GOLDBRIDGE! MARTIAL HAT-TRICK AT LAST!!! Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield United Match Reaction

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Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield United. Mark Goldbridge reacts to an Anthony Martial hat trick inspired win for United. Get the Manchester United player ratings and latest Man Utd News on The United Stand🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Runtime: 29:51


bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Måned siden
martial helps out with the team
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Måned siden
Sorry for Anthony martial haters Tony martial scores again ❤️
miko foin
miko foin - Måned siden
The whole team killed it mate. Tony and Matic were INCREDIBLE!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Måned siden
consistently be played as a number 9 with Rashford in support.
miko foin
miko foin - Måned siden
The whole team killed it mate. Tony and Matic were INCREDIBLE!
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Måned siden
Sorry for Anthony martial haters Tony martial scores again ❤️
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Måned siden
Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries!
okow tina
okow tina - Måned siden
Posted 7 hours ago? I dont think so YouTube...
miko foin
miko foin - Måned siden
Luke Shaw is still playing crab football
Disc Error31
Disc Error31 - Måned siden
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Måned siden
Anyone any idea why Maguire's goal was dissallowed?
Nikolai Todorov
Nikolai Todorov - Måned siden
Listening you talk about Martial reminds me of Berbatov
okow tina
okow tina - Måned siden
game out and played well. Well done to the best team in the world.
adam huss
adam huss - Måned siden
Ole better get the decision right as to whether Rashford needs a rest or more game time.
nick dilissio
nick dilissio - Måned siden
pogba 9 bossed the midfeild super class performance , Marcus 7 missed two sitters, Greenwood 7 and martial 9 played great
Yaseen Usman
Yaseen Usman - Måned siden
5 on trending, well done
luke Todd
luke Todd - Måned siden
No 5 on trending
Kenny - Måned siden
Watch my last clip please
Ay1 - Måned siden
Suck goldbridges marj 😂
TERENCE Da'Costa - Måned siden
agree with you man..regarding Martial ❤❤❤
Matthew Carson
Matthew Carson - Måned siden
GAS UP OLE! I agree...
Graham Cumberbatch
Graham Cumberbatch - Måned siden
I don't always agree with you, Mark, but I appreciate that you've backed Martial's ability from the beginning and have kept supporting him vocally. He's a great talent and a better professional than ppl give him credit for.
Jay DC
Jay DC - Måned siden
Imagine calling Martial the complete No.9 xD xD xD
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart - Måned siden
I'm with you Mark. I've rated Martial since I saw how clinical his finishing was with his first few united goals. I got frustrated when he wasn't given runs of games to find form, when he was played out of position (usually the left of a front three) and with poor supply of the ball/sideways football which didn't let us see him at his best. Hopefully he will consistently be played as a number 9 with Rashford in support.
David Morris
David Morris - Måned siden
Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries!
paul troalic
paul troalic - Måned siden
Anyone any idea why Maguire's goal was dissallowed?
paul troalic
paul troalic - Måned siden
This was a game where every single player played well. No dead wood. I thought the 5 subs could have backfired as it could have been a step too far. But everyone saw the game out and played well.
Well done to the best team in the world.
paul troalic
paul troalic - Måned siden
He looked happy for the first time in his life. He is IMO a lazy player that has suddenly sprung to life. I'm please for him and hope this continues.
Larry Lewis
Larry Lewis - Måned siden
Mark you should've said Anthony Martial three and Sheffield United zero. Period
rootsraf - Måned siden
Agreed with all of it but I'd say don't be surprised to see McSauce come in against more attacking, pacier teams. He has the energy of youth that Matic, for all his improvement and brilliance in this game, no longer possesses
BADA BING - Måned siden
////////// Great day,! Great episode! Keep doing great Mark!
Ghost isa
Ghost isa - Måned siden
Tony martial he comes France the English press said he had no chance 50 million down drain tony martial scores again X3
Frog - Måned siden
i plan to comment on every video. this is comment 4.
