Everything Is Changing.

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Thanks for joining me these past two years. I'm excited to continue to grow & learn with you.
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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 04:41


Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
This feels a lot like the series finale but it's just the beginning.
kirupashankar raman
kirupashankar raman - 10 måneder siden
Matt D'Avella u left ur camera !
R. Frank Bass
R. Frank Bass - 11 måneder siden
How can I get your old apartment?
Sumit Raut
Sumit Raut - 11 måneder siden
Yeah man...I shit in my pants feeling this is it. No more of The Minimalist revolution you brought to my life buddy. More power to you brother and keep doing good stuff. Come back strong and hard. Eye of the Tiger, man...Eye of the 🐅.
yohana manroe
yohana manroe - År siden
Marisela Maria
Marisela Maria - År siden
Matt D'Avella where are you guys moving to!? I’m so excited and sad but, I hope this opens new doors and a brighter future for you guys!
sakshi thakur
sakshi thakur - 17 timer siden
He is so hot I wanna cry 😥🥺❤️
Dee Ann
Dee Ann - Måned siden
Matt D’Avella, your videos are simply exquisite. You practically inject motivation directly into your viewers’ psyches. We practically cannot wait to begin emulating at least one of your philosophies... as soon as possible! Such discipline!
Dee Ann
Dee Ann - Måned siden
So focused on expressing this view that I wrote “practically” twice... (this was not my intention-certainly not the best example of a minimalist comment). Lol
Dee Ann
Dee Ann - Måned siden
I began to cry with joy when you flashed back to your engagement announcement to Natalie. So happy for you both!
SIGHBEAR - Måned siden
Legend says the camera is still recording up to this date
Manuel Reyes
Manuel Reyes - 3 måneder siden
I'm not even the one who's moving out but I felt nostalgia. hahahaha
Donuts - 3 måneder siden
Your girlfriend is ugly af
Merilynda Phiri
Merilynda Phiri - 3 måneder siden
Of only packing was this easy
Rakesh Chowdary
Rakesh Chowdary - 6 måneder siden
U would definitely come back for the camera... lol :)
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein - 9 måneder siden
4:37 Matt, you forgot your camera!!
Elena Siwarat
Elena Siwarat - 9 måneder siden
I don’t know why this video brings a smile on my face 😁
Ariane LCMN
Ariane LCMN - 9 måneder siden
Awww... ❤️
But omg I need that background music, WHAT IS IT
Ben Munro
Ben Munro - 9 måneder siden
Great channel
Mauricio Arroyo
Mauricio Arroyo - 10 måneder siden
Matt: Everything is changing
Avril Lavinge: When I turn around, everywhere I go I am a mobile
Greg Ory
Greg Ory - 10 måneder siden
by the end of the video i thought the place looked like it had more in it
ochristossozei - 11 måneder siden
the value went up on that home since it belonged to you
Maquini Ma
Maquini Ma - 11 måneder siden
Go back you forgot a camera!
Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel - 11 måneder siden
who's cutting onions again? As a father of 2 thirty somethings, I feel a sense of pride for seeing you both growing. We've never met or communicated, but none the less, I feel a certain sense of paternal pride for both of you. May you both continue on this journey together and grow both as individuals and as a couple for the long term.
Andi - 11 måneder siden
Would you mind sharing the name of BGM? the music is very relaxing
CHEF_CurryNation - 11 måneder siden
I think I'll subscribe
Eileen G
Eileen G - 11 måneder siden
So Matt, how does moving to a bigger place jive with all your podcasts about consuming less for greater happiness.
It's like the billionaire worried about climate change but owning a private jet and yacht.
Not judging but honestly confused ?
Should we grow our careers to obtain bigger homes, better lifestyles or give that up for the simple bare bones life.
IridiumFlare - 11 måneder siden
TIL Drive Thru weddings are a thing...
IridiumFlare - 11 måneder siden
TIL Drive Thru weddings are a thing...
Caree Belle
Caree Belle - 11 måneder siden
I was not expecting this to be so inspirational and touching.
João Silva
João Silva - 11 måneder siden
So sensitive, just loved this video
Shaniece Cole
Shaniece Cole - 11 måneder siden
Congrats !!! We love y’all !! ♥️♥️♥️
Aakash Pandita
Aakash Pandita - År siden
Joakim Mathisen
Joakim Mathisen - År siden
4:34 You forgot the camera😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Saracino
Mark Saracino - År siden
Apartments in the states look so much roomier than here in Aus. Assuming that was a standard type of apartment in LA.
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith - År siden
getting married at a drive thru is actually saving u tonnnss of money, also its not about the wedding, its about the marriage :)
Reza Molavi
Reza Molavi - År siden
Matt, thank you for sharing. I really enjoy your storytelling style. Will you please expand on your way of going about telling a story? a tutorial or thought process of a sort.
Thank you in advance.
Coper Field
Coper Field - År siden
Common bro you deserve a better chick
Jade Jade
Jade Jade - År siden
I didnt know there is such a thing “drive thru” marriage. Lol i want that lol is it only in vegas????
Brittany Conner
Brittany Conner - År siden
I hardly ever leave comments on videos, but I found your channel a month or two ago and was an instant fan of not only your content but your ability to tell a good story and your filming & editing are INCREDIBLE! I am a wedding photographer with no video experience, but I feel like I have a good eye for what’s good, thoughtful and beautiful. Just wanted to tell you that I’m such a fan! Good luck to you and your sweet wife!! On to the next adventure->
RKH Creative
RKH Creative - År siden
They say his camera is still in that apartment to this day.
Alyssa Howard
Alyssa Howard - År siden
gavintiegirl - År siden
Congrats on your wedding! I am happy for you that you saved so much money and didn't go through years of planning. But, as a mom (am I your only late 40's viewer) I would be so sad if my son eloped and didn't allow me to be a part of his special day. Hope your mom was cool.
Love your channel and looking forward to seeing your new place. Best of luck to you both. :)
Nikolina Krasimirova
Nikolina Krasimirova - År siden
So emotional. This video made me cry. Good luck and keep making your great video content!
SAMIAM - År siden
I just realized that she keeps to your black/white/gray color scheme. Does she dress like that only for videos? My husband has a capsule wardrobe and over the past 6 years, I've donated 90% of my clothes and now we both dress in the same monotone color scheme. I didn't even realize I was doing it lol I love not spending mornings digging through the closet wondering what to wear. Everything I have matches with everything else
Shubham Sahu
Shubham Sahu - År siden
I don't consider having a wife and children.. minimalist at all.. those two things can suck the freedom of my life to the last drop...
Calv Candie
Calv Candie - År siden
your girlfriend is too cocky and gold digger deep in, find someone who will support you and accept your life style, or better also a minimalist
it's me, Georgina
it's me, Georgina - År siden
Drive through wedding, that is minimalism at it's finest 😊
Sagar S reddy
Sagar S reddy - År siden
What about the big house?
Michelle Heegaard
Michelle Heegaard - År siden
Drive-through chapels are a thing?? I love humanity
Taylor Jane Green
Taylor Jane Green - År siden
I actually teared up when you shut the door. Brilliantly written and shot. THANK YOU for your sensitive treatment of life.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - År siden
I thought this video was minimalism to a whole new level.
“Yeah, we got rid of everything because we’re true minimalists.” 😏
Francisco De Los Santos Martínez
Hello Matt, first of all, I want to congratulate on your videos.
I'm learning English and I like to watch your videos to practice the listenings that help me to improve my English.
I'm trying to become a minimalism person but I think it's very difficult when you have a girlfriend who is not.
My girlfriend has a lot of things, e.g. She has three wardrobes full of clothes and she doesn't want to donate anything because she can wear anything at any moment.
I can live whit this but she doesn't understand that I can live with fewer clothes and she can't stop to buy me clothes.
I think she should think that I don´t have clothes because I don't like to go shopping (that's also true) but not the main reason.
I hope that you continue making videos and I will write to you a comment to practice my writing.

