Family Channels Should Not Exist.

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• Itz Lil Nova •
• Itz Lil Nova • - 6 minutter siden
Funnel Vision: 👁👄👁
Cat Armour
Cat Armour - 22 minutter siden
It’s strongly apparent that the idea of near-permanent internet presence has been lost on these people.
The internet is not a place you want to permanently pin some innocent and hopeful personality, info, and face, on to.
I think far greater rules should be created to protect kids from endless monetization, with all the profits heading to the parents, and *maybe* their kids.
Identity protection is not just for personal security. It’s for allowing someone to shape their identity. To allow them the wonderful privelidge of anonymity. To be able to choose who you are with someone you meet, not to have your ins and outs already mapped out, not allowing change or discovery.
There’s many a reason we should stop this...
Dino0718 - 26 minutter siden
YouTube just killed almost all family channels by saying “You can no longer have children in your videos.”
The Minecraft Inky Bendy
The Minecraft Inky Bendy - 26 minutter siden
The only family channel that I can think of that is successful is fgteev.
Mint Love
Mint Love - 28 minutter siden
I see it a lot
Ewan Shearer
Ewan Shearer - Time siden
Should definitely do more videos when you have a bias on a topic
Not very good At this
Not very good At this - Time siden
I have no problem with parents filming there kids and putting it on social media AS LONG AS the kids are ok with it, the second the kids don’t want to be filmed anymore the camera should be turned off, same if the child starts getting physically upset the cameras should be turned off, getting internet clout from your children’s grief is just wrong and should be classed a mental abuse
Rainbowroxieforever - Time siden
Lol so many Karen haircuts lol
Moonlight io
Moonlight io - Time siden
lol lol
Chloe Holmes
Chloe Holmes - Time siden
imagine coming outta the womb wi a camera shoved straight in your face thatd be torture
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - Time siden
Batdad channel is fun hahahahahahahaha
Cheetah L0v3r
Cheetah L0v3r - 2 timer siden
Congrats you got your wish
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - Time siden
know how to get youtube or governments to put regulation in place.
Pistol Air Gaming
Pistol Air Gaming - 2 timer siden
plss Tati apology videos
Meghan Emery
Meghan Emery - 2 timer siden
did you see the video where the parents trashed their son's room because he got in trouble at school?
Meghan Emery
Meghan Emery - 2 timer siden
Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing it right ❤️❤️
happiness stealer
happiness stealer - 2 timer siden
Child film makers in Hollywood can be molested on screen and if they try to sue for rape its ignored because the actors get way too much money
Squ1rr3INutZ - 3 timer siden
I think family channels should be allowed because like you said in the beginning they are something that you should be able to watch with your family and are good for kids and other stuff like that. But YouTube needs to check on these channels waaaaaaaaaay more and even need to stop monetizing some of these, its ridiculous how If you curse or do other things of the sort you can loose monetization or possible get strikes, But when there’s literal child abuse on the screen YouTube will monetize them and advertise for them and even put it on YouTube kids.
Elen The Gamer
Elen The Gamer - 4 timer siden
Wow!it's all true dude I agree,I have seen some family Channels and that kids who has been uncomfortable in front of camera I couldn't realize first time but then I thought about it imagine myself in that situation and I really didn't liked it
VIPKILLERX23 - 4 timer siden
Why jaystation is still uploading 3 am videos
Jimi Lewis
Jimi Lewis - 4 timer siden
Don’t think I’ve ever seen a “family” channel. Why would anyone be interested in other people’s lives enough to watch them?
👻 - 5 timer siden
Imma need a part 2 because I loved this
Jason Hansbauer
Jason Hansbauer - 5 timer siden
Can you use Xp-pen for animation?
VioKeyTae - 5 timer siden
What do you think about a channel like this one?
I'm mostly on your side but this example is, at least in my book pretty alright.
