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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 13:59


Indoors and Out
Indoors and Out - 2 dager siden
What about the socket?
Gideon Moser
Gideon Moser - 12 dager siden
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what machine is it that was hammering it down?
TheGamingGeek - Måned siden
Halberds are usually made as separate pieces then put together at the end
Jonathan Towle
Jonathan Towle - 3 måneder siden
Picture, projector, white board, proportianate drawing 🤔 hope this helps...
Collin McLean
Collin McLean - 3 måneder siden
So I'm just a small trinket and knife smith... and an amateur one at that... so feel free to disregard my idea entirely. But what if you had tried to draw out material for the cutting edge at the start... like I'm not sure if this would work but when you were offsetting it at the start, instead of flattening it out you made two thinned out points along the vertical axis and then started drawing out the middle part along the vertical axis... like with a plus sign + or a crucifix shape... but make it thicker on the arms of the piece... instead of trying to draw out the edge from the already narrowed out piece of steel...
I may not be explaining it well enough...
Uhf Hvhfjjv
Uhf Hvhfjjv - 3 måneder siden
Make a collaboration with chad wild clay
David Mewis
David Mewis - 4 måneder siden
Hey alec I'm a big fan of your videos and I'm a fellow brit I was wondering if you can make conan the barbarian's sword
Mistur Jostur
Mistur Jostur - 5 måneder siden
6:41 what you have right there is a fishberd, great for fishing pizzas out of the pizza oven.
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner - 5 måneder siden
Bit late for this now but, the effective and stronger way to forge this would have been to have to 'halberd' (this design is not a halberd but a poor movie design of one) as a solid price without the shaft tang and welded it on later down the process
BobbyCavalier - 6 måneder siden
I never noticed the anvils moving when hand hammering before. Is that common or supposed to happen? Like a way to ease the blow and relieve stress
The Nuclear Llama
The Nuclear Llama - 6 måneder siden
I really want to see him do a forged in fire competition, that’d be so cool
D.O’H - 7 måneder siden
You two need to go on Forged In Fire show
Joe Henigan
Joe Henigan - 7 måneder siden
Why don't you try oval shaped dyes on your power hammer?
Patrick M
Patrick M - 7 måneder siden
oops commented before finishing watching
Patrick M
Patrick M - 7 måneder siden
piece it together with several parts forge welding, not from one large chunk, you can get a better shape that way
Daniel Straw
Daniel Straw - 7 måneder siden
Quick Q: Wouldn't you be able to make the 4 pieces by splitting the "tang" and then splitting those pieces again? Y'know, fold them out, shape them, fold back in, profit?
B0aw s
B0aw s - 7 måneder siden
"Only 10 bucks a month for FREE"😄😁👌 hehe
The Ace time lapse
The Ace time lapse - 7 måneder siden
Can you make the green long sleeve for kids plz
JourneyedAvenger - 7 måneder siden
Another fan mail unboxing video please??
DestructoErgoSum - 7 måneder siden
Damn Alex, your work lightens up my heart ❤
Daley Parsons
Daley Parsons - 7 måneder siden
So if it started off as 11lb how much would be lost from the scale alone on a project like this?
Peter August
Peter August - 7 måneder siden
I dont see why a blacksmith cant cut things... Pretty sure they did chisel the outline of the blade also back then...
victorpapaavp - 7 måneder siden
Didn't expect to go Berd watching this morning!
I'll show myself out...
Luke Gilner
Luke Gilner - 7 måneder siden
What camera do you use for filming? thanks!
z zzires
z zzires - 7 måneder siden
ok love it.
however why not knock down the corners and then cut the stock open on the flats giving you 4 quarters. these then could be drawn out. you can easily move them out of the way whilst working on the others. idk seems easier to me than trying to forge weld 4 parts to the one base stock.
Matt Schmid
Matt Schmid - 7 måneder siden
You don't have to reinvent the process, you can find out how they were actually made historically.
oReaper - 7 måneder siden
Try make a spear
Asgeirr Varmesjord
Asgeirr Varmesjord - 7 måneder siden
Less talk and more pooper!
