Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 | Splashdown Launch Trailer

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The Island has flooded, there are new areas to explore, Marauders to take on and... sharks to ride?
Survive more than just the Storm. Adapt to the new flooded way of life on the Island.
Watch your back! Defend yourself from new Marauders as they crash down onto the island and challenge your survival.
There's plenty more to discover in Season 3 dive in now!
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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Yassine - Agario
Yassine - Agario - Time siden
Bring the old map back and old guns also multiplier game sucks right now
Anto TV
Anto TV - Time siden
Fortnait is kid game plz return old map and old players
Gaming Charlie
Gaming Charlie - Time siden
Fortnite there’s a glitch with the small shield potion it sometimes get big when you drink it also it’s harmless
18_ Panda
18_ Panda - Time siden
Epic trás rein bouso meu amigo comprou temaki rein bouso infinito
Kristin Romero
Kristin Romero - Time siden
Hey fortnite love the game but when I try to get v bucks it doesn’t work so fix it please
jana hayhurst
jana hayhurst - Time siden
Fortnight add a magmum99
AMR CLAN - Time siden
Fix the game pleaseeeeeee
Juan Aguiar
Juan Aguiar - 2 timer siden
Epic can you guys try to collab with the wwe
Benjamin Carrillo
Benjamin Carrillo - 2 timer siden
Pleassssse can you add Batman to Fortnite again and I want it so bad
Windows Green.
Windows Green. - 2 timer siden
no we la re cagaste. la temporada termino en la segunda semana.
LLG_YOUNES - 2 timer siden
Old fortnite com back plaese 😥😥😥
João Pedro NARUTO
João Pedro NARUTO - 2 timer siden
Epic games eu lamento dizer mas os saqueadores acabaram com o jogo por favor narfem eles obrigado.
adi adithecrazy1
adi adithecrazy1 - 2 timer siden
Put Arena duos back in the game plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Edits by viviana
Edits by viviana - 3 timer siden
My epic Is:Vivianaistlost
Shadows - 3 timer siden
Please put the whirlpool back in so I can do the aqua an challenge
Tiko Fan2580
Tiko Fan2580 - 3 timer siden
Tiko Fan2580
Tiko Fan2580 - 3 timer siden
Hey epic make a new game mode
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 3 timer siden
The only question we still dont have a answer for yet is: *Who is the bussdriver*
Mia Renata
Mia Renata - 3 timer siden
soo good 🐼
Neo Gamer
Neo Gamer - 4 timer siden
Pls remove these marauders I don’t likke them
5454 - 4 timer siden
Can I have a present to my acc epic mrgamerpros3232 ps4 zockerboy3232
Acc Name abda***h A** Ham*d*
El twins mar5
El twins mar5 - 4 timer siden
من احلي العاب بس انا موبيلي مش مدعوم ف ارجوكو حلو المشكلة دي
Hello epic games well im a brazilian OG player and I am enjoying alot the current state of Fortnite battle royale, specialy creative due the facts that I create maps and I noticied that you removed the police cars from game as a matter of protest against the violence used by police officers, but it affects some times the creation of certain maps and I and others would be very thank full if you could bring them back, :3
Пономарёв Слава
Forever pomp shotgun
julio lara
julio lara - 6 timer siden
Fortnite should add a free vbuck thingy so kids wont have to steal moms credit card
Windows Green.
Windows Green. - 2 timer siden
EezAkzFN - 6 timer siden
itzcloxdycookies - 7 timer siden
I just realized that midas was in every scene because he got "eaten" or at least thats what people think
Semaj Howard
Semaj Howard - 7 timer siden
Benjamin Carrillo
Benjamin Carrillo - 7 timer siden
Hey Epic games can you add Batman to Fortnite again please
Tayveon Mcdaniel
Tayveon Mcdaniel - 7 timer siden
Your crossover with avatar the last Airbender
Emmanuel Emad
Emmanuel Emad - 7 timer siden
I love fade when he was in the boat in 1:02
Kate Simms-Maye
Kate Simms-Maye - 8 timer siden
My freind just started playing fotnite agen after last seson he rilly wants meosles he never played befor because he got builed for not being good i now you will never see this coment if you do it wont make a difrece usernames Aaron2.0123 and my freinds username is Kkcc360
morgan D
morgan D - 8 timer siden
Can you please make a skin for Xbox gamepass
Pranav Khajuria
Pranav Khajuria - 8 timer siden
The charge shotgun sucks
Coralis Maisonet
Coralis Maisonet - 8 timer siden
Who is this rabbit one week is some real funny gifts also no more I can get in also if you
shocki hakatan
shocki hakatan - 8 timer siden
Midesis not dead is now oro I'm not joking because is oro skin wat write mides ravages
Jairo Morfin
Jairo Morfin - 9 timer siden
When we all see the Authority:
