First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.
Runtime: 2:04:20


Long Haul
Long Haul - 3 timer siden
JERRY !!!! JERRY !!!! JERRY !!!
Julian Hershman
Julian Hershman - 3 timer siden
Marko Tanaskovic
Marko Tanaskovic - 4 timer siden
Biden: Here is the deal
Trump: Democrats sucks
john rios
john rios - 4 timer siden
Biden literally acts like a pandemic doesn't kill ppl lol.. he blaming trump for ppl getting sick. Fuckijg weirdo.
Sabrina Dungan
Sabrina Dungan - 4 timer siden
I remember in 2012 he was laughing and smiling the same way while debating Paul Ryan :D
Amber Louise
Amber Louise - 4 timer siden
We have to hope for the best..Covid 19 is a scary thing, but so is socialism...We have to vote wisely!
Fun with Timmy
Fun with Timmy - 4 timer siden
Biden lacks charisma but has plans, more compassionate than Trump
Trump has charisma but no care for people and has no good plan for USA, only care about himself
Who would you vote?
Like for Biden
Comment for Trump
X Alshatti
X Alshatti - 4 timer siden
I cant take this serious idk why 😂
S7ARDUS7 - 5 timer siden
Biden: Well, where's your tax returns?
Trump: [𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗳𝘂𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘂𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴]
S7ARDUS7 - 5 timer siden
"Red did it!"
"No, Blue did it!"
"I saw Red vent!"
"Nah he's fake news"
"𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗵𝘂𝘁 𝘂𝗽 𝗺𝗮𝗻?"
Itta Pupu
Itta Pupu - 5 timer siden
On a serious note though, come on guys. Biden would be such a weak president, I can see him getting used by his people and be manipulated so much. Hes too soft, I'm not saying Trump is the great but at least he comes off strong and unmoved if pushed. I'll take a strong president who's a blabber mouth over a doormat who will do whatever their team tells them to do without having a free thought of his own to make decisions
Inside my Mind
Inside my Mind - 5 timer siden
I’m surprised trump didn’t smack Biden lmao he was so pissed
4banger 1234
4banger 1234 - 5 timer siden
why are his eyes jet black saucers...look at Joe's pupils. his eye color is light blue, right?
save philip
save philip - 5 timer siden
Bobby Patino
Bobby Patino - 6 timer siden
Trump is a motor mouth he won't shut up long enough for Future President Joe Biden to answer
Dee Smith
Dee Smith - 6 timer siden
Wonder how much crack Hunter Biden has smoked and how many 9 year olds has been raped since the #FBI had this info for over a year?
The FBI and DOJ are an embarrassment to this country!!!
[xDutchClan ]
[xDutchClan ] - 6 timer siden
Uh oh look who's back, the ANNOYING orange:U
cyndi Welden
cyndi Welden - 7 timer siden
Moderator in my opinion seemed one sided
Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips - 7 timer siden
Joe Biden such a loser, and bigJoe Biden such a CHUMP, needs to do a study on why court packing would be good, such an idiot, we have it this way of 9 on the court for 150 plus years. Biden and the left think because the court now will be a 5/4 they need more liberals on the court, Biden is so Criminal. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, BIDEN LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, BIDEN LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR,LIAR, LIAR, nothing but LIES from JOE BIDEN.Joe Biden such a CHUMP, needs to do a study on why court packing would be good, such an idiot, we have it this way of 9 on the court for 150 plus years. Biden and the left think because the court now will be a 5/4 they need more liberals on the court, Biden is so Criminal.
Katelyn Sarendranauth
Katelyn Sarendranauth - 7 timer siden
At this point might as well have a Rat as a president
JP - 7 timer siden
I laughed my ass off at 58:50
Shrijita Sengupta
Shrijita Sengupta - 7 timer siden
Even the football thing he lied about! 😂
Its Me Racoon
Its Me Racoon - 7 timer siden
Ngl I kinda feel bad for joe
Shrijita Sengupta
Shrijita Sengupta - 7 timer siden
Watch the fact checking videos of this debate, Trump lies through his teeth on almost everything he says here. It’s ridiculous. Btw, almost 133 million people have pre-existing conditions in the US, and Trump said not even a 100 mil.
Lucas Luca
Lucas Luca - 8 timer siden
I am all about equality but damn this Biden is older than my grandpa!! I mean that party couldn't find someone younger? I feel he is even struggling to speak!