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 7 måneder siden
Buy some steal? Or go home and make some little Steeles. I’ll see myself out now.
thony krijger
thony krijger - 7 måneder siden
Make a pocket nife can you do that
CBob357 - 7 måneder siden
how was the halberd made traditionally?
Wolf Locke
Wolf Locke - 7 måneder siden
Dunno what it's called, but the hammer struck punch/drift that you used around the 8:30 mark has a pretty uneven mushroomed face, and I hate it...
captainbubbles - 7 måneder siden
Im glad he at least has interesting ad sponsorship I was so i was liking the ad so much i forgot it was an ad I thought I clicked on a tree cutting video lol
NochSoEinKaddiFan - 7 måneder siden
You found the same music that bob from iltm uses, isn't that just a great piece?
Scott Bell
Scott Bell - 7 måneder siden
I want him to make a Damascus anvil
Brian Walker
Brian Walker - 7 måneder siden
Need a shop ferret to play with puppy
deathsicon - 7 måneder siden
You can't be a shop without a shop dog, your halfway there by having both a shop space and a dog, but you still need to put them together before its really a shop
Ernest John Andres
Ernest John Andres - 7 måneder siden
Can you forge an axe out of bucket lip shroud from Hensley. I suggest that you use the lipshroud for PC 200 excavator.
Francesco Muci
Francesco Muci - 7 måneder siden
In most cases the halberd had a socket where the handle was put in and the strapping was mostly to protect the said handle from blows intended to break it.
s vernon
s vernon - 7 måneder siden
will's a good "chap"
kenneth street
kenneth street - 7 måneder siden
Good luck with those languettes buddy. Weld opposing sides at the same time?
kenneth street
kenneth street - 7 måneder siden
The Sasquatch walk was perfect, almost had me convinced. Only if he was 2 feet taller, you'd of had me sold
Jon Murray
Jon Murray - 7 måneder siden
You are out of practice. Even me, who hasn’t hit hot steel with a hammer for 30 years knew that was way to much material for the spike. It will come back to you though.
Matt West
Matt West - 7 måneder siden
you have a puppy?!?!?!?!?!
you best go to the snow with your pupper in the next video!
Bartleby - 7 måneder siden
Will has made this channel unwatchable for me which is frustrating because I really like Alec and I looooove halberds. I wish I could explain what it is that about Will that irritates me so......He's kinda snotty? Like his humor isn't offensive or anything but literally every joke I've heard him make is a groaner (don't know how you stand it Alec) and they're dickish. The first video I saw him in, I wanna say the Damascus stiletto, everyone was discussing the dimensions and he kept saying 'freedom units' instead of cm. In this video, i can't go more than a minute in before we get "Why dont we start by hitting metal with a hammer?" I just can't. I tried. I really did. I've watched nearly all of your videos but when Will came on board, my ability to enjoy this channel ended. Judging from the comments, I'm alone in this. I mean no offense to Will. Some personalities just don't mix and with 2mil subs (congrats, btw Alec. I don't know of any other YTers who put in as much elbow grease into their content) it hardly matters what one person says. I'm just writing this so that, on the off chance you've seen any slowdown in your growth, you have a data point to consider. Goodbye.
EP - 7 måneder siden
Start over this is unacceptable
Nick Farnham
Nick Farnham - 7 måneder siden
Day 1 till you notice me asking for the master sword from zelda
diogo lourenco
diogo lourenco - 7 måneder siden
i miss some series of ''reach perfection'' build, can you guys do a lusitan falcata? i think i asked this before.. maybe with diferent material make your own alloy that would be cool.
TheUniversalBean - 7 måneder siden
bro its pronounced tortiya
Jose H
Jose H - 7 måneder siden
R u going to do anything with the dinosaur Damascus ?? Or did u already??
love pc gaming
love pc gaming - 7 måneder siden
My first dislike on a video of yours alec. I feel like you took the easy way out this time instead of taking the challenge head on like you normally do. I could see it in your face when you made the decision for 2 peices that you were disappointed. I hope you either make another one in a single piece or hold to the very high standards you have always put on your self in all future projects.
