Full Match | China vs United States - 2019 Overwatch World Cup Finals

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China vs United States - 2019 Overwatch World Cup Finals
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-squaggy -
-squaggy - - 2 dager siden
space’s sigma is insane jesus christ bro
sCope Yui
sCope Yui - 5 dager siden
I miss international sad Covid ruin it
Jeffrey Gray
Jeffrey Gray - 5 dager siden
I'd say I'm pretty good at overwatch, and i've seen all of the heroes play. So why don't people in competitive use Zarya? Her gun is good, her abilities are really good, and her ultimate when combined with multiple other ultimates is amazing. So why don't people use her?
Paul Richards
Paul Richards - 6 dager siden
So this is why china engineered covid... To get back at us for beating them at overwatch. Fuck
Tv StrinGoteL
Tv StrinGoteL - 9 dager siden
No one gonna talk about the bastion?
Christopher Key
Christopher Key - 12 dager siden
Bastions ULT is horrible, they should make it to where he can move around with the Gatling gun. Instead of it switching to the tank gun. Any time I hear a bastions ULT, i know to push in because their defense has just weakened. and its the perfect time to kill Bastion.
Christopher Key
Christopher Key - 12 dager siden
Ive said this 100x, Pharah should not be in this game. Everyone can hit everyone EXCEPT Pharah, Pharah cant be hit by a lot of characters. A Pharah Mercy combo is ridiculous.
Ace Ryan
Ace Ryan - 12 dager siden
I want Ireland to be in the finals for once, Ireland can win anything but their own "world" hurling/rugby cup
Shunsha - 13 dager siden
That Dorado was literally top 500 vs. Plats 😂😂
Stephen Hoven
Stephen Hoven - 15 dager siden
lets hear it for team USA!!!!!!
team Chine walks out.
no one
not a soul:

"NA production"
UGLY Gorilla
UGLY Gorilla - 17 dager siden
I have no idea whats going on
Anton Ego
Anton Ego - 17 dager siden
This is how I feel when I am about to hit silver for the first time lmaoo
모두기본: Default
모두기본: Default - 17 dager siden
Im Korean and Canadian and who should i cheer for
Lil C
Lil C - 18 dager siden
The massive air conformably rhyme because trade metabolically dream atop a extra-large extra-small exuberant bathtub. tense, ludicrous kick
WINST0N888 - 20 dager siden
F**K China.
bradley cooper
bradley cooper - 22 dager siden
Damn I play this game religiously, have done since release and I’m NO where near as good as this😂😭😂
nick h
nick h - 25 dager siden
wtf is even going on
mayor mmd21
mayor mmd21 - 27 dager siden
Man top 500 battles be like
Hegedus Gergo
Hegedus Gergo - 28 dager siden
This gave me world war vibes
bee - Måned siden
Eileen is so clean
Brandon Gomez
Brandon Gomez - Måned siden
Freedom reigns! Freedom wins!
LIKEh2obr - Måned siden
A vsfd foi maior apelação essa merda
A torcida era toda dos eua foi um sétimo player
einnor - Måned siden
dang america be winning but eileen be dominating
FEEDING LÚCIO - Måned siden
*TrIcK oR tReAt*
Young Ramen
Young Ramen - Måned siden
The angry verse family command because height qualitatively bathe abaft a gaping town. picayune, luxuriant black
Rose D
Rose D - Måned siden
does anyone know the entrance music for the US team starting at 5:15 ???
Pateroulis tg
Pateroulis tg - Måned siden
39:55 😱😱
he tries his best
he tries his best - Måned siden
so we just not gonna talk about how nasty eileen was the entire match?
Edgy Birds
Edgy Birds - Måned siden
Pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain all I know is pain 😫😫😫
Wither xD
Wither xD - Måned siden
@ 1:25:30 u can fucking hear someone say "THATS CAP" in the crowd IM DYING
Ni Xuzao
Ni Xuzao - Måned siden
America no.1
Skadoodle N
Skadoodle N - Måned siden
What are they actually holding and shaking it during break time, Im curious, is it a device or something?
I don't even know
I don't even know - Måned siden
Who's watching this in 2021?
XEsclipse - Måned siden
And this is how trading between China and USA was determined I always wish wars was gaming as in games not real life
elizabeth nichols
elizabeth nichols - Måned siden
the amount of times i have watched this is unhealthy
Ristian Dale Sumala
Ristian Dale Sumala - Måned siden
Wtf is this ? Meta ?
