How AMONG US took over the World (with murder).

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Among Us has recently gone from little known indie game - to worldwide phenomenon in just a few months. From 50 concurrent players to 3 million. While we're all enjoying the entertainment side of the game, I wanted to also take a look at the lessons we can draw from the journey of the developers - InnerSloth, a small team of just three people who, not too long ago, were barely getting by trying to keep the game alive. It's a fascinating case study that I think is worth taking a look at.
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer

Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"
Among Us - Emergency Meeting Sound (Remix by Piano Vampire)
"Hand Trolley" by Kevin MacLeod
#AmongUs #InnerSloth #999IQ
Runtime: 09:03


Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea - 2 dager siden
Get the Andrei & Wilfur figurine (limited stock):
just another animator
just another animator - Dag siden
Why are all the animators getting youtooz all of a sudden
I’m Blue
I’m Blue - 2 dager siden
Aight lmao
Dwayne Greene
Dwayne Greene - 2 dager siden
Im not getting your notifications Andrei
Laughing Elite
Laughing Elite - 2 dager siden
Fraxility - 2 dager siden
Are you going to release wilfur fursuit lol
WhatsGet - 49 minutter siden
Everyone is gonna be Liars and Smart Later on
Doddy Feryanto
Doddy Feryanto - Time siden
among us mins diantara kita
Ann Howard
Ann Howard - 8 timer siden
Toe reveal at 3 mil
Tien Tran
Tien Tran - 15 timer siden
fun fact: among us is made in united states
Jordan Kursioski
Jordan Kursioski - 17 timer siden
The word sus
Geek Witch Nails
Geek Witch Nails - 19 timer siden
What I like about it is the intense bite sized social interaction that you have playing the game with strangers.
chris s
chris s - 21 time siden
The game is already dead in 2 months
spyrtse x
spyrtse x - 22 timer siden
Look i'm not lying I playes among us around the start of 2019. In that year there were no players. If you found a game you were lucky back then.
Ibrahim Nouman
Ibrahim Nouman - Dag siden
Ah the end noodle dance
John Zavier
John Zavier - Dag siden
The game became so popular even i downloaded it.
Denizo - Dag siden
it's like ttt
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
Oki no offense but why was half the video of u explaining and the other half is just u reading reddit memes like u kinda trying to hit the 9+minute mark
justakidontheweb - Dag siden
Make a video about the short lifespan of Fall guys
Liam Hogan
Liam Hogan - Dag siden
Eri -Chan
Eri -Chan - Dag siden
Among us taught me if you have friends they well backstab you in the game :)
Daniel Le
Daniel Le - Dag siden
So no one are going to mention that Kaif and the Salt Raiders played and kept the game alive all the way back in december 2019? Before all the other streamers started playing it.
Cloner Loner
Cloner Loner - Dag siden
ArkiveLikesMilk - Dag siden
Meanwhile hamlinz, dae and myth viewers using sus since the ice age
Sakchham Ok
Sakchham Ok - Dag siden
.  。    •   ゚  。
  .   .   •   。   .     。   。 .
 .   。  ඞ 。  . •
doliio volay
doliio volay - Dag siden
thank you!
Marcio Herobrine
Marcio Herobrine - Dag siden
I started playing among us on january 2019 and now i feel special
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
My sis played among us in 2018 or 2019 she quit because it took so long for her to join a full lobby because not many ppl were in among us
doliio volay
doliio volay - Dag siden
trailers yet but I have high hopes
9dohhead - Dag siden
How among us came popular is how Minecraft got popular
_tenfictions_ - Dag siden
in america, you find success
in soviet russia, success find YOU
Packlock6 - Dag siden
Nobody talks about 3 imposter games
Smiley Boy
Smiley Boy - Dag siden
Plz no
Shreya Rao
Shreya Rao - 2 dager siden
Lol I embroider, where do I submit fanart?
Grüner Kaktus
Grüner Kaktus - 2 dager siden
I really feel like the only person on earth who never played Impostor before

