Hat-Trick Hero | 5 Things We Learned vs Sheffield United | MUN 3-0 SHU

Stephen Howson is back with 5 Things we learned while watching Manchester United host Sheffield United, with us sealing the win beyond doubt thanks to a Martial hat-trick!
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Denis Sabljakovic
Denis Sabljakovic - Måned siden
Fancy a beer,mate!
Se Su
Se Su - Måned siden
This creator has abused me online. I have reported it to YouTube and hope it will either result in a public apology or take down of this derogatory channel.
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson - Måned siden
It won’t. Dry your eyes pussy.
SUPREMACY - Måned siden
“ how does a goalkeeper have an impact on a team “ weren’t saying that with de gea in form couple seasons ago
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson - Måned siden
On the ball. Nobhead.
Gerhardt Haraseb
Gerhardt Haraseb - Måned siden
Dara McCarthy
Dara McCarthy - Måned siden
Only team i fear is Chelsea, yes we have the beating of them but any team would struggle to beat a team four times in one season
Israel Isoka
Israel Isoka - Måned siden
Spot on from Utd...again. I believe next season we'll be up there challenging for the title...more importantly the squad is starting to look devastating...not only on counters. Pity I'm not in Manchester otherwise I'd have turned up..hehe. All the best though.
ZabaDeano - Måned siden
Get some air in that ball on the shelf Howson
BiGZ 7
BiGZ 7 - Måned siden
Greenwood's drop of the shoulder is orgasmic
Mark Brim
Mark Brim - Måned siden
Europa League champions of the universe. I Fucking love that! Come on lads!!
butler butler
butler butler - Måned siden
I think the biggest lesson from the game is that Martial is pure class, and yes Matic has always been great
Devin - Måned siden
I think Pogba played better because he now has quality players to share the workload
Slicing Cucumber
Slicing Cucumber - Måned siden
I thought they're playing FIFA
any thing
any thing - Måned siden
we can let go of jesse lingard now
MISBAHUL IMAM - Måned siden
Anyone who thinks McTominay is better than Matic is an idiot.
Atom Alisaid
Atom Alisaid - Måned siden
Let's not Forget the best CDM on this planet today. Thomas Partey. Simple
MINDOF MONKEY - Måned siden
its the no fan effect thats making fav team win most of the time nowdays. hope its gonna last forever.
Rhema kalunga
Rhema kalunga - Måned siden
Paul should be captain.
Sabir Abubakar
Sabir Abubakar - Måned siden
Yes. We do love this show.
Kev ElBeatle
Kev ElBeatle - Måned siden
Loving these ‘what we learned’ maybe do a season what we learned at the end of the season?
Sverre Wegge Gundhus
Sverre Wegge Gundhus - Måned siden
I think it is pretty lazy and also unfair to Matic to say he only has 15 to 20 games in him next year. The guy is turning 32 in August which isn't really that old given the position he plays. I would agree with this if we were talking about a more attacking player that relies more on speed and explosiveness. I firmly believe Matic still has 1 really good season in him where he can play in the majority of our league and important European games. Experience mixed with tactical knowledge and composure is not something easily bought on the transfer market.
Dave Walker
Dave Walker - Måned siden
I'm going to get some stick here but, Sheffield United where very Poor, ok the Points and the Win all day long if we had to play them every week we would win every Week imo
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen - Måned siden
Remember city and Chelsea are still IN FA cup
craig dunne
craig dunne - Måned siden
Fuck up mate, oh he done good against Sheffield United that makes him amazing,
Who maybe they could finish below top 10 by the end of the season
But oh ok he played “good” against Sheffield United, which the commentator said for the first time they looked like a championship team
He is a World Cup winner, record signing, hasn’t started since September, but all Good suck how’s knob mate, but when he is shit , outright shit sell him out to dry, he is average but a bit above average his inconsistentancy lets him down, and stops him been a class above the rest,
But u need to zip it lad, and be truthful, I like listening to you, but maybe don’t be so biased
craig dunne
craig dunne - Måned siden
Mate ur a little worm, but Better than the scrote Adam mckola
craig dunne
craig dunne - Måned siden
F.A cup champions of the world ?? I didn’t know such a competition existed , Stop trying to make a average team sound great, stick to your guns Stephen, less than 9 months ago it was fuck pogba and many others, now u want to suck pogba and the rest

Oh but as soon as form drops opinions will change,
Pogba is good no more no less except every one expects him to be David Blaine (magic) cause of the money,
Pogba didn’t pay nor decide the price tag let him be and let him play or if he doesn’t wanna play then let him leave
But stop changing your opinion per game it’s quiet pathetic, and very typical of what the English media love to do , he is great, oh no he is over priced oh no he is great
He cost 89m but Harry Kane is worth 200 to them I dunno but maybe just cause Harry Kane is the all English dream, white, never in trouble and a striker something missing since Shearer
Like Harry does nothing for ages but all of a sudden. It’s not Harry’s fault it’s the managers fault cause he doesn’t suit Harry’s style
But when it’s pogba
craig dunne
craig dunne - Måned siden
When it’s pogba all of a sudden it’s pogba that can’t adjust, pogba is the problem, no wonder black people have a problem getting into coaching, cause of Subtle little bits of Racism like this, Can u imagine graham souness saying pogba doesn’t play good cause of the style of the Manager No no but when he is white and English the reason the English white guy cant okay good is cause of the manager and his playing style But if he is black and he also done it martial not just pogba well then it must be the player and no other way around if , and even if he does do it he still finds away to be derogatory towards them as in “ oh martial should show more enthusiasm “ Graham get a grip u cunt
Francis Kambobe
Francis Kambobe - Måned siden
Rashford should have a bow tie and serviette. Class service from rashy
Francis Kambobe
Francis Kambobe - Måned siden
Fred is the odd man out but he will get chances in this run in.
