieux - År siden
He deleted the page 2 month ago
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas - År siden
What about a book mic setup for when two people are sitting right next to each other? I need this setup for my videos.
Fedor Buturlin
Fedor Buturlin - År siden
Hey Matt, gear is awesome, but what about your creative process, like how do you script and frame, how do you go from an idea to a finished episode? I think that would be very helpful to many many people...
Libby Clarke
Libby Clarke - År siden
Can you put up a new kit list? This link is gone. Thanks so much, love your work!
Mathieu Lafrenière
Mathieu Lafrenière - År siden
I guess owning 24 of the same shirt helps if you have to reshoot some scenes or add new ones :P
Brenda Kimbi Official
Brenda Kimbi Official - År siden
When I feel like giving up as a youtuber I come to your channel.
the best Camera is not the one you have but the one you master"...
This is goals, You inspire me
Abhishek Shrotri
Abhishek Shrotri - År siden
Even his home also looks so minimalistic
KikoFilmz - År siden
What is this hack you speak of to bypass the 30min record limit for your sony cameras?
Gil Scharf
Gil Scharf - År siden
The link doesn’t work anymore
Benjamin Finley
Benjamin Finley - 9 dager siden
@DIAZ the site is now not
DIAZ - 3 måneder siden
please matt can you fix this?
malik ashraf
malik ashraf - År siden
Too expensive
Mike256 - År siden
Fantastic advice and content!
Szymon Chudy
Szymon Chudy - År siden
It looks like you removed your Is there any other place where we can check out what are you using now (and hopefully use some of the affiliate links:))?
Fighting Arts of England
Great video, I use the Fujifilm XH1 for my video shooting. This was very informative.
Sy mates
Sy mates - År siden
You’re the master of your mind. 🦋
Asad Shah
Asad Shah - År siden
can't find your kit anymore. Link isn't working
Driver's Side
Driver's Side - År siden
Filmmaking really is a battle but it’s so worth it! I’ve been building my filmmaking skills and my gear slowly over a couple years and I would like to think my video quality has gone up significantly since I started making videos on YouTube!
Vince Lymburn
Vince Lymburn - År siden
Appreciate the overview! Thank you, Matt!
Glenn Upgraded
Glenn Upgraded - År siden
Why’d you delete your kit account?