Quadry Ridley
Quadry Ridley - Måned siden
He’s a Nike athlete I think
Carlton mujem
Carlton mujem - Måned siden
Love the ratings and that shirt Mark. Btw you should definitely wear it every game as a good omen for us.
Cooldre - Måned siden
Agree with Mark if Martial had missed those chances that Rashford missed critics would be talking Martial isn't good enough , hes not a a #9 etc.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza - Måned siden
Mystic Mac Goldbridge
james mason
james mason - Måned siden
Still think we should get aubamayang and also Kante I’d just really love kante at united idk why
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza - Måned siden
Luke shaw was amazing yesterday he was playing passes everywhere which is what we've always wanted instead of the boring sideways passing. I think bruno is so infectious that he makes everyone around him play better and this has now rubbed off on shaw. Let's hope he can kick on.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza - Måned siden
I still stick with we should've bought Werner. Martial doesn't score enough goals and that's just facts. Martial is in his prime years and should be scoring more goals, no hate just that he's not world class and not near it yet. I want all the best for him and hope he becomes world class but how long do we have to wait for that ?
oliver daley
oliver daley - Måned siden
Solid victory, master class finishing with talent . Still nothing to carry over the moon we need to impose these performance on higher rated teams
Rc madness
Rc madness - Måned siden
100% agree with you mark on this game . But we need this effort every from every player including Pogba and martial not just one game out 38 .
D1M1T - Måned siden
This is 36 on my trending
D1M1T - Måned siden
Feeling very good about martial, he's my favourite player and has shown me why.
Daz C
Daz C - Måned siden
The ADVERT king is back at it I see, opinions are not facts, just cause you think martial is great, doesn't mean everyone has too, it works both ways. I personally don't care who plays, as long as they love the club and do their job.
Harry Saunders
Harry Saunders - Måned siden
Shaw did a good cross that Ighalo failed aswell
Toosimoo - Måned siden
Wolves here. We apologise in advance for finishing above you this season. Take care.
Ert gaozhen
Ert gaozhen - Måned siden
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Matt Lynskey
Matt Lynskey - Måned siden
I’m not getting excited over beating Sheffield United at home!
Brian whelan
Brian whelan - Måned siden
Brian whelan
Brian whelan - Måned siden
Love you mark.. Talking pure facts but staying real. Keep it up mate
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor - Måned siden
3-0 is being fair, anyone watching knowing this game could of been 5-0
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - Måned siden
I think 8 was a bit high for Rashford. I’d give him 7. Some very good stuff and some terrible stuff.
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - Måned siden
Matic looked like an old man pre-Christmas. He’s got himself back to fitness.
Strider - Måned siden
I just so pumped listening to this! Top 4 here we come!
Junaid Ali
Junaid Ali - Måned siden
still think we need a rm and a lb cant win the prem with shaw
Ayan Mishra
Ayan Mishra - Måned siden
Danyal Faisal
Danyal Faisal - Måned siden
Spot on with martial
mark siqendu
mark siqendu - Måned siden
Martial is an ET... Love the Dude. @Johannesburg
Simon Adebisi
Simon Adebisi - Måned siden
nope, AWB, Shaw, Matic and Martial were all 10/10
match highlights HD
match highlights HD - Måned siden
Win the next four,see where we the next four,we get too four!!
Jakeplays RB
Jakeplays RB - Måned siden
Yes but who were the strikers who couldn't get a hat trick in the past few years ? Martial, Rashy, Lukaku
Nicholas Kearney
Nicholas Kearney - Måned siden
Calm down mark. It was a depleted Sheffield utd side and shaw was shocking . He wouldn't see water if he fell out of a boat.
Beam me up Scotty
Beam me up Scotty - Måned siden
Strange...... when Mark criticized Matic in the past, but then it's ok to change his mind to say Matic was great, but when fans criticize Martial for poor play in the past, then say he played brilliant last night, then that is not allowed !! double standards my friend ! you can't have it both ways !!
Saul Pdn
Saul Pdn - Måned siden
I think shaw was a 7 as he was good but never threatened to stay on the outside like wan bissaka. He always cut in and sometimes lost the ball after a run.