Former White House Photographer Warns About Trump | NowThis

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Former White House photographer Pete Souza served under Democratic and Republican administrations - and now he’s sounding alarms about Pres. Trump.
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Matthew Baran
Matthew Baran - 6 timer siden
I miss Obama
dragon08 **
dragon08 ** - 7 timer siden
Dignity is something Trumptards lack in everyday life.
That is why they are Trumptards.💩
glenda mitchell
glenda mitchell - 15 timer siden
Snything else will bring catastrophic consequences
glenda mitchell
glenda mitchell - 15 timer siden
Vote trump.
PeterPaul67 - 23 timer siden
I don't blame chump, I blame the idiots that voted for him.😠
Cindy Noble
Cindy Noble - Dag siden
When they were illegally spying on the Trump campaign do you think that was dignified
George Venckus
George Venckus - Dag siden
Sorry ... America has a president it deserves ....
Delphina DeGuzman
Delphina DeGuzman - Dag siden
Carla Roebuck
Carla Roebuck - 2 dager siden
you're delusional
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 2 dager siden
Yes sir
Donna Martins
Donna Martins - 2 dager siden
Thank you Mr Souza.
Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday - 2 dager siden
Obama was very presidential, compassionate and cared about people. If you didn't like him you had to be racist. Cause he is/was a good man. Nobody's perfect but the other presidents not either. trump is the spun of the devil.
Rage, Tears, Regrets and Fears
Every picture tells a story, don't it?
Patricia Lane
Patricia Lane - 2 dager siden
If he wins again it’s fixed nes so corrupt most of the world hate him and he has no intellectual ability to be in such a position
Patricia Lane
Patricia Lane - 2 dager siden
I agree Obama should still be president Trump in evil god help America I pray for him to be gone
Carol Palagyi
Carol Palagyi - 3 dager siden
Please VOTE. Dump Trump Go with Joe.
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 3 dager siden
I'm even more impressed with him than before. Can't wait to see to the documentary!
Science wins
Science wins - 3 dager siden
Biden 46 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Kristine Willems
Kristine Willems - 3 dager siden
If a choice is made from the inside out then this testimony is the one. Trump is preparing presidency for his daughter.
Holly Siler
Holly Siler - 3 dager siden
Powerful and scary. Thank you.
Rl l
Rl l - 3 dager siden
See the Republican party needs to become history!
Teresa Evans
Teresa Evans - 3 dager siden
Grow up
Get a life
Get a hobby
Dorene Scrima
Dorene Scrima - 3 dager siden
Cabal is the ones to blame
Dorene Scrima
Dorene Scrima - 3 dager siden
Obama build cages not trump
shelby engelhardt
shelby engelhardt - 4 dager siden
Karl Biñalon
Karl Biñalon - 4 dager siden
This is pure entertainment.
Just gotta wait for november 3 if it will end or if it will have a sequel.
RC BrainDamage
RC BrainDamage - 4 dager siden
Love that pic of Obama & the Russian president 😆 Looked like he was about to smack him
Kennette Klees
Kennette Klees - 4 dager siden
Agreed Alen!
Nicole Cordova
Nicole Cordova - 4 dager siden
I miss OBAMA so much!💙🙌
Mick Peacher
Mick Peacher - 4 dager siden
Trump is a megalomaniac dictator and murderer who has killed more than 200.000 people and caused millions of unemployed.
SAINT JOAN OF ARC - 4 dager siden
Good man. Thank you. Sharing the video.
Francis Marcoux
Francis Marcoux - 4 dager siden
You would elect the antichrist
Francis Marcoux
Francis Marcoux - 4 dager siden
Every sheep sounds the alarme but mone us doing anything against the wolf
Informed Vote
Informed Vote - 4 dager siden
Has President Trump kept his promises? Find out the truth from a non-biased, objective standpoint: @.
Amy - 4 dager siden
Vote people, vote!
Kar Walker
Kar Walker - 4 dager siden
Thanks for speaking up!
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith - 4 dager siden
Thanks for your great work and honesty.
Karen Silva
Karen Silva - 4 dager siden
Vote, Vote, Vote. Be a part of the solution!!!
Hells Fury
Hells Fury - 4 dager siden
Anybody else think he might be the third anti-Christ?
Hurgin - 4 dager siden