...and looked only three vids about this game, including this one
southcrayfish 8
southcrayfish 8 - 2 dager siden
I am sure I have commented this before but I love they way he add hands to the jelly beans
Txddy_ Millie
Txddy_ Millie - 2 dager siden
Yo on my birthday imma draw myself as a birthday girl..because my mom and dad doesnt know how to play among us ;-;. My sister doesnt play among us. Rip
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser - 2 dager siden
Among Us: Exists!
Fall Guys: I Am Gonna End This Guy Whole Career!
DominatorDanger - 2 dager siden
whenever pewdiepie makes a video on a game, it gets popular
Orc Warboss72
Orc Warboss72 - 2 dager siden
Interesting how Among Us, Animal Crossing and Fall guys are considered the Pandemic games.
So how come other online community games are not considered that like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 for example?
Are they too expensive or complicated?
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
These games are simple games for everyone to have fun u don't need much skill yes in among us u need to be big brain but when u too big brain small brain logic wins
Colin Pradhan
Colin Pradhan - 2 dager siden
When he said if teachers supported creative we would live I with flying cars
Me true
doliio volay
doliio volay - 2 dager siden
no offence but i think among us is kinda boring after i played it like a few times
constantweb - 2 dager siden
Among us really fits your art style
doliio volay
doliio volay - 2 dager siden
I like how he drew greaseball as jesus
DOOM SLAYER - 2 dager siden
I LOVE among us, if it ever "dies" I'll keep playing as long as there is still a decent amount of people still playing.
DOOM SLAYER - Dag siden
@toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago oh, okay
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
They canceled among us 2 because among us was getting really big so they wanted to improve it
A L - 2 dager siden
I really would like you to post about sssniper wolf.Another youtuber who just reacts to stuff , with 0 talent and very funny.She has about 22 M subs.
Plz consider thinking about it, thank you!
normboynormboys world
normboynormboys world - 2 dager siden
Henry stickman also helped
Gabi studio
Gabi studio - 2 dager siden
Andrei Terbea was the impostor
dino man toy time
dino man toy time - 2 dager siden
Among us not Amon gus
Diamondstrike - 2 dager siden
I think among us might be near the end of its life because the cringe you tubers are coming
agamer0906 - 2 dager siden
so, red was sus?

