Everything Wrong With Birds of Prey In Harley Minutes Or Less

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Birds of Prey is a pretty fun action romp, but for some reason, people stayed away from it in theaters. Regardless, it still has sins, as do all movies, so we did what we do when we do what we do.
Thursday: Early 2000's action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 17:46


RuleofVicus - 26 minutter siden
CinemaSins is proof that humanity is becoming more stupid. The movies are getting far worse, yet more people keep voicing how they love these shit movies.
Jesus Christ.
Xiomy Sam
Xiomy Sam - 13 timer siden
One of my issues with this movie was the hyena, Bruce. He was like two feet away from the bomb when it blew up. Harley cries over his death as she moves all the debris out of the way. He’s nowhere to be found.
Then when the audience sees Bruce the hyena again, the excuse for him still being alive despite what we saw was something like “He ran out to backstreets.” ?? He was no more than three feet away from the bomb on the second floor when it blew up. How did a hyena get to the ground floor and far out into the backstreets in that incredibly short timeframe?
Josny13 - 22 timer siden
That's odd. I thought I saw all batman movies from the 1990's.
5:30 Because the whole point is that she and the joker are actually very clever to the point they could confidently, without losing their nerve, walk through a rain of cars and not get hit. Obviously here, she thought she was the one being aimed at.
9:37 I like how Drumpf is so loathed even in america, that Quinn, an obvious Drumpf voter, would be said to have voted for bernie rather than taint their movie with that human orange's name.
12:50 Because the dynamite hit the front of the car and bounced into the back seat.
Ahara Roblox
Ahara Roblox - Dag siden
I feel as though some sins should be on there, I mean sure they messed up, it's hard to make a movie, and maybe they did have any scenes to add Mary (Huntress) also they had bags in the shopping cart, they packed the things in the cart into the bag. (Note: Before you type I hate comment I know this video was for entertainment not hate so please dont come after me)
Durbidge Studios
Durbidge Studios - Dag siden
Sin 8 should not be a sin. Suicide squad was reaching for a PG13 rating while this movie was reaching for R
Wanda Richardson
Wanda Richardson - 2 dager siden
This movie looks really bad. I'm glad that I didn't waste money on it.
TheBitchingWitch - 2 dager siden
"Did she spend alot of time at his house?"
Me: So much time she felt comfortable enough to fuck with his head? Because let's be honest, if the Clown Prince was there he'd expect her to behave out of respect. So if she did that Joker wasn't there. And there's no way Harley would spend time with Roman alone because we all know that Joker and Harley's relationship is abusive as hell and he's likely INSANELY possessive of Harley. Like he'd kill Roman for being alone with her and beat Harley's ass once Roman was dead. Or are we going with the stupid ass Joker/Harley relationship seen in Suicide Squad where Joker actually loves her because the movie was filmed at the height of 3rd wave feminism and they couldn't show Joker being actually abusive?
Mysterious Sunshine
Mysterious Sunshine - 3 dager siden
I remember Rosie Perez in "Go, Diego, Go"
Yorick Westendorp
Yorick Westendorp - 3 dager siden
what happend 2 black canary ¿
Pokerface - 3 dager siden
He sinned Harley's real name being Harleen Quinzell? Does...does he not know that's been her name since Batman TAS?
Anthony Mignogna
Anthony Mignogna - 3 dager siden
This movie has the same problem as Oceans 8 in which it makes its female characters seem smart and independent by making every single male stupid and an asshole
Puroo Kumar Roy
Puroo Kumar Roy - 3 dager siden
I was expecting the sin that you will die immediately if you swallow a diamond, but I'll let it pass. You know how bad a film is if CinemaSins only lets one sin off.
Venom King
Venom King - 3 dager siden
You realize Zazy pants is the reason for the scars cliche..... right???
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores - 4 dager siden
All these women but none of them got naked
unknown gamer
unknown gamer - 5 dager siden
Everything wrong with cinemasins
DeepEye1994 - 5 dager siden
Fucking hell.
I cannot wait to go at the movies again and watch a good one once this virus shit is over.
...I do NOT want to die, and Birds of Prey to be the last movie I saw in theaters.
