Dr. Rashford Will See You Now! | Partying With Dwight Yorke | Howson & McKola Uncensored!

Stephen Howson and Adam McKola are here with another episode of Howson & McKola Uncensored! They look at the unfettered ascent of the social hero that is Marcus Rashford, as he is given an honorary degree from the University of Manchester!
And about that time that Stephen Howson went to an after-party at Dwight Yorke's house.
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Runtime: 32:18


Saurabh Dhillon
Saurabh Dhillon - 18 dager siden
Would love to have a beer with you lads if you ever make it to India!
bobb mc bob
bobb mc bob - 18 dager siden
agree, R9 for a year or two was the best i've ever seen
djFergus1 - 19 dager siden
Love these
James Kadar
James Kadar - 19 dager siden
Howson and Mac daddy dropping science for you mofos.. Got to rate the amount of content you guys are chucking at us big yourselves up and all the paddock team
Sanj - 19 dager siden
From MR10 to DR10
Riley McConnell
Riley McConnell - 19 dager siden
As an american, I can confirm that there is a tailgate at EVERY home baseball and football games. You need to tailgate for baseball since the actual game is sooooo boring. You have to be a little drunk to enjoy it.
Phteven - 19 dager siden
"Dwight Yorke was.. my girlfriend at the time" 😂😂 2:50
MUSICCOLLISON - 19 dager siden
Arun Hundal
Arun Hundal - 19 dager siden
NBA had ‘ Dr J’ the premier league now has ‘Dr M’.
Alfie haigh
Alfie haigh - 20 dager siden
26:04 "It's a twenty foot cock and balls man!"
Dumb Mutts.
Dumb Mutts. - 20 dager siden
Went in 1983 against Brighton for the draw. Travelling back to Manchester thinking what do we do now. Go on the piss, go home, cry, laugh.
ToneBoneTrain - 20 dager siden
Who’s the youth player Stephen was comparing to Mason and Bruno?
MrFooFighter13 - 20 dager siden
Nani wasn't even offside. Robbery.
Liam Hardy
Liam Hardy - 20 dager siden
McKola's got a law degree? WTF???
MrFooFighter13 - 20 dager siden
El Poundo
El Poundo - 20 dager siden
New intro needed
Karl Evans
Karl Evans - 20 dager siden
Audio a bit too quiet lads
Sully. Y
Sully. Y - 20 dager siden
Make a vid on your best and worse away days including europe would be MINT!
Sully. Y
Sully. Y - 20 dager siden
Need more content like this lads!!! Your time and effort is showing thanks 👊🏻
Ste Whittaker
Ste Whittaker - 20 dager siden
man utd was going on tour India if there no covid virus
Stephen James
Stephen James - 20 dager siden
How does Stephen Howson know all this united players personally
Nik M
Nik M - 20 dager siden
Cracking content. The real G's of United fan content
Viraj Parmar
Viraj Parmar - 20 dager siden
Love the content. But pls pls pls fix the sound I find it way too low and have to listen on almost max
Adam McKola
Adam McKola - 20 dager siden
People want an hour but aren't really ready for where it'll end up... 😂
SirKnobofCheese - 20 dager siden
Sven never go England to a semi.
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman - 20 dager siden
Really wanted to hear the story about the bitch woman but changed the subject 🤷🏼‍♂️
Vish - 20 dager siden
Boiiissssss are back!!
Denis Afanasyev
Denis Afanasyev - 20 dager siden
Adam with that fit
Fatlind Sallahu
Fatlind Sallahu - 20 dager siden
add some united pictures in the background
D1 - 20 dager siden
Stretford Paddock? What type of name is that? FTD needs brought back!
Nash - 20 dager siden
Not sure if you're being sarcastic - They explained that all in another video
Boy wit the Frost
Boy wit the Frost - 20 dager siden
Was this a surprise that when the two of them were allowed to express themselves on a separate platform that it would breed unanimity and realism. No!
Jay Bhojani
Jay Bhojani - 20 dager siden
Wasn't that Celtic game the Nakamura Freekick?
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock - 20 dager siden
Venegoor of Hesselink and Nakamura for Celtic yeah. Saha twice and Ole for United.
calvin oguna
calvin oguna - 20 dager siden
This is my favorite weekly show on SP
It should be at least an hour please!!!
Nick Larsen
Nick Larsen - 20 dager siden
as a united fan from america please do some ttype of podcast video like this about american universities and sports and all that shit. its properly funny
Ali Taimour
Ali Taimour - 20 dager siden
Yeah well Dr. Rashford cant finish
Mo - 20 dager siden
The flex he has law degree
VeritacitySolutions - 20 dager siden
This was a very enjoyable show. Whole way through. Keep it up boys!