*Always has been*
MysticalRyanPlayz - 2 dager siden
The voice of Charles a beautiful thing to hear
Sam The green color lover
Sam The green color lover - 2 dager siden
Green is sus
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
I agree green killed infront of me but I can clear Sam so I think it's cyan
James Leo Rosales
James Leo Rosales - 2 dager siden
You forgot another fact...this game is tinder.
Red Imposter
Red Imposter - 2 dager siden
Please stop voting me out for no reason....I just wanna play...#stopsussingred
Just Some Guy without half of the other body
Thats alot of sneaky little impostors
Mohammed Mahmoud
Mohammed Mahmoud - 3 dager siden
Farhan Shafiq
Farhan Shafiq - 3 dager siden
Imagine being the first person to play among us.....
Asian E
Asian E - 3 dager siden
I like how he drew greaseball as jesus
Jess - 3 dager siden
no offence but i think among us is kinda boring after i played it like a few times
Mayo - 3 dager siden
kitoliart has finally created an instagram account after a fake account/poser fiasco in insta who stole her artworks. Please follow kitoli in insta @kiitoriart to support her Among Us artworks there. :v
Lima - 3 dager siden
The game itself is really unique, but the memes have pretty much killed my chances of playing the game ever again.
C Stump
C Stump - 3 dager siden
Literally watching this on nov 20th
Jack H
Jack H - 3 dager siden
They're pretty much lucky that the streamers picked it up and started spinning it around social media, mainly youtube and twitch. They're great at making games but they're unsurprisingly terrible with anything people related, like marketing and team expansion.
stephen john VILLAVERT
stephen john VILLAVERT - 3 dager siden
instead of 1-1=0 should be if an imposter killed the final crewmwte how much crew mates are left?
doliio volay
doliio volay - 3 dager siden
azzam3356 - 3 dager siden
Everyone is suppressed even pinky and the brain
doliio volay
doliio volay - 3 dager siden
Whats on November 20th thats tomorrow
Raquel Chavez
Raquel Chavez - 3 dager siden
Thats pretty sus
Loyd Putnam
Loyd Putnam - 3 dager siden
Me: Reads thumbnail
Also me: Do you have 90 minutes?
Karenatemydog - 3 dager siden
Me watching this November 20th not knowing what it means
Mrdollyman567 - 3 dager siden
Me watching this on Nov 20
CyanNinja - 3 dager siden
8:41 now it is the day...
Sparkle Star
Sparkle Star - 3 dager siden
Amelia watson be like
SerbianSlav - 3 dager siden
There are a few similarities between Among Us and the 1982 sci-fi horror movie The Thing:
1. the main antagonist is a shapeshifting alien
2. the events take place in a research base in an snowy environment (Polus, the third map in Among Us and Outpost 31 in The Thing)
3. the antagonist sabotages things in the location where the events take place in
Tell me if I missed some similarity.
ApplePie - 3 dager siden
Among Us isn't violent
Just like minecraft
Everyone can play
toxicocomelonfan • 19 years ago
Yeah it's a game for everyone like games have genre's and ppl like or dislike these genre's but among us and minecraft is for everyone tbh I say minecraft is more for everyone
Techno And Corpse Simps
Techno And Corpse Simps - 2 dager siden
Lol oh yea I like among us and minecraft, I like killing my friends ahahahahahah
JZ - 3 dager siden
Frozo 1290
Frozo 1290 - 4 dager siden
Apparently now everybody in the comment section is an og
Thomas Catulin
Thomas Catulin - 4 dager siden
soon this game will have a tournament
I love Adopt me
I love Adopt me - 4 dager siden
The use of word sus.
I like to draw
I like to draw - 4 dager siden
It’s basically murder mystery in space
Spencer Foster
Spencer Foster - 4 dager siden
Whats on November 20th thats tomorrow
CalebCScott - 4 dager siden
darkiemoons - 4 dager siden
my biggest flex is playing among us in june 2019
unspeakablemouse T
unspeakablemouse T - 4 dager siden
fall guys: you took everything from me.
among us: i don’t even know who you are
james baxter
james baxter - 4 dager siden
Do an episode on among us!
james baxter
james baxter - 4 dager siden
Oh wait
Geolenny Plays
Geolenny Plays - 4 dager siden
"What's the hardest achievement in Minecraft?"
Me: Check the thumbnail.
drawswift - 4 dager siden
Do u have 90 minutes
Sam's_ Animations
Sam's_ Animations - 4 dager siden
Rain YT
Rain YT - 4 dager siden
Is it just me or Forte sound like charles calvin?
reman rosè
reman rosè - 4 dager siden
*among us was developed by three people. forte puffba-*
xd master
xd master - 4 dager siden
I have played among us since 2018 and was almost going quit because no one was playing with me but then I got in to lobbys within a few seconds and all because of one big streamer
KkFaller - 4 dager siden
Among us: 100 players
Among us: 300,000 and top Twitch game
The Team Of 3 People: *REMAIN CALM EVERYBODY!*
red panda
red panda - 4 dager siden
I was playing since it came out
EpicEvaggelos - 4 dager siden
Ah yes, among us streams, the only place where you can see Jesus and green boi stabbing Tree Planter, watermelon and gang.
THICCCCC - 4 dager siden
Who been an OG since 2018? 🤘🤘🤘
Atlas - 4 dager siden
Purple Sus (Wilfur)
Barbie Life with Ameera
Barbie Life with Ameera - 4 dager siden
8:39 Tomorrow is November 20 what will happen !!??.... OH YEAH !! Bilies Eilish 4th same interview !!!
SwiftBlade4 - 4 dager siden
Man, it's gonna be so sad for Among Us when this pandemic is finally over.
Drippy _YT
Drippy _YT - 4 dager siden
Andrei Terbea x YouTooz
jake mcg
jake mcg - 4 dager siden
Among us more like sus us
Lerry Then
Lerry Then - 4 dager siden
8:37 I knew it the second I went to the Youtooz website. I knew it.
Gater Mc
Gater Mc - 4 dager siden
My friends tricked me into playing among us and its god
Tactical Memes
Tactical Memes - 4 dager siden
Also puffball had Henry stickmin to work
ThatguyLOL - 4 dager siden
Imagine making arms on among us characters, cringe, unsub, noob, I shall be taking my sub elsewhere
D1st0Rded - 4 dager siden
I knew you would make a video on this
Alvaro Rey
Alvaro Rey - 4 dager siden
HenryStickmin Completing The Missing: *Released*
Among Us: Capital Gains.
generic name here generic content here
Shit it's tommorow
doire aintu
doire aintu - 4 dager siden
Let’s be honest if Innersloth didn’t make Henry Stickmin we may not have found Among Us
White N
White N - 4 dager siden
doire aintu stealing people comments I see Come on now be more original
German Deordi
German Deordi - 4 dager siden
Breezy - 4 dager siden
Me and my firends played among us back when it was only 100000 downloads yhe only map was skeld and no hats
Adhvik Goel
Adhvik Goel - 4 dager siden
Hey has anyone released that his eyes look like Pac-Man
doire aintu
doire aintu - 4 dager siden
nov 20 new youtoos