Flame Fox
Flame Fox - 6 dager siden
In my opinion, if you are not Deadpool or Farris Bueller? Don’t break the 4th wall cause those 2 are the best characters that knows how to do it right
E88e LOLXD - 6 dager siden
By the way the tranquilizer dart doesn’t do its job it’s supposed to make people fall asleep Or be unconscious but instead it just makes her not being able to move any limbs but still being conscious and instead of falling asleep she just gets conscious again in the scene with Victor zazz
Josh Parrish
Josh Parrish - 7 dager siden
Oh hey, it’s that one villain chick from Sky High and Zzzzzzzzz
Tests Made Fun
Tests Made Fun - 7 dager siden
14:26 "Damning things is in his DNA" 😂😂 nice
Remy Finkelstein
Remy Finkelstein - 7 dager siden
I don't think people understand how important this movie is for young girls like me who love dc but haven't seen any superheroes women from them that aren't super sexualized for other people (Unlike Harley and her effing dog collar in Suicide Squad) And it shows female solidarity and friendship. I'm sick of watching movies where every woman seems to be there to support the men and tear down any other women. It's toxic and unrealistic. They made Harley an independent woman with hobbies, skills and fashion that she likes not a shirt with strategic rips to show off Margot Robbies body. Not to mention all of the other STRONG female leads and Cassandra. The POC representation and the facts that each woman has a real personality make this movie amazing to me and leagues above Suicide Squad. It did what Captain Marvel failed to do by making the women in the movie real 3D people.
Sami Rehman
Sami Rehman - 9 dager siden
Huntress reached the Amusement Mile because she followed Zsasz and Canary
David Bengtsson Asgarali
David Bengtsson Asgarali - 9 dager siden
Does she have a phd or an MD or both? Going to med school and specialising in psychiatrist would give her an MD.
Mikey No likey
Mikey No likey - 9 dager siden
Mikey No likey
Mikey No likey - 8 dager siden
@Alex Miller did I ask?
Alex Miller
Alex Miller - 8 dager siden
Worst movie I’ve ever seen
The Men In Tights Podcast
The Men In Tights Podcast - 8 dager siden
I loved it too.
Daniel Gelvez
Daniel Gelvez - 8 dager siden
I loved it! :)
Morgan Olivia
Morgan Olivia - 9 dager siden
-Em- - 10 dager siden
We need an Everything’s wrong with Charlie’s Angels (2019)
-Em- - 9 dager siden
Mikey No likey it’s not a movie without sins
Mikey No likey
Mikey No likey - 9 dager siden
NO! that movie is amazing
Amokra - 10 dager siden
well I might of seen this movie if they had not said guys should not go see it ...

and yet over 50% of the money it mad was from men
Algo Rhythm
Algo Rhythm - 11 dager siden
anyone who paid for this piece of garbage should have yelled for their money back.
Michael H
Michael H - 11 dager siden
You know it's a bad movie when you can't even stand watching the Sins video for it...
wolf bane
wolf bane - 11 dager siden
They basically raped black mask black mask for those of you who don't know is the most terrifying criminal boss ever to walk the face of the Batman series he is ruthless conniving and he will not hesitate to kill you.
In fact he'll kill anybody who looks at him wrong or tells him he can't do something he was so terrifying and so bad that he even gave Batman a run for his money and even Force Batman to leave the city.
and on top of that he had the gall to attack the batcave and Wayne Manor and he knew who Batman was on top of that by simple investigation.
black mask is such a terrible gangster threat that not even the penguin or Red Hood have the balls to apprehend him or go after him.
That's how terrifying he is that's how terrifying black mask is and in this movie they made him gay for some reason they made him an idiot for some reason because he's a man but black mask is a competent terrifying villain he is so terrifying that he was able to give scarecrow run for his money and when scarecrow try to use fear toxin on him Black Mask just shrugged it off and said that I'm afraid of nothing.
Even the joker calls him a lunatic even the joker knows not to work with black mask or trust himand this is the joker The joker saying that the joker does not like black mask and he does not trust him or is willing to work with him on anything.
Batman is legitimately afraid of black mask he's right up there with the joker, Victor zsasz, penguin, and anarchy he's that major of a threat to Gotham.
and another thing they butchered Victor zsasz and put black mask in him in a gay relationship for some reason just to push an agenda let me tell you who Victor zsasz is.

Victor zsasz is a serial killerbut not only just he's a serial killer he's a serial killer who adds kill marks to his body he is so dangerous on the vast majority of society.
That Batman as a tough time tracking him down and captureing him Victor zsasz is right up there with a league of assassin level of.
And he has the physical condition of an Olympic athlete and he kills people for fun and adds marks to his bodyhe's crazy he is absolutely crazy and he doesn't need anyone or anybody in his life because he killed his own wife.
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten - 13 dager siden
I actually enjoyed the movie, but I really could have done without the bathroom and tampon jokes. The concussion was a little odd.
A random flower in the internet
my first shit is that who in the right fucking mind would let harley in a supermarket and not even a least keepin an eye on her
Sean Hickey
Sean Hickey - 13 dager siden
Shoulda added 8 sins for every letter in feminism as clearly every writer was a feminist.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell - 13 dager siden
You could tell the story at the beginning or the ending then go all the way to the middle of the story. Gotham has no police force around so the Suicide Squad didn't work out for her.
