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The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno's Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!
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Runtime: 06:20


Juan Sinnombre
Juan Sinnombre - 26 minutter siden
put in the trash please
Rock Brigade Community
Rock Brigade Community - 45 minutter siden
Didn't this vehicle already debut in 1986 with Marty Mcfly? Back to the Future? Geez that was Deep lol
Adrian 67
Adrian 67 - 48 minutter siden
The rear view mirrors Elon?
Christopher - Time siden
“It just opens right up, like magic.” He’s trying to use Steve Jobs saying. It’s not magic. It’s a motor.
Jamaal Forman
Jamaal Forman - Time siden
This truck looks f**king awful on photos and video... maybe it'll look better in real life but.... not confident on it. Probably will just get a Y or S
Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa - Time siden
Many people who don't like the look of the Cybertruck online like the look in real life.
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster - 2 timer siden
Where’s the AK47 gun spray prov’n it ???
Василий Васильев
password 1234*
孔垂文 - 4 timer siden
Is there anyone who also think this pick-up track does have very sharp lines on the body? Imagine someone got hit by this thing, pretty deadly
SeralthiK _
SeralthiK _ - 6 timer siden
*I think elon musk put some minecraft mods on his car...*
Lukas Persson
Lukas Persson - 6 timer siden
So ugly
Red Wing Boogy
Red Wing Boogy - 6 timer siden
It's ugly
Денис Корсаков
Денис Корсаков - 6 timer siden
I have 700 dollars/per m . In Russia =((((( very many years ..... for i bye this car ......
Khurram Mazhar Amir
Khurram Mazhar Amir - 6 timer siden
The Cybertruck looks like a homemade truck done right
roule one
roule one - 8 timer siden
rich rebuilds
Mihir Bhatlawande
Mihir Bhatlawande - 9 timer siden
The car is America proof
Turbineiros Área 030
Turbineiros Área 030 - 11 timer siden
jvolstad - 11 timer siden
In LA being bulletproof is a plus.
Рыскан Арстанбекова
حزصس للعر
mordecai827 - 13 timer siden
2:00 Couldn’t be more true smh
LulzSec - 16 timer siden
Car that i draw when i was 7..
Narayan Borse
Narayan Borse - 16 timer siden
Finall a car that I can draw
Clickbait - 17 timer siden
5:29 Just leaked the passcode
iS4K FF - 18 timer siden
Olá eu sou o br que vc estava procurando
le colosse
le colosse - 18 timer siden
new name, the shittruck
Jus Rarsh
Jus Rarsh - 19 timer siden
Looking like some real life Bond Villains. Lol keep your eyes on them young world!!!
Joey Owl.Jolson
Joey Owl.Jolson - 20 timer siden
can you show a little more enthusiasm when you drive through a car tunnel that will revolutionize the way people drive. idk if you've gone senile or something but cmon leno..
Kelly Bernard
Kelly Bernard - 20 timer siden
A proof of concept vehicle...ok. For most pickup truck drivers that I know, its practicality is to be proven. The angular aspect is unusual, but that is the intent. Will be interesting to see how the production model turns out.
tbabashoff - 20 timer siden
If I could put a ladder rack on it I'd be sold!
Chad Holdaway
Chad Holdaway - 21 time siden
so sick....
Noah Boat
Noah Boat - 22 timer siden
So theyre not gonna show elon musk throwing a cinderblock at the cybertruck, and it didnt endure the slam?
I M - 23 timer siden
Since the unveiling the windows made by Tesla got way better -- now they explode on their own! Or they simply fly off!
Song, Type & Color Canaries
15,000 rust bucket drivers disliked the video
Silverado4x4 - Dag siden
This trucks glass can stop bullets as long as you don't throw a rock through the window 1st!!
stevexNYCAutomotive - Dag siden
Jay Leno the best cat nerd
Tesla the best DC battery
Xavier Encalada Acosta
Karen Mooney
Karen Mooney - Dag siden
Tesla would be pleased
Tyler - Dag siden
Leno got that elderly look on his face when he drives, like someone is tilting his head back
shaik zillani
shaik zillani - Dag siden
Elon is the real tony stark
Black Magic Shiva
Black Magic Shiva - Dag siden
There is a rumor', trump joe biden, hillary is an "A I president." Let's make "They Live" movie sunglasses. x-ray sunglass. Read what will happen when you microchip your spiritual body.
