How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 29:33


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Stan Ervin
Stan Ervin - 11 timer siden
@Ahmad the newb By everybody in the sub.
Whogives Afuck
Whogives Afuck - 15 timer siden
Wouldn't 'Let's go get smarter together' or 'today' or something of the likes be a bit more appropriate, due to it being an instance of becoming smarter rather than a culmination of instances at once? I feel like 'let's go get smarter every day' for one specific instance of becoming smarter is a bit misplaced and misnomed in comparison, and leads to a moment of awkwardness in my mind; as if it's advice, rather than a welcoming invitation. Maybe it's a solo perception, but here's to hoping this mention of insight can provide some benefit. Cheers, Destin.
Johnny's Videos
Johnny's Videos - 17 timer siden
What resin and orientation did you use to make the electrolysis thing?
majormastrsss - 19 timer siden
@SmarterEveryDay hello I love your vids
o0Avalon0o - 3 minutter siden
As another great man of science says, "Science rules."
o0Avalon0o - 5 minutter siden
That screen reminds me of one of the few times I got to work in a pre 2000 dev environment. I love minimalist programming. The results are instant.
Joseph S
Joseph S - 9 minutter siden
Clinker is probably a reference to the slag you get when turning ore into metal.
DuBCraft21 - 11 minutter siden
I bet you those are called clinkers because they are similar to the clinkers blacksmiths make when burning coke or coal as fuel in a forge. They look so much like giant cylindrical versions of the clinkers that come from forges.
A Schlierf
A Schlierf - 19 minutter siden
CAMS tech knowledge: CAMS runs by mass spectrometry and infrared absorption, the best way to explain it is like a coin sorter.
Jay - 19 minutter siden
That's what the c in cams stand for...
Heccin Paragon
Heccin Paragon - 22 minutter siden
"Im from ohio"
Daniel Kays
Daniel Kays - 23 minutter siden
Beans last night. Check methane levels.
Killian Taylor
Killian Taylor - 37 minutter siden
The witty stew corroboratively nail because parentheses bacteriologically unlock a a few fierce author. milky, plastic whiskey
Tomos Halsey
Tomos Halsey - 41 minutt siden
So we really need to light the candles because we are getting low on oxygen.
*continues to interview*
spyrmac - 42 minutter siden
i'd love to see a video about submarine communications. Radio and wireless in the water. You could make a video about that
wolja - 44 minutter siden
A little over emphasis on breathing out CO2 at the beginning. Still 16% of exhaled air is O2 vs inhaled of 21%
Yummy _
Yummy _ - 47 minutter siden
Were running low on oxygen we gotta burn this candle
Dustin: Oh hey can I interview you guys for a sec
thoth tahuti
thoth tahuti - 49 minutter siden
As someone who has never served, I love that "politeness" is part of their training, they are just so friendly it's awesome ::)
Rob Weakly
Rob Weakly - 50 minutter siden
I think the "preheating function" is just a heat exchanger with the output of the boiler stripper. Take the energy out of the lean MEA to better condense it and put in the rich MEA that you're about to boil. Save some time, save some energy loss.
Jeremiah Moeller
Jeremiah Moeller - 57 minutter siden
liked for princess boopersnoot
Dana R
Dana R - Time siden
You have such great energy. Love all you do!
Star cab
Star cab - Time siden
Chlorine gas. "Carl that kills people."
Babbseagle12 - Time siden
As hvac mechanics we use a similar leak finder but much more handheld version
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon - Time siden
Now why don't people apply this type of technology to help climate change? If this works in enclosed area's, use it for factories, filters in vents etc....
Bill Burkart
Bill Burkart - Time siden
I'm 65 and when I was in my 20's we had an oxy welder, a cheap one lol, that had a canister that you had to light a pellet to use for brazing. Now I know how it worked.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin - Time siden
I got a good chuckle when he said the oxygen generator was "down." I spent 3 years on a boat and not once did we ever operate that piece of equipment. It's nickname was "the bomb" due to the fact that it generates hydrogen gas and can be extremely dangerous. When we went on mission and would stay underwater most of the time, we'd just load up on oxygen candles and burn them as necessary. It was not uncommon for oxygen to drop to around 17%, which makes you constantly tired no matter how much sleep you've gotten.
