Half the universe was missing... until now

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Half of the ordinary baryonic matter has been tough to find but Fast Radio Bursts made it possible to detect the WHIM. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video! For 20% off go to kiwico.com/veritasium or use code VERITASIUM at checkout.
Special thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis ve42.co/gfl
Nature paper: A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts
Research and Writing by Max Levy, Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
Editing, Animations, Audio Mix & Mastering by Jonny Hyman
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
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Runtime: 14:09


israel ramirez
israel ramirez - 7 timer siden
Where can I go to get more info?
I and many others in my community want to know ...
Who is in charge or who gives you the approval
to have these stories out in the mainstream
and claiming there is truth in it.

.. Why can I now see these evil enteties
 giving us false news everyday
and their fakery is everywhere
Was it the red pill
nobody nowhere
nobody nowhere - 7 timer siden
What do you do if you think you’ve made a scientific breakthrough?
M W - 8 timer siden
Because of "the times" i have to ask,.... what is the "gender" of the baryons? Are they trans? 🤭🤭.....🤣🤣🤣..... sorry😔
Juan Daniel Ozuna Espinal
Juan Daniel Ozuna Espinal - 9 timer siden
Why do we talk as if the big bang was a fact, when it is actually a theory of how to universe was created.
Bath Tub
Bath Tub - 9 timer siden
So there is friction in intergalactic space
Allah Theonetruegod
Allah Theonetruegod - 9 timer siden
Imagine just saying that God did it to solve everything. It's such a vague answer and doesn't explain anything.
KLOLWTF - 10 timer siden
"big bang" huh...?
kilroy987 - 10 timer siden
I'll wait for a theory that doesn't require making something up that we can't detect in any way, just to fudge explaining why our current equations don't explain everything.
Vaibhav - 11 timer siden
You should make a Video about "Binod"
Vishen Sivparsad
Vishen Sivparsad - 11 timer siden
That seizure warning tells me a lot about you. Good on you sir
Synonymous Statistics
Synonymous Statistics - 11 timer siden
heyy....can you make a detailed video about law of attraction i am really keen to know the truth or whatever it is....pls like to get the video
Samus Aran • Ghost of Zebes
To anyone curious enough, yes. You quite literally found 6,200 nerds in one place.
KC Batista
KC Batista - 11 timer siden
When you say the radio waves encounter free electrons that slows them down as they travel through the magnetosphere, isn’t that impossible since they travel at the speed of light, hence the speed should be constant?
andyiswonderful - 12 timer siden
Is it possible that now that scientists have found all of the matter that they were looking for that they will stop looking? Wouldn't that automatically tend to validate their theory, even if it is wrong?
That1WeirdPerson - 12 timer siden
If that's the case, then the universe just doubled, not a missing half
Jay Muzquiz
Jay Muzquiz - 12 timer siden
Baryion....? Sounds like a clever charismatic witty disfigured Game of Thrones character!
Lannisters always pay their bills on time! Foo!
INNOVATION & INITIATIVE Diy - 12 timer siden
7:44 yes because some of charge particles caused by lightening travels though earth's ionosphere to different regions and interaction also creates em waves
Shreyansh - 13 timer siden
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto - 13 timer siden
The Background almost gave me a seizure, I'm visually disabled and would appreciate a rapid flashing/flickering light warning...
Ivar Nyman
Ivar Nyman - 13 timer siden
How exactly is the magnetic field guiding these rays? I thought only gravitation could bend light
VinceWins - 13 timer siden
The (real) Great Awakening | ODD TV
Eira Heartzeil
Eira Heartzeil - 13 timer siden
3:00 “I hope y’all didn’t really think I was about to drink tap water.”
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 14 timer siden
Thanos: Boom, half the universe is missing again. You're welcome.
Coders Hub
Coders Hub - 14 timer siden
In the beginning
Star Wars theme playing
Salam Salam
Salam Salam - 15 timer siden
I wouldnt be surprised. One day he gets a nobel prize for a discovery that changes humanity
Scoobyloo - 16 timer siden
Good to know that there was someone there at the big bang to let us know what actually happened...... 🤨
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 14 timer siden
What an elegant end to the video. Brilliant
Aaroiseverything - 16 timer siden
Half of my universe of missing until I found her :]
Pascal Jeanselme
Pascal Jeanselme - 17 timer siden
Merci .)
RCCRAFT - 17 timer siden
Him: talks about the universe ad: save your balls
AndyHappyGuy - 18 timer siden
To think that half the baryonic matter in the universe is just atoms floating around in space is... weird.
drink15 - 18 timer siden
Anyone else feel the radiowave that was just in time was the equivalent of getting help with your homework?
Lost woods Expert
Lost woods Expert - 18 timer siden
VE: (Talks about lightning whispers) "So, listen to this" Oh this is going to be super quiet, bettet put my ear close to the speak- OH GOD MY EARS!!!
Don Mowatt
Don Mowatt - 19 timer siden
2:13 - little dude yelling at you that fusion could no longer occur. lmao ^^
David Anderson
David Anderson - 19 timer siden
I love your videos
Speak out and remove all doubt!
I think FRBs are packets of data on the Uninet.
Speak out and remove all doubt!
A really great video, each part was explained super clearly but crucially you kept everything interesting too.
I love how theoretical physics comes up with a prediction and then computer simulations come up with a prediction but neither have seen any proof they are right until observational physics catches up and confirms everyone is right!
Vitaliy Stankovskiy
Vitaliy Stankovskiy - 19 timer siden
Thanos must have died...
Basilis Xaralampidis
Basilis Xaralampidis - 20 timer siden
Really nice Video!
Aero Pandora
Aero Pandora - 20 timer siden
*"100000 - 10000000 Kelvin"*