Its Me Racoon
Its Me Racoon - 8 timer siden
Is this a competitive gameshow?
Love and Niro Freetown
Love and Niro Freetown - 9 timer siden
so someone is a traitor, wondering who lies the most and wraps the country in problems!
Mandy Brocklehurst
Mandy Brocklehurst - 9 timer siden
As someone from Germany it’s quite funny to watch... like two little children debating over who’s gonna eat the last piece of chocolate.
I don‘t really like both sides but wtf how are people going to vote for Trump? I just don’t get why someone would vote for his own grievances!
Itta Pupu
Itta Pupu - 5 timer siden
Everyone spins what hes done negatively. Hes actually done great things and not only that, but hes strong. Yes hes hot headed and a blabber mouth no doubt, but he deliveres. Biden would be such a weak president I can see it in his face and how he presents himself, no charisma, very robotic, puppetting and regurgitating anything his team tells him and everything that the media has already said about Trump. Not saying trump is the answer, but between the 2 hes surprisingly better
an vi
an vi - 9 timer siden
Biden : C' mon - man !!! c'mon - man !!!
the Wuhan virus created from the chemical lab by Donald Trump in white house , not in Wuhan . yes! he been busy in the lab all days and nights. We should lnow he is a liar because main stream media say so .
c'mon don't call it China virus, or Wu han corona virus , call it trump's virus .
Com- on !! that is the only reason we don't see much of him in the golf course past 5 years .
Yeah! CDC knew that only 6% of 210 ,000 patients truly was killed by the virus , because Biden- Harris is not a liar team , we saw Donald Trump have delivered the virus by himself to that 6% patients' mouth , C' mon , man that 's is not a lie.
what ?- 6% of 210,000 is 12, 600 .?
oh ! c'mon you know, I am life time career politician , more than 30 years in Senate, 8 years of VP for O, Ob , Oba . .. my boss, I am not a mathematics teacher , but 12,600 lifes and 210,000 are about the same number to me . yes ! Trump is killers of 210,000 American , their family lost their loved one because Trump 's lab in White House , not Wuhan lab in China , believe me and Harris, we both are never lie to any one at all, in our life time, not even Willi Brown 's wife .
There are non treaties deal with Kosovo- Serbia, Isreal- Bharain, Isreal- AEU , because Trump have been busy to deliver virus to that 210,000 American families , We should accuse him .
Don't listen to Trump !!! , China is our friend !!!, We should give them American jobs , until they become supper rich, they will appreciate our stupidities and will give us Mao's currency to use . how kindness they are .!!!china china china, CCP , CCP
C'mon man, that great for my family , Harris' family , her husband already work for China ,that great for high rank Democrat and great for deep Tech companies what else do you want ???
American : Black, White, Latino, Non - Communist Asian : c'mon biden- Harris , c'mon man
Anthony Omoko
Anthony Omoko - 9 timer siden
God bless President Donald J. Trump!!!
God bless Vice president Mike Pence!!
God bless the United States of America!
Rabdi ka Laloo
Rabdi ka Laloo - 10 timer siden
The Great American Circus 🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁
Tomas Kubinski
Tomas Kubinski - 10 timer siden
Every time Biden gets exposed he laughs, as does Harris...
Neyssa Carrellas
Neyssa Carrellas - 10 timer siden
This is comical yet sad that one of these idiots will soon be running our country for the next 4 years
Emelie Vinholt
Emelie Vinholt - 10 timer siden
GO BIDEN 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
daphna kreda
daphna kreda - 10 timer siden
it is not china who started all this
Ram Baviskar
Ram Baviskar - 10 timer siden
Starting of debate
minnii koo
minnii koo - 11 timer siden
I just watched two 70 year olds argue for an hour and thirty minutes.
Arsenal And im not NEGATIVE
Arsenal And im not NEGATIVE - 11 timer siden
”No president has done more for the country than Trump”. That statement is wrong.
Smegon - 11 timer siden
Greez from Germany . Trump is an Angel. If he wont win, the world will go under
Kalib Media
Kalib Media - 12 timer siden
This is not a debate... lol. Trump should wait and answer, he has problem take turn.