The other thing is that clean, potable water is at a premium on a submarine. Our distiller could provide 10k gallons per day (if the operator knows what they're doing, if they weren't very proficient then significantly less). That's for the entire boat: drinking, washing dishes, laundry, showers, etc. We'd have to constantly remind people to limit their water use so that we didn't run out. It would make little sense to waste water on making oxygen when you can just burn a candle.
Oh, and amine? It gets everywhere. Go up to any AC vent in the engineroom and you'll notice a slight drip of an oily substance. That's amine. It will funk your clothes up for weeks after, even with repeated washing.
McBoomSauce - Time siden
i hear the soil on mars is full of perchlorate
might be an easy way to make oxygen for astronauts on mars
but...a class D fire on mars is also probably really bad lol
Electric Maniac
Electric Maniac - Time siden
Bad gas. Could you find the leak? 😂🤣
Telek A
Telek A - Time siden
Kerry McMasters
Kerry McMasters - Time siden
The MEA being processed is similar to a LiBr absorption chiller that uses steam or hot water to boil the H2O (which is the refrigerant) out of the bromide solution and repeats the cycle. This chiller also runs in a vacuum.
Scottybob Videopants
Scottybob Videopants - Time siden
Imagine bein' aboard a nuke fast attack sewerpipe 54 yrs ago without all the super duper modern tech of today....Similar tech back then....We never ran out of O2.....Still here at 75..... arrrrr ;o)
Johan Språng
Johan Språng - Time siden
Great, the subs are carbonating our sea water.
Critical Insights
Critical Insights - Time siden
He said two at a time maximizes O2 output.. obviously that's true per minute, but did he mean overall output? Does the Oxygen in the candle bond with another molecule creating a waste bi-produce or the like which is reduced when another nearby candle is also consuming the incidental molecule?
Theodore Hildebrand-Faust
When I was a young kid, I took my Snapciruits kit and put each end into a cup of saltwater in an attempt to produce hydrogen. Thankfully, I didn't poison myself, but one of the ends of the extenders turned bright green, like the Statue of Liberty, and the other turned bright orange, like unoxidized copper.
Critical Insights
Critical Insights - Time siden
I suspect the paper like covers over the ends of the candles were to reduce the chance the candles ignite due to jostling during transit / storage. Great video.. I'm always thinking about how I can engineer 0 emission's sustainable environments, and it's always useful to watch how the old hands go about things :-)
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom - Time siden
"Clinkers" are depositis of creosote that build up in wood/coal stoves/furnaces. They caused issues an they looked like those spent oxygen candles I am guessing old school sub guys nicknamed them clinkers after they're burnt cause they look like "clinkers"
Ant Smith
Ant Smith - Time siden
How come they don't use plants to help the process?
Samuel Barrett
Samuel Barrett - Time siden
"so this is in the middle of the boat?"
Sure, if you're a coner.
Too bad they couldn't see the oxygen bleed back in shaft alley, or the CO burners.
Another way to regulate the atmosphere is the obvious way. Ventilate at snorkel depth
Crafted Wolf
Crafted Wolf - Time siden
love it
Jonathon Miller
Jonathon Miller - Time siden
Does the submarine have a... SNATCH BLOCK??!!
Flyby 1000
Flyby 1000 - Time siden
Ever wonder how the emergency oxygen is supplied on a passenger aircraft? Tah Dah!!!!
Walid Hasan
Walid Hasan - 2 timer siden
Man i love to watch your every single video.. you are amazing..❤❤❤
I love science and you're making it way more exciting by your videos... love you man..
Bruce Belvin
Bruce Belvin - 2 timer siden
You don't get smarter every day. You become more knowledgeable every day through learning. Smart means intelligence and that cannot be learned.
Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou
12:04 "Rock'n'Roll, like Marty McFly =)))
FLOJOtube - 2 timer siden
— *_JUST CURIOUS_* 🤨 —
*_Who else is watching this video SO IT WOULD STOP SHOWING UP @ the TOP of SUGGESTED, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ???_*
OBVIOUSLY this guy gets special ABC, inc treatment
And this special treatment is DESPITE him disagreeing with master of all humanity, “Slick GILLy BATEs” when he says “This is where the sausage is made!”
According to Gill Bates, his new “SAH-SEEEG” (so weird!) is made from FUNGI and we’re ALL GONNA LOVE IT!!!! OR ELSE.
