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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 25:42


Miracle Info
Miracle Info - 3 timer siden
I have alldays and onions 3cwt power hammer machine..i need that valve mechanisam..
Arne Burghouts
Arne Burghouts - 2 dager siden
I'd like to have a word with those "mean people" Alec..
Brilliant video! Loved it!
John Brenneise
John Brenneise - 20 dager siden
Feb. 7, 1980, 7:15 p.m.: I was waiting in the car for my father to take me to my trombone lesson. While I was waiting, he got a call from my Aunt. My uncle had been working alone in the barn. She found him on the floor, apparently having bled to death after getting mangled by a grain auger and having managed to extricate himself from the auger, but passing out on the floor. No one was there to take him to medical care. Avoid working alone if possible.
Julian Fischer
Julian Fischer - 20 dager siden
Yes, you moron-dropped that part inside... but you also took apart the top part and found the weld issue through that :D
Cliff P
Cliff P - 25 dager siden
I just want to find parts 1 2 and 3? None in the description or? A playlist?
budsbus TBI
budsbus TBI - Måned siden
i did not know you was in Montana, i go there to see family a lot! i have a TBI so i spend lots time looking for whats in my hand! but love that if i dont have the tool many times i just make one!
MetallicaLife4 - Måned siden
thank you so much for that concise and clear explanation of how a power hammer works! That was incredible:D
CMDR RedCraig
CMDR RedCraig - Måned siden
Nice one Alec !!! Laughed my arse off at 20.27. But it you want to know how something works....take it to bits, then try to remember how it goes back together.😂😂😂
André Astur
André Astur - Måned siden
Won´t the wood footing be smashed by using the power hammer?
warriorpoet - Måned siden
Kung Flu is overrated. This is America, I'm free to do what I want. Self determination is is protected in the Constitution.
bobwatters - Måned siden
Looks like it's time to lap that valve in and possibly replace the spring. That piston ring/seal cannot be sealing right with the damage to the cylinder either.
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - 2 måneder siden
That rust on the cylinder wall is part of your problem. You have a seal issue.
Sagecraft - 2 måneder siden
you had a mullet :|
Ithmiths - 2 måneder siden
Hehe turn it on while the covers off and launch the hammer into space
John Barney
John Barney - 2 måneder siden
Stupid?! No one could or should call you stupid. They need to watch you from the beginning and see the impressive leaps you have made. Those naysayers are sitting in their mother's basement trolling
Sean Mcclelland
Sean Mcclelland - 2 måneder siden
Me too😭
Mat Lilly
Mat Lilly - 2 måneder siden
Freaky not seeing you squinting. I had no idea you had eyes.
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 2 måneder siden
Never disappointed with your content. Keep up the great work as always
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 2 måneder siden
Flashback was perfect
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 2 måneder siden
You said as I was typing it. Good old days
Peter Vichi
Peter Vichi - 2 måneder siden
Alec, you are now one of my FAVORITE You Tubers. I am pleased to subscribe and look forward to you next video. NICE JOB young man...
Anton Erikssen
Anton Erikssen - 2 måneder siden
My first comment to watching many of your videos. Awesome and very informative! thumbs up :)
Dennis Lubert
Dennis Lubert - 2 måneder siden
Yes, there was something visible in exactly one frame, a mist of air I would say...
Stupha Kinpendous
Stupha Kinpendous - 2 måneder siden
Fixing this hammer is fascinating. I LOVE this content. Thank you.
jaysen2200 - 2 måneder siden
Maybe they are not mean maybe they are right ! I love your humility !
Telexic - 2 måneder siden
while everything is still working, have the hammer 3d scanned, so replacement parts can be made.
James - 2 måneder siden
When it comes to most machines one of the most important things Is just "Learning" how to use it...
It may not be alive, but it still had its own personality
Geffrei Maudeleyne
Geffrei Maudeleyne - 2 måneder siden
Not hammer related but a concern: The deadbolt to a door with a window should be keyed on both sides. If someone smashes the glass, they just unlocked your door. Part 2: That is almost the worst place to leave your keys. Get them away from the door with a window. Smash the window and intruder could take your truck as a get-away vehicle. You have too fantastic of a shop for uninvited guests.
Will Wise
Will Wise - 2 måneder siden
You should paint the American flag onto the power hammer
Jack Pines Blacksmithing
Jack Pines Blacksmithing - 2 måneder siden
I'll say right up front that I love your channel, Alec. I enjoy it for the entertainment value, the production quality, and all the things you, Will, and all those behind the scenes make possible. That said, I long for those simpler times as I felt I learned (and still learn) a lot from the older stuff. I understand that you have to, as we all do, continue to grow as a smith and a business. So, I'm not asking anything of you but just sharing how much I've appreciated your whole journey and will continue to join you while taking advantage of the fact that I can still access your simpler, educational videos here on your channel (and in your coursework which I'm going to end up buying soon).
