Everything you’ve been told about money is wrong.

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Azalea Fairley
Azalea Fairley - Dag siden
Nayeli Carrillo
Nayeli Carrillo - 6 dager siden
I think what I take from this video is what someone said below, creating value and recognizing your value in a professional sense will help you make more money. It is also about finding value in your investments so you reap the most benefit. Not everything will work for everyone. It's taking what works for you. I've taken bits of advice from different people and my budget already looks so much better. If it doesn't work move on, no need to be so negative.
Jonny - 7 dager siden
Let's be honest it's easy to save money when you live at your parent's house. The real challenge is living by yourself and saving.
Oule Raoul
Oule Raoul - 8 dager siden
$3 times 360 equals $1080. I would say that counts as something.
$3 times 30 days equals $90. Invested monthly into a stock with 8% gain compounds in 20 years to $49K.
JoshyLov - 9 dager siden
What is the book called ?
Amber Childress
Amber Childress - 11 dager siden
My mom used to say..."you got McDonald's money?" 😅😅😅😅
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
I love to chat with these type of whites and Indian or arabs and only
JinBo Himself
JinBo Himself - 12 dager siden
Yeah bruh , everything u said is correct
Constance Adione
Constance Adione - 14 dager siden
Have nothing to say on this, am speechless cos some things are contradicting.
LM v 2.7
LM v 2.7 - 16 dager siden
Him talking about debt and knowing the pay off date is super true. Once I stopped hiding from it, I've made so much progress. I took action and now I no longer have credit card debt and working on my student loans.
Mary Beatrice España
Mary Beatrice España - 18 dager siden
carleen muthoni
carleen muthoni - 23 dager siden
Don't go into debt for new tech, if your phone, car or computer still works well just use it....
NoTtIaN - 24 dager siden
The interviewee sounds like they could play the voice actor from the bee movie.
By Alicia
By Alicia - 24 dager siden
would it make sense to buy this book even if you don't live in the US? I'm from denmark but I cant find any good danish books like this. just curious
Brennan Bowyer
Brennan Bowyer - 25 dager siden
Just learn to make your own coffee. Starbucks is profitable because they sell cheap ingredients at 5x the price they caught them for. You can learn to make lattes and Frappuccino’s. Teach a man to fish
Swapnil kaner
Swapnil kaner - 25 dager siden
Somebody: I am 90,000 in debt.....
Ramit: Spend 3×30×12 = 1080 bucks for lattes each year........
Aryan Jha
Aryan Jha - 26 dager siden
bro ads comes!!!! on every video (India)
mitch knows money
mitch knows money - 27 dager siden
Your videos always hit me at the right times keep up the great work man
Florin D
Florin D - 27 dager siden
I once got into my boss’s office to negotiate my sallary. He told me that I did’t achieve the goals (that time there was a new “target” that was very hard to achieve, put there intentionaly), even though I was the only one in the team that had 3-shifts schedule the entire Week. I was working in IT support; the target was fully dependent on the customers. I quit my job after 3 weeks.
Mike Pawlik
Mike Pawlik - 28 dager siden
if you have some kind of a service business, you definitely need to be spending 99% of your time doing your absolute best convincing your potential clients that they do not need your services, and you should definitely be writing blog posts continuing list of reasons why your company doesn't need to be hired
This is a Gary vaynerchuk approach and I liked it more and more the more I look at it
DOPE MICKEY - 29 dager siden
Change “I would love” to “would you be open to” because I would love is selfish and is mediocre in business
black dog
black dog - Måned siden
Easy way to become rich is to fool people. May be write a book, give pep talks about becoming rich. Dress good and one think which is very important is to have a silver tongue. Then stupid people will follow and buy your books.
Keyorempi - Måned siden
lonewolf - Måned siden
*Unpopular opinion* but I think this guy misunderstands the conversation about skimping on small purchases. Yes, if you have a cup of ($4) coffee every working day it isn't much ($1040) but it's about the mentality of thinking these small purchases meaning nothing e.g. $4 coffee everyday ($1040), buying $10 lunch every work day ($2600) , ordering out ($50/week) regularly ($2600). These purchases lead to significant costs that are unrealised ($6240/yr) along with other small regular purchases.
Clinton Andrews
Clinton Andrews - Måned siden
$5 a day over 40 years invested is around 400k. Once you earn enough 400k doesn’t matter to you, buy the latte everyday.
Derrick2250 - Måned siden
So wait you're telling me that I dont have to worry about money all I gotta do is get a high paying job!!!??
This guy is revolutionary.
Divya prathi
Divya prathi - Måned siden
literally mind changer....loved the way of explaing minute details too
Jason Young
Jason Young - Måned siden
He’s got some good points but I think that learning to not waste money everyday can be a game changer. 5 dollar coffee seems like a small amount but doing that everyday suddenly becomes 35-40 dollars a week or 2000 a year, money that could be invested or used for an experience like a vacation. The little things do add up to a lot in the grand scheme of things
Eljas Hyyrynen
Eljas Hyyrynen - Måned siden
Just find your thing and enjoy every second doing it. Then you're rich right now.
Guilherme - Måned siden
"just get a good job"
Jacent Wamala
Jacent Wamala - Måned siden
I watched this video when it came it. I was already on my plan and just finished paying off over $90,000 in student loan and credit card debt in 3 years. Watching it again now is so interesting. I love it!!!
