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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020
Runtime: 19:56


csknives2140 - 20 dager siden
whoever sold you that thing needs to be executed
Cody Testroet
Cody Testroet - 26 dager siden
Pretty sure you voided the warranty...
Alden Houston
Alden Houston - Måned siden
Sue for the money back they scammed you hard
1k subs challenge
1k subs challenge - Måned siden
Buy things new
Hugh Chapman
Hugh Chapman - Måned siden
16:53 "let's hope it's very boring" 😏
Jim Batterman
Jim Batterman - Måned siden
Why didn't you cut off the 4 tack welds on each end and drive the sleeve out?
Jay Halvorson
Jay Halvorson - Måned siden
I would have loved to see a cross-over with Abom79 on this one...
Bruce Barnes
Bruce Barnes - 2 måneder siden
I believe I would be contacting the person I bought that from and getting a refund
J Feldhacker
J Feldhacker - 2 måneder siden
duct tape
Radio Triggered!
Radio Triggered! - 2 måneder siden
Or you could have turned the gear insert around, making it 3 inches you needed to insert?
Radio Triggered!
Radio Triggered! - 2 måneder siden
Alec... I think someone pulled your leg on this one... 🤣🤣
BixbyConsequence - 2 måneder siden
What would be the reason for a micarta gear? Shock tolerance?
Dylan Crabtree
Dylan Crabtree - 2 måneder siden
Wouldnt it be easyer to just bore the hole out to 1 5/8 rather than putting an extra sleve in it
Rob - 2 måneder siden
Why don't make a shaft sleeve using the keyway for mounting and keyway the opposite.
Rob - 2 måneder siden
Carried on watching and you too finally come up with the sleeve option too 😉
BossmanEight - 2 måneder siden
You could spend a ridiculous amount of time on a piecemeal hack that's going to fail over time *or* you could spend a little money with a proper machine shop and have it done correctly.
But that wouldn't make much of a YouTube video, would it?
Loki the sly one
Loki the sly one - 2 måneder siden
I would wait until you had the shaft in your possession so you could measure it yourself.
Alexandra Marberry
Alexandra Marberry - 2 måneder siden
It looks and sounds like the motor may be totally fine, and the problem is just the motor mount and/or casing. If it can't be repaired, why can't a new mount be fabricated to use with the existing motor?
shaun fletcher
shaun fletcher - 2 måneder siden
buddy you have a machine make a sleeve
Kazy Kamakaze
Kazy Kamakaze - 2 måneder siden
Takes him weeks and a few thousand dollars extra to fix cast iron breaks in a motor. All he had to do is bevel grind the breaks and weld in some nickel cast iron rods welds and he would have been done in a few hours with only 1-2 grinding wheels and a box of rods. Think this is a serious case of too many equipment and making the solution too complicated and being ignorant. Think he knows more about making videos than working with metal in all honesty.
S rudy
S rudy - 2 måneder siden
My thought is why didn't you go back to the seller and make them correct the problem? If it was advertised as "useable" or "ready-to-go" then they need to be paying to fix the problem, right?
Aarush Verma
Aarush Verma - 2 måneder siden
His accent tho....
Jaagup Tore
Jaagup Tore - 3 måneder siden
This guy really loves to watch his face on the screen!
Markham S. Pyle
Markham S. Pyle - 3 måneder siden
Seriously, son, before you spend any more money on capital goods, spend some on retaining counsel by the month to review things before you buy.
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop - 3 måneder siden
I'd have build straps for the motor. Can't really fix what's there but you could drive it down and hold it.
K Del
K Del - 3 måneder siden
cool the center not the entire piece
awhtjio - 3 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure bcbloc02 could fix your motor mounts. He repaired his huge radial arm drill motor mounts after dropping it.
big water tours
big water tours - 3 måneder siden
Dan B
Dan B - 3 måneder siden
That machine was dropped during transportation. I'd make the freight company pay
Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen
Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen - 3 måneder siden
can you melt brass, steel and cast iron in the paragonm oven? Can you fill the chamber with shielding gas like CO2 or argon so far less or ideally no millscale forms onheat treatment parts
GuiltyMalice - 3 måneder siden
I’m sorry you’re dealing with something so unfortunate. I can’t imagine your excitement over getting this machine only to realize the unfortunate situation it has left you in hindering that excitement. A plague on all their houses who had wronged you with this deal. Obviously I don’t mean that lol but that’s f*cked up. I wish you the best with getting this situation remedied and hope the previous owners will do the right thing and reimburse what you should have had discounted to begin with in what is needed to fix this beautiful hammer of power. You got this Alec. I look forward to seeing it in use.