Addison Z
Addison Z - 2 måneder siden
It was good to have the throwback. Awesome to see how far you've come and it's going to be great watching where you, Will, Matt, and the whole crew go from here!
Captain Twitchy
Captain Twitchy - 2 måneder siden
It sure if you’ll see this, but I’ve followed you since early on at Barker street and I have to tell you I’m proud of what you’ve done to improve your knowledges, skills, and abilities. Good job, Alec!
CAMERON NERDIN - 2 måneder siden
Kazsnazz - 2 måneder siden
Alec! You should (if you haven't already) try making and then making something out of the cast iron bronze that one of MeltandCast's subscribers made up, I really want to see what you'd do with it! Apparently it's like a super-hard bronze. I'd love to see you make a weapon out of it!
BrittBoss - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Alec look kinda like the blonde haired kid from that Disney film Meet The Robinson’s 🤔😂
Sir Skillet
Sir Skillet - 2 måneder siden
Could you make a Steele VS. Stelter where you make a Chakram? Of course after that Corona crysis
Tonni Lerche
Tonni Lerche - 2 måneder siden
Alec - will there be a part 5 of this series? - i want to see how you fixed the problems you discovered last in the video :D
legally bread
legally bread - 2 måneder siden
march 30th was my birthday
Mr Good
Mr Good - 2 måneder siden
1 week later any follow up? You still healthy Alec? Hope all is well with everyone out there.
William Cunha
William Cunha - 2 måneder siden
Alec, Do you have a Day selected for the Live Show?
Milo Wolf
Milo Wolf - 2 måneder siden
Why is it that I can understand the quantum science behind a starship from Star Trek, but this escapes me? I loved the educational piece, thank you.
julissa medina
julissa medina - 2 måneder siden
Are you going to start wearing jeans again
hay bale bro
hay bale bro - 2 måneder siden
Vernon Ray
Vernon Ray - 2 måneder siden
such a good voice over
Wint3rsmith - 2 måneder siden
11:20 do you the camera on all night??
Laser - 2 måneder siden
So, you said earlier that this was serviced by a master hammer mechanic?
robert shaw
robert shaw - 2 måneder siden
Hi Alec - Are you completely shut down. Could you work on your new BIG hammer? We miss your postings. But be safe, stay well.
Jon Sovey
Jon Sovey - 2 måneder siden
Awesome explanation with the drawing on the side of the hammer!
Gžegož Sakson
Gžegož Sakson - 2 måneder siden
i know that you are currently dealing with stuff and i dont know if you have done this before but you have the tools so you should try building a 2 stroke or 1 stroke engine from scratch so forging the parts like the pistons piston rings engine block all the pieces and see how it goes. i believe that it would be a cool series too
Ozzy M
Ozzy M - 2 måneder siden
I loved the Countdown jingle. Nice touch.
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins - 2 måneder siden
OK, random question. I noticed in your 1 million layer sword video, when you were using the power hammer, it seemed to know when you would remove the material from the striking surface. Meaning that when you removed the sword, the hammer wouldn't fully extend to the hammering surface. I also noticed that it wasn't after a set number of strikes. OK now my question..... How does the power hammer
" KNOW " when to make a full strike and when not to so quickly like that ?
Richard Hopkins
Richard Hopkins - 2 måneder siden
@Timothy S. OHHHHHHH hey yeah, a pedal would totally make sense. That never even crossed my mind. Cool. Thank you, sir
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
It all comes down to the operator, they control the hammer by using the pedal attached at the bottom of the hammer
Mortui MORDENT - 2 måneder siden
Well clumsy or not , you dropping it opend the opportunity to see the insides
Brent Cross
Brent Cross - 2 måneder siden
Mistakes are a part of learning.
dvxAznxvb - 2 måneder siden
Did you check the spark plugs, air filter and head gasket?
Urban Adventures
Urban Adventures - 2 måneder siden
what brought Alec across the pond? Fiance? Made in the USA? Collabs?
bashpr0mpt - 2 måneder siden
Ram hitting the cylinder cover? Take the cover off. Fixed! Ram hitting the ceiling? Take the roof off!
bassfishing central
bassfishing central - 2 måneder siden
So you dropping that bolt into the power hammer was featured on an episode of watch people die inside part 32
Thomas Pickens
Thomas Pickens - 2 måneder siden
There are a few companies that can rebuild antique electric motors for you. I hope you didn't throw the old one away. You can get the brushes replaced and the copper rewound.
