Everything you’ve been told about money is wrong.

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Jacus Joe
Jacus Joe - 12 timer siden
The title is wrong
Tyrannotitan - Dag siden
Why am I even watching this when I'm an 11 year old. that doesn't have any debt to begin with
AleX G.
AleX G. - Dag siden
This video is.. Brilliant. Thank you.
leeche - Dag siden
Get a good job ?thanks capitan obvious
Joyce - 2 dager siden
Channel's like this is a gem. Something were we can get true value from. Being here is a time not wasted.
Carl Hilber
Carl Hilber - 2 dager siden
Real talk. Why do people want to retire. Doesnt that mean you're basicaly dead.
Shade Gumapac
Shade Gumapac - 4 dager siden
Everyone should always talk about money....to attract a lot of it.
Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast
Like, more good finance advice than anybody has ever learned at school. But WHY is life like this?! It's insane.
Alex - 6 dager siden
I love quality. Whatever it is, I want it to be quality, not necessarily expensive Gucci whatever just QUALITY.
ビビ くん
ビビ くん - 6 dager siden
Bruh I don’t know why even tho I love the guy but I disagree about almost everything he says 😂
ビビ くん
ビビ くん - 6 dager siden
Dave Ramsay left the chat
ビビ くん
ビビ くん - 6 dager siden
1:29 I disagree with that. Now matter how you earn more, if you don’t care about your spending, you won’t make any difference at all. That’s why some of the rich athletes go broke or get in dept after 2/3 years after getting their money( aka earning more). Because of that, a lot of “rich” people says you need to stay below your means. That is the first step to be rich or reach financial freedom, not earning more.
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi - 7 dager siden
20:10-23:30 How to consistently and actively work towards a raise by increasing your worth to above their standards and expectations. Instead of going to work and waiting an eternity for a raise which might not come. Since the majority of employers will be happy to continue paying well below what your worth until they’re forced to give you a raise due to some new law or changes in the economy such as increases in minimum wage and job demand.
Toda Gloria para Dios
Toda Gloria para Dios - 8 dager siden
How about mutual funds?
Are you recommend, is good idea??
Toda Gloria para Dios
Toda Gloria para Dios - 8 dager siden
Amazing information
I learn to much about investment
I love this 💜👍
God bless you 🙏🙌🖤🤍😍
SpaceAndCigarettes - 9 dager siden
I can't pinpoint exactly what it is but something about Ramit sets my bullshit meter off.
M - 9 dager siden
I get focus on the big stuff but $3 a day is $84 a month. $1000 a year on just coffee. Put that into the stockmarket and you'll get wealthier too. drink water get healthier and ditch the coffee its non essential just drink a black coffee if you want your caffeine hit. no need for fancy lattes.
Sindre - 9 dager siden
Getting rid of debt is an inherently flawed concept. I have mortgage on my house. I pay off as little as I can. Why? I get higher returns elsewhere and instead of putting all my savings in one asset class I diversify.
Judi Grace
Judi Grace - 9 dager siden
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Dev Kapla_08_XA
Dev Kapla_08_XA - 9 dager siden
Man you are adding so much value to our lives.Thank you🙂
Gareth Dowson
Gareth Dowson - 12 dager siden
I feel the hardest challenge in such a competitive world is to get well paid job. Considering most jobs aren't well paid, that means that most people aren't going to be well paid.
For a lot (maybe most) of people it's the other things that will help get them wealthy. I'm 38 have a poor education, job sucks and the pay does too, I'm in a rut when it comes to trying to find well paid employment and to be honest I'm tired of the knock backs over the last decade.
I focus on my health and fitness as an escape to the job i dislike. Fortunately I've been diligent since a teenager with my money, had a few side hustles (nothing major to stop the day job though), saved, invested in shares and property and I'm mortgage free on 2 properties. I'm comfortable but I'm really struggling to attain that higher income which will fast track the financial freedom and early retirement option.
I'm a minimalist and would be poor if I bothered being interested in keeping up with the Jones'.
Stephen - 16 dager siden
The amount of financial ignorance is staggering. I am guilty of this myself managed to use my credit card too much. I like this approach to money, I hate being frugal.
Andy T
Andy T - 16 dager siden
Saving money on coffee does make a difference, and the change is not hard to accept if you can make coffee at home that's far superior.
You could generated £154k in principal and interest over 20 years if you save £150 per month (the amount I used to spend on coffee) into stocks that generate 13% on average each year.