How it Should have Ended really demonstrated the importance of being able to see movies with different alternative story lines. by the way you wanna know the secret identity of these birds of Prey alright they are the pick pocket Squad. if you wanna hang out you gotta take her out cocaine she's alright she's alright she's alright cocaine.
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney - 13 dager siden
I can sum up "Everything Wrong With Birds of Prey" in 5 SECONDS or less: It was filmed.
Renegadebane - 15 dager siden
Facial tattoos aren't a sign of being insane, it's just stupid.
Warren London
Warren London - 15 dager siden
This movie was Trash 🗑🚯
Isaac Eldred
Isaac Eldred - 15 dager siden
I'm disappointed that he didn't say Harley Quinn Narration, Harleration, Narraquinn
KillerBeers - 16 dager siden
You missed the perfect opportunity to call out the openly racist Cassandra Cain... and that's racist.
The Fluffy Cow
The Fluffy Cow - 16 dager siden
136 was the cinema win count for this movie
GCT10/31/1990 - 16 dager siden
You just used a 15 min logo
Cody Holloway
Cody Holloway - 16 dager siden
You didn’t say boner in this one. Or ex machina. I think someone has been watching birdman.
RaGe King
RaGe King - 16 dager siden
Dude do some research please,she’s always been Harleen Quinezell and you would know if you read any of the comics or even movies... sin the writers of the Animated Series not this movie. God
Toesheo - 16 dager siden
anon1234qwerty56789 - 16 dager siden
I can’t handle HQ’s accent. Seriously ... it grates my brain. What part of the US is that accent from ?
TREEGO TOP TOP - 17 dager siden
Sinning this movie for her name being harleen quinzell like that hasnt been her name since she was created in the 90s
Geekguy Prentis
Geekguy Prentis - 17 dager siden
toko099o - 17 dager siden
If you or a loved one finds them self in charge of picking who will be a fight choreographer in an action film please contact Ray Park. I don't know who did the fighting for this movie, but it was clearly done by someone who has not studied fighting.
J. S.
J. S. - 20 dager siden
Honestly I love your videos. They crack me up but I can't even get through your video much less the movie. It seems like a really bad one and made by people who clearly have too much money and are out of touch with what fans want.
Killjoy - 20 dager siden
This movie needs an additional 1000 sins for having characters that neither look nor act anything like the comic book counterpart they're supposed to be based after.
El Cucaracho
El Cucaracho - 20 dager siden
I already knew this movie sinned before watching this
Cheyenne Hoffman
Cheyenne Hoffman - 21 dag siden
The reason the fight scenes work so well is because the stunt work was done by the same team who worked on John Wick.
Kimmy Ariana
Kimmy Ariana - 21 dag siden
I love CinemaSins to death but the “villain has tattoos or scars” sin is a Zsasz thing! That’s his shtick. It wasn’t a new thing made for the movie that’s literally his character since the beginning
Cristobal Jimenez
Cristobal Jimenez - 3 dager siden
@Dustin Arko lmao then I'm her ray of hope😂
Dustin Arko
Dustin Arko - 3 dager siden
Cristobal Jimenez shes ugly af 😂
Dustin Arko
Dustin Arko - 3 dager siden
The movie was trash regardless
The Men In Tights Podcast
The Men In Tights Podcast - 8 dager siden
I love it when people are actually knowledgeable about comic book lore
Cristobal Jimenez
Cristobal Jimenez - 19 dager siden
Dam u cute can I get that insta ?
HYPER ACTIVE - 22 dager siden
I watched the movie and had mild expectations and they couldn’t even reach a 1/10 the movie was terrible Margo Robbie is a terrible actor for Harley Quinn terrible voice they kept trying to do weird flashbacks freeze framing while she talks not using any logic with any segment of the movie turning one of my favorite dc comics Characters into a sh1tty Deadpool the movie has so many yes I’m using the word cringe scenes especially literally every fight nobody has a gun and the few times they do they don’t use it I almost forgot they picked a terrible actor for zsasz is terrible he fits none of the characteristics of Zsasz excwpt he’s not tall skinny or bald and has no visible scars of where he cut himself marking people he killed
Xero Wolf
Xero Wolf - 22 dager siden
So I just finished watching this for the first time and I couldn't wait to get over here to see how many of the same sins I got in common.
Jared Walker
Jared Walker - 22 dager siden
@cinemasins Who is the guy with the beard photoshopped in at 17:03?
Janelli Marie
Janelli Marie - 22 dager siden
Wow, I’m glad I didn’t watch the movie.