Oobly Doobly
Oobly Doobly - 2 timer siden
Bruh subscribed instantly, such good explanations :)
Steve Oreskovic
Steve Oreskovic - 2 timer siden
Hey Destin, could you do a video on classification and specifically what gets a certain topic classified? It occurs to me that all this technology is publicly funded, and the government owes some explanation of the technology to the public, but there's a fine line at which that public disclosure becomes "giving information to the enemy". A lot of conspiracy theories online seem to involve "evil government secrets" and that seems like something a person like you would be able to debunk, given your experience with classified information.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson - 2 timer siden
It’s so interesting to me that electrolysis is a beneficial process in this application, as a plumber it’s the bane of my existence, constantly cutting out dissimilar metal hangers/ piping that hacks installed with no knowledge. Good stuff!
Emily An
Emily An - 2 timer siden
safety for us.
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson - 2 timer siden
"we need to light a candle"
"Destins breathing all our air"
Emily An
Emily An - 2 timer siden
The Best Drone Videos
The Best Drone Videos - 2 timer siden
did you stay on the sub or did you leave, or was it filmed all in 1 day?
GiulerPowerGamer - 2 timer siden
13:46 I like this guy he is really polite :)
d b
d b - 2 timer siden
The gentleman prepping the candle was very cool and professional.
Foot Salt
Foot Salt - 2 timer siden
Get this man 10 mil right now
itsamemario444 - 2 timer siden
so all we have to do is sprinkle lithium hydroxide into the atmosphere and all of our global warming problems are solved... yay!
HuaweiP40pro - 2 timer siden
One day you will get smart enough to see that NASA is a 52 millions per day scam. Black budget, etc.
Did you happen to think about the small spaces into a submarine in comparison with the ISS BS? Even though a submarine is closer to land and help, etc. Oh and not moving at BS 27000 km/h on a thing that can't avoid an object on its way if there would be a way to detect it on time at those speeds. Keep promoting the NASA scam, every day more and more people are waking up. Star wars freaks in 1,2...
Dave James
Dave James - 2 timer siden
So a candle every hour that's crazy that's 720 per 30 days 8640 per year
Chris A
Chris A - 2 timer siden
Destin used science to explain why nuke subs never run out of air.
I use a Salty Seadog methodology......
Sailors eat Navy beans.....
Allan Singleton
Allan Singleton - 2 timer siden
Former submariner here, where are my aubmariner shipmates at?
Purple Kush
Purple Kush - 2 timer siden
Dow from Ohio is giving me Elon Musk vibes.
F R - 2 timer siden
Starts at 20:00
Llohr - 3 timer siden
"I don't know why we call them clinkers."
Clinker: the stony residue from burned coal or from a furnace.
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham - 3 timer siden
Dev Attri-19
Dev Attri-19 - 3 timer siden
Wow nice nuclear reactor😂😂😂😉
YankeeFan - 3 timer siden
I'd love to hear the answer but I don't have 30 minutes to get there.
Donald in New Mexico
Donald in New Mexico - 3 timer siden
jimpeel - 3 timer siden
"Clinkers" is the term for the hard residue from burning coal. Thus, they call the spent oxygen "candles" clinkers.
adam lelyveld
adam lelyveld - 3 timer siden
Awesome 👍
Andreas Baumann
Andreas Baumann - 3 timer siden
it's amazing how humble, friendly and well trained everyone is...
yes sir...
Magnus Vanner
Magnus Vanner - 3 timer siden
The sparkling red concretely nod because passenger intialy frighten since a fuzzy bell. separate, limping bench
Pete Williams
Pete Williams - 3 timer siden
Coal is basically oil infused rock. After burning off the oil, the leftover rock in a coal fireplace is called 'clinkers'. I'm guessing that the unburned residue in those 'candles' gets it's nickname from the coal equivalent.
Laura Powers
Laura Powers - 3 timer siden
My first guess as to how to create breathable air would be by way of water split by fuel cells. Hydrogen gas can be used to power the engines and Oxygen can be added to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide can be collected by dehumidifiers.
Mr. Plecostomus
Mr. Plecostomus - 3 timer siden
It’s kinda obvious they tape straws together and use them
Kerry McMasters
Kerry McMasters - 3 timer siden
Love R-114. One of my fav low pressure refrigerants. Especially in centrifugal chillers.
