Extra Innings | ARYNews | Eid Special | 1st August 2020

Guest: Shoaib Akhtar (former cricketer)
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Runtime: 32:56


ajmal Rana
ajmal Rana - 22 dager siden
MashaAllah ❤
Danish Chughtai
Danish Chughtai - Måned siden
Phupho ny boht try ki mGar na kamayab hogy
aaisha mahi
aaisha mahi - Måned siden
Sameer Anas sketches
Sameer Anas sketches - Måned siden
The most Brave cricketer ever there Will be no one like him even if someone in 1000000000 years breaks his récord of fastest bowl he could not be like him.
The kind of anger just everything...
Naveed Khan
Naveed Khan - Måned siden
shaid afridi ka name kun lya yar
Shree S
Shree S - Måned siden
Through out the interview me me me me & just me !! Very impulsive & borderline narcissist personality shoaib akhatr.
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary - Måned siden
Ubayd Rehman
Ubayd Rehman - Måned siden
200 kilo le ker bhagta abay salay soch ker bola ker 200 aur 20 kilo me bohat farak hota hay
nabarup dutta
nabarup dutta - Måned siden
Love u shoaib but u r too arrogant .still love u r still good as a person.dont destroy it
All in One Tourism
All in One Tourism - Måned siden
my favorite player great man
Anurag Shekhawat
Anurag Shekhawat - Måned siden
Kargil was in 1999 not in 2002 or 2000 😂😂
Sooraj Bond
Sooraj Bond - Måned siden
mujhe pak cricket m sirf shoib akhtar pasand tha lekin jab se india ne saare pak cricket ko boycott kia h tab se ye bhi afridi ki tarah bakchodi ka form bharne laga hai, aur ye saare itne badtamiz hai inke cricketers ek vo hai sarfaraz do paise ki tameez nahi hai, indian cricketers ko bol raha hai ki in saalo ko out karna hai etc etc, hmare bande off the field kabhi aisi chichori baate nahi karenge life m, lekin aisi baato se pata chalta hai ki inki upbringing kaise hui hai, aur ye akhtar bhaisaab se bada feku nahi dekha maine. 1000 kilo weight baand ke sprint marta tha fir mai hawa mein shaktimaan ki tarah udd jata tha uske baad mai moon pe jaake zero gravity mein sprint marta tha 😂😂😂 , ek baar ye bata de ARY news ko ki tere yt channel mein 80% audience retention kaha ki hai . hmare cricketers ko bologe to vo reply nahi kre lekin hmse achi gaalia sunoge, hum kisi ko aasmaan m pahucha sakte hai to zameen mein patak ke dhool bhi chata sakte hai bhoolna mat, aaj dekh le apni halat , tjhe india aur bcci ka sahara tha post retiremnt ke baad lekin tum jahil ke jahil hi rahoge ye bcci samjh gaya aur haa ARY ko ye bhi bata de ki ipl ke time ki earning aur current mein jo earning kar raha hai tu usme kitna deficit hai, aaye bade, aukaat mein rehna sikho aukaat mein samjhe na.
Umar Lashari
Umar Lashari - Måned siden
Walaikum o Assalam
Ankush Singh
Ankush Singh - Måned siden
ye to whi banda h na jo India vs England wc 19 k bad bhut roya tha 😂
Minto ss
Minto ss - Måned siden
🤣🤣 koi burnol bhijwao
mr. indian
mr. indian - Måned siden
Hahaha chutia khra hai darakht gire hai tbi itne samay tk media ko ni jaane dia vnha tum logo ne sare terrorist camp udgye tumare bc
All in One Tourism
All in One Tourism - Måned siden
ao na Pakistan teel laga ky dekayingy caps bhi aur bathroom bhi
prasun sharma
prasun sharma - Måned siden
This self proclaimed legend/great of the game is belittling a player who made his international test debut 8 years before him, mind you they are almost of same age, and retired 2 years after him. This 'Legend's' name doesn't feature in the list of top 80 when it comes to Test bowling Avg, doesn't feature in the list of top 75 when it comes to Test wickets, doesn't feature in the list of top 15 when it comes to Test Bowling strike rate, doesn't feature in the list of top 50 when it comes 5 wickets in an innings. Doesn't feature in the list of top 70 when it comes bowling economy. Barely won any player of the series award(Test). All of '0.2' Km/h seperates him from Shaun Tait and Brett Lee, but you'll never hear them blowing their own trumpet.He is just an illiterate bum, who lack the virtue of modesty, and who doesn't have an iota of clue about the rich history of this great game.