Look at my profile pic Plz
Look at my profile pic Plz - 23 dager siden
Ignoring the whole feminist agenda of the movie witch makes it bad anyway They made such a bad version of the dc villains it makes me sick also we’re is Batman
pharoah finale
pharoah finale - 23 dager siden
I always wondered how Harley knows how to fight so well , in every adaptation besides the Batman animated show, she’s basically a expert combatant 🤔
pharoah finale
pharoah finale - 23 dager siden
There was a lot of portrayals that did not do justice to the characters and was just dumbed down and powered them down
Geekyfit137 - 23 dager siden
The overwhelming "girl power" theme in this movie kinda killed it when Harley takes out an entire station full of cops, a mercenary squad and various other dudes without breathing hard, but then gets her ass kicked by a half drunk 50something woman
Wisco9er - 23 dager siden
That Canary scream came out of no where and I hated it
Wisco9er - 23 dager siden
Big sin for not using the Hyena; not killing off that annoying cop when she was kicked out of a window; wasting Ewan McGregor; and the terrible dialogue
Fox - 24 dager siden
Cap vs Winter Soldier proved Marvel doesn’t need to learn a thing from DC as far as street level fight choreography is concerned.
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray - 21 dag siden
Pink Thunder Productions
Pink Thunder Productions - 24 dager siden
Why do peeps count as a sin?
Pink Thunder Productions
Pink Thunder Productions - 24 dager siden
I actually love this movie so much, I don’t understand why everyone hates it so much.
Wisco9er - 23 dager siden
@Oyuntsetseg Oyuna it wasn't feminist at all. Just because it has females doesn't make it a feminist movie. Do you want to argue about it? But sorry @Pupper, I have to disagree, this movie was terrible.
Oyuntsetseg Oyuna
Oyuntsetseg Oyuna - 24 dager siden
Cuz the blatant feminism and even without it the movie is still fucking gabage
katherineamelia98 - 24 dager siden
He should've sinned when she said "I have a PhD motherfucker" because she technically has an MD
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 24 dager siden
The littering was the ultimate reminder to us that Harley is still a terrible person
the.nose.666 - 24 dager siden
To me the whole movie felt very comic-like. The scenery, the narration, the way some things are very coincidental, weird cuts and details... Also, harley is telling this story. She's insane. So of course the story is jumpy, some details off, she's focusing on weird shit sometimes.. We're not seeing the actual events as they might happened "in reality"
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 24 dager siden
This movie honestly sucked
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes - 24 dager siden
I love Ewan McGregor and he did an excellent job, but he definitely was not black mask. Much like a lot of the other characters, they’re nothing like their comic counterparts, and that’s bullshit. Also this blatant pandering has to stop, like do actual feminists buy this shit?
Carl Stawicki
Carl Stawicki - 24 dager siden
2:48 Why did it look like the explosions started before the truck made impact?
Daniel Klotz
Daniel Klotz - 24 dager siden
Not that this is an especially good movie, but how the fuck does it have more sins than that shit Batman and Robin movie??
BRAT _ 412
BRAT _ 412 - 25 dager siden
when said Jared I was like I mean it is Jared lmao
Majime - 25 dager siden
The biggest issue with this movie was that Barbara Gordon was not in it at all and they mistakenly missed the opportunity to include representation of disabled women (in this case a badass wheelchair using superhero) and focused too much on Harley Quinn.
Here's a small youtuber's unedited commentary on this subject /watch?v=1cdIU__lHFs&feature=youtu.be
SomeNerdyGirl - 25 dager siden
Huntress looks like 11 when she went through her "bitchin'" stage
Also villain sucked ass and was creepy (not in the cool way) and his mask was dumb when he wears it for like 40 seconds
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 24 dager siden
I think I've lost braincells watching this movie
Memeologist - 26 dager siden
Pirates of the Caribbean has like 75 sins, description calls it a bad movie
Birds of prey has 120 sins, description calls it a pretty fun action romp
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 25 dager siden
15:58 THIS should've been 100 sins. Literally the most frustrating part of the film when I was watching it in the Cinema!
Harrison Lee
Harrison Lee - 26 dager siden
I would just like to add that this movie didn't have Batman in it. I mean it's set in Gotham city how could Batman not be in Gotham city.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 24 dager siden
i honestly was so disappointed in this movie i thought it would be more of their story as Birds of Prey but noooope
Gabre - 26 dager siden
Harley Quinn in the backstory to this movie: Clever and Skilled.
Harley Quinn during fights: Clever and Skilled.
Harley Quinn at any other given time: A total idiots who lucks out at every possible moment.
Brianna Larsen
Brianna Larsen - 26 dager siden
You can hear someone yelling through a helmet over a motorcycle... it isn't that loud and the helmets aren't noise canceling.
aewcaleb forever
aewcaleb forever - 26 dager siden
I would rather hear u talk about this movie i dont want to watch it
nice boy
nice boy - 27 dager siden
Best thing about the movie is Obi-wan Kenobi