GaryVee on Minimalism, Hustle & Finding Meaning

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Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones - 16 timer siden
"I did bicep today" :D
Subrata Rabidas
Subrata Rabidas - 2 dager siden
Get it for validation, its okay no problem in that. Try it before to realise its value rather than denying it firsthand. Makes life easy.
ThunderAppeal - 5 dager siden
I am often surprised at how so many people find anything of value in such meaningless worthless most elementary content and consider themselves as genuises because they merely heard something so mundane.
It makes me think that there are so many incredibly stupid people out in the world.
Millenails/zoomers are probably the most useless worthless generation in the history of man kind.
WassupDoc - 7 dager siden
Coming back to this interview 3 years later, gotta say its my favorite of all time from Gary V. Seeing him much calmer and explain HustleWith Intention which is basically essentialism, was really refreshing.
huuuuu - 7 dager siden
Mayly's World
Mayly's World - 8 dager siden
My husband and I jumped at the opportunity to rent my parents guest house to save money and be right next to them. My dad had 2 strokes in 2020 and I am grateful to have been so close and be able to still help. We have also made a huge dent in our debt.
The rest of the family jokes about us living in the guest house but I couldn't care less.
Блог Одного Гения
The TRUTH about Gary is that he is the next President of Belarus. I mean, Gary, I'm like sereious, 70 years ago my grandfather fought agains nazi and brought a great victory back home. And it was not just him, not only my grandfather but the grandfather next door and the next door (Debussy plays) and so on. Have you ever thought about just a bit of a pay in return? Isn't it the time I mean a great time for being greatful and pay back? My grand grandfather on my mom line was a veterenerian were I was born, I was brought to his family home when I was born cuz my parents had no separate place to live and my dad (rocket scientist at the time) had to work construction site after building rockets so those hours counts and they get apt faster and basically he build the 10 story building, night shifts, were they got an apt. So that grand grand father died in Belarus a year before the war ending. The WW2 victory is not only russia's and belarus presidents celebration. I want you to kill the myth about everything, I want you to look at belarus president and every citizen out there like Modigliani looked at his fiancee father face saying the same exact words he was said. Free out the nation Gary, prove their anti-Semitic piece of mind wrong.
Spazza42 - 10 dager siden
Living at home for longer is currently the make or break decision in today’s world. When I was younger, everyone based “success” and “failure” on whether you were still living at home at 16, or 18, or 21. There is a huge stigma attached to it, even by your own parents because it’s what they were brought up with themselves. Moving out at 18 might have been “the done thing” in the 70’s/80’s, but not now. Find me an 18 year old that can afford their own place or has the deposit for their own place? They’ve either had a significant amount of help from much older parents, or they’ve stayed at home until their mid-20’s to save up.
Eastern communities have this shit figured out. Rather than have 10 family members split between 4 houses, they share one to reduce costs. Whilst they’re more likely to be working a more basic and repetitive job than the average person their age, they’ve probably got more disposable income available because there’s others chipping in to subsidise the cost. 3 people living in a 3 bed house with a spare room for toys isn’t an efficient way to live.
If everyone moved back in with their parents (assuming there’s a good relationship there), everyone wins. Everyone is financially better off and it turns certain problems into trivialities. Childcare/pet care practically becomes a non-issue if your parents are retired. There’s only 1 property that needs to be maintained financially and kept clean. Imagine how much money and time we’d save if we just lived in larger family units...
Our society really is pushing a nonsensical agenda. It only benefits the bottom line, and that’s money in the pot or pocket or governments or giant corporations that wouldn’t be here without it.
BARBARA BOX - 11 dager siden
He has the balls to not follow illusions
Trump stole my VCR
Trump stole my VCR - 12 dager siden
When you believe what he says instead of what he did.
Arvind Rajan
Arvind Rajan - 12 dager siden
The video quality here is insane
Vinicius Sabará
Vinicius Sabará - 13 dager siden
living with parents and saving money to buy a apartment not rent, rent is money that never comes back
Elaine Marie
Elaine Marie - 14 dager siden
I love your message but the delivery makes me kinda depressed idk if it’s u or I just lost someone idk. I’m looking for somewhere to go for grief..
Eli Otis
Eli Otis - 14 dager siden
Who were they pointing at 27:35
Schuyler Diehm
Schuyler Diehm - 15 dager siden
Awesome content. Worth watching.
STB NETWORK - 19 dager siden
check out our podcast, taking all suggestions
Christine Pia Gerzon
Christine Pia Gerzon - 19 dager siden
GaryVee crushing on Matt
Milo Francesca
Milo Francesca - 20 dager siden
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Devara FT
Devara FT - 22 dager siden
Moving in could work if only your parents aren't toxic
Adeeba Aqeel
Adeeba Aqeel - 25 dager siden
If you did a podcast I would listen to it all the time. Great video. GarryVee is amazing.
