EVERY GOAL under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | Ole's at the wheel! | Manchester United

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As we prepare to return to action this week, we look back on EVERY goal scored by Manchester United in the managerial reign of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!
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Runtime: 43:13


Anas Aqasha
Anas Aqasha - 2 timer siden
Play dan james on the left and he will score more😍
SmartTechFixing - 6 timer siden
Jimbob2703 - 6 timer siden
How is nobody talking about dan James’s beauty of a pass at 19:38
Matt Brown
Matt Brown - 14 timer siden
Looks so odd to see a crowd. And Lukaku.
Julie Budding
Julie Budding - Dag siden
U can really hear when corona started 🤣
YouCantCombo - Dag siden
Right foot boom left foot boom MASON GREENWOOD
Sushim Gupta
Sushim Gupta - Dag siden
It was the Paul Pogba in the start what a player
Mohd Kamal
Mohd Kamal - Dag siden
Fans of United want medal championship from OGS not every goals score under OGS
Sylina Brown
Sylina Brown - Dag siden
Thank you man United for your job well done, continue to play more games and more strength for your all in jesus name Amen
Kennard Lai
Kennard Lai - Dag siden
2:20 we need more of this! Rashford and Pogba at their best!
-TruthSeekerUK- - Dag siden
🎼🎵 Hes one of our own, he's one of our own, Rashford - Greenwood - Lingard and William, he's one of our own! 🎶
JM26 - Dag siden
Why do we have literally the worst commentator in football? He is terrible! (both the United commentators.) I literally don't watch videos from Manchester United because of the commentary.
ahnafmustain T-T
ahnafmustain T-T - Dag siden
The crowd celebration at 40:31...marvelous
leeyoungk - 2 dager siden
i think things only turned positive after Bruno arrived to MU. Football is a team sport but sometimes 1 player can change the whole team .
愛Know1 - 2 dager siden
Rik Mukherjee
Rik Mukherjee - 2 dager siden
Pogba is different beast in a 433 . Not too sure about him in a deep lying double pivot.
Manchester United Nepal
Manchester United Nepal - 2 dager siden
love ❤️ ManU.. Once a red always a red...
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 3 dager siden
Man u
Teslim Bollard
Teslim Bollard - 3 dager siden
ole first season we had a lot squad dept but need to strengthening the first team
Night Furry clash royale
Night Furry clash royale - 3 dager siden
Sometimes in a league beats mid class teams and mediocre team more importan than beats top clubs ...
Am i right ?
Dodelijk Koninkrijk
Dodelijk Koninkrijk - 3 dager siden
Oh Alexis Sanchez... I almost forgot about him. Worst signing for United in modern history.
Constant Obbo. Guma
Constant Obbo. Guma - 3 dager siden
Ol gunna is almost under way to tune united to their initial glory.
Iraj Matthee
Iraj Matthee - 3 dager siden
Everyone scored except De Gea 😅 but played his part too 😉
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria - 4 dager siden
ole has learned a little bit from sir alex
Viral Raval
Viral Raval - 4 dager siden
Lukaku, sanchez and rashford would have destroyed premier league if lukaku and sachez had stayed.
Des Barros
Des Barros - 4 dager siden
Ole, can you please play Pogba further upfront, he looks the £90m player we bought when you do...!
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen - 4 dager siden
Gotta admit, Dan James can make decent crosses
Michael Mbambo
Michael Mbambo - 4 dager siden
15:15 the story of martial in a nutshell
He’s got his number nine back and he can finally smile bc he’s got a manager he likes to score under and impress, not to always prove his worth bc Mourinho wanted to sell him but Ole sees his potential. Powerful
athbi alsabah
athbi alsabah - 4 dager siden
I like Manchester United and salmiya but I’m
Gonna be a football player when my age is 10 and
my team is salmiya after Manchester United
Michael Mbambo
Michael Mbambo - 4 dager siden
Some of us do miss Pogba playing number ten with Herrera n Matic behind him
Michael Mbambo
Michael Mbambo - 4 dager siden
Herrera 😂😂😂 2:58
Kylo Forever
Kylo Forever - 4 dager siden
Why did rashy do Ake like that!?
Joseph G. E Okello
Joseph G. E Okello - 4 dager siden
I'm trying to pick a United shirt to wear and I just can't decide who I love More - Pogba, Rashford, Martial. I guess I'll just settle for Mrashpog
Dimitri Fehr
Dimitri Fehr - 4 dager siden
aké will have nightmares against rashford next season in the derbies :) 2:22
Rhys Bennett
Rhys Bennett - 5 dager siden
“Martial, the coolest man in Belgrade!”...
I don’t know why I found this so funny.
Ferdinand Andreas Simanjuntak
maybe if Ander Herrera was still in the United States, he would be the captain of the team because he was a leader
Kyso Vex
Kyso Vex - 5 dager siden
Why did we let Herrera go again?
Yo It you bestie po
Yo It you bestie po - 5 dager siden
Lingard could of scored a hatrick against cardiff
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri - 6 dager siden
41:30 onwards, the sole reason why football is better with fans.
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri - 6 dager siden
Rashford and Martial in front of Bruno and Pogba in front of Matic makes me happy everytime.
And Greenwood, James and hopefully Sancho feels like orgasmic.
Suman Chhetri
Suman Chhetri - 6 dager siden
Daniel James's celebration on the debut goal make me happy everytime I see it. I wish he does well.
itsyourboii_ aiden
itsyourboii_ aiden - 6 dager siden
It's just that extra rewarding seeing ole do such amazing work while supporting him during hard times
Ewan Richardson
Ewan Richardson - 6 dager siden
I known this was uploaded a month a go I miss Manchester united play like this
Silent Wynter
Silent Wynter - 6 dager siden
You can tell Ole likes Andreas. He's going nowhere. He'll improve him overtime.
GZGVNation Verissimo
GZGVNation Verissimo - 6 dager siden
32:33 Look at the size difference between all the players. Its like you can see who is premier league and who isn't by size alone
Greek Gamer
Greek Gamer - 6 dager siden
he is not at the wheel tho
mang Oding Riandi
mang Oding Riandi - 6 dager siden
Every goal of MU player is always classy
maalim G
maalim G - 6 dager siden
That OLE celebration against City hahahahah
Tyson La
Tyson La - 7 dager siden
This video shows me how much of a beast Pogba is
Betrveace Musimbi
Betrveace Musimbi - 7 dager siden
Dino Velocir
Dino Velocir - 7 dager siden
Who’s here after ole got united 3rd place? 🔥 ole at the wheel
Arul Sahrul
Arul Sahrul - 7 dager siden
Rindu mereka yang pernah ikut berjuang
Marcus&Martinus VEVO
Marcus&Martinus VEVO - 7 dager siden
Just watching this with a smile on my face
Zahid Zulfiqar
Zahid Zulfiqar - 7 dager siden
greenwood is a brilliant finisher.
12cantonas - 7 dager siden
8:22 Ronaldo in disguise ´07
C Joe
C Joe - 7 dager siden
Who else wants to see 10hrs of Greenwood's goals?
C Joe
C Joe - 7 dager siden
News flash: This video is INCOMPLETE.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - 8 dager siden
Who thinks mctomony should get more games? Because I think he has the potential to be a leader...like Keane.
Khadim Sylla
Khadim Sylla - 8 dager siden
Really the club work hard out for this 2019 20 season i hope and pray countnue working hard next season title insalliah
William Nuviadenu
William Nuviadenu - 8 dager siden
This needs to be updated