Vasudev Sarma
Vasudev Sarma - 3 timer siden
The officers are calling him sir... How polite....
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 3 timer siden
...nine inch nail........
Peter Trast
Peter Trast - 3 timer siden
Guy at 11:40 creepin'
Huncho F Mateus
Huncho F Mateus - 3 timer siden
El Pepe
alanman87 - 3 timer siden
"Smarter everyday"
*continues using and peddling raycon trash*
Scott Tryanowski
Scott Tryanowski - 3 timer siden
Princess Boofersnoot!!!
Here take my subscription and like!
______ - 3 timer siden
Everyone is a visual learner.
LinxBit - 3 timer siden
my man just decided to swap 6th grade and highshcool
Callum Breen
Callum Breen - 3 timer siden
Easy just put a tree in their
clray123 - 3 timer siden
They are probably sitting there farting and smoking ganja in the little breaks between making sweet love.
Obakawaii - 3 timer siden
My takeaway from this video:
Princess Boopersnoot
Well, you got me to watch your Raycon sponsorship. xD
Brettlaken - 3 timer siden
Are todays submarines nearly permanently submerged or do they still spend most of their time at the surface?
Selena Gamya
Selena Gamya - 4 timer siden
Why don't subs run out of air? It's called breathing through your nose.
mugenrios2k - 4 timer siden
One of my payloads for ISS is working on a system to scrub CO2 with out consumables (cansters) or the MEA/moving liquids. MEA process can not be used in 0G as the differences in density in the expelled co2 gas and the mea do not allow the co2 to rise out of the suspension. In 0g Buoyancy processing can not be utilized as a key part in separating gasses from liquids.
Girum Haile
Girum Haile - 4 timer siden
just subscribed. Smarter Erryday baby!!!
Jared Williams
Jared Williams - 4 timer siden
is 15:04 where nine inch nails got the band name :p
Hunter Wright
Hunter Wright - 4 timer siden
Me: many tree
John R
John R - 4 timer siden
I bet the mess hall never serves beans on that boat while the buckeye is burning those candles.
wertewrtwert - 4 timer siden
Preheating of the MEA is mostly likely a heat recycle, where the hot lean MEA is used to heat the rich MEA in some heat exchanger. This also effiecently cools the lean MEA, which increase its ability to absorb CO2 since cooler liquids have greater gas solubility.
Richard Lighthouse
Richard Lighthouse - 4 timer siden
When I read the title, I thought they were using electrolysis to get oxygen and just pump out the co2
rdgk1se3019 - 4 timer siden
What about Methane?..........human farts.
288theabe - 4 timer siden
26:47 best part of the video 😍😍😍😍😍
Lorentari - 4 timer siden
Before anyone says "We should just use CO2 scrubbers to reverse climate change" - CO2 scrubbers takes a LOT of electricity to run. Also, you are just capturing the CO2, not getting rid of it.
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright - 4 timer siden
The smart apartment distally water because leaf essentially battle down a guttural H habitual bass. hulking, damaged hamster
Ondřej Čapka
Ondřej Čapka - 2 timer siden
WTF is this thing ? Someone trying to brute force the activation sequence for the Winter Soldier ?
Sixxftundr - 4 timer siden
They just roll down their windows..duh
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore - 4 timer siden
I did electrolysis for a science fair project (testing the effects salt had on speed) and decided to take a sniff of the "oxygen" side, during a run with saltwater. Didn't even clue into the fact that since the house smelled like a pool something might be up. 😬 Glad I had the sense to step outside immediately into the fresh air as my airways drastically restricted! Needless to say, I stopped experimenting for the day!
Nico Plowman
Nico Plowman - 5 timer siden
As a retired U.S. Navy anti-submarine and multi-sensor specialist, I can assure you that all our nuclear subs CAN break through the ice to "get fresh air". Mainly they must have this capability to launch ballistic and guided missiles. They also have the ability to release "sensors/transmitters/receivers" that can break through the ice when necessary.
The technology on our newest boats is mind blowing indeed. Just wait until you see the 6th gen fighters and bombers!
gojewla - 5 timer siden
I am surprised that electrolysis is fast enough to be practical for something like this.
Cesar Diaz B.
Cesar Diaz B. - 5 timer siden
9:36 to your left the smoothest guy in the crew