GaryVee on Minimalism, Hustle & Finding Meaning

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The Traveler
The Traveler - 4 dager siden
This is the first video I ever watched on this channel and I just subscribed!! This is awesome stuff!
Alexander Cortez
Alexander Cortez - 7 dager siden
Wow. Finally a GaryVee video that I understand. Props to Matt for the great interview!
Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen - 7 dager siden
This was a really great interview! Lots of good ideas in there!
Eduard si Bianca - Magicienii
Awesome! thanks for sharing this one :D
clémentine KC
clémentine KC - 12 dager siden
clémentine KC
clémentine KC - 12 dager siden
Denis Tyler
Denis Tyler - 12 dager siden
Social Media and Consumerism is real and dangerous as it even gets to the best of us...
Manipulation of the mind on what is good and bad is easy... Be better version of yourself and even though many like Gary and Matt "Maybe" want to help you, many are out to gain from you which destroys your spirit in the process....
Set and Flow Meditation
Set and Flow Meditation - 12 dager siden
You are stronger than you think. You have gotten through every bad day in your life, and you are undefeated.
LukasP - 13 dager siden
Ad agency and minimalism don't fit together. This guy helps corporations selling and consuming more their products.
Wael Ali
Wael Ali - 13 dager siden
Brilliant Interview, I always enjoy your content, Matt! hope we get to meet one day!
Julian Rhodes
Julian Rhodes - 14 dager siden
What if you dont have parents? They died young. What would you suggest for someone in this situation?
Anna V
Anna V - 15 dager siden
in Asia, it's normal to be living with parents.
cameron chen
cameron chen - 16 dager siden
He is so minimal he doesn't have a space in his name
Popy Barua
Popy Barua - 17 dager siden
20 mins.... watching.... listened very few but great lines regarding MINIMALISM from the guest, Interviewer got distracted to other but IMPORTANT subjects! 🤔
Jonathan Barrington
Jonathan Barrington - 19 dager siden
Pure gold. Thanks for making this
Muhammad Al Fajar
Muhammad Al Fajar - 24 dager siden
please subtitle indonesia bro
The Edited Life
The Edited Life - 24 dager siden
I love Gary. This man inspires me so much everyday. I really loved this side of him, calm, relaxed.
Lydia French
Lydia French - 27 dager siden
My two favourite guys in one video ❤❤
Charlie - 27 dager siden
Never heard of Gary Vee before, but he sounds like he knows what he is doing!
Ravi Swami
Ravi Swami - Måned siden
In India and China, mostly live with their parents.
Comic Saurabh
Comic Saurabh - Måned siden
Garry need to learn how to speak..i'm going for a nap
Lara Smith
Lara Smith - Måned siden
🦋materialism is not worth it. You can’t take it with you when you go
AberrantArt - Måned siden
Does listening to podcast or YouTube interviews count as social media? (If you're doing a "social media detox")
AberrantArt - Måned siden
What's a good source of information to learn about ways to make income? Sources of actionable and practical information.
Khan Adnan
Khan Adnan - Måned siden
i dont get it honestly. we spend 20 mins just regurgitating about minimalism. I think Gary just loves to talk, doesn't matter what comes out. I had heard much about him but sadly not very impressed.
Wolf SavageSweetheart
Wolf SavageSweetheart - Måned siden
I can’t be the only person that misread the title as ‘Gays on minimalism’
Kartik - Måned siden
For a minimalist, man, could he minimize the verbiage in his diction.
akshay karhade
akshay karhade - Måned siden
This felt like a very spiritual conversation to me. I connected to each and everything that Gary said. Every question that were in my head, Matt asked them. Wow!
The64v - Måned siden
This guy clearly doesn't know what it's like to have one parent , who is dead and never paid child support or spousal support and to have another parent who is completely hostile and believes they should be funded completely to live.
michael alberici
michael alberici - Måned siden
great interview
Christy Beers
Christy Beers - Måned siden
If I could I’d move back in with either of my parents. (I lost my dad when I was 16 and my mom at 23.) I wish I had more time with them. My husband would rather set himself on fire than live with his mother, though. I think if living with your parents is a positive and allows for growth... go for it! Fuck everyone else that wants to judge.
rg1283 - 2 måneder siden
I am extremely anti-hustle porn 24x7 engagement but this dude makes a lot of sense
Elevated Media & UAS
Elevated Media & UAS - 2 måneder siden
Don’t mind his normal language, but I much prefer not hearing the f-bomb every other word! #❤️garyvee
Samuel K.