I'm sorry but I only speak Celsius. Can anyone here translate this for me?
Hiccup Haddock
Hiccup Haddock - 20 timer siden
I think I totally underestimated the scale of the universe.....
If 70% of baryonic matter is not in galaxies but in betweem galaxies,stars and other seeable stuff
That means space is.....enormous, as there are literally 1-10 particles of hydrogen per cubic metre of empty space
Not to mention the ionised hydrogen that's present there as well
Space-time is.......
I don't even think I can imagine it, The scale
It is just so amazingly vast
Itskelvinn - 20 timer siden
What an elegant end to the video. Brilliant
Lawrie Alush-Jaggs
Lawrie Alush-Jaggs - 21 time siden
Excellent video, thank you. And I like your final comments.
aviaxis - 21 time siden
how do you know what non-scientists like? are you one of them?
Micheal Rows
Micheal Rows - 21 time siden
If Baryons were Doritos, half the bag would be missing.
Micheal Rows
Micheal Rows - 21 time siden
Last time I was this early, baryons were a joke to me.
Adrian Koh
Adrian Koh - 21 time siden
How to build a planet : go back in time when everything is super hot👌
Vyacheslav Ushakov
Vyacheslav Ushakov - 22 timer siden
Искусственный интеллект или искусство интеллекта. Вячеслав Ушаков www.youtube.com/watch?v=chbzIQz--sw
Sk3tchfan45 - 22 timer siden
Can u be my teacher?
Bloody Summers
Bloody Summers - 23 timer siden
Question I got when you said "20 minutes" after the big bang... Was the expanding universe so homogeneous that time was relatively running at the same rate everywhere in the universe? Or where are we counting those 20 minutes? Relativity just messed with my head 😅
tingkai shi
tingkai shi - Dag siden
I totally didn't get the explanation on 'why Baryon matters make up 5%of the universe', it pretty much jumped straight to the conclusion after the hydrogen atom ratio. I still liked this video for feed me with this interesting question.
Squirrel Man
Squirrel Man - Dag siden
when thanos's snap actually takes out half of the universe
Title is a stretch lol
Mr Murloc
Mr Murloc - Dag siden
Darci Ford
Darci Ford - Dag siden
Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer - Dag siden
Wrong structure of the universe.... , wheel and spin again~ Smashing particles aren't not shaping
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt - Dag siden
i enjoy clicking 1/4 of video in and avoid all the spam and intros on utube videos.
George De Cruz
George De Cruz - Dag siden
Scientists used to be useful but now they're just making up stuff 🤦🏻
Victor Diaconescu
Victor Diaconescu - Dag siden
Wavelength hydrogen 420, nice. Can someone state some facts about 6:02 praise Kek
greg taylor
greg taylor - Dag siden
Oh , by the way. There is a large sector of so called main stream science that now believes there never was a big bang. It is physically impossible for it to have happened that way.
spiralphysics - Dag siden
Love YOUR videos🙂🙂❤❤