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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 16:48


Fallout Four
Fallout Four - 2 dager siden
I was hoping you were going to keep cutting back to Will using the axe to meticulously cook a meal in-between Alec destroying things.
Jay Williams
Jay Williams - 4 dager siden
Did you go to an international school? You sound like an upper class British person with a hint of American accent hahaha
Garin Norman
Garin Norman - 4 dager siden
Does will have finger prints left on how mutch he grinds and sands
Garin Norman
Garin Norman - 4 dager siden
Zach Upton
Zach Upton - 12 dager siden
Viking langsaxe
Geef Brown
Geef Brown - Måned siden
Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzz Fuzz - Måned siden
believe or not he is fallen Asgardian most skillful blacksmith that other dont want him get know to Odin
Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzz Fuzz - Måned siden
he most professional blacksmith i ever seen in my life the prove is when he forging he made less trash like if you start with 1kg iron you not loss almost 1kg iron from forging
Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzz Fuzz - Måned siden
other forge : do you need damascus???
Alec : i love nothing more than Damascus & i would love to use Thanos scrap metal from his ship to make my new Damascus metal
B_back_in_10 - Måned siden
I want one now 😂😂
Tyrone Chandler
Tyrone Chandler - Måned siden
I like the look, the natural color of the handle is great
William Corax
William Corax - Måned siden
Quenching in an ammo can. That's very American of you mister British guy
Josh Repavich
Josh Repavich - 2 måneder siden
For those who care: eero isn’t very great. It’s fast, but I have continuous issues with devices connecting to the wrong extenders, connecting on 2.4GHz intermittently, and you can only port forward one port at a time, no range input (absolute joke). Their customer support ignored me twice, and took 2 weeks to respond to a third email. Avoid.
dan van syckel
dan van syckel - 2 måneder siden
I call them tweeker hammers.
TheBestCupOfTea - 2 måneder siden
thats definetly better than everything i could do but the handle looks a
bit short
De Beunhazen
De Beunhazen - 2 måneder siden
6:10 hehe. He burned his hair xd
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 - 2 måneder siden
Great Axe!!
Ben Walkup
Ben Walkup - 3 måneder siden
You can see he singed his hair
Miikka Välimäki
Miikka Välimäki - 3 måneder siden
Funny fact: Eero is mans name in Finland.
John Scheckel
John Scheckel - 3 måneder siden
W1 sucks noodles.
Gabe Smith
Gabe Smith - 3 måneder siden
Great job editor on the music! I’m never disappointed
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor - 3 måneder siden
most blade youtubers: you cant get a good edge with a machine.
alec: Hold my hammer
Brandon Hester
Brandon Hester - 3 måneder siden
Now send it to wranglestar for a review
David Beard
David Beard - 3 måneder siden
I was freakin'. If Wil slipped and hit your hair while doing that split........well, I just don't know.
Speakeng lishStupid
Speakeng lishStupid - 3 måneder siden
Wait, Will hasn’t left for L.A. yet? I can’t think of a better place for someone so useless. Maybe San Fran.
Anthony Arevalo
Anthony Arevalo - 4 måneder siden
Wife: What are you doing?
Husband: Chopping onions?
Wife: With an Axe?
Husband: Yeah....
kit Wilson
kit Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Alec why not forge a....... (thing) with your wife, for your home.

Like it if you want to see this
Xyander - 4 måneder siden
Should have made the spike hardenable, too, so the tip doesn't mushroom right away.
brandonshere3 - 4 måneder siden
what is the powder that you are treating the metal with as it's heated and hit
{NEM} Momotaur
{NEM} Momotaur - 5 måneder siden
Umm u forgot to harden the spike... might as well cut it off, because it’s useless now.
LockRock RCs
LockRock RCs - 5 måneder siden
Are you using Borax?
brogeezie - 6 måneder siden
What's that white dust stuff they put on the hot metal and why?
Juliet hotel
Juliet hotel - 6 måneder siden
You should do forged in fire
John Navarro
John Navarro - 6 måneder siden
The scallion cutting KILLED me. Loved this project!! hit right at home as someone who is a fan of everything to do with Man of Wars
Nick Ross
Nick Ross - 6 måneder siden
Love the Montana flag on the wall in the back
Billy Metcalf
Billy Metcalf - 6 måneder siden
fucking love these dudes.
Jeff Palumbo
Jeff Palumbo - 6 måneder siden
You need an Ulu in the kitchen!
LLueve - 6 måneder siden
Ahhh, the kid from Jerry McGuire is doing well! Great job buddy!
Buell Richmond
Buell Richmond - 6 måneder siden
I think your hair caught on fire...
wolfchild71 - 6 måneder siden
the head of that axe is too big. the french boarding axes were much smaller, almost tomahawk like. as a compact fire axe, well done, though.
Black Mask
Black Mask - 7 måneder siden
Reminds me of the time a Nord Huscarl axed sniped me head while I was running on a horse.