Sutapa Chaudhuri
Sutapa Chaudhuri - Måned siden
Quote of the day : "Arsenal is wierdly shit enough that we will loose to 'em " 😅😅🤣
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels - Måned siden
Another thing we learned is that Liverpool fans go off their tits after winning only ONE Premier League
Try winning 13
ayden sunassee
ayden sunassee - Måned siden
If mctominay was a bit better disciplined he’s got all the qualities of nemanja in his prime
Maroof Ali
Maroof Ali - Måned siden
He surely has the tenacity and the willingness. But I think his on the ball qualities are a lil inferior to Matic
Bobb Bobb
Bobb Bobb - Måned siden
Pogba needs to be playing higher
Bobb Bobb
Bobb Bobb - Måned siden
L A W D no he can do both but he has the quality to play higher up
L A W D - Måned siden
no he's better when playing from deep
Tosin Adewale
Tosin Adewale - Måned siden
Rashford air shot woulda bn a quality goal...build up was really good on that
Ardaz - Måned siden
Ole out brigade you’ll have to pick a new subject to aim your negativity at 😀
Ant El
Ant El - Måned siden
I tell you what, I've not been this optimistic in a long, long time now.
If Ole can handle the Pogba situation (I'm still in two minds about him personally) and get him gelling in the team AND we can get Sancho over the line (with maybe a Niguez or Partey addition to the middle) we will have a fucking SCARY team man!
Teams will start fearing us again. Like they did under SAF, where damn near everyone we played was half beaten before they even took to the pitch!
Shit, if I was a pro footballer and I was playing again United and saw Rashford, Martial, Sancho, Pogba, Niguez/Party and Fernandes against me, I might just wanna pack my kit bag and fuck off home again! Lol.
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy - Måned siden
they're going after saul to replace matic. not too many players out there who can sit behind pogba and fernandes
Nwakile Anthony
Nwakile Anthony - Måned siden
I think Winfred Ndidi will be a perfect replacement for Matic
Siddharth Reddy Beduduri
Siddharth Reddy Beduduri - Måned siden
Martial and Rashford have significantly improved their game in 10/20 season and I'm very happy for that. This united side is something special and beautiful
rhodri symonds
rhodri symonds - Måned siden
1 big thing we have to discuss is the fact rashford and martial are on 19 goals all comps. The last time we had 2 players reach 20 goals in the same season was the 2010-11 season!! This is massive and it's what we desperately need. 7 league games and at least 3 Cup games could even see greenwood get the 8 he needs and join them.
Vinay Varghese
Vinay Varghese - Måned siden
AWB has been improving the quality of his deliveries into the box over the last few games as well
Generousman Tongper
Generousman Tongper - Måned siden
I like getting another creative midfielder like van de beek or grealish bcoz pogba n bruno cannot play all the games next season.. we want to rotate with good players... i personally prefer van de beek bcoz he is cheaper n quality
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - Måned siden
We need a left back ASAP
Chibyk Loveday
Chibyk Loveday - Måned siden
Why do i keep seeing kelvin owen of wwe in this guy
True Grit
True Grit - Måned siden
Imagine being a United fan, and not being able to pronounce your managers name, despite said manager not only being the clubs manager but also a club legend that spent many years with your club during his playing days.
