Heritage and Hate: Mississippi’s State Flag

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Mississippi’s state flag is the last in the US containing the Confederate battle flag. VICE News and Kal Penn travel to the Magnolia State for a lesson on race relations, barbecue, and the meaning of southern heritage for black and white residents of Mississippi.
In Photos: At the KKK's South Carolina Confederate Flag Rally - bit.ly/1YwoAH6
Watch: Raw Coverage of the KKK's Confederate Flag Rally in South Carolina - bit.ly/1FbEfVT
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zach .tedford
zach .tedford - 6 timer siden
wehhhh it isssss!
zach .tedford
zach .tedford - 6 timer siden
i thought the guy was kumar
Pontius Fredriksson
Pontius Fredriksson - 6 timer siden
In Sweden we use the Confederate rebel flag on old American cars but also on old Volvos but most importantly as a attack on the Stockholm syndrome and our leftist government. Rebels all over!
2380Shaw - 12 timer siden
Did anyone else notice the guard standing in the elevator behind "Dylan Roof" also looks just like him? Maybe some kind of conspiracy going on.
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher - 14 timer siden
The wrong gorups have used this flag for horrible things and its bullshit that they have turned it into a hate symbol.
young muscle
young muscle - 19 timer siden
What ever it was, whatever it represents, we shut that crap down
Elijah Deller
Elijah Deller - 19 timer siden
“They did it Black and white together” imagine being this ignorant in 2020
James Smith
James Smith - 22 timer siden
All this Bullshit over a no Good Flag..that as no meaning what so ever...
James Smith
James Smith - 22 timer siden
Blah blah blah for over 400 years..if it wasn't for Blacks folks white people wouldn't be where they are today....
Paul Britton
Paul Britton - Dag siden
Mann you want a history my uncle is robert e lee he was relatives which are union to so you want a history lesson Abraham Lincoln went against blacks as a lawyer so believe me you need to check your history not all of us are racist the flag was more about other things not racism it's crazy how you say were racist and there is black militia going to kill women and children how does that change things it ain't about a flag or is about people to unite as a whole and not relive hate and not just blacks see hate it's all colors we need to stop looking at color and flags and unite as a hole if god came as. A black believe me I will love him the same hate wont end until all people stop hate
Paul Britton
Paul Britton - 23 timer siden
First of all ron paul snowflake is racist to and I'm related to him but I dont believe in racism my wife is hispanic and I dont except my own people for hate god wants as a whole how is snowflake make us equal my wife is Hispanic I cant help who my family is and I dont condone what they use flag for but it ain't about flags and look up black militia wants texas so yes black militia is god made us whole blacks whites Hispanics enough griping about what it was let's make it better that's what I'm teaching my daughter were all equal and there's no news for racism so let me ask you do you teach your kid to say snowflake god is coming and all this should end instead of going against eachother unite for change not just for one race but for all
RonPaulHatesBlacks - 23 timer siden
Robert E. Lee is not your uncle. Racism was the self-declared "cornerstone" of the entire confederacy. There are too many racist snowflakes lying about a "black militia going to kill women and children." Sickening.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - Dag siden
Marxist such as BLM ADL and Atifa will NOT stop at pulling down staetes
SuperZX - Dag siden
The United States of America is the only country that worship traitors by having military facilities name after them. Have Statues of such traitors all over parks and government buildings. Were wearing a N95 mask is political. They make everything an issue.
Ace Montoya
Ace Montoya - Dag siden
Lol looks like a kkk meeting WTF! so sad give it up stands for racism!
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez - Dag siden
Fucking losers 😂🤣
LR - music & fun
LR - music & fun - Dag siden
Wise men do not abandon a thing simply because fools abuse it.
Fab Arellano
Fab Arellano - Dag siden
Is that Kumar?
Unapologetically BLACK
This Flag is about Slavery and Betrayal
Joe Farrington
Joe Farrington - Dag siden
The battle flag of the rebels is their symbol, of you embrace it you have to take the good and the bad. There is no way to separate the slave issue and the fact that if the south won the US as it exists today would not.