Everyone: Epic give The middle island a break it can’t hold too a few heavy buildings for 2 seasons
Epic games: For season 4 WE WILL PUT HEAVIER BUILDINGS (EVIL LAUGH 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣)
Jairo Morfin
Jairo Morfin - 9 timer siden
Eye lands brother will need to get his reboot card and get a reboot van
Javineee Hilllss
Javineee Hilllss - 9 timer siden
Yo can u bring da guidedmissle back please
Matthew and Drew
Matthew and Drew - 9 timer siden
deadMidas you’re not dead
yobizettitanant lil_will29
yobizettitanant lil_will29 - 9 timer siden
Bug in creatif
Redneck Redemption
Redneck Redemption - 9 timer siden
Hey Epic Just for an Idea could you have a ranked game mode separate because a lot of players like me are switching from controller to PC and it hard to get good if your on a higher rank like if y'all agree
Red Dragon Gamer
Red Dragon Gamer - 10 timer siden
Make a tornado event in fortnite
Ayden Reiter
Ayden Reiter - 11 timer siden
Epic games for season 4 do Avengers endgame/Spider-Man far from home
Devourک - 11 timer siden
Can you bring back the zadie skin pls fortnite
King الملك
King الملك - 11 timer siden
Pleas Fortnite back the old map we are mad me and my friend
Freinds forever
Freinds forever - 11 timer siden
Fortnite plz bring back the og map this map is so disgusting
Jeremiah Byers
Jeremiah Byers - 11 timer siden
Brand back tiltied
Cassie - 12 timer siden
Someone body: I will create a skin called FishSticks Epic: Hippty hoppy your skin is now my propriety
Ege Abiad
Ege Abiad - 12 timer siden
I missed the old fortnite
18 TonyTube
18 TonyTube - 12 timer siden
I want the battle pass FREE for kids.Brawl Stars was take your example. Look at they.
Cassie - 12 timer siden
Bullettoothjoshy - 13 timer siden
Epic please reply can I please have the reaper pickaxe back in the store please Tim sweeney
Ryan Games
Ryan Games - 13 timer siden
You should make midas and his friends return and make a revange in season 4 and you should make a midas zombie and him claiming the agensy
omar playz
omar playz - 13 timer siden
U messed up this season marauders mess up the game
Vero Aveytia
Vero Aveytia - 13 timer siden
Pls add fortnite on Samsung tab
Mhd244 games
Mhd244 games - 14 timer siden
Im a no skin please give a gift
Gamerprotv24 epic name 😭😭
Alex Vitek
Alex Vitek - 14 timer siden
Im dont like chapter 2
greg bide
greg bide - 14 timer siden
Fornite réactiver les vortex pour le défi d'aquaman merci
Nght - 15 timer siden
Fortnite I want the old map to be back please
TheNewDammietv!! Vw
TheNewDammietv!! Vw - 15 timer siden
Epic can you just stop i keep putting in my right account details and its says its wrong im Damian_T_Dragon
HaZZa YT - 15 timer siden
Monique Nix
Monique Nix - 15 timer siden
Fortnite can we plz get South Africa servers
Lucasade 2008
Lucasade 2008 - 15 timer siden
Ur games dead
Poop Doop
Poop Doop - 15 timer siden
Get the traps back in fortnite!
TheNewDammietv!! Vw
TheNewDammietv!! Vw - 16 timer siden
WHO...agrees fortnite should add a machail jackson live event

Hotdog_gaming - 16 timer siden
Bring the Old Map back plzzzz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kensett Vargas
Kensett Vargas - 16 timer siden
Hey fornite hope you see this umm I didn't do a challenge from agueman and it was that shark one from sweaty sands and the sharks are not in the game so could I have it for free🥺👉🏿👈🏿
Kensett Vargas
Kensett Vargas - 16 timer siden
iyad gamer
iyad gamer - 16 timer siden
لي عربي لايك
José luis Aguilar
José luis Aguilar - 16 timer siden
GG for midas
The Fish In Your Basement
The Fish In Your Basement - 16 timer siden
Fortnite is so dead lmao people still play this crap?
KenDan Playz
KenDan Playz - 17 timer siden
Hey can you put haze normal please thank you so much
C.A.G PLAY - 17 timer siden
Cuando sacaran fortnite para el iPhone 6
yuvigg_ - 18 timer siden
My battle pass removed to me what can I do???🤧🤧😢😢😭😭
The Chasanater
The Chasanater - 18 timer siden
Here's an idea if fade is officialized as a drift character maybe you guys could make summer Catalyst and summer Fade
Adrijus Poskus
Adrijus Poskus - 18 timer siden
0:17 How dis she Beat Brutus In One Shot
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh - 18 timer siden
I know it's a stupid idea but who wants fortnite to collab with cod
El Juan
El Juan - 19 timer siden
No banen niños discriminadores
Imaj Crawford
Imaj Crawford - 19 timer siden
Also next season make a charge combat shotgun
Romeo Panda20
Romeo Panda20 - 20 timer siden
@Alia skin in fortnite
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey - 20 timer siden
That was pretty funny
tywüh - 20 timer siden
Just give up with the Teen rating epic games, your entire community is 90% annoying, sweaty, stupid 9 year olds