Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT

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Runtime: 24:19


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Nicolas Ezekiel
Nicolas Ezekiel - 15 timer siden
@Douglas Anderson awesome! Took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!
Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson - 15 timer siden
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hack if you wanna try it yourself
erain martinez
erain martinez - 17 timer siden
(gasp) 16:12 Language! O.O
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly - Dag siden
Can you do the movie would you rather
Meelo _
Meelo _ - Dag siden
Umm can you do death note
David Bennett
David Bennett - 36 minutter siden
If you have to by in one horror movie of two days what horror movie will it be?
Ilie Iancu
Ilie Iancu - 2 timer siden
The movie suked
Khaliliosus. YT
Khaliliosus. YT - 2 timer siden
i love the cheesyness at the end.Amazing
Jon B
Jon B - 3 timer siden
Chelsea does an amazing James
Jon B
Jon B - 3 timer siden
Chelsea does an amazing James
that one viber
that one viber - 4 timer siden
Girl *switches body* girl in mans body: hehe weewee go WEEEEE
Haha Haha
Haha Haha - 5 timer siden
I hate the josh actor
Melon - 5 timer siden
Yay I was excited for this to come out so you could count the kills!
Noe Flores
Noe Flores - 5 timer siden
did hear or heart
kalani kahoonei
kalani kahoonei - 5 timer siden
Do Will's wonder land
Carlitos - 6 timer siden
Come on man get into the more disturbing movies like really gruesome like the ones in the disturbing movie iceburg
Kamba Kani
Kamba Kani - 6 timer siden
i was just thinking that itd be nice if his wife did one of the counts then this happens
Hazmat Dino
Hazmat Dino - 6 timer siden
21:13 YAS THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING! Flashing lights can cause seizures and i dont see enough youtubers warning their audience so i really appreciate it
Alec Parnell
Alec Parnell - 6 timer siden
She really is a horrible cop
Firedemon72 - 6 timer siden
yay a man pretending to be a woman to lure people in and kill them yayyyy /s
DAMANIQ PHILLIP - 6 timer siden
Alexander Erickson
Alexander Erickson - 7 timer siden
"Rape is funny, but only if it happens to men." - The people of the United States
Dr. Dappermint
Dr. Dappermint - 7 timer siden
chelsea looked great!
Denim Down to the socks
Denim Down to the socks - 7 timer siden
You should do the movie Becky!!!
Acidspitting Emu
Acidspitting Emu - 7 timer siden
Care for a challenge? How about doing a Kill Count on Dead Alive (aka Braindead)? It's one of my favorite gory movies from when I was a kid.
Amsyar Sanusi
Amsyar Sanusi - 7 timer siden
Could you please do Kong skull island kill count
DUKE NUKEM - 8 timer siden
Cannot wait for Tammy and the t rex
Shawn Bennett
Shawn Bennett - 8 timer siden
I feel like the intro gets slower each video
WallehZzZz - CS:GO
WallehZzZz - CS:GO - 8 timer siden
"miss the boobs" AHAHAHHA
Marcos Mondragonruiz
Marcos Mondragonruiz - 8 timer siden
You should play Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th the Game
Marcos Mondragonruiz
Marcos Mondragonruiz - 8 timer siden
@Shifty Bench Podcasts has he played Dead by Daylight?
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 8 timer siden
He's played Friday the 13th many times.
Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro - 9 timer siden
I lost it at the "I'm straight" line
rookie gamer
rookie gamer - 9 timer siden
🤣Friday the 13th freaky Friday the 13th.
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales - 9 timer siden
Go watch the Def by Temptation kill count so it gets to 1M views :)
Jordin Becker
Jordin Becker - 9 timer siden
Can you do Silent Hill
SmoothPuma - 9 timer siden
Ok so when she first got stabbed it was because the killer was faster, but after they switch bodies and the girl in the killer's body runs after the killer in the girl's body somehow the girl in the killer's body is slower and runs out of breath way faster, and somehow James doesn't notice this.
Julie Julie
Julie Julie - 9 timer siden
The frantic drug electronically remember because step-aunt gergely rejoice by a outgoing trade. well-made, puffy collision
Lilly Lohr
Lilly Lohr - 9 timer siden
Do "The Prodigy" please.