That's a sizeable chunk of money that could be used in your 40s if you start this journey in your 20s. What will I use the money on my 40s? I'm not sure a sports car, holidays on loop hmmm.
Spazza42 - 16 dager siden
“You’ll watch your career soar!” - not if you work in a Government job where your wage is the wage, especially in the UK. You can’t negotiate Government pay scales or promotions, pay rises don’t happen that easily....
Saurabh Meshram
Saurabh Meshram - 20 dager siden
This video is too long!!!
Medic311 - 22 dager siden
Best way to be rich. Get an easy mindless government job with good benefits and a decent salary. Easy hours, work from home, etc. No consumer debt. Use your time to buy cash flowing real estate. All it takes are 2 or 3 homerun BRRRs and you are financially independent and everything else is icing on the cake. And you won't pay tax on the rental income. The best way to be rich is actually not to have a job/work for someone else.
Uhrr Of sunlight
Uhrr Of sunlight - 22 dager siden
guess I'm screwed
living in a 3rd world country, can't even get a job
Ayub A Alim
Ayub A Alim - 24 dager siden
How Money shapes ur behavior
MissTiffanyK1 - 24 dager siden
Great stuff here... I wish the negotiation technique was an option for me. When working in education, there's a set salary and raise scale and absolutely no room for performance based negotiation.
Nadia's Creative Pursuit
Nadia's Creative Pursuit - 26 dager siden
20:27 love this! I heard this tip in the book "Never split the difference" and I ask it in every job interview. It helps you see what you need to do to get a promotion and move up from the role
Mary unsunubun Mary
Mary unsunubun Mary - 29 dager siden
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Justin Leung
Justin Leung - 29 dager siden
Moral of the story, cut back on lattes and make 20 cent iced coffee
Donovan Lee
Donovan Lee - 29 dager siden
35:40 minutes of add free gems 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Tom Bedlam
Tom Bedlam - Måned siden
I watched the whole video and the advice is great, this guy really knows his stuff and I respect the knowledge there... but he talks like an absolute con-man haha but I can get passed that
spectre trash
spectre trash - Måned siden
The imaginary plasterboard quickly waste because join findingsinitially label midst a raspy oxygen. scientific, festive dugout
David Ball
David Ball - Måned siden
The easiest way to get a salary increase is to switch employers and ask for a 10% increment.
Pandorash8 - Måned siden
He sounds similar to The Barefoot Investor in Australia in the sense that he gives step-by-step instructions. BFI is more conservative I guess though. I haven’t read this book, so can’t directly compare.
Wai See Tan
Wai See Tan - Måned siden
So much bull shit in 30 minutes
Janafal Fallensky
Janafal Fallensky - Måned siden
Money Rules The World nowadays, A lot of People Dying just because of Moneys
Lisa Lamphier
Lisa Lamphier - Måned siden
This man is so completely out of touch and understands very little about money. I expected better from this channel.
Mohamed Elsayed
Mohamed Elsayed - Måned siden
What such a good video, Please make more like this, Thank you :)
NihilTimendumEst - Måned siden
Money is the answer to everything you ever wanted in this world.
Alice Hardy
Alice Hardy - 27 dager siden
@Daniel Granados buy Comfort!!!
Daniel Granados
Daniel Granados - Måned siden
What if you get a deadly desease... there’s nothing that can buy health or time
Elle Mists
Elle Mists - Måned siden
I’ve been riding on the Dave Ramsay wagon for many years. It works. This is old school stuff about behavioral changes and idk what his book adds to what’s already out there and freely accessible 🤷🏾‍♀️?
Wafi Wafi
Wafi Wafi - Måned siden
I come back to this video to plan out my life every few months
Thanks Matt and Mr. Teach You To Be Rich
John Allen
John Allen - Måned siden
After reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich years ago I negotiated a raise at work instead of just allowing the usual 2-3% annual pay increase. To date I've increased my salary by 30% from what it was in 2018.