Alan Silva
Alan Silva - 3 måneder siden
how much does a new one cost?
Hovak Vartevanian
Hovak Vartevanian - 3 måneder siden
Steele v Stelter homemade Darts challenege! You can play a game of darts via video call....
GRØNÅS - 3 måneder siden
8:39 "Because ADHD"
I totally relate to this. Because I could never wait for parts if I can find a way to fix it myself.
But also because I have ADHD. xD
epiphonesg007 - 3 måneder siden
Super rough measurement.
8.555 inches...

gary Fox
gary Fox - 3 måneder siden
Alec ......mate just go back to metric ................ far easier better to understand more exact and YOU know it too huh :-):-) :-)
Malcolm Coghill
Malcolm Coghill - 3 måneder siden
Do you have some comeback on the company/person that sold you that press ? Surely its not fit for purpose ?
utiplayer - 3 måneder siden
So, I'm thinking that the motor wasn't a candidate to just rebuild?
Russell Babcock
Russell Babcock - 3 måneder siden
Hopefully it was insured. Looks like the shipper dropped it to do that much damage.
Vladimir Popov
Vladimir Popov - 3 måneder siden
this sentinel is perfect for my pizza :D
Radioactive Goat
Radioactive Goat - 3 måneder siden
11:55 waaat was dat??
Nicholas Slavik
Nicholas Slavik - 3 måneder siden
Who'd have thought that working as a blacksmith would mean also learning to do some millwright work as well :)
Old goat
Old goat - 3 måneder siden
Damn, 15hp, that's more than my car.
Braden O'Connor
Braden O'Connor - 3 måneder siden
What do you do about a purchase like that Alec? Those feet are thick and are the main point of contact for that hammer. And really thick, to the point is there a weld with enough penetration to work for any long period of time. So my question is, can u get your money back, back charge them
Or she them for misrepresenting the product?
Adam Wynn
Adam Wynn - 3 måneder siden
Dang. And I thought it was complicated when I had to fix my little Grizzly belt grinder when it fell off the table and broke one of the bells. In the words of the great Dr. Bruce Banner, "Oh, this is much worse."
Glaxed - 3 måneder siden
Hit up this old tony
Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock
I love fixing and dissecting old workhorse machines for this exact reason. It's just amazing how you can piece together the thought process of the person before you!
Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock
His hair just keeps getting wilder..... I'm not complaining, just a bit jealous.
TheRjjrjjr - 3 måneder siden
This is lawsuit time!!!
ClayZ - 3 måneder siden
I wish I had hair like that.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 måneder siden
So, you need a kiwi. You can find kiwis in New Zealand. Yup, its just that easy.
Lee McGann
Lee McGann - 3 måneder siden
What is the largest thing you are set up to heat treat?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 måneder siden
with the NEMA motor and turned the shaft/recut the keyway, but... you got it done. As for that drive gear removal, that helicoil was a rather unpleasant speed bump.
Matteo Mocci
Matteo Mocci - 3 måneder siden
I love the way you take care of things.. wow
Justin Scott
Justin Scott - 3 måneder siden
How do you guys have all this nice equipment, but yet don't seem to have much of a clue about a lot of mechanical things?
Eric Summers
Eric Summers - 3 måneder siden
Alec should try to make a pirate blunderbuss.
DarthRevan - 3 måneder siden
Who elese was thinking “just machine the motor shaft down to the size of the gear.”
Alex Blanchet
Alex Blanchet - 3 måneder siden
I have never ever in a million years seen a bearing that big
thefourthtuxzt - 3 måneder siden
Just use some duct tape to hold it in place... Duct tape fixes everything
9T2 - 3 måneder siden
I laughed too hard at the alert part 😂
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 måneder siden
Get in touch with Abom on you tube, he’s an extraordinarily talented machinists
Aaron Wolfenbarger
Aaron Wolfenbarger - 3 måneder siden
You literally can MAKE a broach easily!
