Ground Up 043 - Reprogram Your Mind w/ Dan Harris

Dan Harris is an anchor for ABC’s Nightline & the weekend addition of Good Morning America. If you told Dan ten years ago that he’d be writing books about meditation he’d have said you’re fucking crazy (he likes to curse).
In his new book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics he works with meditation teacher Jeff Warren to break down the common myths about the practice & how to integrate it into your life (not having enough time is usually a bad excuse).
I talk with Dan about his path to becoming an anchor, the moments that pushed his career forward & how to find happiness (or at least 10% more of it).
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 år siden
Huge thanks to Dan for coming on the podcast!! Check out his new book about meditation here:
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - 2 måneder siden
'The Power of Now' changed my life too many years ago.
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 4 måneder siden
so.. i'm looking for a quote .. i am 100% certain Dan Harris said it - and i saw it through a D'Avella video
yet i cannot find it for the life of me
it's when he talks about the practical stress of worrying over a missed flight 😩
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 4 måneder siden
the bear-jew 😏😏 classic
Rajesh Mukherjee
Rajesh Mukherjee - 6 måneder siden
8:46 go for the coolest thing u can think of
10:00 scattershot risks dont make sense
Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell - 8 måneder siden
How come you stopped podcasting since last June of 2019? The information you provide with your guests is amazing and a great way to start my 6am mornings. Are you taking a break? Lmk!!
Jerome Enquig
Jerome Enquig - 9 måneder siden
Amazing content. Thank you for bringing such a great value that is so helpful to us.
Paul S
Paul S - 10 måneder siden
"Don't be an asshole"
jimstormcrow - 11 måneder siden
Really cool interview...but you guys made me feel real old. 😂
rob Jam
rob Jam - 11 måneder siden
that man can make up stuff real quick cant he
lishkoburger12 - 11 måneder siden
Genuinely loved Dan's book 10% Happier. Has helped change me for the better!
Josh Drake
Josh Drake - 11 måneder siden
Great podcast Matt. Dan is such a nice guy.
David Godlewski
David Godlewski - År siden
Did you not ask him about the rock???
Elena F. Polster
Elena F. Polster - År siden
Loved it! Thank you both.
Michelle Nadeau
Michelle Nadeau - År siden
Matt, re your friend who traveled to Africa and now can't eat dairy. The same thing happened to me and it took years for me to figure out. I hope maybe this can help your friend! I believe the anti-malarial pills killed off the American bacteria in my gut, then I ate local food but several African countries do not pasteurize their dairy products, so I inadvertantly introduced a different kind of bacteria to colonize my gut. I wasn't able to eat dairy without getting sick or rashes until years later when I got sick with bronchitis, got prescribed antibiotics, and then consumed a bunch of probiotics and dairy products to overwhelm my system until I repopulated my gut with American bacteria as the winner.
carochan86 - År siden
Thank you for your content . I have been binging during mundane manual tasks at work. I love how he was cracking on your age and you were like no I was born in. 1987.
Nisha Rabheru
Nisha Rabheru - År siden
Love Dan Harris's description of Eckart Tolly. Great inteview! Thanks
Aleisha Anderson
Aleisha Anderson - År siden
Loved this one!!!
Josh Luciano
Josh Luciano - År siden
Matt, sadly to say, I've been watching all of your vids from video number 1 haha. Seriously, love it bro. I've been learning a lot about myself as a creator, father of twin 6-month old girls and husband. You. Da. Man. We will cross paths soon.
EbonyPers - År siden
I am so glad i found your channel
Nisha A Prabhu
Nisha A Prabhu - År siden
thought, anger, fear,..... all part of oneself. so how can one step out of something one is a part off. Jiddu krishnamurti youtube.
Ted van Gageldonk
Ted van Gageldonk - År siden
This one was really great!
The Room Note
The Room Note - 2 år siden
Every podcast/interview I see of Dan I become a bigger fan. I didn't know who he was until the doc, looked into him more and thoroughly enjoy listening to him. He seems like a genuinely great guy. Your podcast is great, keep up the good work.
RKH Creative
RKH Creative - 2 år siden
Matt, I love the content you are creating and truly appreciate all the effort you put into making this! Thank you so much. I had an idea just wanted to throw out there. What if you put time stamps for through out the podcast for topics that come up. This way we could navigate back to really good ideas in each epidosde. I could imagine this would be lots of work but just wanted to throw it out there. Your podcast stands apart from all other podcasts btw. Keep it up. Peace
RKH Creative
RKH Creative - 2 år siden
A great explanation of Meditation at 45:52
Choco S
Choco S - 2 år siden
Really should put some time stamps, some really boring bits that I'd prefer to skip
Annlaug Maria Tolo
Annlaug Maria Tolo - 2 år siden
I love your podcast/channel. It's soothing because of the intro,good sound quality and video quality. And super interesting guests and subjects. Good for you this is a solid contribution to YouTube. 😀😀😁
08Courage - 2 år siden
I really got a lot of great information from this interview. I am so glad I listened to it! Thanks for sharing your talent.
PPPInfinity1017 - 2 år siden
This is great! When I heard “I have a mantra of three Ps..” I got so excited! I have something similar: Patience, Positivity, and Persistence. This got me through college and some other tough experience.
Amélie Simon
Amélie Simon - 2 år siden
The quality of your videos is really good. Thank you
Brandon Tubek
Brandon Tubek - 2 år siden
I can relate to this interview so much. Most specifically the Quarter Life Crises that Dan speaks about. Would love to see more content from you discussing the quarter life crises and how real it is for many of us. Great GREAT content Matt!
NyTesia Streeter
NyTesia Streeter - 2 år siden
Get some Architects on that podcast so I can REALLY relate lol
John Kornegay
John Kornegay - 2 år siden
Bought his book and will read it this weekend.
Tierney Creates
Tierney Creates - 2 år siden
Oh I love Dan Harris so much - he keeps it so real! Great podcast episode - already listened to it - fun to now see it on video!
David Smyth
David Smyth - 2 år siden
Great interview, thanks Matt, I've only started watching your interviews in earnest over the last couple of weeks but really enjoying them so far!
Lee - 2 år siden
Dan Harris is fucking awesome.
David Keeler
David Keeler - 2 år siden
Great job Matt.  Big fan of Dan Harris.  Great conversation.  Very useful content.
Cle-103 - 2 år siden
Heyo, loved the interview. Dan is amazing and I liked how you have some different twists on the "typical" questions. On an other note: What settings do you use for colorgrading? It looks great!
Cle-103 - 2 år siden
Cool, thx!
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 år siden
Thanks! I get my LUTS from Color Grading Central (a quick Google search will find it for you). From there I do some additional tweaking.
Gilles Goetsch
Gilles Goetsch - 2 år siden
Matt. I appreciate the quality and consistency of your content. Great to see Dan Harris at your place, still enjoy the format. I remember his part in the documentary very well!
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 år siden
Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado - 2 år siden
Awesome content, as always. Please keep doing what you’re doing.
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 år siden
Thanks Juan!