Meli Me
Meli Me - 12 timer siden
I hate Trump, he is a moron, he is self infatuated, his hair is hilarious. But he knows what he is talking about and doesn't try to sell bullshit. His speech is not pre-learned. This Biden is just... I wouldn't consider one second voting for him. I am lucky I am not murican :)
raimundo torres
raimundo torres - 12 timer siden
Trump is acting like a rude child
AgainstSociety - 13 timer siden
Y’all we don’t really have a say
La'Miyah Grant
La'Miyah Grant - 13 timer siden
I jus love how bieden kept his cool and let trump look dumb. And all the people that support that orange stupid thing.. I have two words for ya YOUR DUMB. And he called him exactly what he is.. A CLOWN💀
Gaurav Thakur
Gaurav Thakur - 14 timer siden
CopyrightMusic - 14 timer siden
Can someone analyse the speech for my homework??
Luigi Millan
Luigi Millan - 14 timer siden
Biden not good for president evil man not good but tramp is a good man of God is good for a president the 2second time very good man of God very good
Michael Dormire
Michael Dormire - 14 timer siden
Is Wallace was half as smart as he thinks he is he could have done a better job if controlling the flow. He’s a tool.
Brett Renis
Brett Renis - 14 timer siden
I love how Biden uses Trump knew and did nothing. When he tried the first time democrats blocked it. Trump had to go over the democrats and use his power to block China travel. Biden is flat out lying and using what the democrats did to use against trump. I remember watching this at the beginning of the year. People aren't stupid biden. Well some are uninformed. And believe Biden but a lot of people remember this.
lizbeth quevedo
lizbeth quevedo - 14 timer siden
Joe Biden!!!!!!!!!
tisya a.
tisya a. - 14 timer siden
I would vote for Rick Astley, he will never give us up, and never gonna let us down.
Εύα Ιωαννίδου
Εύα Ιωαννίδου - 15 timer siden
i am laughing hard
Anthony Dominguez
Anthony Dominguez - 15 timer siden
The moderator be like: if you both don’t stop arguing I’m going to cancel this whole debate and tell your audience to go home
Biden and trump: sawwwy🥺🥺
Priscilla Richardson Rude
Priscilla Richardson Rude - 15 timer siden
This needs to be played with RunDMC's song "You Talk Too Much" alongside Biden saying Man would you just shut up!
Timothy Hernandez
Timothy Hernandez - 15 timer siden
What is trump talking about and think??
Christmas Love
Christmas Love - 15 timer siden
hallmark 2020
Megan F.
Megan F. - 15 timer siden
How are people proud of voting for Trump after seeing him act like a child again and again?
Alem Tiruneh
Alem Tiruneh - 16 timer siden
President Trump has become a labor to Africa especially to Ethiopia. The leader of powerful nation, without sympathy to the poor nations.Our country Ethiopia strives to get out of poverty and feed her own people. Trump stands besides Egypt who benefit from Nile without limitation ignoring the source of the Nile. He pends funds for our country,and suggests blowing of the only dam women hope to stop cooking with woods or students who study with lamp, is it fair? May God give the judgement!!!
who says vengeance is mine. He may stop the fund from his treasury, World Bank or IMF, but he cannot close every window of blessing if God wants to bless our country. Our nation trusts in God very much in heart. Let God give him long life, and see the country's progress he tried to smash ten years from now.... seating in his couch
....trying to change the channel... being pissed of by the news he hears.
Bmk Bmk
Bmk Bmk - 16 timer siden
Biden is a Chinese asset... traitor
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker - 16 timer siden
I feel like Judge Judy should've been the moderator.
Chloe Wiseman
Chloe Wiseman - 17 timer siden
love Biden so much
亮赵 - 16 timer siden
no name
no name - 17 timer siden
Trump: they will let you grab them by the

Biden: tara didn't..
Ella H
Ella H - 18 timer siden
So Trump caused the covid19? Like thanks for the info Biden
Tony wondrak
Tony wondrak - 18 timer siden
Trump 2020 to 2024
IRussian007 - 18 timer siden
I'm sorry, but biden is horribly unfit. I'm not kidding, seeing how he stumbles with his THOUGHTS let alone mumbling speech, it's a fucking scary nightmare, why the fuck is he even in politics let alone presidential debate? Why is he not in home care? Whoever put him up to this is a fucking asshole trying to destroy america.