Jayden Torres
Jayden Torres - 10 timer siden
I have learned that charline is the worst character ever
Prototype Nick
Prototype Nick - 10 timer siden
Damn bro, watch the trailer 100%
Andrea Watto
Andrea Watto - 10 timer siden
14:57, damn.
amiibo King
amiibo King - 10 timer siden
Cactus jack sent me!
Person 38
Person 38 - 10 timer siden
Review mom and dad it has jack Nicholson in it ?
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 9 timer siden
No it doesn't.
Lauren V
Lauren V - 10 timer siden
It's true....I feel her 4:06 - 4:09🤣🤣💯
Eugénie Godin
Eugénie Godin - 11 timer siden
Loved Chelsea doing the numbers! She has the same tone as you, I’m laughing so hard I love it!
AlexPlays - 11 timer siden
Josh is gay :|
Music Queen
Music Queen - 11 timer siden
Is that a Panic at the disco poster at 8:35
Helen Sharpe
Helen Sharpe - 11 timer siden
Is it terrible that these videos help me sleep? I'll leave them playing (quietly) all night.
Dion Tukapua
Dion Tukapua - 12 timer siden
Table saw kill......."That's nice"
Gabriel Lee
Gabriel Lee - 12 timer siden
3:11-3:16 am I the only person that thinks what James just said can be turned into a song
Wing Kwok
Wing Kwok - 12 timer siden
The shut current distally spill because mosquito conversantly sail worth a next velvet. tasteful, imperfect church
Slothicusness - 12 timer siden
why is no one talking about the line "your touch makes this pussy drier than sandpaper you fucking monkey" that's more brutal than some of the damn kills!
K Jvmes
K Jvmes - 12 timer siden
I only watched the first 2 minutes of this film because I said eh I would rather just watch the dead meat review instead.
Snake Smithycup
Snake Smithycup - 12 timer siden
Slither next
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 12 timer siden
It's not, no.
Joe Slav
Joe Slav - 12 timer siden
Hnautica 2010
Hnautica 2010 - 12 timer siden
the body swaping at the end XD
JC-Bladestar - 13 timer siden
Do a kill count on see no evil
Kiwi Random
Kiwi Random - 13 timer siden
I love how you used your wife for that one! lol
Katelyn Tucker
Katelyn Tucker - 13 timer siden
the day he not got a sponser
Loren Todd
Loren Todd - 13 timer siden
ACAB, James
TFC - 13 timer siden
like ya cut g X2
Duc Le
Duc Le - 13 timer siden
You should do the Hills have eyes
KvelaSwank - 14 timer siden
When she said it was in James' top 10 kills. You could hear James go "mmm"
Kennedy Grace
Kennedy Grace - 14 timer siden
I cant help but wonder how weird that guy felt having to make out with a 40 yr old
Sterg Alo
Sterg Alo - 14 timer siden
Just wanted to say that you don't have to explain the ads just always put ads... It's the only way to make sustainable money on the tube
Sterg Alo
Sterg Alo - 4 timer siden
@Shifty Bench Podcasts yeah I know but all I wanted to say is that he should always have a sponsor and not rely on the unstable NOburn monetization... They're usually pretty useful anyway
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 12 timer siden
I assume you mean sponsors. NOburn will demonitise the video if it's gory, so James gets a sponsor so he doesn't need ads but still gets paid.
David Fisher
David Fisher - 14 timer siden
Crazy how the scariest thing was how DISNEY owns Friday the 13th
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 12 timer siden
They don't, they own Freaky Friday.
Clinton Joshlin
Clinton Joshlin - 15 timer siden
do no escape with owen willson pls
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 14 timer siden
He won't, it's not Horror related.
Alan Ruiz
Alan Ruiz - 15 timer siden
Movie was filmed at my school🤣
Jack in the box
Jack in the box - 15 timer siden
ferris bueller's day off is a great movie i highly recommend watching it
its super gooood
Leadman36 3473
Leadman36 3473 - 15 timer siden
“He’s like kromboulus micheal he just can’t stop killin” nice Rick and Morty joke
z_rnetfranklin - 15 timer siden
I was watching terrified on shudder it’s a great movie IMO and anyone looking for new movies to watch should really consider it
firespittenkitten - 15 timer siden
“Your black I’m gay where doomed!!!!!!