Elvis Krumlinde
Elvis Krumlinde - Måned siden
To say that everything is wrong is not that wise
Arun Shankar S
Arun Shankar S - Måned siden
1. Do not buy anything on odd days, buy only on even days.
2. Do not buy if you can go without it for the next 48 hours.
3. Ask yourself if what you're planning to buy is a "need", or a "want". Usually, it's the latter.
4. Buy stuff that lasts, even if it's a bit more expensive. That will save you money in the long run.
5. Write down your expenses. You'll be surprised to know that you're spending more than what you think.
6. Make your own meals.
7. Do not boast/lie about the prices of the products you own. Don't be shy to tell people that you are using a recycled pen, an upcycled sofa, or that you're wearing a t shirt you found at a thrift store. There's nothing to be ashamed of it. In fact, reusing stuff is an eco friendly habit.
Kaleb Whittingstall
Kaleb Whittingstall - Måned siden
I don't even know what ive been told about money
Frissdas1207 - Måned siden
Lol, 25k.
Nalijay - 2 måneder siden
This sounds a lot like the Barefoot Investor
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen - 2 måneder siden
I agree on his “big win” theory.
- Joined the military ranked up fast
- 21 years old making over $4800 a month, bought dumb shit,,
- read books, saved and bought rental property instead (working on second now)
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim - 2 måneder siden
Love the content but technically his POV is somewhat wrong. Cutting back is essential. Saving $3 or $5 every day *31 days is $93 on $3 a day or $155 on $5 a day. With that money, you can obviously use that to invest in multiple areas! Like an investment account, starting out an e-commerce business, investing in online courses to enrich your mind, etc...
Remember people to save your money (3-6 months emergency), pay off debt, (smallest to largest or another way around), and invest in yourself!
Take care, everyone!
vegone - 2 måneder siden
What do you do after you pay off your debt?
Think Unique Thoughts
Think Unique Thoughts - 2 måneder siden
This is so great,thank you YouTube and uploader for making our life easier
Think Unique Thoughts
Think Unique Thoughts - 2 måneder siden
This is so amazing
Prerana Peeps
Prerana Peeps - 2 måneder siden
For so many people saying he just got rich by selling books...listen to him completely. Y'all just talking by watching the video only till he said he wrote a book smh
Solid State
Solid State - 2 måneder siden
If you aren't frugal and spent every dime you have, you have no money to invest.
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally - 2 måneder siden
I would say this is great but alot of people do the opposite they don't think about the money they spend on the new iphone plan, buying coffee everyday and go into debt every chance they get.
Ben Schubert
Ben Schubert - 2 måneder siden
Amazing, thank you!
Ludwig Von Mises Was Right
Ludwig Von Mises Was Right - 2 måneder siden
I thought this video might mention something about the fiat money system and the coming hyperinflation.
Bushra Awan
Bushra Awan - 2 måneder siden
https://youtu.be/TLh2PlkgJwg - R Nait fired his "Goli" and how! The song crossed 5.5 Million views on YouTube!
Watch it no if you haven't already!
Bushra Awan
Bushra Awan - 2 måneder siden
I thought the video was going to talk about what money is and how it's created, etc.
ScruffyTusks - 2 måneder siden
The point with freelancers making more money has to do with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Quality over quantity, and having those big spender clients coming back for more is where you should be spending most of your effort.
S - 2 måneder siden
whats the phrase you use when u call the bank to get your fees refunded he talked about ?
ROY FR - 2 måneder siden
People with money and who have had money while growing up think money doesn't bring happiness. And it doesn't, but what it can do and give is: a future with less worry, the ability to believe the future holds something, the ability to choose, the ability to feel reward and appreciation, the feeling of control...... Just those little things.....
Houdini - 2 måneder siden
So to have money and become rich, you should be rich. Wow
Ignacio Zúñiga Vukusich
Ignacio Zúñiga Vukusich - 2 måneder siden
i was really enjoing your videos until i crossed with this gordon gecko wanna be pseudo writer fuck. Full of sh###t
Abraham Ciscomani
Abraham Ciscomani - 2 måneder siden
This content is totally for USA people. Still useful and like your POV.
Melodee Shelbee Brown
Melodee Shelbee Brown - 2 måneder siden
I use Wells Fargo, welp better change my bank!
JaDan Wolf
JaDan Wolf - 2 måneder siden
Great advice on negotiating a higher salary. Pro-active but still respectful towards your boss. 
Probably completely useless during COVID when most companies are doing mass lay-offs. But still good advice once the economy heals in (at least) 1 or 2 years from now.