Markus Andersson
Markus Andersson - 2 måneder siden
I give up. one up load/week not like it use to be.
Timothy S.
Timothy S. - 2 måneder siden
It's pretty hard to get content out when the entire team is not allowed in the shop
B C - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know where you can buy his trousers?
Nick Burke
Nick Burke - 2 måneder siden
Air blowout of oil? Regular cameras dont always pick that up
WildcatWilly - 2 måneder siden
Do you need a jam nut on the turnbuckle?
Kevin Grime
Kevin Grime - 2 måneder siden
You were lucky!! Water has got in (witness the rust marks) lost the compression cushion at the top because of leakage past the rings. Could have had the WHOLE TOP of the cylinder casting smashed off!!!!
Clean the cylinder, maybe even the rings, polish the seat and valve,replace the valve spring and reassemble!
Bryan Burnside
Bryan Burnside - 2 måneder siden
It's been a week and I just knew you would have a "We got it fixed" vid up by now.
Toby 7
Toby 7 - 2 måneder siden
Just seen you on Watch people die inside part 14.
Nicholas Slavik
Nicholas Slavik - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else think he was gonna forge out the allen key he needed? lol
robertk997 - 2 måneder siden
I think I may have found your next build. A gauntlet sword. You should look it up, they look pretty cool.
JinaSolo - 2 måneder siden
@21:12 - I was going to as about the mill for that, but you would have to clamp it to the table with the T-slots and could not use the vice... Fair enough... lol
JinaSolo - 2 måneder siden
@10:28 - Don't you need nuts on the turnbuckle? After you set the size, shouldn't you tighten nuts onto the turnbuckle to lock it in place? It seems like there will be drift in that system as you hammer...
JinaSolo - 2 måneder siden
@9:18 - Why not go into the part with the band-saw for the 'vertical' cuts? You can even then do an 'x' cut and cut out the top and side triangles. You would then only need to grind out the bottom triangle of metal...
EMC2 - 2 måneder siden
Alec, … I could not see if you have a locking nut on your adjustable shaft mechanism.
A locking would make sense because of the vibration of that BIG hammer...…. don't you think?
I can NOT find part 5, where you finish the job of fixing the 300lb power hammer WHY ??
Robert Whitney
Robert Whitney - 2 måneder siden
Hi Alec, I have watched this video several times. First I was intrigued with the internal workings of your hammer. The air cushion operation, as the ram is forced up past the top ports, that air is trapped and compressed giving a soft stop, no clunk. Now is the time for the ram to be forced down by air, with the piston covering the ports on the side the air is transferred through the passage to the valve in the top of the head to push the piston down past the side ports to get full volume of air pressure.

Now to the clunk on the head, the cushion failure. That means there was no or not enough air trapped to compress for a cushion. First thing I would check is the sealing condition of the valve in the cage, and the cage to the top of the head. Now the cover for the valve also holds the valve cage tight to the head. All of this stack up has to add up to zero leakage. You can't over look the sealing of the head to the cylinder casting.

I hope this gives you a little insight into the workings of how an air cushion operates. If you have any questions is there a way to communicate one on one.
I like your building skills, thanks,
Daniel Feldsien
Daniel Feldsien - 2 måneder siden
Out boy seriously made a new Allen key before just sticking a bolt in.
Andrew Millyard
Andrew Millyard - 2 måneder siden
I suppose the valve in the top acts in the same way as the screw cap on the back of a fleshlight to control back pressure and cushioning.
Gillian Walker
Gillian Walker - 2 måneder siden
Working alone? Better wear your ankle first aid kit.
TheEndOfSolace - 2 måneder siden
Loved that flashback! Miss those good old days of live show and first learning how to make blades! Also my wife said you looked like a dirty orphan from a movie xD
Darren White
Darren White - 2 måneder siden
I appreciate that Will and the team are a great asset to the entire business/production but I do miss these types of video where it's just Alec and the camera. Reminds me of the old videos at Barker Street.
Christopher Andrade
Christopher Andrade - 2 måneder siden
Alec, over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of watching your channel during my lunch breaks at work. Starting back just before you moved into your new UK space. Since I’ve been relegated to working from home during this COVID-19 phase of life I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share lunch with my seven-year-old and nine-year-old.The other day they came up and found me watching your channel. They both have fallen in love with blacksmithing and my son runs around the house saying “Need a tool, make a tool” and “Alec Steele is sooo cool”! It is now part of daily ritual to hang around my computer and watch an episode or 2 together! I wanted to thank you for being one of my silver linings amidst this chaos!
Dr. Eck
Dr. Eck - 2 måneder siden
Is that from Fallout 4?
Phaenome - 2 måneder siden
cast iron can be welded, so i don't even know why you didn't weld the motor