PS this is coming from someone who scored 132 IQ when I was 20. I don't trust biden's intelligence at all. Sorry, talk shit to me or about me, idgaf, biden is mentally unstable, my 97 grandpa has more coherence.
Itta Pupu
Itta Pupu - 5 timer siden
Fatma Elbeltagy
Fatma Elbeltagy - 19 timer siden
Is the moderator still alive? I really felt sorry for him.
Cobra Six
Cobra Six - 20 timer siden
They stop reporting on the swine flu thats why obama and creepy joe looked good on that issue.
Conner Helms
Conner Helms - 20 timer siden
Trump 2020 ‼️‼️‼️‼️
Cobra Six
Cobra Six - 20 timer siden
Biden please stop giggling like a school girl
ramx27 - 21 time siden
lu ku Lim
lu ku Lim - 21 time siden
Trump promptly decided to suspend flights to China on January 31, 2020. At that time, there were only five cases of CCP VIRUS infection in the United States, all of which entered from CCP. Trump was the first national leader to make the decision to cut air travel. At that time, other countries were afraid of offending CCP and dared not make this decision. Trump took the lead in the decision. The General Secretary of the World Health Organization Tedros also came out to criticize Trump and the Democratic Party of the United States. The leaders of the party even came out to accuse Trump, the American leader
Streaming media followed awareness offensive, saying that Trump’s closure of CCP was “discrimination”, “xenophobia,” and “hysteria.” Trump insisted on cutting off CCP’s flights despite the huge domestic and international attacks and pressures. More than half a month later, Europe was closed, showing superhuman courage, leadership, judgment and execution. This is Trump’s first accomplishment. Some clowns be wise after the event, accusing Trump of breaking the voyage to Europe late, causing Many Chinese people poured into the United States from the big breach in Europe, which caused a major outbreak in the United States. After the United States blocked the CCP, Europe became the main entrance for CCP VIRUS to flow into the United States. However, at that time, there were a large number of Americans in Europe who wanted to return The United States cannot help but let these Americans go home. Even if Trump forecasts that Europe is a big breach for the virus to enter the United States, he will hesitate whether he should close Europe's flights as soon as possible. Because, if Europe is cut off too soon A large number of Americans have broken their way home, and the United States will not do such inhumane things.
Although Chuanquan took the action to seal the air, the bureaucracy CDC did not act. Its complicated tapes and unqualified test kits delayed the epidemic and delayed the fight against the epidemic. This cannot be blamed on Trump. The CDC itself failed to develop a qualified test kit, but refused the quest to cooperation private companies to do it. CDC is a dog in the manger! The virus detection was delayed for four or five weeks.
On February 25, on the day when Trump returned from a three-day visit to India, he learned that the CDC was still delaying, so he held a press conference that night, appointing Vice President Pence as the anti-epidemic commander, and devolving the CDC's power to develop and produce test kits. Specific private companies have abolished the cumbersome rules set by Obama to detect the epidemic, and delegated the CDC's testing power to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Subsequently, Trump ordered many manufacturers to switch production, immediately manufacture masks and ventilators, and contact and meet with various manufacturers to discuss specific matters about the production of masks and ventilators, and met with manufacturers in the White House to listen to production reports. Trump also held daily press conferences to inform the public about the situation. Under Trump's leadership, the kits were quickly produced and continuously improved and innovated. Soon a large area of ​​timely, rapid and accurate testing began. This is Trump's second achievement. Trump took immediate assistance to the states, distributed medical supplies such as ventilators and masks to states in proportion to the severity of the epidemic, and personally contacted and organized the dispatch of medical ships to New York and California. This is Trump's third contribution. According to the CDC report "Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics", from February 1, 2020 to October 15, 2020, for more than ten months, the total number of deaths caused by the virus in China was 204,000. However, the total number of deaths in the United States during the same period was 2.22 million, 200,000
It accounts for 9% of the total deaths. The United States has a population of more than 300 million people, and the normal average number of deaths throughout the year is about 2.8 million. Taking CDC's 2017 data as an example, the annual mortality rate in the United States is 8.64%, and the total death toll is 2.81 million. Among them, there were 647,000 deaths from heart disease, 600,000 deaths from cancer, 160,000 deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases, 146,000 deaths from stroke, 120,000 deaths from Alzheimer’s, 83,000 deaths from diabetes, 56,000 deaths from lung diseases, and 50,000 deaths from kidney diseases. There were 170,000 accidents and 470,000 suicide deaths. Under Trump’s leadership, the death rate of the highly contagious CCP virus was maintained at 9%, which is the average death rate in the United States. This death rate is based on the high popularity and high detection rate of Trump’s efforts to promote testing. It has no concealment of the precise number below. This is Trump's fourth achievement.