P G - Måned siden
The walk ins are so awkward
Mur Dok
Mur Dok - 3 dager siden
probably they never walked more than 500 meters irl
Peter McGraw
Peter McGraw - Måned siden
Mr. X has no emotion, fire him lol
Riley Ripple
Riley Ripple - 2 måneder siden
bro u wack in hisd mai costume tho ahahahahahahahaha
Ddb0828 - 2 måneder siden
Leave a like for USA COMMENT BOO CHINA
kobe james
kobe james - 2 måneder siden
beat the commies !
Joshua Quinn
Joshua Quinn - 2 måneder siden
is this what caused world war 3?
George Schroeder
George Schroeder - 2 måneder siden
Gage's_Comics'N_Stuff - 2 måneder siden
I love overwatch
M5gnolia - 2 måneder siden
"Coca-Cola is the official Refreshment of the Overwatch World Cup"
Moth: *Drinks Water*
sdgedfegw - 3 måneder siden
祈战 - 3 måneder siden
Basically Chengdu Hunters vs San Francisco Shock
Emmy C
Emmy C - 3 måneder siden
Rawkus serving us all cake this evening lol
Giorgio Verigo
Giorgio Verigo - 3 måneder siden
What a rat move picking Bastion in the end. “Pro” players.
Ellouise Heinen
Ellouise Heinen - 3 måneder siden
This is so satisfying to watch
Ellouise Heinen
Ellouise Heinen - 3 måneder siden
@purpleontop it makes me realize how bad I am 🥲
purpleontop - 3 måneder siden
yes these people are absoultely insane
Austin - 3 måneder siden
Blue for communists
Mathew Cobb
Mathew Cobb - 3 måneder siden
Did Sinatra really deserve to have mvp though, really.... I agree with him that Corey should’ve gotten it
Mathew Cobb
Mathew Cobb - 3 måneder siden
42:20 again the commentator didn’t realise they used doomfist ult as a zone for reaper to then come through and get mega value
Revolution Swarm
Revolution Swarm - 3 måneder siden
Damn that was big brain
Mathew Cobb
Mathew Cobb - 3 måneder siden
Sometimes these commentators just say some dumb shit, they wee saying China was going to struggle because they only had one ult to usas 2 but they had 2 ults on 90+% but when you see what ults they are you could tell China was just rushing in to force out ults and then they were going to use their 3 ults to wipe
wagglycheese611 streamer
wagglycheese611 streamer - 3 måneder siden
we sure kwebelkop isnt space
Pheminon - 4 måneder siden
Team USA doesn't stand a fucking chance next OWWC
No sinatraa, no corey, no rawkus
I'd be surprised if they make it to semis
Neel Jacob
Neel Jacob - 4 måneder siden
Screw uspoo
Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel - 4 måneder siden
disneyland fight
Isaac David Bustillo Maradiaga
Isaac David Bustillo Maradiaga - 4 måneder siden
where is the Fuckin HONDURAS, ONLY OTHER WORDLS ....
Michael Merced
Michael Merced - 4 måneder siden
im level 57 genji and reaper main
Gumbo - 4 måneder siden
Hold on... I come back after 2 years and US WON? 😂😂😂
Adam Block
Adam Block - 4 måneder siden
So happy still for Rawkus and Sinatra, 2 people who tried so hard for years to get the gold
Johnny Mars
Johnny Mars - 5 måneder siden
anyone else just not like the map selections? like give us the S Teir maps bro
Thefierycactus - 5 måneder siden
*I'm watching this video then I get an ad from the US air force*
TwitchED - 5 måneder siden
Funny enough :D
datdogedude doge
datdogedude doge - 5 måneder siden
The teams in silver APPARENTLY:
Mark Putnam
Mark Putnam - 5 måneder siden
We're gonna. Take that fight to China us be like all the time
Big man On campus
Big man On campus - 5 måneder siden
and he got that cake
Bolton03 - 5 måneder siden
I was there sad that we won’t have BlizzCon this year
Janet LaRae
Janet LaRae - 5 måneder siden
Who is From America here
Squiky - 6 måneder siden
"We hope to see you again in 2020" ( 1:26:24)
Corona : Try me Bit.ch
Bee Bee
Bee Bee - 6 måneder siden
My brother is starting to create content please watch his videos and sub ❤️ https://youtu.be/z4Aqs4_ZaNM
Nut n’ go
Nut n’ go - 6 måneder siden
In my opinion, Space should've gotten MVP, he clutched up in multiple games and held points for his team to push up on.