Veronica - Måned siden
Money doesn’t grow on trees 😞
Sean N
Sean N - Måned siden
Like charging groceries with your credit card. Credit cards give you a false sense of wealth.
thomas beyenne
thomas beyenne - Måned siden
great advice. I would avoid the "f" word though
Ewan Anmo
Ewan Anmo - Måned siden
8:07 Paying Debt
19:25 Getting a pay raise
23:30 Freelancing
Janmay - Måned siden
He's so excited about me making money that I want to make it happen! Lmao
Javier Osorio
Javier Osorio - Måned siden
This guy is full of contradictions. First he says that small expenses are nothing, then he says “people will be surprised to know how much 20 or 50 dollars a month towards debt repayment can help them be debt free much sooner”
Jason Young
Jason Young - Måned siden
Exactly. 4 dollar coffee is 2k a year. That’s a 10 day vacation every year just bc you don’t want to make coffee at home
Jewel - Måned siden
Why are so many of these comments so miserable 😒 Anyways, I enjoy your content.
6butterflywings6 - Måned siden
Good advice in here. Thanks. I also like the “is this item worth the hours of work needed to buy it?”
Candy Cat
Candy Cat - 2 måneder siden
Try the money stacks method of budgeting y’all- 50-60% of your income on essentials, 10% on savings , 10% on investing, 5-10% on growth/education, 5-10% on fun, 5-10% on giving. Really working for me- all credit to youtuber mamafurfur- check her out. Before I used her method I thought I couldn’t afford to save or invest but now I have a vanguard account open. I’m so pleased with myself! So grateful
Sam D
Sam D - 2 måneder siden
This channel is genuinely inspiring
Cortex 23
Cortex 23 - 2 måneder siden
i just waisted my time on him talking about how you can spend your money , not how to be rich
Alain Clebert
Alain Clebert - 2 måneder siden
I have not yet finished this video but, thank you very much. this was some much needed and extremely helpful content
Schalk Burger van Wyk
Schalk Burger van Wyk - 2 måneder siden
Beatriz Alicia Palacio Jaramillo
I wanna see him give this talk to someone living in poverty
Lisa R.
Lisa R. - Måned siden
If you’re poor you should qualify for a subsidized loan at a community college, maybe even grants (free money). I know it’s difficult.
Beatriz Alicia Palacio Jaramillo
@Lisa R. Exactly, and you need money to study, which you don't have because your bad job gives you only enough money to survive, and you don't have time to have another job that can support your studies. It's a cycle. Wow, why don't poor people just go get more money?
Lisa R.
Lisa R. - Måned siden
People who don’t have any money to manage need to get a better job. This may require more education or just creativity and being open to something new. This is the main weakness of poor people.
Brandon A. Ortiz
Brandon A. Ortiz - 2 måneder siden
Fantastic Vid!
Movieman - 2 måneder siden
Dude took days of work, maybe weeks ? On editing a 35 minute film for free, on youtube. Jeez the second I have the disposable income I am supporting your patreon, as a aspiring filmmaker myself your content has been helping me get through the rest of college and set on a good path starting out in this crazy world.
Avery Simmons
Avery Simmons - 2 måneder siden
You introduced me to Ramit on the podcast, and his book was such a move for me. His approach to finances is so refreshing compared to a lot of the typical folks you find out there.
FaithBetta - 2 måneder siden
$5 saved a day is only $1,800 saved a year. That's one month of my income..
NoLongerHuman - 2 måneder siden
People who think they are smarter but spend money they don't have on "experiences" are just as dumb as people who get I to debt for buying physical shit
veksone77 - 2 måneder siden
Lot of broke people making excuses in the comments.
veksone77 - 2 måneder siden
You know what you say to someone who says "that's easy for you to say"? Yeah, everything is easy to say, that's how words work. Words being easy to say has nothing to do with you taking action.
Paul Ho
Paul Ho - 2 måneder siden
Wow, so far removed from actual reality. The trope of positive optimism is just bullshit. Everyone does well or well-enough at their jobs, or else they wouldn't be retained, and companies constantly improve at the hands of those employees doing that work. So out of nowhere, one of them becomes a hero and asks for more than the rest of them? Ok
Michelle Dodge
Michelle Dodge - 2 måneder siden
Massive value in this video... Thank you!
LordStanleyJr - 2 måneder siden
In just over a year , my $28K debt is now $17K & will be paid off in early 2021.If not sooner.
Psquila Oliveira
Psquila Oliveira - 2 måneder siden
por que seu livro nao esta disponivel em portugues?
NESSIE - 2 måneder siden
Amazing work, amazing people. Thanks for the video
Joaquin Pani
Joaquin Pani - 2 måneder siden
I prefer live with balance in my life. It’s not wrong to have a nice pair of shoes, a nice dinner and a nice watch to the extent you really enjoy those items for yourself, not for others. Spend in an appropriate manner (don’t incur in excesses and learn the difference between bad and good debt) and be disciplined when investing.
Justin Emil van Aardt
Justin Emil van Aardt - 2 måneder siden
"Money doesn't grow on trees"
edwin deleon
edwin deleon - 2 måneder siden
money is my friend