Most importantly, of the 200,000 deaths from CCP VIRUS, which accounted for only 9%, 90% were elderly people with underlying diseases. For these elderly people, the Wuhan virus was an opportunity to cause them to die from complications. In several speeches, Trump emphasized the need to protect the elderly, and recently organized a meeting to protect the elderly. Under Trump's advocacy, promotion, and leadership, the elderly in the United States have received more favorable and better protection. This is Trump's fifth achievement.
Those leftists who are brain-disabled keep talking about 200,000 and use this single number to scare people without mentioning the death rate. The purpose is to prevent the opening of schools and businesses and prevent the United States from opening up and developing the economy. They never mentioned the Obama era. During the H1N1 flu outbreak in 2009, the Obama administration took six months to declare a national emergency. From April 2009 to April 2010, the number of deaths reached 30 in just one year. Million, it is reported that this number is also greatly underestimated. During this period, Obama did not act at all, and even the WHO adopted an attitude of giving up fighting the epidemic. At the end of November 2009, more than 7 months after the first case appeared, the WHO completely abandoned the counting of confirmed cases after recording 620,000 confirmed cases and close to 8,000 deaths. Obama has never taken concrete actions as aggressively as Trump, only sleeping four or five hours a day to fight the epidemic. Moreover, the Chinese coronavirus that Trump is facing is much more infectious and lethal than the H1N1 flu virus that Obama faced in 2009. If it weren't for Trump's dedication to lead the anti-epidemic attitude. At the end of November 2009, more than 7 months after the first case appeared, the WHO completely abandoned the counting of confirmed cases after recording 620,000 confirmed cases and close to 8,000 deaths. Obama has never taken concrete actions as aggressively as Trump, only sleeping four or five hours a day to fight the epidemic. The CCP VIRUS that Trump faced was much more contagious and lethal than the H1N1 flu virus that Obama faced in 2009. If it were not for Trump’s dedication to lead the fight against the epidemic, CCP VIRUS would kill more than ten times more people. 200,000. Obama has been in power for eight years, and the Republican Party has never Sow discord. & incite disharmony for his inaction. However, the Democratic Party has been criticizing Trump for Conscientious and Great achievements! What's more, they have framed up and investigated impeachment! What is even more intolerable is that when the epidemic came and Trump tried his best to lead the fight against the epidemic, the Democratic Party was still impeaching him non-stop! Since Trump took office, the Democratic Party has focused on framing Trump! At any cost! It finally aroused public outrage, and the people saw clearly that Trump was Exhausted for the country and the people, the Democratic Party was despicable and shameless, Deceive too much! Not to mention that the mutation and degeneration of the Democratic Party and its mainstream media have reached the point where they can no longer be added, and they have been reduced to a gang that does everything they can. The public also sees clearly that the Democratic presidential candidate Biden has been mixed in politics for 47 years and has become extremely corrupt. He has collaborated in evildoing with the CCP and destroyed and betrayed the United States. Now, it's finally time to investigate him! This is a juncture in history, and when will it be better!
Lee Jeong
Lee Jeong - 21 time siden
Moderator did good
Axearis - 21 time siden
1:08:43 damn Biden chill 😂
A DEB - 21 time siden
Julio Amaral
Julio Amaral - 22 timer siden
Slow Joe is pathetic. Every time he senses that he's losing an argument, he stares at the camera and tries to instill fear into voters' mind.
Andres Figueroa
Andres Figueroa - 22 timer siden
Neither Trump not Biden talked about Vanessa Guillén they dont care about us
Puff Daddy Lungfish
Puff Daddy Lungfish - 22 timer siden
Ozarks TV show, Ruth Langmore a the Presidential debate moderator = "I didn't ask you about global warming dumb-a**. I asked you about your opponents record on taking care of the g*d**m environment. Listen up sh**heads, cause I'm only gonna say this one more time, and so help me G*d, if you MORONS can't answer the f**kin' question, then I'm leavin'."