Regards from Mallorca (Spain) and good luck with your new adventure.
Natasha Garcia
Natasha Garcia - År siden
You made ME sad that YOU moved ...
Carrie Smith
Carrie Smith - År siden
Carrie Smith
Carrie Smith - År siden
I just moved to a new state 5 days ago. I left my childhood home where I lived for almost 19 years. I gotta say, I shed a tear watching this
po blaablubb
po blaablubb - År siden
@Matt D'Avella Check out afilmbyCam. He just made an amazing video featuring you
I'm telling you again, he's amazing!
ganpat singh
ganpat singh - År siden
I want this type of life but this won't happen 😐 but I m happy when I see People happy when they are live in relationship 🙂
Abby Ludwig
Abby Ludwig - År siden
I didn’t realize the video started with the empty old apartment and I was like “wow that looks just like their old one”
Jacob Storer
Jacob Storer - År siden
Jon Lin
Jon Lin - År siden
Whats the instrumental track on this video? Love your videos!!
Sudhakar - År siden
It's so lonely there without anyone else.
kissa tassu_guineapiCat
We married on the 06.09.2017 ...a rainy,cold wednesday at 11 am.We didnt tell anybody except for a Co-worker who took the pictures.No family,no Party,no fancy stuff....We didnt have wedding rings but wedding watches(we dont wear rings)and everyone thought we were crazy including the registrar.But we were a couple for 10 Years and we knew exactly what we are doing.The 3 Year Sugarcake marriages all around us all crashed and burnt but we are happy for 12 years now.
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown - År siden
Matt did you move to Santa Cruz??
Amonaa _
Amonaa _ - År siden
Congratulations ♥️
thabang ditlhabi
thabang ditlhabi - År siden
You guys are a daily motivation to not be afraid to pursue your aspirations