Samuel K. - 2 måneder siden
Great interview, Thanks for allowing me to see the best of Gary V.
Soul Doubt Podcast
Soul Doubt Podcast - 2 måneder siden
Drinking game: Take a shot every time Gary mentions 'context' in this interview
Nemesistyx - 2 måneder siden
Damn, he got me too guys. I moved back in with my mom because of hard times. She is Pestimistic, critical and very cynical. and she is always home so.. yea wake up call
Calvin Howard
Calvin Howard - 2 måneder siden
Hustling is bad, get a job.
Lalo Ramirez
Lalo Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
damn im just watching this and i never knew who this guy was lol
Edison Malaj
Edison Malaj - 2 måneder siden
Oh boy life is harder than you think harder than you gonna aspect , life is and going to be harder and harder every day , but on think you have to remember without hardness is no happiness 💪🏼
Supagenki - 2 måneder siden
My mom always asks me when im going to get a job. My dad only asks me when am I going to get a job when I live at home. I live at home in between contracts while I teach abroad but im really only 24. Garys advice to take risks in your 20s is very helpful.
Astro - 2 måneder siden
I love Gary I just feel like we are on the same wave length.
ShaneCrazy - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this Matt and Gary this was very insightful and nice to see different perspectives on this topic and much more! keep it up man you got a new sub!
Christopher Soto
Christopher Soto - 2 måneder siden
god.. Gary Vee is so fucking pompous... the first question, right off... answers in a stupid, arrogant, elongated, unnecessary way... get over yourself...
Peace and Love with Jenny
Peace and Love with Jenny - 2 måneder siden
Minimalism for me at age 50 who had worked 30 years of my life, what I do and how I make money from here on out has to be on a premise that I feel happy doing it. It has to be that I will not work more to consume more. My days of consumer spending is winding down. There is nothing more I want other than basic necessities I needed. I believed that you can be a minimalist at any age. You can be in your 20s and start a life of homesteading to reduce your daily expenses and build fast income security as you are still at your young working age. And the people in their 40s and 50s who have established monetary savings can stop working and downsizing and simplify their lifestyle.
Raul Rubalcava
Raul Rubalcava - 2 måneder siden
Who cares what other people think about you dont let a strangers opinions bring you down from achieving your goals in this life.
Gdot Stone
Gdot Stone - 2 måneder siden
I'm getting a completely aggravated vibe from Gary. Is it just me.
Jake Hand
Jake Hand - 2 måneder siden
This conversation was so captivating. Literally didn’t even realise 30 mins went by
MY WORKOUT - 2 måneder siden
theoriginaljean - 2 måneder siden
He’s an absolute scammer.
Amanda Parsons
Amanda Parsons - 2 måneder siden
This needs to be talked about more
Tyler Walsh
Tyler Walsh - 2 måneder siden
wow love Gary Vee. I have noticed that he has not been cussing in this video. very positive
Geli Productions
Geli Productions - 2 måneder siden
Matt and Gary Vee.. God is good.. Two Men.. Two Talents ..Two Role Models.. Two People I Want To meet in person..
Sean Becker
Sean Becker - 2 måneder siden
Matt, I love your interview. You, like other interviewers, are great because you aren't just waiting for your chance to talk!
Jerson Hernandez
Jerson Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
Arguably the greatest crossover since Drake and Future
Elza Drumoharska
Elza Drumoharska - 2 måneder siden
The best interview!
Eberhardt Strauss
Eberhardt Strauss - 2 måneder siden
H u s t l e .
Jeet Raj
Jeet Raj - 2 måneder siden
You won't believe!
I saw an ad before this video.
User Name
User Name - 2 måneder siden
Gary V looks like a post Iraq Ben Shapiro
Sachs Realty
Sachs Realty - 2 måneder siden
This is a great interview. Gary always seems to keep it real and says what we need to hear from time-to-time. Do it for you and stop worrying what others think. Thank you Matt and Gary.
GD QH - 2 måneder siden
God damn I needed to see this!