Ailea Green
Ailea Green - 22 timer siden
who you guys voting for team trump or team joe biden
Cindy Galloup
Cindy Galloup - 22 timer siden
Everyone sees what they want to see, and this is a total disaster on all ends. No matter which side you're on. I like the random numbers that get spouted.
abdenbi CHIKOUN
abdenbi CHIKOUN - 23 timer siden
The cartoon crisis
Social media campaign calling for the boycott of French products from supermarkets in Arab countries,Turkey and Pakistan.
Sergio Puentes Torres
Sergio Puentes Torres - 23 timer siden
Biden is an idiot
Merlene Thompson
Merlene Thompson - 23 timer siden
the real truth matters continue the search always
Lock up joe biden 2020
Vallejo Rental
Vallejo Rental - Dag siden
I don't trust my country to this clown biden.he laughs when he shouldn't don't Vote for Biden he's a clawn a mess.
Mia Pabelico
Mia Pabelico - Dag siden
Me: "Making things up will never make things better.
cool norsee
cool norsee - 23 timer siden
Justin Haskins
Justin Haskins - Dag siden
Mark Charles 2020
LightMyFire - Dag siden
Just send me a stimulus check please
Cookies-Monster - Dag siden
Look at how Trump holds his face... He doesn't look trust worthy at any point and time.
He looks guilty of something.
Cookies-Monster - Dag siden
He is childish just as ignorant and childish as his supporters who vandalize Biden support signs, paint Trump 2020 on bridges, highway over pass, walls, doors, cars, and public property across the country.
They have no shame in the lies and disgrace they each bring to this country. Don't let this be how the world sees us. We need to build and be strong not weak and separated.
Cookies-Monster - 4 timer siden
@mydogbitmygrandma Also just to put it out there Biden is not my first choice, but anyone can see that Trump is the worst president this Nation has ever had and ANYBODY will do a better job than him in my eyes. No one else on this planet would have let the pandemic go on without declaring a national emergency and getting to most done by the best people so that we can get past this situation. He did the opposite and ended up with covid-19 in the White House.
Cookies-Monster - 5 timer siden
@mydogbitmygrandma Sorry that's not what I am attempting to do, but that is what I see as I drive across the country and walk into buildings or restrooms... But If you think about it that is the same as the generalizations given to the right... On the other hand I can't do anything, but back up his negative attitude and behaviors that he consistently shows on camera along with his multiple lies... And the sad part is that even though its being filmed people still support him and that says a lot about America in general and makes us look weak to other countries. Didn't mean to offend you only the ones that fit the bill.
mydogbitmygrandma - 5 timer siden
That’s very hypocritical to generalize Trump supporters like that. By your logic, the left is composed of rioters and criminals.
gotjuice? - Dag siden
they greet each other like two divorced parents
Nassaiah Hills
Nassaiah Hills - Dag siden
1:30:10 damn
avrey leo
avrey leo - Dag siden
i watched a hour of this because i was bored
George D davis
George D davis - Dag siden
waow i am so happy i got my fake drivers license after the last accident a had and my DL was investigated by the cops plus a 3 months band thanks for the wonderful service. The scan check is perfect and I can say only you know if you gave me the id from the cops or you made this one because they are exactly the same
Trevor B
Trevor B - Dag siden
Damn this mediator is terrible. The woman who did the final debate did a way better job controlling these clowns.
Trash Can
Trash Can - Dag siden
I'm writing an essay while listening to this. sometimes i have to pause it because i can't hear myself think
Mario Orta
Mario Orta - Dag siden
Now there is a referee. I think he should have just tossed them some gloves.
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Mitchell - Dag siden
The mod was obviosuly biased for Biden (and I don't even like Trump). Very unprofessional in all honesty. That being said. PEPSI VS COKE 2020 WOOOOOOOH
Liala Liala
Liala Liala - Dag siden
As much as I love Trump but he is acting like 5 years old kid 😜👍
cool norsee
cool norsee - 23 timer siden
You too i can see what emojies u are using
Esme Fantasia
Esme Fantasia - Dag siden
Im sorry but people CHOSE not to wear masks so wtf can this or any other president do about this covid issue. I mean really.
Ian Owens
Ian Owens - Dag siden
Joe is one solid stroke