CinematicKnifeArt - 28 dager siden
There is no meaning outside of Jesus Christ
John Smith
John Smith - 29 dager siden
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56bigmike - Måned siden
What about getting off of YouTube?
Beige Soul
Beige Soul - Måned siden
I know im late but this was fantastic. Thank you!
Adell Traylor
Adell Traylor - Måned siden
Just heard his name today and start trying to find out who he is!!! Great point Gary!
Diversified Success
Diversified Success - Måned siden
Yeah he made me go for it. On the NOburn side he’s dope
The Conaway
The Conaway - Måned siden
My two biggest inspirations in one room! ...WOW! This made my year! 👏👏👏😄
Diversified Success
Diversified Success - Måned siden
Iknow Gary is the real deal. Made me start taking NOburn seriously.
Leya Thomas
Leya Thomas - Måned siden
I just learned about you TODAY from a comment a firend made on FB. So YES....I hear you loud and clear. You give me inspiration.
Alissa Sojka-Akopian
Alissa Sojka-Akopian - Måned siden
Gary V was correct about million people not knowing his name. I just learned about him in this video!
Nightstar - Måned siden
0:00 Getting rid of social, we consume as animals and if one feels overfeed than they should stop observing it.
0:45 GaryVee talks about minimalism
1:56 People are insecure and need validation from others, buy stuff for yourself.
2:47 downsize and move with your parents. (Dont worry about what they say to you.)
4:59 happiness and fulfillment are the most important things
5:39 Matt D'Avella said he also moved home, because he wanted to save money, and not to waste it.
7:07 how to hustle with ambitions.
Dont over judge yourself through the process.
Because sometimes you fall, you aren't perfect it happens, be happy. Depends on the circumstances you should act, you need to self motivate and keep pushing
12:18 think about the people who work 9-5 no matter what happens they arent happy and not in control.
Mohit Ahuja
Mohit Ahuja - Måned siden
a bit more huskier than usual
Rory Roscoe
Rory Roscoe - Måned siden
This doesn't really work for those of us that cant live with our parents though. Which is a big hurdle. people don't realise how lucky they are to just be able to go, oh well. Moving back in with my folks.
Abhilash E
Abhilash E - 2 måneder siden
27:35 whose he pointing to?
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
I lived with my mom until i was 35 im 38 now. My sister moved out when she was 22. She lived with my dad for a while then moved in with some guy that she ended up marrying. I took advantage living with my mom. I didint pay much rent. So i saved my money . I knew one day i wanted to buy a house. My sister always made fun of me for still living at home. Always belittled me. Well i saved a big down payment for a house and live on my own. Where is my sister now???? Divorced with debt and fucked up credit and no retirement plan . Oh and she moved it with my mom and her daughter.
Alfredo Arcieri
Alfredo Arcieri - 2 måneder siden
I counted 6 “contextual “ mentions.
Jeffrey Daitz
Jeffrey Daitz - 2 måneder siden
Thanks Matt! Great job.
Joel Zacharia
Joel Zacharia - 2 måneder siden
I marvel at finding out that an idea like -'living with your parents' is a stigma in western society, when we have always been living like that in the rest of the world. That's really sad that you have been convinced by culture to live alone.
And this man is creating controversies by saying, that it's okay to live with your parents? Really?!
It makes complete sense to live with your parents, emotionally, economically, socially and spiritually in any other way. What's wrong with living with family?! Who else do you have in this world!! Who else do they have other than you?!!
New Thought
New Thought - 2 måneder siden
Wow what a great interview. So many people feel like what Gary V is saying yet we give social stigma higher importance over our feelings.
Hussein - 2 måneder siden
the moving back with your parents part is true Im from a different culture which living with your parents is not seen as a bad thing so it sucks when people stress over these things
Clarissa Brinkman
Clarissa Brinkman - 2 måneder siden
I think I have a hard time watching this, because the video is clearly meant for people who are living beyond their means within their control.
There's a lot of people that don't have a choice and are living outside their means without any other option (no parents to help, single families, families in poverty, etc). I've been in that situation and I know so many people who are in this situation. I also think this doesn't apply to like 90% of millennials I know or who have been in my life. Maybe Gen X, or millennials who come from wealthier backgrounds.
So many millennials are struggling to just pay rent or student loans, and not because they "got an oversized living space" or whatever, but because rent is WAY TOO HIGH in most places, and income is WAY TOO LOW in most places, especially when you look at student loans.