Oggz M
Oggz M - 7 måneder siden
that axe looks wicked, love your work guys, whats with the bruise Alec?
steady bloke
steady bloke - 7 måneder siden
Be easier with a forge press
Derek Hibdon
Derek Hibdon - 7 måneder siden
Watching Will cut up those green onions got me thinking...…. how about making a nice Damascus Ulu??? I would Love to see that!
alex39082 - 7 måneder siden
Brody Alford
Brody Alford - 7 måneder siden
Alec should make a video on different kinds of steel, what the numbers mean, that kind of thing. I'd watch the hell out of that.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 7 måneder siden
Brody Alford it would be a very long video, because the naming system is not really universal from manufacture to manufacture. Sometimes the numbers and letters have to do with carbon content, added trace elements, and procedures used to make it (like Crucibles CPM) but other times it’s just a list number. And then there are various versions of the same Steel like 154CM and CPM 154. Or even universally known steels like 1095 which are rebranded if made in a different country, like T10 maybe just 1095 or 1084
Colby Burgess
Colby Burgess - 7 måneder siden
Okay hear me out. Forged VS challenge: three part kitchen knife set.
StratosGear - 7 måneder siden
All this amazing machinery its mind boggling to think about the quality and quality of these tools that were produced WITHOUT electricity 👍🏻 the main reason I am in this business.
Skull Kid
Skull Kid - 7 måneder siden
Hey why don't you try to go on the show forged in fire
EvanArtsy - 7 måneder siden
I do art on my channel but your stuff makes me want to switch hobbies to blacksmithing 😂😂
GunSheppard - 7 måneder siden
Is there a reason why you wouldn't hot-cut the mild steel with the high-carbon insert?
Brian Hawken
Brian Hawken - 7 måneder siden
Okay, Will cutting green onions is now the funniest moment on this channel, dethroning the “also known as the correct way” comment from his very first appearance with Alec. 😀
Kyle A
Kyle A - 7 måneder siden
What a pair of dorks. I love it. Never Change Alec and Will.
James Runyon
James Runyon - 7 måneder siden
A. how come no sewing?
B. will you have time for a nice thanksgiving themed cooking utensil?
Rapplepap Games
Rapplepap Games - 7 måneder siden
I always wonder what would happen if police walked into Alex’s house to interrogate him for something and also search his house But what would happen if they found all the weapons in his house
Razzreal - 7 måneder siden
I am so glad Will is part of this channel lol love his commentary
AugustWayneProductions - 7 måneder siden
Will I think you need a bigger hammer.
TheBenvelope - 7 måneder siden
So with the halberd, think of it like how to make a spear head with an axe as ornamentation on the spear. Just a little tip
The G Team
The G Team - 7 måneder siden
Alec and Will - I love how you have returned with some good forging videos again including talking through your steps. It’s what made me subscribe a couple years ago, and I’m pumped to see this type of content return.
You guys are awesome!
James StJohn
James StJohn - 7 måneder siden
Congrats on the one video build.
William Harris
William Harris - 7 måneder siden
If Will likes the axe as a kitchen tool, maybe you might consider forging an ulu. It's a cresent shaped knife designed for chopping.
Tobias - 7 måneder siden
I'm also a Norfolk lad, when I was a boy working in a blacksmiths I had to use hammers all by myself....there was no power hammer. You should've seen my master smith, both arms and chest like a Cradely Heath chain maker. He made Schwarzenegger look like a consumptive child. Tell you buddy that "real" blacksmiths don't use grinders. My master used silica sand as flux rather than borax.
Randy Richardson
Randy Richardson - 7 måneder siden
Count me in thanks for the chance to win
Helveteshit - 7 måneder siden
The handle could of gotten an upgrade. The slip slide protection knot at the end etcetera.
Psyrus - 7 måneder siden have an "Ammo Can" brand ammo can? O_o
David Chapple
David Chapple - 7 måneder siden
Can You give us your subscriber's , a price list of the grinder's that you are planning on selling in the near future along with the sanding belt's that you have looked at as the best that your self would use.
Bo Nesbit
Bo Nesbit - 7 måneder siden
Thank you so much for the forge porn. The close ups in your videos are amazing and a great inspiration.
jandastroy - 7 måneder siden
I'm surprised you guys didn't chop some logs since you had an axe handy and all
Adam - 7 måneder siden
Great edit! I'm enjoying the inclusion of some one-shot episodes in the midst of your longer projects.
LaurelHill - 7 måneder siden
Alright. The funk music is kicking.
MrToolmaker23 - 7 måneder siden
Hello Alec. Is that an engineer's Iron Ring on your left hand?
Work safe gentlemen.
James Simonds
James Simonds - 7 måneder siden
You really should wear a mask when using borax like that. its nasty stuff in the lungs over time.
Edem Frost
Edem Frost - 7 måneder siden
Guys, I am just wondering where is Alec Steele? Who we know from UK, who done excellent and unique and brilliant stuff... I was a great fan of him, watched every single video, but till he is in US he changed a lot, in a wrong way. It is sad! But tell me if I am wrong
Ben Harding
Ben Harding - 7 måneder siden
Plz pick me
Dan Moss
Dan Moss - 7 måneder siden
When in doubt power hammer it out.
New T shirt idea. Feel free to use it.
Retrothis - 7 måneder siden
Toyota Celica in the background... Is it spicy?
SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]
Me: *sees the thumbnail*
My Thor sense: *clicks the video*
Me: *happiness noises*
TangoDeltaDelta - 7 måneder siden
Love the one-episode builds mixed in with the more complicated multi-part ones! Keep these coming please.
Pieter Béatse
Pieter Béatse - 7 måneder siden
guys, nice work i'm really diggin it but pleas stop wasting food for the tests. its just wasting good food
Blaze O'Glory
Blaze O'Glory - 7 måneder siden
I didn't know that was the grandfather to the fire axe. You learn something new every day.