Form an outsiders perspective is like a spouse who has pictures of his old boyfriend next to the wedding picture in their home.
Shaun Jersey
Shaun Jersey - Dag siden
I used to be a manager in Florida and had a black employee that had a Confederate flag belt buckle and Confederate flag like many other people do in Florida out of their pickup truck. The owner was rushing he told him he had to go home because he was supporting racism. But I had to let the owner know but he's black how is he racist? It's a southern thing that's all I can explain it. People in the south all rock the flag black white I've seen it personally.
salem ben salem
salem ben salem - Dag siden
These same losers will tell Black people to forget about slavery ,yet they clinch to a lost cause and the traitors behind it.
salem ben salem
salem ben salem - Dag siden
Glorifying that flag will not bring the old Confederate back. It belongs to losers just like the Nazi flag. Theres only one United States flag and new citizens pledge loyalty to the Constitution and the U.S flag,not a stupid flag of traitors.
non playable character
you know vice went to a function there's black ppl eating in the background. Vice made it about race when clearly in the fking video there were black ppl in the background? their voices don't matter?
Zach Gonzales
Zach Gonzales - 2 dager siden
I like how those dumbass cops folded the confederate flag like it deserved respect. Should’ve thrown that traitor flag in the trash and been done with it.
Saint George
Saint George - 2 dager siden
St. Andrews Cross
Southern_Pride - 2 dager siden
It’s NOT a symbol of hate ! I will ALWAYS fly the Confederate Flag!
Jp Diddy
Jp Diddy - 2 dager siden
ThaReal SacTown King aka Young Dru
All politics aside it's freedom if someone wants to say something or have something they call their history that's their freedom to do so just like kneeling at a game some may not like it but that's someone's freedom to do so
psychonaut ready for launch!
Heritage? The confederacy lasted 5 years! Gtfo
John Reid
John Reid - 2 dager siden
There was more anger at the comedy store than at the heritage rally, in my opinion.
Kashmirknight - 2 dager siden
As a northern guy trying to understand it myself. I'm glad there's something out there we can watch and see without yelling at each other.
Felix Barragan
Felix Barragan - 2 dager siden
"You fucking lost" - 11:45 hits hard
That One Rabbit Guy
That One Rabbit Guy - 3 dager siden
Dude sounds like Kumar!!
HEMAN is a JEDI - 3 dager siden
When Kumar sobers up.
Melissa M
Melissa M - 3 dager siden
I was born and raised in Georgia. I am white. I cannot stand the Confederate flag. If you want to tell black people to leave slavery and discrimination in the past then leave your flag in the past too. Its been used by the KKK for the last hundred and fifty years and still used today.
Thomas Franklin
Thomas Franklin - 3 dager siden
Things are supposed to be segregated but I've never seen a white man head of the NAACP.
Thomas Franklin
Thomas Franklin - 3 dager siden
The north also put black soldiers on the front lines so that the white soldiers wouldn't have as many casualties from being attacked on the front line. The north wanted the South to join the union. The Union wanted to make all the rules and govern all states but the South did not want to be governed buy just one head of government. When the South said no the North decided to free the slaves not because it was for the good but to bankrupt the South and force them to join the union. On a personal note people of color hang egyptian posters and Egyptian artifacts in their homes but no one seems care about the hundreds of thousands of slaves that died building the pyramids and that's your history lesson. p.s. not all white people owned slaves.
Walmart Chicken Nuggets
Walmart Chicken Nuggets - 3 dager siden
why was the general lee red?
Rawstatus TV
Rawstatus TV - 3 dager siden
Still holding on to your loss lol
Black civil war soldiers wooped yo asses.
missconduct024 - 3 dager siden
Why can they not understand that this is WHITE culture and heritage. If y’all are as unified as you say, you’d try and come to an agreement. Instead of only focusing on white heritage
Onli Mi
Onli Mi - 4 dager siden
Hey..... Kumar (from Harold & Kumar) is working for Vice News now? That's pretty cool!! Hope that doesn't stop him from making those movies.
Questionable Choices Inc.