Marcosio Ambrosio
Marcosio Ambrosio - 5 timer siden
Marcosio Ambrosio
Marcosio Ambrosio - 5 timer siden
i like your vids
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay - 5 timer siden
I 100% agree with you. It makes me so sad to see some of these families. The Norris Nuts are homeschooled, share a bedroom and put out multiple videos per week, sometimes per day. They don't seem to have any friends outside of their family and whilst they seem sweet, do not seem developed. There are so many children who are being pimped out with zero regulation. I don't understand why child labour laws do not cover youtube families including limits on work hours and setting aside funds for the children for adulthood. These youtube families make so much money, enough to buy very nice houses, so I'm curious how much they put away for their children. It would be interesting to know how to get youtube or governments to put regulation in place.
pongpeera kingsuwankul
pongpeera kingsuwankul - 6 timer siden
Batdad channel is fun hahahahahahahaha
Don’t Subscribe
Don’t Subscribe - 6 timer siden
Finally someone who talked about this, I keep telling this to kids who watch these channels and they still don’t get it...
CVO23 Rainbow
CVO23 Rainbow - 6 timer siden
I disagree about the Norris nuts though
Razor Anims
Razor Anims - 6 timer siden
3:12 “karen” lmao
Sad Amathyst boy
Sad Amathyst boy - 6 timer siden
Sad Amathyst boy
Sad Amathyst boy - 6 timer siden
I agree well sort of but I still respect your and all people opinions
Purpul guy
Purpul guy - 7 timer siden
Me:brb im going To the other channels
10 years later...
Me:whats IS this channel?
Raúl Vera
Raúl Vera - 7 timer siden
I agree they should not exist
Juicebox - 7 timer siden
thats just messed up, most of these parants should be in jail
East Family
East Family - 8 timer siden
8 passengers is fake, they made a vid bout it
Count Deku
Count Deku - 9 timer siden

*read more*
Count Deku
Count Deku - 9 timer siden
*read more *
THATBRYANGUY 1 - 9 timer siden
The Cooler Isaac Newton
The Cooler Isaac Newton - 9 timer siden
I’m happy that the kids eventually get smart and realize that their parents are cruel people and start to rebel
Banana Bucciarati
Banana Bucciarati - 9 timer siden
Shawn Gabriel
Shawn Gabriel - 9 timer siden
Bruh my sister watches these videos all the time and I showed them this video and now they said they don’t want to talk to me any more not blaming this video but there own stupidity
NetSunJin - 9 timer siden
Family vlogs really shouldn’t exist. It can get very exploitative.
jpgamer jp
jpgamer jp - 9 timer siden
Check out the family channel fgeetv
GcubePlayer 8
GcubePlayer 8 - 9 timer siden
Poor fishers,camper and hunter that have to see or steep on a rock with shit on it
GcubePlayer 8
GcubePlayer 8 - 10 timer siden
I just post on social media because and board in the morning/I just post memes
EggNog - 10 timer siden
I thought he was gonna mention The Norris Nuts
And he did
I mean their channel is so stupid
Connor Lynch
Connor Lynch - 10 timer siden
It would be cool if some of these kids came out and shared what they think about all this.
Kool Kid 2000
Kool Kid 2000 - 10 timer siden
Why is there an ad before every chapter
Void_FlameX - 11 timer siden
The points in this video apply to some channels not all
Reagan Butrum
Reagan Butrum - 11 timer siden
I've been saying this for years but all I've gotten is people angry at me :/
Atharva Mhapsekar
Atharva Mhapsekar - 11 timer siden
Just a question : isn't Ryan toys review a family channel as well
I mean aren't they benefiting off their child as well
PS : i am not a viewer of these channels . They are disgusting
XxJustAGirlxX - 11 timer siden
I personally think that family channels should have rules but, I think it is fine as long as they are very innocent fun and stops once the child doesn’t want to do it anymore.
William Zhang
William Zhang - 11 timer siden
Chapter II: Pregnancy
Sir Yeetus XIV
Sir Yeetus XIV - 11 timer siden
I have absolutely no idea how this ended up in my recommended, but I'm glad it did get there.
