[Full] NFL Total Access | Brian Baldinger expected Cam Newton'll makes Patriots the best team in AFC

[Full] NFL Total Access | Brian Baldinger expected Cam Newton'll makes Patriots the best team in AFC
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MuNcHiEs World
MuNcHiEs World - 5 dager siden
Brees is done
Weapon X
Weapon X - 17 dager siden
Cam Newton to Antonio Brown. Ultimate Diva hook-up.
Tommy Casill
Tommy Casill - 18 dager siden
Best in the AFC east ? Yeah In the AFC ? No
TheBoy CajzonTV
TheBoy CajzonTV - 21 dag siden
Brady the fucking man!!
Anthony Yusef
Anthony Yusef - Måned siden
12 straight AFC east titles and that has nothing to do with Bill Belichick? it's all because of Tom Brady come on Mike Rob!
dln3472 - Måned siden
Cam Newton'll??!! Ewwww, that's just lazy. And don't overstate the addition of Cam. The Patriots still lack a TE and a deep threat. Not to mention an avg defense. They're a wild card at best.
Sight4DaBLIND - Måned siden
Pats will pick up a deep threat before the season starts and they drafted 2 TE's...
phea voeng
phea voeng - Måned siden
You can hate the team but you can’t hate the talent!
Amran Nahshal
Amran Nahshal - Måned siden
can't wait for the 2021 season 👀
Afc east vs Nfc south 🤯
Jon Hawkins
Jon Hawkins - Måned siden
Cam has to make the team first they have 5 quarterbacks signed to the team.
Bigger Than Everybody Bobby
This is the dumbest comment I've read all day
Curtis Woods
Curtis Woods - Måned siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, which one if those QBs are better than Cam Newton?
lord varsh
lord varsh - Måned siden
Poor 'bills mafia'. 3 months of hope crushed in 1 day. Cam was on the market for all that time. 20 other teams still dont want to win obviously.
Walter M. Roberts III, PhD
I hate when sports reporting devolves to reading Twitter-feeds; but I guess that's just the world we live in -- especially with everything shut down by the virus.
Shanard Green
Shanard Green - Måned siden
What about Tyreek Hill? Are they just looking for old guys?
jimb - Måned siden
Wow going to be alot hurt feelings when NE goes 8-8 this year 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Stuart
Chris Stuart - 29 dager siden
They got the strongest schedule in the leaque
Sight4DaBLIND - Måned siden
Wow going to be alot of hurt feelings when NE goes 13-3 this year...
earnest dennis
earnest dennis - Måned siden
They can go 5-1 or 6-0 in the division
Fred Frond
Fred Frond - Måned siden
I like Cam, an excellent pick up by the Pats. However I would bet against Cam and the pats if Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were on the the other side of the bet🤷🏼‍♂️
Weapon X
Weapon X - 17 dager siden
Don't see Cam as a Belichick guy. He'll be holding a clipboard or on IR in no time.
MyBudinesd - Måned siden
Rob stop smoking weed and stop hating on the brother. You think Phillip Rivers is going to do a good job, really. You are a joke I know you have to be that guy 😉
MysterySavage - Måned siden
Except Michael Thomas scores touchdowns and Julio Jones doesn't.
son dang
son dang - Måned siden
no patrick mahome lamar jackson and deshaun owned afc now
eomyenom1 - Måned siden
Watch out for Damere Byrd he’s a sleeper if he stays healthy. Cam worked with him in Carolina as he went from practice squad to getting substantial playing time.
takeyourshoesoffnow - Måned siden
I’m sorry but has anybody Acknowledged that “camnewton’ll” is definitely not a word. It’s definitely not a way to say “cam newton will”
Rst28 - Måned siden
This will be one Coach Hoodies greatest moves. Dillon, Moss, Newton..and oh yeah, that other guy he drafted in the 6th round Tom - what's his name...
Kris White
Kris White - Måned siden
Funny how Cam adds all this value but gets paid 1million dollars. NFL aint changed
Jon Hawkins
Jon Hawkins - Måned siden
People he has to make the team first.
CR - Måned siden
That's literally all the cap space the pats had. I wonder if they long term sign him if he does well this year
Bobby Byford Music
Bobby Byford Music - Måned siden
He’ll get the 7 million. Which really isn’t bad considering he’s missed a lot of games the last two years. Hoping he’s healthy though. If he is New England is going to be a fun team to watch.
Rex Coppola
Rex Coppola - Måned siden
First time he wears a fedora and a feather he gets cut
tkam54 - 22 dager siden
Wins > Fashion
Victor Alicea
Victor Alicea - Måned siden
Michael Robinson looks like he's been smoking the devils lettuce!
Jakefrum St8farm
Jakefrum St8farm - Måned siden
damn.. the one in the pink😍
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal - Måned siden
Dam dam dam we gat can cam cam, afc east will cry again, yeahhhhhh! Let's go pats
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal - Måned siden
So if breeze favor him dat don't make him the best! D Hop now move move up and shut up, wait till Mr Big Chest come back!
Jason Pham
Jason Pham - Måned siden
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly - Måned siden
Neighbors be smoking dope
Dre 303
Dre 303 - Måned siden
Did they add more weapons on the Pats? If not then no need to worry.
CR - Måned siden
Brady made that receiving corps look way worse than it was. You'll see.
Richforever !
Richforever ! - Måned siden
DeflateGate 12 and won with Joe Flacco💀
DeflateGate 12
DeflateGate 12 - Måned siden
@Richforever !just like the 2001 ravens they won with trent Dilfer lol
Richforever !
Richforever ! - Måned siden
Yes they drafted 2 tight ends in the early rounds. They o line is back healthy and of the best. He will make the run game so much better. They’ll run a tight end heavy offense with power running game like the Ravens offense plus he has the best defense in the league
Jason Pham
Jason Pham - Måned siden
Trust in Belichick!!!!
Seedilicious - Måned siden
Really hate that lady
Salvaged - Måned siden
great video bro