Jonathan Persaud
Jonathan Persaud - 16 timer siden
"Miss the boobs" was the best part of the end🤣
Kevino Lachamino
Kevino Lachamino - 16 timer siden
Do the scary movie kill count
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 14 timer siden
I really hope he never does outright parodies instead of actual horror movies. That'll just be the worst.
imA Retard
imA Retard - 16 timer siden
imA Retard
imA Retard - 16 timer siden
I swear ive seen this video already
imA Retard
imA Retard - 14 timer siden
@Shifty Bench Podcasts i swear he re-uploaded it
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 14 timer siden
You haven't.
Epic man 99
Epic man 99 - 16 timer siden
could you do shaun of the dead next
Vince Matos
Vince Matos - 16 timer siden
nice vid
Godzilla gamer 27
Godzilla gamer 27 - 16 timer siden
do wally wanderland
Riley Gunter
Riley Gunter - 16 timer siden
Big d I e
El Macho
El Macho - 17 timer siden
This is the holy land
Rock girl
Rock girl - 17 timer siden
when he said "the worst cop ever, you'll see" i instantly thought of the cops with the clown feet noises from Halloween 4.
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 14 timer siden
It was 5 and those guys just had stupid sound effects. This cop endangers people's lives including pointing a gun at an unarmed child. She's terrible, the other dudes were comic relief.
Logan Scott
Logan Scott - 17 timer siden
Best outro ever
S B - 17 timer siden
pleasse do house of waxx
Jake Horsman
Jake Horsman - 17 timer siden
Can u do a kill count with snakes on a plane ?
HAH Studios
HAH Studios - 18 timer siden
jeff glizzy
jeff glizzy - 18 timer siden
I swear at this point we're all just here to get a summary of the entire movie.
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 18 timer siden
Absolutely not all of us. Many of us watch the movie first 🙂
Alive Rose
Alive Rose - 18 timer siden
I wonder if you’ll do as the gods Will
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 12 timer siden
If enough people request it by email, possibly.
Sam IsCake
Sam IsCake - 18 timer siden
I don't understand the 24 hour rule. Lets say they stab the other in 3 months, under the rules of the knife if it wasn't fatal they'd still switch bodies. Instead of instant it would just be overnight again. And "if the knife knows" they could add a third person and cycle.
The Golden Raspberry
The Golden Raspberry - 18 timer siden
15:52 Just hilarious
Dorian Melwin
Dorian Melwin - 18 timer siden
I was seeing this with my dad and he is dark skinned. Fair to say, he thought that Josh broke the fourth wall when he said "you're black, I'm gay, we're dead"
Milk Man2.0
Milk Man2.0 - 18 timer siden
I think this movie was pretty good but the meh at least they are getting rid of the horror movie cliches 🥳🥳 keep up the videos!!
Emma Uhrick
Emma Uhrick - 19 timer siden
I LOVE LOVE LOVE horror movies
Christopher Rosales
Christopher Rosales - 19 timer siden
Chelsea is so funny
LeChoogs - 19 timer siden
8:46 nice R&M reference
Jeanlaid Alvarez
Jeanlaid Alvarez - 19 timer siden
I really, really love the scrip of this episode, this is one of my favorite kill counts
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 20 timer siden
Why you got BILLYBOY inna hat?
Gaven - 21 time siden
This movie was fucking amazing
Milan Mitrovic
Milan Mitrovic - 21 time siden
Hey is banana splits coming????????
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts - 18 timer siden
He's covered that movie already.
Jay - 21 time siden
Yo I think it would be cool if a female covered the kill count ngl-
King Twertle
King Twertle - 21 time siden
Phylipe Cabral
Phylipe Cabral - 21 time siden
claire novak is a assassin
Madeine Harvey
Madeine Harvey - 21 time siden
james you have no idea how incredibly happy it makes me that your supportive of lgbtq+ stuff, i’ve watched your videos for comfort or when i’m having panic attacks for years now, and it makes me so happy to know your just as good a person as i thought you were
hotelmario510 - 21 time siden
I like that they clearly wanted to call it Freaky Friday the 13th and couldn't because of copyright, lol
John Adam Gaskill
John Adam Gaskill - 21 time siden
The bullets will break apart before they come down
Zain Masud
Zain Masud - 21 time siden
I like this part 4:00