Marie Martin
Marie Martin - 11 timer siden
I'm glad my parents are sane enough and don't know how YouTube works
Jongo Fatt
Jongo Fatt - 12 timer siden
do you remember the video about small kids and the pauls
Ben Campos
Ben Campos - 12 timer siden
Most of these people are jerks. They don’t care about their kids and just use them for money. People are taking advantage of the fact that young kids don’t understand that they are being manipulated.
RKS - 12 timer siden
um wtf those anybody notice it's only white people
Hero Game
Hero Game - 10 timer siden
Dude what the hell wrong with you?? This video is not about racist and white yeah all the skin is white but WHO THE F IN THIS WORLD HAVE WHITE SKIN LIKE PAPER MAYBE JUST 1% OF THEM
Red DRAGON - 12 timer siden
I am from Romania hello.....:)))
Jessica Fain
Jessica Fain - 12 timer siden
Spot on explanation. All these shows seem like child abuse. Some I start out thinking are ok, but then, BAM, the branding and commercialisation starts.
The_Taco_Boi !
The_Taco_Boi ! - 12 timer siden
I never like the concept of a family channel because most of the time they like to buy a bunch of expensive to there kids. So there basically recording how there kids slow become the spoiled and greedy.
Galaxy Gab
Galaxy Gab - 13 timer siden
WAT THE HEK U DIDNT BLUR THE GOLDE FISH 4:49 I'm disappointed in u
VioletYT - 13 timer siden
I feel bad for the alpha generation especially with being exposed to more advanced technology at a young age
-A_smol_Dragon- 'w'
-A_smol_Dragon- 'w' - 13 timer siden
I think there shouldn't be family channels, but if there where any, the should not be like any of these, if they wait for the child to grow up to a teen maybe and ask permission before shoving a camera in their face than maybe, if they are comfortable with being filmed then maybe, but overall they shouldn't exist.
PlaTeNa - 13 timer siden
Back in the day YouTube is using clickbait for profit, now kids?! DISGRACE!
Your Shadow
Your Shadow - 14 timer siden
As a 10 y/o why am i watching these type of videos 😅
Strawberry Blossom
Strawberry Blossom - 14 timer siden
1:01 That is the ACE FAMILY!!!! >:(
MrChickenthe1st - 14 timer siden
And that’s why if I ever get big on YouTube I will never announce having a child
LUNCHMONEY - 7 timer siden
mad respect bro
Rainbow Duck
Rainbow Duck - 14 timer siden
Do a full video on the Norris nuts please
Heather McNamara
Heather McNamara - 15 timer siden
Omg my sisters watch the Norris nuts
Mr. Keen 2
Mr. Keen 2 - 15 timer siden
If I trick you are an idiot
read more
Mmar226 García
Mmar226 García - 15 timer siden
I have a idea for a video of “family friendly “ content that is more dangerous than adult content
Lemonade Shark
Lemonade Shark - 15 timer siden
I think Andrei and dj cook should do a video together they literally have the same content
Taiyoko Pulizzi
Taiyoko Pulizzi - 15 timer siden
I mean I prefer animation channels
polar bear
polar bear - 15 timer siden
I'll make a vid about this horrible family vloggers
Cece.QSquadLuvs Food
Cece.QSquadLuvs Food - 16 timer siden
Ace Family watching this like: 👁️👄👁️
Omega Lawl
Omega Lawl - 16 timer siden
I am quite late to this. But I have been wondering, What about channels like FGTV? It seems like the children are having fun, parents keep their privacy. And make jokes all the time, NO JOKES ABOUT ABUSE THOUGH. So SOME channels should stay. But some are just messed up man.
Marius - 16 timer siden
Why do you have a sponsor on this video but still shove 5 midvideo advertisements in my face? On a video where you critizise people for priotizing money over morals
RE:Start - 17 timer siden
I'd rather do drugs and murder someone than be those family channels.
In an Nutshell, youtube sucks and china did the right thing banning it
Ink sans the rider
Ink sans the rider - 17 timer siden
Hmmmm what family channel that has mad millions oh ya RYANS TOYS REVUE
That one fat kid
That one fat kid - 17 timer siden
Anyone else looking through the comments for hate comments