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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 21:37


Alec Steele
Alec Steele - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Big thanks for following along the series everyone! Can't wait to forge some steel! Big thanks to today's sponsor:
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Matt Vliet
Matt Vliet - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Need a tool, Make a tool!
samuel twaites
samuel twaites - 3 mĂ„neder siden
from England, welcome matt.
Salvador Vazquez-Rangel
Salvador Vazquez-Rangel - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I think I see a 3-way challenge coming
J Baldwin
J Baldwin - 3 mĂ„neder siden
with your new hammer, in quiet periods you could do a side line in fire starter kindling .
greenbluemonkey - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Good to hear that the seller reimbursed you for the motor cost.
csknives2140 - 17 dager siden
PB blaster doesn't do a fucking thing except smell like liquid cancer
Sandor Fejes
Sandor Fejes - 22 dager siden
The bush will eat up the shaft in time, too musch play in the fit. I'm realy enjoying your videos, great work !
Alden Houston
Alden Houston - 29 dager siden
Will punched the high five
Space Kissingher
Space Kissingher - MĂ„ned siden
I've got family in Twain Harte, not a place you hear about often.
Wayazaexa - MĂ„ned siden
16:55 Truly riveting content! ;)
Jessie Pfeiffer
Jessie Pfeiffer - MĂ„ned siden
Love the idea of making your own tools to do a job that previous tools don't or can't do. Feeling the excitement, gentlemen. Love your work, keep it up!
bobwatters - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I'm no hammer expert but I'm pretty sure by the way they pulled the pulley off that gear is WAY too loose; the only thing turning that gear is the key. They should have heat up the piece that holds the gear so it would slide on the shaft snugly. It should be an interference fit with the key there just to stop it from slipping, especially with the continued vibrations that machine is going to see.
Bruce Barnes
Bruce Barnes - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Congratulations Matt
William Campbell
William Campbell - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Disliked for shitty mobile game ad.
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Guys, you know there are cheaper and easier ways to make kindling, right?
Andrew Rhynold
Andrew Rhynold - 2 mĂ„neder siden
anybody else get "ghost" vibes at 17:00? anyone? no just me ok lol
E Clifton
E Clifton - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Ask Matt if he knows the Britton's (Zach, Holly, Ian, Adria, Ellie and Elias)? Small world, they live in Tuolumne. I live down in Cody, WY and we visit them several times a year. Always end up in Twain Harte. My sister used to teach at the Mother Load. Cheers!
jaysen2200 - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Gonna need a bigger pry bar
Clément Busschaert
ClĂ©ment Busschaert - 2 mĂ„neder siden
hi hello. Google can't help me with this question.
What are those units you mention about the shaft and the boring bar? I hear "thaw" but I can't find a definition for this that makes sense as a unit. Auto-generated subtitles print "thousand".
It wouldn't make sense that it's "thousandth" (the measure was 0.020 when you said "two [thaw?]")...
I don't even know how to spell that word, so googling it is hard.
Clément Busschaert
ClĂ©ment Busschaert - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I'm french, if anyone was thinking "did this guy not go to school" or something like that.
JeremieBabin - 2 mĂ„neder siden
He said "We're about to have the hammer up and running" And I just noticed there are still 3 to 4 more videos on the machine. Hahahahahaha XD
JeremieBabin - 2 mĂ„neder siden
WAHAHAHAHA "glorious shaft in accurate hole" just sounds soooooooooooo wrong
JeremieBabin - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I'm a little late and with the current pandemic, well... WELCOME MATT to the Steele team!
454Casull - 2 mĂ„neder siden
19:41 so that's how they make broomsticks
Scott Jackwitz
Scott Jackwitz - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Where do you get the grinders from in Australia?
I live here and need some help
James De paz
James De paz - 2 mĂ„neder siden
This guy talks to much and doesnt do anything
Eli Broussard
Eli Broussard - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Hi there Matt! FanTAStic to have you here!
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters - 2 mĂ„neder siden
hmm think i'll look up the story behind the micarta gear, that's cool stuff.
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters - 2 mĂ„neder siden
teamwork, love it.
GRyder261 - 2 mĂ„neder siden
17:16 fatal high five fail
Vernon Ray
Vernon Ray - 2 mĂ„neder siden
The jamie oliver of steel
Tom Kearns
Tom Kearns - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Still trying to get caught up, Welcome Matt! You’re in good hands
SentinalSlice - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Ah. I’ve missed Will’s snarky and sarcastic comments.
SentinalSlice - 2 mĂ„neder siden
How heavy is that Motor that you needed a forklift to tilt it up?
SentinalSlice - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Yo Matt! Welcome!
stephen john gray
stephen john gray - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Nathan Surrell
Nathan Surrell - 2 mĂ„neder siden
expensive way of making kindling :D
Richie Pfeiffer
Richie Pfeiffer - 2 mĂ„neder siden
The moment when Alec finally gave up trying to dial in the four jaw and went over to will and asked him to come do it
michiel 1
michiel 1 - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Hi Guys great work.. i noticed you wanten to pull of the Pulley with the toe press againt the motor housing this is a no go because you put pressure in the shaft bearings
Superfluous WoodWorks
Superfluous WoodWorks - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Welcome Matt! I work in Tuolumne County!!!!