"When rapper Cardi B unexpectedly stared into space during a red carpet interview at the 2018 Grammys, the internet didn’t blame it on exhaustion or nerves. No: according to some sections of the web, this lapse in concentration was a clear sign that she was the victim of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program; the bizarre blank expression on her face was evidence of a “glitch” in her programming. MK-Ultra is a wild conspiracy theory that has infiltrated certain corners of the internet. Its believers are convinced that whenever a celebrity or politician acts strangely on camera, they aren’t just nervous or butchering their lines, but are victims of a top secret mind control division of the US government. CIA carried out brain surgery on six dogs, putting electric chips in their craniums so they could be controlled by remote controls that made them run, turn and stop"
Need more proof? MK Ultra Robotic celebrities' at Music Industry, Sports, TV
Is Trump an AI President w Richard A Burton
Slash Care
Slash Care - Dag siden
Do you want a bulletproof truck or not
ILON MASK - Dag siden
Cool 👍👍👍
Boi - Dag siden
Do you want your truck to be bullet proof or not?
Speech *100*
Enjoy a safe drive through the most hostile warzones, Detroit, all of florida, Alabama... Not that Alabama is a war zone you'll just make them think you're an alien
A.T PHARAOH - Dag siden
I believe he proved to be human here. Just his mannerisms of really wanting to impress Jay, someone I'm sure he knows is a major car connoisseur.
bela czako
bela czako - Dag siden
Squad3Pro - Dag siden
I would be so happy to see that car driving past me
AgusLibertyOrDeath - Dag siden
A 15000 zurditos putos no les gustó Elon Musk
Atilyn Berdensen
Atilyn Berdensen - Dag siden
"CyBeRpUnK 2077 MuSic PlAyiNg WhilE dRivIng"
Ente_Tangente - Dag siden
This might be the predecessor of a new Time-Machine for a Back to the Future 4 (in 2085).
idk what my name should be
I'm getting a cyber truck
Scoobienut6 Gaming
Scoobienut6 Gaming - Dag siden
Looks like the car has 1 pixel
Павел Соляник
i need this car!!!
Rabid Raccoon
Rabid Raccoon - Dag siden
2 of the coolest people driving one of the coolest car
TBK - Dag siden
who would win :
- bullet proof cybertruck
- one metal ball boy
lol jk
Kenni Games
Kenni Games - Dag siden
Русские есть?
RWT 1989
RWT 1989 - Dag siden
не показывайте это рагозину, а то он с ума сойдет
Indpendent01 - Dag siden
5:06 first time I've heard a non-submariner say this!
Yurii Martyshchuk
Yurii Martyshchuk - Dag siden
My dream!
Arıtürk O2222
Arıtürk O2222 - Dag siden
I have designed the best concepts vehicles in the world! .
Just best looking car in the universe. 😆
Arıtürk O2222
Arıtürk O2222 - Dag siden
Mason pick up.
benjamin meza
benjamin meza - Dag siden
Don't down size it or i won't buy one. It's a truck not a car.
gagnonny - Dag siden
Me on the road see that : ?? What ??
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis - Dag siden
Dang thing is hideous lol.
buzztrucker - Dag siden
Cybertruck: Truck like capability that lets you use exactly what a truck is designed to do. *Haul two multi-millionaires through the streets of L.A. with the ultimate display of capability being driving through a paved tunnel.*
buzztrucker - Dag siden
Elon Musk and his chief designer look like they were sent from the future who's mission is to protect the future of electric truck sales. They both look like they took someone's clothes, boots, and motorcycles.
Taekwondo Time
Taekwondo Time - Dag siden
"The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance!"
Knowing how idiots drive today, what could go wrong?
Cliff - Dag siden
Elon Musk is that guy from Attack on titan, ALL FOR HUMANITY!!