DiggerTrueRed - Måned siden
Five things we learned about Liverpool
1 There the Best team in the world
2 Best team in Europe
3 Best team in England
4 Best points total to clinch the Premiership the earliest we 7 games to go record
5 We the 1st club to hold world club cup european cup winners cup The Campions league and English Premiership in the same season another record Fucking Boom 1🏆9
DiggerTrueRed - Måned siden
xpkx360 - Måned siden
Chelsea won, i dont think we will get top 4 thats just my opinion.
Raj Mann
Raj Mann - Måned siden
Thx man awesome video
Polar Pi
Polar Pi - Måned siden
Great analysis bruh, I signed in just so I can highlight one thing you said LOL, "Arsenal are weirdly shit enough that we will lose to them." LOL.
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - Måned siden
Love this type of analysis and content. You won't get this on the United Stand from Mark the ego Goldbridge.
John Wroe
John Wroe - Måned siden
Your unnecessary foul language has made me unsubscribe. Articulate without swearing and I may be back because you do have valuable points to make.
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ - Måned siden
News flash Liverpool won the title and Howson is a Martial hater
uzi94 - Måned siden
Arsenal is weirdly shit enough that we might lose to them
Lmao so fucking true XD
Soumya Chatterjee
Soumya Chatterjee - Måned siden
shaw was brilliant
R R - Måned siden
Rants has the education of a 6 year old. Oh, he stopped saying FAM cuz his grandma cuffed him in the back of the head one day... Boy! One more time and I’mma get the broom! 👋
Even low IQ folks have to bear the brunt of their convictions. He’s an idiot pretending to be a football pundit or political analyst. Then the lil wankboy at the terrace tried to capitalize on it... as being controversial so let’s examine that using 6 black people and disguise it as discussing Man Utd’s future.
Rants, if you live your life angry, one day you’ll find yourself being sick and tired of

being retarded...🤦🏻‍♂️😬🍑🙌🏼👊🏼🍺🍺🍺
R R - Måned siden
Man Utd 6-0 ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️
R R - Måned siden
The classic “Usain Bolt CDM sprint” move:
Matic crosses the centre line by Bolting fwd like he’s in a 100 mtre race. When he sees space, he sprints in with long glides like an antelope aka Usain. He then passes it off...
Matic is 194 cms/6’4”
Bolt is 195 cms/6’5”
Matic always gets to cover his ground prior to passing.
Also, I think Maguire and all the backs should have the ability to float a long range pass to the fwds 4X a game when the time presents itself as a counter attack like Sterling’s chance today which he flubbed.
Maguire and all the backs need training on 1v1 immediately. Conversely, the fwds need to do the same against defenders to turn them inside out.
I see sloppiness more than perfection.
(Man Utd are 7-1 in last 8 vs NC and 22-2 goals for. This will be a lopsided affair. The Teds haven’t lost in 14 games since Jan.22nd against Burnley- which ironically turned out to be a good thing.)
It will show a powerhouse developing in real time like a Korean Turtle War Machine BattleShip battering an imperialist Japanese dinghy...
Norwich will feel the wrath of chaka Khan and will be dominated like Bolton was by Colbert... (whip sound)
It’ll be like Stephen tea-bagging 🥜 mark Goldsporridge’s forehead than gargling your marbles 🥜 humming the Queen is Dead by the Sex pistols... then he’ll huuuuum Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band- which he’ll dance to simultaneously whilst on his back. 🕺
R R - Måned siden
Did you see Man City today? Other than Kevin’s free kick, they’re shite. We would’ve kicked Chelsea’s arse... Norwich are gonna get spanked on Saturday. 👋 🍑
R R - Måned siden
Maguire to Shaw: FUCKING SWITCH ON!
There’s no way Shaw is gonna ruin Maguire and Degea’s day again! It’s good to have people yell on the pitch cuz Ole saves his voice for his opera lessons on the wknds.
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri - Måned siden
That Martial finish made me wake my wife. She was sound asleep.😇
Good Man
Good Man - Måned siden
just cut out the cursing, and we're good.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh - Måned siden
Pogba. Matic. Martial played so badly earlier in the season(s) but now become so deadly and good proved that they have been playing with shitty players ie Pereria Young Jones Smalling Rojo Sanchez Lingard. Mata also benefited from hvg good players surrendered him.
Pls replace all the deadwood with better players. Beef up the squad and continue to play exciting attacking fluent football. Beat all the teams below us get full 3 points and we should be there.