Tƍya - 2 mĂ„neder siden
13:30 cockroach?
sacredoblivion1647 - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Eh who needs to go buy thinner wood at the store, just put it under a power hammer
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop - 2 mĂ„neder siden
I want a t-shirt of the outline of only Alec's hair.
mandavaler - 2 mĂ„neder siden
You know alec would do good to buy himself a motor puller for stuff like that housing
Chuck Rice
Chuck Rice - 2 mĂ„neder siden
just wondering how hard must you hit a shaft to drive out the key way...just giving yall a hard time
Bruno Rosa
Bruno Rosa - 2 mĂ„neder siden
A girls at the workshop? hummmm... who is her?
Ashleyann23 Official
Ashleyann23 Official - 2 mĂ„neder siden
Wondering if they made a mold of that gear just in case it breaks
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Also on another note I was giggling like a school girl the other day when my hammer finally arrived, I have hit all sorts of things probably never intended to be hit with a forging hammer but I love it and thankyou
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson - 3 mĂ„neder siden
That is an amazing amount of trust right there with you Alec hammering the rivets that close to Will’s fingers...
Bill Naivar
Bill Naivar - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Your new toothpick business is off to a good start.
Rachel Hoffmann
Rachel Hoffmann - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Did you check the gear lash to make sure the space between the gears is correct to prevent teeth sheering?
Defyreality13 - 3 mĂ„neder siden
So, did you guys test the motor prior to putting all that work into getting the gear on it, lining it up, putting everything back together. or just Hoped real hard :) because i've been there, where i should have tested something, but was just in the zone and trucking thru the work or assumed everything would be fine. sometimes it works out, sometimes you made more work for yourself. nice to see it fired up, and it sounds amazing.
Meetim - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Matt sounds like the guy from Demolition Ranch.
Andrew Pine
Andrew Pine - 3 mĂ„neder siden
17:16 he fistbumped his highfive
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Hi Matt
GRØNÅS - 3 mĂ„neder siden
A warm welcome to Matt.
Did I do good?
Dza Harsher
Dza Harsher - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Pb Blaster
MADD GUAP - 3 mĂ„neder siden
@16:26 I wasnt flinching u were
Nautiloi - 3 mĂ„neder siden
you guys do all that and I cant open a jar of jam lol
Rob Leffler
Rob Leffler - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Honestly, I was hoping you would take the time while it was down to strip that posting of and refinish it.. But great job!
Joar FlesjÄ
Joar FlesjĂ„ - 3 mĂ„neder siden
thanks for the videos. maby the hammer got some more hours than they said =(
Lachlan C
Lachlan C - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Hi jack
Halurd - 3 mĂ„neder siden
New guy sounds like kronk from emperor's new groove
Love your videos tho iv'e recently started watching from ep1 since the quarantine
Red Eyes
Red Eyes - 3 mĂ„neder siden
nice! Matts left handed!
SternLX - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Man.. you've some a long way since Mr. Pilkington.
Malcolm Coghill
Malcolm Coghill - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I saw a Saab 9-5 in your car park ! My favourite car ! I loved my las (probably the last ever made) Saab !
Malcolm Coghill
Malcolm Coghill - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Welcome Max that made the pulley puller and saved your ass (ass is what I think you Americans call an arse )
Sergio AbdĂłn Segovia Verdejo
Sergio AbdĂłn Segovia Verdejo - 3 mĂ„neder siden
what type of glue did you use with those bolts?
Wessam Azzo
Wessam Azzo - 3 mĂ„neder siden
For people that lives in first world countries it's about 150 kg.
The Big Soggy
The Big Soggy - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Ed Chow
Ed Chow - 3 mĂ„neder siden
I think Project Farm found that Liquid Wrench Penetrating oil worked better than PB and WD-40
shawn ri
shawn ri - 3 mĂ„neder siden
You should be able to get that piece within 0.001 in school our first project we needed to get a rod of hot rolled steel (sometimes 0.020 of variation) within 0.001 it just takes time and patience and a gentle hand
superfireluigi52 - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Welcome matt. Hope you have a fun time working with Alec and will.
OpettajaLarkkis - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Welcome Matt!
You made an impression already on your first line and that's something! Your voice sounds nice and you're already Alec-approved so that's promising! Can't wait to see you in the future videos!
Jai Vella
Jai Vella - 3 mĂ„neder siden
The trust in alec when hes hammering those rivets, i would of been thinking hes gonna smash my fingers haha
Elijah Gibson
Elijah Gibson - 3 mĂ„neder siden
No words can describe the joy I felt seeing your excitement when Matt said “and the bolt holes line up”😂😂
Robert Palmore
Robert Palmore - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Could that spear halburg be a future project?????
TIAN - 3 mĂ„neder siden
~13:30, looks like something is down there 😂
Dajon harris
Dajon harris - 3 mĂ„neder siden
That's so crazy I'm sitting at the front desk of the hotel at Black Oak Casino Resort. Like 10 minutes from Twain Harte
Varun Gazder
Varun Gazder - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Is that accent real ? Sometimes... the American accent cuts through.
Roberto BC
Roberto BC - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Welcome Matt :)
Richard Ryken
Richard Ryken - 3 mĂ„neder siden
Super cool to hear Matt is from my area. Grew up across the river in Calaveras County. Hope you're enjoying the new adventure Matt
Raggedyz71 - 3 mĂ„neder siden
What’s better? Aerokroil. Works way better than pb blaster and wd40. Also, a 1:1 mix of atf and acetone works really well.
Marco Steinz
Marco Steinz - 3 mĂ„neder siden
17:16 Did he just give him a bro fist at high five? XD
Skate For Life Vlogs
Skate For Life Vlogs - 3 mĂ„neder siden
So you just made a huge fly wheel puller