WRONG BITCH - Dag siden
Leno is cool
Gilbert Puro Rock
Gilbert Puro Rock - Dag siden
Is Bad Car kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez - Dag siden
I wonder how many shark cards it took him to get that
Celes T
Celes T - 2 dager siden
Esque de verdad que no le encuentro el sentido a ese coche
Mark Lindsay
Mark Lindsay - 2 dager siden
Sooooooo ugly...wow...never in a million years
FJ9 caballero
FJ9 caballero - 2 dager siden
MRO Gamer
MRO Gamer - 2 dager siden
Jay Leno: *Drives Cybertruck*
Elon Musk: Pls no.
Brandon - 2 dager siden
I literally look up cybertruck on YouTube at least once a week. I don’t think I’ve anticipated a vehicle more. I would and could literally live in one. They should make a small trailer with extra solar to help make up the weight. It would have to be aerodynamic as well. It could have regenerative braking built in? They should make their own trailers and even campers.
I honestly can’t wait to see people do the “van life” with these. If you’re low on charge, just set up camp and do solar for a few days or whatever you like. Then you get several Hinderer miles of range to do it again.
kiara howse
kiara howse - 2 dager siden
Алексей Чистов
Алексей Чистов - 2 dager siden
На заводе пропустили последний пункт: обработать напильником!
MAAXA - 2 dager siden
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson - 2 dager siden
Jay did not love it, it was obvious. I just cannot see the handymans and contractors, landscapers, etc. buying this. F150 ev will be the best for last.
Nico - 2 dager siden
That’s definitely a delorian
Yusuf Alp Mesci
Yusuf Alp Mesci - 2 dager siden
Türkler mesajımı beğensin. Sayımızı görelim.
Jordan Sage
Jordan Sage - 2 dager siden
MiCkLe In A PiCkLe
MiCkLe In A PiCkLe - 2 dager siden
I noticed Tom Delonge activating the elevator.
rafi ghadimian
rafi ghadimian - 2 dager siden
One of the most ugliest truck ever made lol
Russ and Shad Trad
Russ and Shad Trad - 2 dager siden
Whi else thinks the cybertruck looks super flimsy and like it could fold like paper
JL Scorpio25
JL Scorpio25 - 2 dager siden
Bulletproof, perfect to be sold in Rio
PewPew - 2 dager siden
1:04 you could store a bunch of babies in there.
Artlas2208 - 2 dager siden
why is nobody talking about the fact that the password for the elevator is 1,2,3,4 lol
Mohammad Hadighe
Mohammad Hadighe - 2 dager siden
Nice glass 😅
Monika Murd
Monika Murd - 2 dager siden
I know he is this crazy rich and smart guy. But this car is so ugly 😅 . Don't want to say anything bad but it's really ugly 😅. I'm so sorry...but whyyyyy 🙈
Bryce Birchall
Bryce Birchall - 2 dager siden
Why does this whole video look like its CGI
jutubaeh - 2 dager siden
jäy mäy knött ^^ köllneckt äfritinG v v
Rudolph mar
Rudolph mar - 2 dager siden
Lastima que en toda mi vida voy a poder comprar un auto eléctrico así. El sueldo de policía en Argentina es muy bajo
Factory Man
Factory Man - 2 dager siden
Sorry, but that thing is f’in gae!
Назар Kirya Zeus
Назар Kirya Zeus - 3 dager siden
Русские есть?
Jhosell Vazquez
Jhosell Vazquez - 3 dager siden
hola amigos
Metroidgamer29 - 3 dager siden
Every N64 Car in gaming: 1:07
Eser - 3 dager siden
1:11 Rich car salesman: *slaps roof of car*
You can fit so many rocket launchers on this bad boy.
pedro jimenez
pedro jimenez - 3 dager siden
Jay embolia driver
bad cat
bad cat - 3 dager siden
Охренеть у него борода как хелбоя
Sara Cowgill
Sara Cowgill - 3 dager siden
The vault. Viva la Tesla. Mine doesn’t have to fit in a normal garage- lets redesign life around my Tesla!! I like EarthShip Biotecture TM to go with my Cybertruck.