Facing Resistance // Ground Up 084

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Sarah Moshman is a documentary filmmaker that focuses on telling stories about powerful women. Her Netflix documentary Losing Sight of Shore follows four women as they row across the Pacific Ocean unassisted from America to Australia.
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CVill UMB - Dag siden
this is probably one of the most fruitful, eloquently authentic conversations/podcasts that nimbly covered many serious topics
carochan86 - 7 måneder siden
I really hope Sarah had an open conversation with their friends about his words. It's good to hear both sides. Maybe he strung the wrong words together? Either way it needs to be discussed. What would he say if they were having a boy? Never heard her say that? Does one thing determine someone s entire though process? Are they still aquatinted?
Brian Calo
Brian Calo - År siden
Hey Matt! Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the most profound podcast from yours that I've listened so far. I get a lot of value from them and I appreciate you for it!
semiotik - År siden
Hi Matt,

Quick request. Can you include the name of the guest in either the title or the thumbnail (versus the topic)?


Alok Pandit
Alok Pandit - År siden
Matt you make so good videos.
Adnan - År siden
The motherhood struggle is so eye opening. Sounds truly horrible.
Redmi 5A
Redmi 5A - År siden
Hey, I love your videos and your editing is getting better. Can you record a video or respond in this comment talking about your food and how do you relate it to minimalism? What do you eat during the day?
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - År siden
Just discovered your channel, and I've watched like 20 of your videos straight.
Alicia Pashby
Alicia Pashby - År siden
Hi Sarah and Matt,
Thanks for being candid! I wanted to tell Sarah that I used to live in Uzbekistan and wonder if you need any contacts there, or if you already have most of your details together. Let me know!
MlgBadboy360NoScopper - År siden
what watch do you use?
Thea M
Thea M - År siden
hey Matt, i know this has nothing todo with this podcast, but i find you a really cool guy and wanted to ask you if you ever tryied veganism? Greetings from Germany :)
Thea M
Thea M - År siden
@Matt D'Avella oh sad, but nice that you tried it 👍
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thanks! I did try it for 30 days but didn't like it.
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - År siden
Hey Matt I found this channel a few days ago and I am learning a lot from your podcasts, let me tell you something English is not my own language but I am improving my English skill when I listen to your all podcasts.
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - År siden
Matt D'Avella you're welcome my friend!!!
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
That's great, thanks Samuel!
Anthony Eslava
Anthony Eslava - År siden
I just binged watched a ton of your videos and keep seeing your subscribers grow exponentially which is awesome! Keep up these really cool videos, they really keep me in check, appreciate what I have. Cheers!
Erin Frisch
Erin Frisch - År siden
She is amazing. Great conversation Matt!
Grow With E
Grow With E - År siden
Love her perspective. Watched the Losing Sight of The Shore and she did a great job of capturing the spirit of each of the rowers. Very inspiring ❤️
Eddy Tamayo
Eddy Tamayo - År siden
344k subscribers. I couldve sworn it was at like 250k. AWESOME WORK.
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Lol, it was last week. Things got weird for a second.
Mia Hemstad
Mia Hemstad - År siden
This woman is AMAZING. Thank you for telling her story, Matt!
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez - År siden
Can there be Minimalism in terms of food?
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
There can be intention.
Sean Conway
Sean Conway - År siden
As a British person that just found your videos, it makes me so happy that your Union Jack cushion is always the correct way up.
Pan - År siden
Sean Conway I always thought that it was really clever to have a flag you could use up side down. So there’s a correct way!
Antonee D
Antonee D - År siden
Waking up early in the morning AirPod’s on, a cup of coffee and just listening, relaxing.
Lucy Vitek
Lucy Vitek - År siden
you should check out this guy UGH IT’S JOE youtube channel u look very similar and kind of sound the same
Morgane - År siden
Please is there anyone who can put english subtitles ? 😊 I'm french I'm learning english and this guy inspired me so much I want to listen more of his videos but podcasts are really hard to follow 😰
Matt, I love the way that you talk in your videos you make an amazing job thank you for sharing so much 😊
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - År siden
Morgane I am learning English like you, I am not perfect speaking English but I like these kind of vids, you know what if you wanna improve speaking and understand American people just listen to interested materials for you that is my humble advice.
Move Happy With Me
Move Happy With Me - År siden
I had to pause the podcast to go watch, "Losing Sight of Shore" and holy wow! That was incredible. Thank you for having such an extraordinary guest on the podcast.