Questionable Choices Inc. - 4 dager siden
Slavery aside, the confederates were traitors; bottom line.
herald johnny
herald johnny - 4 dager siden
Hey Kumarrrr...
Barry Russell
Barry Russell - 4 dager siden
The flag was a confederate flag was a navy flag it never was a confederate battle flag or a confederate flag it was a navy jack. I don’t care if they take the flag off everything, but the general lee charger. I think the general lee was a tv icon that I grew up watching and as a young boy in the seventies I remember how amazed I was when I went to Walmart and they had the general lee hot wheels for sale. I got one and drove it in the dirt on the road I drug with two fingers it was amazing I would watch the Dukes and then play it out till the next episode week by week. Loved it! Still love the car today, but hindsight makes me ashamed of the culture that would make a car named after a confederate general brandishing a flag that is a symbol of racism appear so wholesome and hospitable. To propagate an agenda on my generation of young boys with racing, jumps, drifts and wild visceral freedom running from the cops and breaking the law in the car for the greater good and it always working out, there were obviously covert racist propaganda in the show and in the car. I was not aware of it at the time but someone was why was racism so covert in the show?
Zach Gonzales
Zach Gonzales - 2 dager siden
I can’t say for sure it was a Navy Jack but maybe you’re right. But it was also a battle flag for the Northern Virginia Army when they were part of the Confederacy and also Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Calvary Reg. Which doesn’t help the cause much since he was an early member of the KKK and a slave trader prior to the civil war.
Ned Studios
Ned Studios - 5 dager siden
DAMMIT KAL YOU'RE IN THE SOUTH.... finish your BBQ Chicken please.
Ned Studios
Ned Studios - 5 dager siden
So the Confederacy lasted all of what 4 years? Okay so does that mean my heritage is pot smoking head banger? mY heritage lasted much longer. Just sayin
Coastal Killzz
Coastal Killzz - 5 dager siden
Is that Kumar from Harold & Kumar
R D - 5 dager siden
You can say the same thing about ol glory... We murdered the natives to fly that flag..and under ol glory Delaware still had slaves years after good old Abe freed them... Its a flag. If you are that easily offended go live in a cave far far far from us free folks!!!
kindle urie
kindle urie - 4 dager siden
Free white folks you mean bumpkin
Sicko Chungus
Sicko Chungus - 5 dager siden
If the confederate flag isn’t a symbol of white supremacy then why do so many white supremacist use the flag?
KnowstradamuS Ucka
KnowstradamuS Ucka - Dag siden
Sicko Chungus lmfao i guess it doesn’t let me comment back because it removed my other reply but all I’m trying to do is help give you a mentally digestible example of a non-racist people’s perspective of a symbol that is seen as racist. But no, I’m the idiot 😂
Sicko Chungus
Sicko Chungus - 3 dager siden
KnowstradamuS Ucka you’re an idiot dude🤣
Ronald Jay
Ronald Jay - 3 dager siden
@KnowstradamuS Ucka u stupid the flag is racist and has been removed from the state flag so bye bye
KnowstradamuS Ucka
KnowstradamuS Ucka - 3 dager siden
Sicko Chungus the swaztika was/is a Buddhist Sybol for the continuity of life and order and is also a rune with separate meanings that aren’t about white supremacy. So are Buddhists white supremest who want to eradicate everyone who doesn’t meet that doctrine? No? Cause your ignorance of history leaves you with a biased handicap?
Lucious Mani
Lucious Mani - 5 dager siden
Ummm .. . Anyone going to say something about that southern BBQ. . .whoa . . .and I'm a vegan.
And they wonder why they have severe health problems. All you saw are dead flesh and soda pop on the tables. . .
David Douglas
David Douglas - 5 dager siden
That flags is racist that’s it and that’s all do away with it 👊🏾
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 5 dager siden
As a Canadian, watching this is bizarre. I love America and Americans and am grateful for this generous neighbor. None of that changes the fact that these oddities are truly odd.
xmodmodifier - 6 dager siden
Whether you change the flag or not, some will still fly the rebel flag.
los pepe
los pepe - 6 dager siden
It's ashame it's a beautiful flag
Ray Channel
Ray Channel - 6 dager siden
People love southern heritage because the south stood for limited government, no taxation without representation, states rights. The Confederate Battle flag never oppressed anyone, the Northern yanks won the war and oppressed the south as a whole.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 6 dager siden
" The Confederate Battle flag never oppressed anyone". Right, except all those slaves they were fighting to keep....