I would rather see 3 fail vids before you get it the way you want it like the old days than this.
Björn Thor Gudmundsson
Björn Thor Gudmundsson - 7 måneder siden
Didn't halberds connect to the handle/shaft whatever it's called like a spear? Forging the bottom half into a tube you could fit the handle into and rivet it in place?
steprockmedia - 7 måneder siden
Out of practice??? Someone needs more heatin' and beatin' time!!!
Ninja Hombrepalito
Ninja Hombrepalito - 7 måneder siden
Historically, as far,as I know, they were made of several pieces forged together, in difference to the billhook, which was forged out of one piece. I learned from Shadiversity. Great youtuber, specially on historical weapons and such. I think watching some of his videos on weapons would give you some good ideas.
mitchell fazendine
mitchell fazendine - 7 måneder siden
Kyle Royer has a YouTube channel of making knives and he mentioned your name in his latest video, I told him in the comments that he should do a collaboration with you. You should reach out to him because he does phenomenal work and I think if you two did a knife with him it would come out to be one of the best pieces either one of you have ever done. Something to think about
Jo Sanders
Jo Sanders - 7 måneder siden
Alex he's behind you!!
Lyk D'Nine
Lyk D'Nine - 7 måneder siden
Alec used a lot of weight, damn.
secretsquirrel726 - 7 måneder siden
It looks like the top and bottom strap were original metal, and there is a cut out slot that makes the straps on the top and bottom integral with the surface. But the side straps do look welded on, and maybe they observed stress during fighting practice and added them later.
MrCooj92 - 7 måneder siden
I just came here to say, you should compete on forged in fire!!
Jason Long
Jason Long - 7 måneder siden
You should make a Stone Bow!
Joshua Talley
Joshua Talley - 7 måneder siden
C'mon Alec. I'm not even a blacksmith and I was thinking the whole time you were making the first one "Why doesn't he just make 2 separate pieces and put them together like you would an axe?" 😂😂
Anthony - 7 måneder siden
I see you decided to make the most versatile weapon ever created.
Kimmo_Sweden - 7 måneder siden
Eric WF
Eric WF - 7 måneder siden
@7:10 who speared Nemo?
Rasmus Bjersander
Rasmus Bjersander - 7 måneder siden
isn't a halberd made from 2 pieces? pike and a axe head? Nevermind I pre-mature comment. XD
Greg Miller
Greg Miller - 7 måneder siden
Think seen Bigfoot in background run out shop
Tim Kirk
Tim Kirk - 7 måneder siden
7:10 Looks like a Pepperidge Farm Goldfish on a spike!
Daniel Hendy
Daniel Hendy - 7 måneder siden
The first try Looks like a gold fish on a stick!!!
Jaeden Tsai
Jaeden Tsai - 7 måneder siden
3.30 who saw the camera man?
Tristin Lascelle
Tristin Lascelle - 7 måneder siden
You should make an axe for @wranglerstar hes huge into axes and logging
Chad Bond
Chad Bond - 7 måneder siden
Atlanteon Sword Please...
Dimas Rianto
Dimas Rianto - 7 måneder siden
Well, i'm not gonna lie. I came here to see the halberd. See yall on the final result video.
Vel0cir - 7 måneder siden
Tang? On a halberd?
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 7 måneder siden
Looks a lot like a speared fish
Mad max 666
Mad max 666 - 7 måneder siden
Nice video but why so much shouting?just calm down a bit
TheJdelos - 7 måneder siden
I love to see the big hammer used
Loveduhmusic - 7 måneder siden
I thought the tumbnail was a knock off Harry Potter
Sorrows City
Sorrows City - 7 måneder siden
Name Change Alec No Steele
Atria Wulf
Atria Wulf - 7 måneder siden
also when are we going to see alec on forged in fire
Centurion1701 - 7 måneder siden
I believe that the construction of a halberd was done in several pieces the ax head, the spike and the side pieces were often created separately and joined by rivets or forge welding where possible.