Tanweer Majid
Tanweer Majid - År siden
Where did you find the movie sir?
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
That's awesome!! So glad you liked the film as well :)
Grow With E
Grow With E - År siden
Me too 😂
ThomasVisionFilmsTV - År siden
Did the same!
Ruchir Attri
Ruchir Attri - År siden
I would love to see highlights of a podcast.
Love from Bombay.
Nikolai Czaja
Nikolai Czaja - År siden
Hey there is a youtube channel called yes theory that you might like to interview there a cool channel and they live in la
Aaron Tyler
Aaron Tyler - År siden
My dream is to be on the podcast
JustPlayer PT
JustPlayer PT - År siden
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson - År siden
28:11 This
Tina Jäckel
Tina Jäckel - År siden
Hi Matt! Thank you so much for this video❤️Sarah said so many things that I experienced many times too ( especially the mum stuff) and it made me feel not so isolated anymore...I started watching your videos some weeks ago and I really enjoy them very much.
Erin M
Erin M - År siden
I love Sarah! She helped film my brothers MTV made and she is so sweet! Love seeing her succeed and be on your show!!
Haanim Ely
Haanim Ely - År siden
After a full day of work/workshops....I still look forward to watching your podcast Matt....as always interesting, thought-provoking, creative. unique and empowering!
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thank you!
Ninja Momtastic
Ninja Momtastic - År siden
Speaking on the dad and changing table situation. Places that did have changing tables in the girls restrooms likely did not have changing tables in the boys restroom... my husband and my biggest annoyance. Most places are designed to not encourage dads to be dads
Abel Zamudio
Abel Zamudio - År siden
Hey Matt do you buy music for your channel or you just use your friends music? How doyou manage that? you should let us apply to send you our music, you probably have lots of producers as followers.
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
I get it from Epidemic Sound.
JoshDidItt - År siden
If I wanted to do YouTube videos where I'm recording myself. Would the Sony A7sii autofocus be reliable enough?
bran_moon - År siden
Sarah, thanks for touching on the mom & workforce situation. I hate not having a changing table in most places. Also having the inner dialogue of needing to prove myself for some inner reason. The lit is a struggle. Like, even in my workplace I feel the change after having a baby. I feel like it’s harder to move up now. It’s a struggle to get new responsibilities. I don’t understand these hurdles after having kids. Not to mention the credit given to fathers. It’s silly. My husband is always getting compliments for being a great dad and hanging with my daughter but for me she is seen as a hassle. :( Thanks for this podcast guys!
Ishika Shanai
Ishika Shanai - År siden
This gave me the motivation to finally get my butt off my chair and start writing for those scholarships.
not da vinci
not da vinci - År siden
What wage gap
Emanuelle Rayne
Emanuelle Rayne - År siden
Thank you Sarah and Matt!! Best description of motherhood, and society around it. Lots of love and gratitude!
Chess Mastery
Chess Mastery - År siden
Love yourself.
Rizky Ramadhan Luqman Suharjono
Made with LOVE
TpyoQueen - År siden
Omg these new mom struggles are so real and so me right now!!!
bran_moon - År siden
TpyoQueen I agree! #TeamMom
RainbowRamble21 - År siden
I really want to see the movie on sexual harrasement, because it is such a importen subject, and it is always interesting to see how different people point of view on it is. :)
Bron Jones
Bron Jones - År siden
I hope she punched the neighbor in the nose.
Tarnafiti - År siden
Only found this channel a few days ago but it has made me realise that i am a minimalist, i always have been. I always keep my possessions to a minimum and all the other stuff. I didn't even realise minimalism was a thing. All of your videos are really entertaining I am very interested in film making/makeing videos aswell so this channel is really so interesting and relatable to most things. Thanks for making all these amazing videos, Keep it up!
Trey Smith
Trey Smith - År siden
Tarnafiti I’m gonna try to do it in college right now a freshman in high school. I’m mostly just right now trying to cut out of life what I don’t need before I start getting rid of possessions I don’t need.
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Thank you!
carmie villanueva
carmie villanueva - År siden
hello matt! fan here from the Philippines, you influenced me how to be a minimalist.. Godbless 🤙
Somebody - År siden
oh wait wrong channel....
Julian Müller
Julian Müller - År siden
Hey man, just seen Minimalism, really liked it!
S7_Yusuf - År siden
Doc Milersky Minimalism is a true art!
Matz - År siden
Hey Matt, i have a question. What do you eat? Do you always have the food everyday or do you eat all what you want?
Matz - År siden
Matt D'Avella okay thank you and keep up your good work :)
Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
My diet is pretty consistent week to week. I tend to have boring breakfast & lunches and switch things up for dinner. I'm not very strict with myself though and I indulge every now and then.
S7_Yusuf - År siden
So Happy that this has been uploaded. Thank You Matt!