People who can move in with their parents are privileged and if you can, cool. But even if your family relationships ARE good, that doesn't mean your family has the means to have you back at home either. There's a common denominator in people who struggle with money and their parents struggle with money, especially when you look at the statistics of generational poverty.
TLDR; this video clearly isn't meant for people who have been where I have or many of the people in my generation I know. But it frustrated me that Gary doesn't address the problems with society that put people in debt because it's not usually people "living beyond their means and spending money they don't have on cars and houses" and just assumes most everyone can dig their way out of money issues. That's always been my problem with him though.
Ain Chiara
Ain Chiara - 2 måneder siden
"It's contextual" is the biggest lesson.
Learning Islam with Sri Komala
Learning Islam with Sri Komala - 2 måneder siden
The Meaning of Life:
P. Dev
P. Dev - 2 måneder siden
I’ve decided to stop being a victim and take life by the horns. I started my YouTube and in it I’m gonna share my journey
jentothewren - 3 måneder siden
Wow. I resonate with this. I’m starting to feel emotionally more stable and am starting to be able to let go of stuff I’ve collected. My marriage ended terribly in 2011 where he threw everything out. I went to extreme and kept pretty much everything after that
Better Approach to Life. Motivation
I lived for impressing others for a while. I ended up depressed. We need to let go of other peoples opinions. Keep things simple and be happy
Steven Washington
Steven Washington - 3 måneder siden
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Gillian Bryan
Gillian Bryan - 3 måneder siden
The crossover I didn’t know existed or that I needed!
Brian Hallmond
Brian Hallmond - 3 måneder siden
First ten seconds are a relief to hear because I use to find his advocacy for social media to be pretty toxic
Alex Paolillo Music
Alex Paolillo Music - 3 måneder siden
Hey Matt! I understand Minimalism to just mean "be very aware of where your time, your money and your attention go, and make sure you are using these in a way that sustains your intentions, ambitions and joy".Not about having no stuff or working few hours, but more about not wasting time and space for things or activities that you don't really want. So really it's about mindfulness and awareness I believe. Would you say that is a fair remark? I love your work, well done mate :)
Tim Bowman
Tim Bowman - 3 måneder siden
I did it moved back to take care of them . So they did not have to go to a home . My wife was asked by my mom . And she said yes . Was a great 10 years I enjoyed it so much . Seeing them that long my wife was amazing quit her job and took care of them.
Irea Cole
Irea Cole - 3 måneder siden
gary vee is one of the greatest of all time love this man and never met him
140donizetti - 3 måneder siden
im watching this high and i cant follow his answers lmao
Shadd Jimenez
Shadd Jimenez - 3 måneder siden
beautiful conversation
ditrinipersian - 3 måneder siden
must be nice when you have parents. i lost my mom this year and she was really my only parent. i'm 30.
Liam Gannon
Liam Gannon - 3 måneder siden
The difference between social media and the other platforms or content is an advanced intelligent self evolving algorithm designed to addict and engage you. Social media feeds are laid out to guide you into deeper engagement so I wouldn't agree that all people act what out what they are initially seeking on these platforms. Its just not an informed position.
Eli - 3 måneder siden
I’m actually getting a house to PURPOSELY live with my parents. They don’t own one, so me moving back in wouldn’t work. But I miss them like crazy.
Obviously I’d still rent out a part of it.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 3 måneder siden
In 15:15 Gary V literally said that he'd rather get 20 percent of his audience to get bored from saying the same old thing to get him the opportunity to reach more people and Matt D'Avella has been saying his story in about his student debt ever since lol.
Maggie Zorn
Maggie Zorn - 3 måneder siden
I know my parents don't want me back once I've moved out. Married or not. Once I'm out I'm out. How does one deal with that situation?
Leah Rosberg
Leah Rosberg - 3 måneder siden
Love this! Thanks for your content and the effort you put into these videos :))
Holistic Engine
Holistic Engine - 3 måneder siden
If you do it for the material gain and external validation. You have already given up.
aprille33 - 4 måneder siden
We have not heard your name because we don't drink wine.
Sherloki TDK
Sherloki TDK - 4 måneder siden
One great thing is how they don't agree on many things and still understand each other.
Silky Johnson
Silky Johnson - 4 måneder siden
I done got way too drunk too many times for either of my parents to say hey come live with me.
pablo ochoa
pablo ochoa - 4 måneder siden
Santa Fe Fashion Week™
Santa Fe Fashion Week™ - 4 måneder siden
Great interview
Creature of Rabbit
Creature of Rabbit - 4 måneder siden
Love that GaryVee genuinely seems to want others to succeed vs the indifference I expect from other provocative figures.
MRC Wood Works
MRC Wood Works - 4 måneder siden
Great advice !! Don’t impress anybody !