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock - 20 dager siden
Thank you mate.
Krystian Robak
Krystian Robak - 20 dager siden
I think Mejbri is too good defencively to play as a number 10. To me, he will be a complete number 8.
IamKing - 20 dager siden
This should be 60mins minimum
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher - 20 dager siden
Great show,good content great stories and most of all good laughs, Cheers lads 🎤✌️✊
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher - 20 dager siden
@Stretford Paddock truth ✌️✊
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock - 20 dager siden
Cheers Glen!
Dan Tay
Dan Tay - 20 dager siden
This is like Baddiel and Skinner unplanned but funnier
Arnav Das
Arnav Das - 20 dager siden
United were supposed to play in Kolkata, India and was supposed to finally go see them play, heck, might even have gotten the chance to talk to you guys on fancams. Absolute bollucks this pandemic.
William jowitt
William jowitt - 20 dager siden
In the cricket we use Jerusalem
Aj S
Aj S - 20 dager siden
if or when I move back to England, I moving to Manchester.
Afnan Studio
Afnan Studio - 20 dager siden
Getting an honorary doctorate doesn't mean you can use the title of "Dr." Academically it is discouraged and considered as a "poor form" to do so.
Samuel Whitcombe
Samuel Whitcombe - 20 dager siden
FYI, the trafford has changed, its £1 to get in and only takes 18 mins to get a warm pint now. Shame most of it gets spilt getting away from the bar.
Aayush Chatterjee
Aayush Chatterjee - 20 dager siden
You two are my favourite people. Spend hours watching you and love it all. Thank you for all the hard work❤️
Fred J
Fred J - 20 dager siden
Used to love the Stretford Paddock. Wooden terrace and great view of the Stretford End.
Tom M
Tom M - 20 dager siden
Rhatul Hasan he means in old Trafford 🤦🏼‍♂️
Rhatul Hasan
Rhatul Hasan - 20 dager siden
This is Stretford Paddock.
stevefrompolaca - 20 dager siden
one thing you lads should consider is the importance of football to working class culture, it's importance to society, how it gives meaning to us little peeps. If you ever fancy a philosophy debate on the virtues of MUFC let me know ;)
Wendy Grant
Wendy Grant - 20 dager siden
It's 16 games in the NFL. 8 home and away.🙂
Dynamo duck
Dynamo duck - 20 dager siden
Well thats who Keane was talking about so, he couldn't believe some lads after winning the treble saying they never needed to win anything else again because the treble was the best thing they could ever do.
smaran sogi
smaran sogi - 20 dager siden
marcus the good Doctor
Nathaniel Wagner
Nathaniel Wagner - 20 dager siden
Will you be having someone cover the women’s team?
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock - 20 dager siden
We'll be getting Nat back into make some content. Just working out what it'll be.
IamKing - 20 dager siden
Liam Jones
Liam Jones - 20 dager siden
Such banging content cheers lads!
Macheza Dzabala
Macheza Dzabala - 20 dager siden
Genuinely surprised me to hear Adam's a lawyer. Nice!
Mohammed Amin
Mohammed Amin - 18 dager siden
That’s not confirmed, but he did state he has a law degree. Having a degree in law doesn’t make you a lawyer.
Macheza Dzabala
Macheza Dzabala - 20 dager siden
@IamKing Really
IamKing - 20 dager siden
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - 20 dager siden
We are only out of the top 4 by a goal difference of 3 that's it we made up a daft amount of points and it would be a crushing blow to fail from here.come on lads
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 20 dager siden
Had to comment cos my dad was also a bouncer at the club Ste said his uncle was a bouncer at. Was called the Queensgate back then though and he left the job in 94. Small world man
frowning Joker
frowning Joker - 20 dager siden
Could you upload the censored version, my religion doesn't allow me to watch the "filthy" one
The Tyro of Toriyama
The Tyro of Toriyama - 20 dager siden
They could save the world if they made a movie to go with that thumbnail XD
Harry McLarry
Harry McLarry - 20 dager siden
I live in the states and tailgating is brilliant! Always thought it should happen at football matches.
Bud Dennis
Bud Dennis - 20 dager siden
As an American, go to an ATL UTD match. Best of both worlds. American tailgates for footie! The tailgates were the one thing I felt was missing from my experience when I went to Old Trafford.
Harry McLarry
Harry McLarry - 20 dager siden
First time ever watching, loved it.
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock - 20 dager siden