ерунда сэндвич
ерунда сэндвич - 6 måneder siden
of course china wins
Cal Goman
Cal Goman - 6 måneder siden
What internet do you guys use bc with regular internet I’m sure you would bet lag with that many people
Primopão - 6 måneder siden
Quem diria o Damiani narrando
MP - 6 måneder siden
Team China: All Chinese
Team USA: half are Asian
Kaan Yelal
Kaan Yelal - 6 måneder siden
Ben türküm
Tristan Zabinski
Tristan Zabinski - 6 måneder siden
What’s the soundtrack team USA walks out to?
Mr Besser
Mr Besser - 6 måneder siden
I swear China actually threw that last map it felt like they gave up
Mr Besser
Mr Besser - 6 måneder siden
If Eileen didn’t exist China wouldn’t of scored a point
Jacob Hanekamp
Jacob Hanekamp - 6 måneder siden
Is it bad that the player intro made me feel, idk, lifted? I don't know why, but that player intro got to me
lil hotdog
lil hotdog - 6 måneder siden
China lost cuz they had a virus in their comps 😂😂😂
lil hotdog
lil hotdog - 6 måneder siden
goddamn.... this shit's still cringe af at times. Dont they learn??
My Stummy Hurt
My Stummy Hurt - 6 måneder siden
What cringe?
Rohan Chakicherla
Rohan Chakicherla - 6 måneder siden
Sad half the USA team that won went to Valorant...loved watching Corey, Sinatraa and Rawkus in OWL
The Empowerer
The Empowerer - 6 dager siden
@Shunsha new content, heroes, modes, etc. game gets stale quick
Shunsha - 28 dager siden
A lot of old content creator/pro players went off to different games, like Fortnite for example(Muselk, Tim) and Valorant(players you named). Want to say “wish they did more with OW” but I honestly don’t know how they could.
Adam Block
Adam Block - 4 måneder siden
mmhmm. Was one of the best team's created. This and like the 2017 roster were both pretty amazing. Also for Sinatra and Rawkus, 2 players who had been in the WC grind for 3 years straight, this had to feel good
Clamp - 7 måneder siden
Corey, sinatraa, rawkus
Thomas McHugh
Thomas McHugh - 7 måneder siden
5:37 u can tell by his walk he’s uncomfortable
Jaysoddfutr - 7 måneder siden
SP XIE - 7 måneder siden
Alessandro Siynardi
Alessandro Siynardi - 7 måneder siden
Bro space is INSANE
San Jose Vigilant
San Jose Vigilant - 7 måneder siden
1:03:54 ANOTHER EMP STRAIGHT DOWN THE **scottish word that i guess means gutter or drain**
MaxamillionMus Mus
MaxamillionMus Mus - 7 måneder siden
These commentators are awful
MaxamillionMus Mus
MaxamillionMus Mus - 7 måneder siden
This commentary is so fucking Bias Jesus Christ.
My Stummy Hurt
My Stummy Hurt - 6 måneder siden
Cause it's was mainly team USA dominating
Gabriel Alejandro Zzzx
Gabriel Alejandro Zzzx - 7 måneder siden
How team China gonna be sponsored by Coca Cola while competing against team USA? Like wtf 🤣🤣
Jylstin - 7 måneder siden
By far my fav USA team of the World Cup
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen - 7 måneder siden
Chinese go home :))) Not a chance
ItsMeCODY - 7 måneder siden
Look what they put in the description to get better search algorithm results 😂
Sean Grever
Sean Grever - 7 måneder siden
Watching this now makes me miss going to events😭😢 fuck covid
ChriseFTW - 8 måneder siden
And people make fun of supers Orisa 🙈
Thomas Telzrow
Thomas Telzrow - 8 måneder siden
watching this during covid reminds me of the blizzard arena... better times...
Paradox - 23 dager siden
but now the game is ass
martijn senden
martijn senden - 24 dager siden
@Sniper .-. both retired
JaziB - 25 dager siden
Stidjin Visser
Stidjin Visser - Måned siden
Dude I felt the crowd in my soul.. can’t believe what a difference in energy this is!
Sniper .-.
Sniper .-. - Måned siden
@Evan Webber what happened to them?
King Penguin 🐧
King Penguin 🐧 - 8 måneder siden
This is why I will never use T-Mobile. My god