prasun sharma
prasun sharma - Måned siden
@vaibhav tomar let's be fair, bowling the fastest ball is no walk in the park and he was a 'good' baller. But there are 4 other bowlers who are as fast as he is. '0.9' Km/h seperates him and Shaun Tait, Brett Lee, Jeff Thompson & Mitchell Starc.He is incessantly ranting the same thing for the past 21 years, I got Sachin out on the 1st ball. But he will never mention, the same 'ordinary' Sachin pummeled his ass to dirt in 2003 world cup and on countless other occasions. Sehwag and Dravid, Lahore 2006 Test, scored 410 for the 1st wicket. And this 'Toofani' bowler went wicket less in that match. What Ross Taylor did to him in 2011 WC needs no mention. This game has seen far more skillful bowlers than him. Wasim, Waqar, Steyn, Holding, McGrath, Anderson, Walsh, Ambrose, Hadlee, Lillee, Marshall and Garner to name a few. The word 'Legend' is very loosely used these days.
vaibhav tomar
vaibhav tomar - Måned siden
I agree with you 100% , he is just doing this to promote himself so that when he comes into politics, people don't protest against him and accept the fudging of elections
Danyal Asif
Danyal Asif - Måned siden
Shoaib bhai ap ki kami mehsoos hue kal
Humanity first religion second
Yeh Landu Harbhajan aur Balaji se 6khana wala guest hai😁😂😂
INFO MESSAGE - Måned siden
💯%✔✅✔ Bk mile ga 💯%
Sher Akbar
Sher Akbar - Måned siden
Shoaib akhtar mashallah
Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh - Måned siden
Abe Pakistan me ab koi normal aadmi bacha hai ya nahi😝😂😂😂😂😂 pagalistan 🤣🤣🤣
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace - Måned siden
I don't know why indians criticize The best thing in shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi is that they never ever been a single time suspect in spot fixing or bribe issues thats makes a person highly confidential to praise about himself and make his heart pure and patriot..
In this race idols like Dhoni and wasim akram are very back away..
They are just like chupe rustam.
Perfect example of a Psycho -Shoaib Akhtar
Dil butt
Dil butt - Måned siden
naveen 009
naveen 009 - Måned siden
Yar kitna jhooth bolta hai😂😂😂
saqib haseeb
saqib haseeb - Måned siden
Shoaib akhtar❤️❤️❤️
Limbachiya Amit
Limbachiya Amit - Måned siden
Feku chodu
kamran aziz
kamran aziz - Måned siden
Lambi lambi chor raha ha yar
Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad - Måned siden
Pakistan ko 2050 tak apni taqet double karna chahiye
Hunain Khan
Hunain Khan - Måned siden
Soch raha tha shyd kuch mil jaiga Imran khan se itni tarefen krta tha pehle ab bechare ko kuch mila nahi to disappointed ho gaya hai bechara
Hunain Khan
Hunain Khan - Måned siden
Sir g hosla kren.. PSL Sara Pakistan me krwa dia hai Test series Paksitan me krwa di hai is mojoda set up ne.. Or zara mujhe btaen konsa Kam reh gaya hai
c d
c d - Måned siden
It looks that he is not happy with Imran Khan as a PM
Parvaiz Ahmad
Parvaiz Ahmad - Måned siden
14:35, Fastest delivery of shoib akhter. Great!
Ehtisham Ashraf
Ehtisham Ashraf - Måned siden
Now he is pretending to portray him such a big gentleman but his behavior on field was disgusting.
Jamil Ahmad
Jamil Ahmad - Måned siden
Yeh banda future mei Pakistan k lye kuch karre ge. Is my woh siliyat hai. Or mujhe yakeen!
Bipin Chandra
Bipin Chandra - Måned siden
He has formally applied for Prime Minister of Pakistan, let's wait for response of boys from Rawalpindi.
Kya baaat hai!!!!
Kya baaat hai!!!! - Måned siden
200 kilo ;abay pagla Gaya hai bawllay
Sarfaraz Syed
Sarfaraz Syed - Måned siden
Badami ki munafiqat dikh rahi hai zardari sahb ppp and N league kelyee bakaida mehsus horha hai
Anonymous Tk
Anonymous Tk - Måned siden
Bhai 14:56 se sunno.
Totally funny.