He Said I Couldn't Play This on Bass... So I Played It

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Many people told me I CANNOT play these bass solos... so I played them all.
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0:00 Intro
0:49 Bass Solo 1
1:49 Bass Solo 2
2:47 Bass Solo 3
3:56 Bass Solo 4
4:48 Bass for Philippinian fans
5:17 Bass Solo 7
6:28 Bass Solo 8
7:08 Junior Groovador Challenge
8:26 Bass Solo 10?
8:46 Bass Solo 10
9:54 Final BASS solo
11:00 OUTRO
11:30 Void
11:37 OMG

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Runtime: 11:38


Davie504 - 18 dager siden
Ermir Galinada
Ermir Galinada - 3 dager siden
Blue Arrow
Blue Arrow - 18 dager siden
Very impressive.. But can you play "Seven Nation Army" perfectly?
MONDstr Play
MONDstr Play - 18 dager siden
Instead of "Filipinian" use "Pinoy" or I'm gonna call the police 😎🚔
MR FRESHMAN Bmx - 18 dager siden
Four hundred and seventy third
Mau America
Mau America - 18 dager siden
Hi Davie. I'm a "Philippinian" or Filipino in other terms. MINDBLOWING
Heron Santos
Heron Santos - 7 minutter siden
Hahahahaha very good,i'm a your big fan from Brasil 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Sandip Sunar
Sandip Sunar - 7 minutter siden
i challenge you to reveal your bearded face.
buenomk10 - 7 minutter siden
Tô com dó do Davie por ter que traduzir todos esses comentários kkkkkkkk
op coss
op coss - 58 minutter siden
P. N, N
P. N, N - Time siden
To play like Groovador You must dance like him.
Ale Bispo
Ale Bispo - Time siden
br fi
Z S - Time siden
Awesome, but #7 fail
Fabricio Pinho
Fabricio Pinho - Time siden
Richie Kotzen bass solo in a song Paying Dues!
Jaime Emmanuel Wiyuris Borrego
Its was really interesting to know how is the black and white's intro played and I will never forget those incredible moves Lol😂
slurph clothing
slurph clothing - Time siden
that's cool dude
leonardo amaral
leonardo amaral - Time siden
Davie Groovado demais! 🤣🤣🤣
Jake Fusion
Jake Fusion - 2 timer siden
Mais duro q pau de Tarado
Riksa Yuga
Riksa Yuga - 3 timer siden
mohini dey pleaseee
Makulax - 3 timer siden
Epic stuff
Tulio Silvestre
Tulio Silvestre - 3 timer siden
Por que caralhos tem br aqui kk
D S - 4 timer siden
Leo Alcantara Globalizado
Leo Alcantara Globalizado - 4 timer siden
Todos monstros inclusive júnior gravador.obs .só não vir os outros tocar dançando.vir exercícios só.mais todos estão de parabéns....
László Kis
László Kis - 5 timer siden
My all-time favorite is Mr Pink with concert intro. My wish I Will can learn this one day. Thx for video. Sorry for my eng.
xadmiralgeneral - 5 timer siden
Can you make a lasciatemi cantare cover?
Leonardo Rodrigues Silva
Leonardo Rodrigues Silva - 6 timer siden
Sazeey Official
Sazeey Official - 6 timer siden
John myung??
KamuKaruma - 7 timer siden
Check victor wooten!¡!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheska Laine Porras
Cheska Laine Porras - 7 timer siden
Kaioshin - 7 timer siden
Vitor Vieira
Vitor Vieira - 8 timer siden
Venha to Brazir
Arthur Mauro
Arthur Mauro - 8 timer siden
Junior bass grovadooooooooooooor
João Rafael
João Rafael - 8 timer siden
Kkkkk manoooooo br na area
Zon Roqz
Zon Roqz - 8 timer siden
stopglobalswarming - 8 timer siden
So, what do you do for a living?
🤨 I play stuff on bass people said I couldn’t.
Jônatas Souza
Jônatas Souza - 9 timer siden
Junior Groovador!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique - 9 timer siden
Brasil ganhou. Hahaha 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Murilo Martins
Murilo Martins - 9 timer siden
Approved! 🇧🇷
Douglas - 9 timer siden
Best video ever !!!!
Leonardo Gavilha
Leonardo Gavilha - 10 timer siden
Mano haaahhaha muito bom cara
rafael Pinheiro
rafael Pinheiro - 10 timer siden
Os br tá on nos comentários 🇧🇷🤣
Nomad Kai
Nomad Kai - 10 timer siden
But can you play these underwater?
Johnny CincoCero
Johnny CincoCero - 10 timer siden
I liked the one with the delay.
Pat Monte TV
Pat Monte TV - 10 timer siden
You have not seen the best basist of the Philippines.
Russel Catanghal
Russel Catanghal - 10 timer siden
We are nearing 269k likes @Zild