Deborah John
Deborah John - 4 måneder siden
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Distorted - 4 måneder siden
Weird this showed up on my feed. Moving in with my parents next week and felt like a loser. This is very reassuring, doing it to pay off debt and get real estate license. Great content.
Modern Adulting
Modern Adulting - 4 måneder siden
Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. The term comfort zone is code for a place you live in yourself without fear.
Kevin - 4 måneder siden
eye contact in this video!
unintimidated and ready for anything
@optimizedontapologize on instagram. Please follow me and @garyvee for more success in life. Have patience. I have a 6 month journey of weight loss I am working on and also 5 years from now I will be a millionaire or at least have enough money to not have to work. Watch my journey and share with your friends! I watch the entirety of these videos then post on the next one! Join the text group at 1(212)-931-5731. Thank you Gary Vee for all your inspirational content!
THE BRAVADO SHOW - 4 måneder siden
Lucas Alencar
Lucas Alencar - 4 måneder siden
And that is how i met Gary, thanks Matt!
Saeeda Nasir
Saeeda Nasir - 4 måneder siden
I saw this video 8 months ago and i loved it then and love it even more today. I feel i understood it even more today rather than last time.
Leaders Of the Old School
Leaders Of the Old School - 4 måneder siden
When he says “sell your home” i can’t relate. Most people in this country like me are renters
Uppili Ra
Uppili Ra - 4 måneder siden
Gary is awesome so humble with others love this dude ✌️
Shashank Sadafule
Shashank Sadafule - 4 måneder siden
"There is no right. There is just right for you". Omg this statement hit me
Neem - 4 måneder siden
I’ve noticed that every thing Gary says just makes me feel less anxious about life.. he just keeps it so real when it comes to every topic.
S S - 5 måneder siden
eazzzzzzy Matt - dont Gary's arm off, 30:06
Best BBQ Show
Best BBQ Show - 5 måneder siden
This is the same otro that Tim the Tatman uses!
Rebecca Dyck
Rebecca Dyck - 5 måneder siden
@garyvee I love how you always find a way to be helpful to the person you are speaking with. Thanks Matt and Gary!
45secondphotography - 5 måneder siden
thanks for all i learn alot from that videos
i appreciate
AngelGoodie - 5 måneder siden
I hate that people read his passion as “over the top” or him “being a dick”. When you care about what you’re doing, when you are looking to inspire those around you & live out your purpose... you’re going to curse, and you’re going to speak excitedly, etc. this man is a genuine gem & I’m so so happy to have him ❤️
Diego Relucio
Diego Relucio - 5 måneder siden
I hate that this was shot with 2 lenses of different focal length
Kaustav Saha
Kaustav Saha - 5 måneder siden India grown ups living with their parents is the norm, not the exception. I don't understand how there can be a 'stigma' about it. Grown up children get to keep an eye on their parents as they get older and need more support.
bryce sakala
bryce sakala - 5 måneder siden
Love it man!
Owning Purpose
Owning Purpose - 5 måneder siden
Wow this is cool you got Gary on here
The Traveler
The Traveler - 5 måneder siden
This is the first video I ever watched on this channel and I just subscribed!! This is awesome stuff!
Alexander Cortez
Alexander Cortez - 5 måneder siden
Wow. Finally a GaryVee video that I understand. Props to Matt for the great interview!
Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen - 5 måneder siden
This was a really great interview! Lots of good ideas in there!
Eduard si Bianca - Magicienii
Eduard si Bianca - Magicienii - 5 måneder siden
Awesome! thanks for sharing this one :D
clémentine KC
clémentine KC - 5 måneder siden
clémentine KC
clémentine KC - 5 måneder siden
Muthui Denis
Muthui Denis - 5 måneder siden
Social Media and Consumerism is real and dangerous as it even gets to the best of us...
Manipulation of the mind on what is good and bad is easy... Be better version of yourself and even though many like Gary and Matt "Maybe" want to help you, many are out to gain from you which destroys your spirit in the process....
Set and Flow Meditation
Set and Flow Meditation - 5 måneder siden
You are stronger than you think. You have gotten through every bad day in your life, and you are undefeated.
LukasP - 5 måneder siden
Ad agency and minimalism don't fit together. This guy helps corporations selling and consuming more their products.
Wael Ali
Wael Ali - 5 måneder siden
Brilliant Interview, I always enjoy your content, Matt! hope we get to meet one day!
Julian Rhodes
Julian Rhodes - 5 måneder siden
What if you dont have parents? They died young. What would you suggest for someone in this situation?
Peter Piper
Peter Piper - 5 måneder siden
in Asia, it's normal to be living with parents.
cameron chen
cameron chen - 5 måneder siden
He is so minimal he doesn't have a space in his name