8x - 6 dager siden
I lasted in the bed with their sisters & cousins longer than the confederacy.
caman171 - 5 dager siden
no u lasted longer with YOUR sister and YOUR cousins :-)
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 6 dager siden
Ra'd Jin Allah
Ra'd Jin Allah - 7 dager siden
I always get sucked into reading this ignorance!😂😒
Jesus saves
Jesus saves - 7 dager siden
Vice is garbage
Jesus saves
Jesus saves - 7 dager siden
I love the general lee
xshixlbye -
xshixlbye - - 7 dager siden
why is this guy so familiar
Angel Z
Angel Z - 7 dager siden
Is this the actor from Harold and Kumar?
EABOY2600 - 7 dager siden
Actually Georgia and Texas have version of the Stars And Bars flag the real Confederate flag not the battle flag so Mississippi is that last state to have depiction of the Confederate Battle flag of North Virginia Robert E. Lee's army division flag
ryderyderyder - 7 dager siden
in WW2, whole lotta German soldiers were just soldiers, fighting for their country, yet people there nowdays dont celebrate their past by carrying red and white flag with black swastika. why is it so hard for Southerners?
Gib koccs
Gib koccs - 7 dager siden
dosdude pretty sure a state can’t up n leave
dosdude - 7 dager siden
@Gib koccs the north enslaved everyone to uncle sam. slavery is still legal in america. the south fought for freedom from being slaves to uncle sam. the north was taxing and telling the south what to do,. the south still has the right to leave the voluntary international union called usa. the north enslaved everyone in america.
Gib koccs
Gib koccs - 7 dager siden
Because fascism took their loved ones. Homes businesses through years of not facists not surrendering those causing allied bombing German citizens it robbed them The south the north robbed them of slavery the confederate flag didn’t I think that’s the reason
M Air
M Air - 7 dager siden
Praising Robert E Lee is like praising Benedict Arnold. Both traitors to the USA.
dosdude - 7 dager siden
t you are lying. robert e lee is no traitor. abe lincoln is the traitor. thanks for proving how ignorant you are.
Exmar - 7 dager siden
The history of things around you mean more than BLM can let the White kids do in their name
Elijah Edric Guinto
Elijah Edric Guinto - 7 dager siden
Who's still here after the Mississippi state government voted to change its state flag?
Ragnar Sims
Ragnar Sims - 7 dager siden
When did people become such fragile little teacups? 🙄
Maybe it's that rush people can feel from forcing other people to do things they don't want to do.
(🤔 "forcing other people to do...." Reminds me of a certain class of people from our history.😆)
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
@Ragnar Sims Oh buddy. Personal attacks? You are taking that joke bombing a lot harder than I realized. Ok, I will humor you. Try to build up your self confidence. What exactly am I supposed to be wrong about?
Ragnar Sims
Ragnar Sims - 5 dager siden
@Elysian Sounds Your mommy and daddy never taught you how to admit when you're wrong? Awwww....what a couple of twats.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
@Ragnar Sims Bit weird of you to create your own quote, and then aim a derogatory term at yourself over said quote. I don't know if this is an attempt at self deprecating humor, but it's not quite working out the way you probably pictured it. But don't worry dude. You have already taken so many big steps, conquering your fear to admit that you wanted to talk to me, opening up about your issues. I am sure your comedy will improve if you just keep at it!
Ragnar Sims
Ragnar Sims - 5 dager siden
@Elysian Sounds 😆😆😆😆😆😆 "You're a snowflake because you won't let me boss you around!" 👏 Potato head alert!!!