Aaron Wolfenbarger
Aaron Wolfenbarger - 3 måneder siden
I was going to say why are you so positive seeming about it but I keep seeing the suit in the back ground and I realized he is probably your lawyer! If its not free except for the cost of shipping by the time he is done then he isnt worth the suit he is in!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 3 måneder siden
You could make a hell of a fidget spinner with those bearings
Aaron Wolfenbarger
Aaron Wolfenbarger - 3 måneder siden
You got screwed! It CAn be repaired I think you should probably look at it under UV light with magnification to look for micro fractures before attempting to have it fixed though , if its THAT broke ass then its probably worse than that at the small level as well!
Siggy in CR
Siggy in CR - 3 måneder siden
Sorry Alec, you got taken for a ride on that hammer if you were told it hadn't been used much and the worn paint was intentionally done to look like patina. You don't need to have the hammer welded and the motor rewound on a lightly used or low hour machine. The cracks on the motor mounts look fairly fresh based on the light orange rust. So most likely they're from moving the machine. Those old machines were built to last and be repaired so odds are that after some initial repairs it'll be good to go for a long time. But yeah, if it was sold to you as a machine that saw little use, my guess is you got conned.
therarmann - 3 måneder siden
lmfao imperial measurements
Flinch - 3 måneder siden
That's no simple piece of furniture, and top heavy to boot. Looks like the load rolled over into the lifting slings during moving at some point and the motor got aced. I'd have gone with the NEMA motor and turned the shaft/recut the keyway, but... you got it done. As for that drive gear removal, that helicoil was a rather unpleasant speed bump.
David Weeks
David Weeks - 3 måneder siden
So, you need a kiwi. You can find kiwis in New Zealand. Yup, its just that easy.
A & C Productions
A & C Productions - 3 måneder siden
Captain Dinky
Captain Dinky - 3 måneder siden
i seen that zeroing Technic on that lathe. i was taught by my teacher that you loosen the low and tighten the high. i got pretty good at it with practice and was able to take that practice down to competition and my time went from 5 minutes to 45 seconds haha
Kataclysm113 - 3 måneder siden
wait... did he... did he just make a lathe chuck key at 15:00?
Zach Brenner
Zach Brenner - 3 måneder siden
Why not just wait for the motor to arrive and make the shaft smaller?
Richard Schmidtendorff
Richard Schmidtendorff - 3 måneder siden
Brazing......I keep wondering why it wasn't brazed.
Giacomo m
Giacomo m - 3 måneder siden
Let me get this straigth. You seen a powerhammer that fan cost more than 10000 buks bit nerd to be repaired, and you bus It without check It by yourself and without the guide or a tecnical?
Bryan Gilbert
Bryan Gilbert - 3 måneder siden
You would do better to reduce the shaft by the 1/8 on the at motor.
hen ko
hen ko - 3 måneder siden
You know when Alec says a tool is expensive, it's expensive.
Josh Campbell
Josh Campbell - 3 måneder siden
the corona alert hahahahah i lost it
kyle_ daden
kyle_ daden - 3 måneder siden
You know what, I enjoy these kindsa videos way more than forging now.
Chace Elliott
Chace Elliott - 3 måneder siden
You could make a hell of a fidget spinner with those bearings
hen ko
hen ko - 3 måneder siden
Or bore that sleeve out .125 with a boring bar on your manual mill. Using a dial indicator to find the center of the hole and have a spindle mounted boring bar. Then trim the ke
ken ezzell
ken ezzell - 3 måneder siden
So... why a new motor?......could the feet not be welded or cast on?
Mathew Edward Nation
Mathew Edward Nation - 3 måneder siden
have you ever try making pizza in the heat treeting oven
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 3 måneder siden
11:56 that's hilarious 😂
Antoine Rougerie
Antoine Rougerie - 3 måneder siden
The gear made of some kind of strange canvas looks like Celeron. It was used on a few old French cars as a timing gear. It wears badly with time, but stays quite strong as far as it's properly lubricated.