Faces of Hollywood
Faces of Hollywood - 3 måneder siden
I love him but just because he's written a New York Times bestseller doesn't mean he's also saying something new. Your intro seeks to devalue family members, friends, and coworkers who may also know a thing or two about money.
lizzy240515 - 3 måneder siden
So informative!! Loved this
Jake Bosworth
Jake Bosworth - 3 måneder siden
This one quick tip will save you trillions on $4 lattes
Adeola Adekanye
Adeola Adekanye - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for great content
Adeola Adekanye
Adeola Adekanye - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for ad free videos!
decent gamer
decent gamer - 3 måneder siden
what a wholesome and helpful channel thanks :)
Vivek Adithya Mohankumar
Vivek Adithya Mohankumar - 3 måneder siden
I just found a golden nugget in the YouTube dirt! Thanks Ramit & Matt
Matt Price
Matt Price - 3 måneder siden
This guy seems out of touch with reality considering how many americans are buried in student loan and credit card debt. Seems like bad advice to me, I prescribe more to the dave ramsay method combined with a bit of graham Stephan. His coffee stance bothers me.
Matt Price
Matt Price - 3 måneder siden
If a cup of coffee from Starbucks "gives you joy" that's weird.
kas x
kas x - 3 måneder siden
i did learned 1 or 2 good things from you , but everything crashes including stock.
Linda Bedwall
Linda Bedwall - 3 måneder siden
I had to come back and listen to this pod.
Now I don't have a job since I moved, and the Corona is making it hard to get a new job and for my Art Business to work. So to fill my time I took up on a education that will help me to get a better job in metal industry.
hopefully it's going to give me a better job where I could work 80% , more money and besides I fucking love machines.
Chopmeister - 3 måneder siden
Some years ago I was getting my motorcycle license, I had to go through a rider training course before my exams. During the training, I was taught one of the most important fundamental rules of riding: look only where you want to go. If you look at the curb or an upcoming car, that’s where you will end up and probably die or hurt yourself badly. It’s been tested many times. It’s hard though! We are naturally wired to look at danger, but you have to train yourself to look away to avoid crash because your motorcycle heads where you look. Same with poverty and financial constraint. If you only look towards reducing expenses, you are looking at danger - that’s where you will end up. However, should you start looking the other way, towards success - earning more, you will be surprised how many opportunities life will start throwing at you
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia - 3 måneder siden
*live on less than you make so you spend the money you saved over time on the things and experiences that matter to you*
Samuel Koshy
Samuel Koshy - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys check out this video
uk7769 - 3 måneder siden
Debt free for years now! Fully funded emergency fund. I live where I can afford. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Tom Leykis.
Mau BS
Mau BS - 3 måneder siden
Super valuable video. His principles are really straight forward, from my knowledge in this topic they work amazingly well, and the honesty of the guest really shines through.
Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years
Zohan Dvir
Zohan Dvir - 3 måneder siden
Money is basically just paper the government tricked us to find valuable
Stripthatflaka 123
Stripthatflaka 123 - 3 måneder siden
Credit card debt😆
Sarnai B
Sarnai B - 3 måneder siden
listening it while i’m drinking Latte 😅
Haya Ashraf
Haya Ashraf - 3 måneder siden
Stock market
Ken Belangel
Ken Belangel - 3 måneder siden
I watched this video twice and it was just as good the second time watched
Linn Enroth
Linn Enroth - 3 måneder siden
I mean, geat video. But this is what privelige is
Stacy Sadistic
Stacy Sadistic - 3 måneder siden
Let's be real. You can not negotiate your salary for at least 60% of jobs. That's something exclusive to middle class college graduates
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen - 3 måneder siden
love the vid
Emma Denton
Emma Denton - 3 måneder siden
The Australian equivalent of that is the Barefoot Investor, by the sounds of it. If any aussies are here and interested
Molly P
Molly P - 3 måneder siden
I've told my boyfriend to switch from Well Fargo to summit credit union for the last 2 years!!!
Ruth Hanrahan
Ruth Hanrahan - 3 måneder siden
Here's the thing... Not everyone can get a well paying job. That's just facts. You working in admin? Nurse in health care? Retail? Good luck getting over 20k a year and getting negotiated pay. Sales roles are most likely to get raises because they bring in money but if you're a cog in the machine.. Nah. So basically what this dude should be saying is "get a career climbing role first then apply these techniques".
Pawel Zabicki
Pawel Zabicki - 3 måneder siden
So, what's the difference between 401 k and a roth IRA?
phyliciajoykloes - 4 måneder siden
Wow, inspiring.