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
@Ragnar Sims Oh buddy. Was this your way of telling me you like talking to "morons" to help you deal with the fact that you yourself have some developmental difficulties? That was very brave of you Ragnar. Thank you for sharing
Retired Early 53
Retired Early 53 - 7 dager siden
Trump is our last Great White Hope !!!!!!!! Keep it that way vote for him in 2020 !!!!!!!!!
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
Why do you feel the need to include "White" in there?
A Alb
A Alb - 8 dager siden
Simple: change flag. Use a white flag with a potato in centre.
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce - 6 dager siden
Nah the battle flag is alright. It represents the soldiers and battles, not the confederacy itself.
Hacked1970 - 8 dager siden
If you are not from the South, you have no right to comment on things you don't understand. But that never stopped liberal hate before.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 3 dager siden
@Hacked1970 I never said I see it as a solely racist symbol. Please look at my argument more closely. I You are saying we need a fuller context, I have been saying that all along and am asking you to employ the same. Do you deny that the flag is intrinsically linked with the racist, pro-slavery agenda of the Confederacy? You don't seem so ingorant of history as to do that, so my question yet again, is why choose this symbol as a representation of the South when it unquestionably has horrific thinks linked to it, and not choose a different symbol, instead? Why stick so strongly to this one, when any reasonable person can not deny that in choosing it to represent the entirety of southern heritage, they are choosing the symbol of a brief, ugly, period that represented an advocacy of views that should not be permissible anymore. Why not choose something else? Why this flag specifically? I would love to hear your reasoning
Hacked1970 - 3 dager siden
@Elysian Sounds Because the flag does not represent those things to all Southerners. Many (44% according to a June 2020 survey) focus on the wartime sacrifice & heritage meaning. Typically only those not from the South see the flag solely as a racist symbol. Have you noticed no one interviews southern people & actually asks THEM? It's all hype & blather from someone who is reacting to something about which they formed an opinion (the flag is racist) without a fuller context.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 3 dager siden
​@Hacked1970 I am not equating the South with racism. I am equating the Confederacy with racism and therefore wondering why those residents of the south who (I would hope) do not share the abhorrent views of the confederacy on race and slavery, then choose the Confederate flag to represent the South and their southern heritage. Do you know why somebody would do that?
Hacked1970 - 3 dager siden
@Elysian Sounds Are you from the South? Because your case is built from the side that sees only racism.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 3 dager siden
@Hacked1970 Peaceful Southern ways? Which included a strong desire to continue owning others as property to the point where it was specifically written into the Confederate Constitution that no law should ever be able to impede the selling of black people as property. I am not saying you can't be proud to be a southerner, nor that there are not things to be proud of. But why choose to focus that nostalgia around a symbol for a traitorous openly racist union?
Jerry Haney
Jerry Haney - 8 dager siden
It is time for Africans to go home to Africa and be with their own people.
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
Ok, and you are in favor of everybody except Native Americans also doing the same?
Jlin0012 - 8 dager siden
Kumar went to the real white castle...
showmestate redneck
showmestate redneck - 8 dager siden
Libterds going be bigots
victor brown
victor brown - 8 dager siden
The only way to find out the truth about some people, is to turn the cameras off and sit back to see who drops the “N” Bombs...
George joy
George joy - 8 dager siden
It represents the confederate constitution and the only difference between the union constitution and the confederate constitution is that the confederate one didn’t outlaw slavery. Tell me again how that flag doesn’t represent oppression?
Mark Upton
Mark Upton - 8 dager siden
Obviously there are good and bad peoples on the side of the confederate flag . Everyone that adores the flag are not racist, it depends on the person and their beliefs. Mississippi have a torrid history with race relations. Hopefully things get better!
Pacific Ndondo
Pacific Ndondo - 8 dager siden
Hej Man isn’t you the Guy in ”LOVE DONT COST ”movie, You’ve really grown up
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce - 8 dager siden
Back in the early 70s and the early 80s when the farmers used make there own moonshine and grow there own marjina business
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce - 8 dager siden
I know u people have watched Duke's of hassard and Smokey and the bandit and justified
A Tolman
A Tolman - 9 dager siden
Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds - 5 dager siden
Ok snowflake. Whatever you say