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Film og animasjon
Runtime: 07:04


Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
Hey! So my podcast episode on quitting social media w/ Sorelle is actually dropping this Thursday. Had to move the schedule around a little. Thanks! See you! Until then! Bye! Okay this is getting weird!
Senigrafik - 7 måneder siden
Hi Matt. I have a problem of consistent productivity for 2 days straight. If today i'm productive like superman, tomorrow I'm not productive at all. I felt sleepy & not motivated. What can i do to fix this? any suggestions?
John Doe
John Doe - År siden
Matt D'Avella be careful on being funny. people may start watching to be entertained instead of learning how to be productive.
Some guy
Some guy - År siden
Matt D'Avella Hey Matt, I watched this video and based on it I think you might like the book „The Art of thinking clearly“, It addresses things like this
Ger -
Ger - - År siden
NOburn is social media...
fedezulu - År siden
Waking up at 4am some days and 5am from Monday to Friday works pretty well for me. On weekends it depends on what I have planned or what I did the night before, but normally I wake up at 6 or 7am and go for a long run. It works differently for every person, depends on age, children, work, fitness, and a lot more things.
Ellinthoms 1234
Ellinthoms 1234 - 2 måneder siden
6:08 my guy was rhyming accidentally
Mandyy B
Mandyy B - 2 måneder siden
I wake up at 4am everyday to study, but 8pm I'm in bed already. If you wake up early, you sleep early. I do this bc after 7pm I cannot focus or do anything.
Sohail Alexander
Sohail Alexander - 2 måneder siden
The best YouTuber
Dina Hassan
Dina Hassan - 3 måneder siden
I have the same thing, when i was inspired with vlogers stating the successful life they had so I had tried the same for a month , my life is just turned to a mess, I had killing headache every single day , I had no energy to do my work and I felt lonely and Sick, I believe we are different and what suits you not mandatory to fit me,
Tanya Math
Tanya Math - 3 måneder siden
You have good voice, and i can understand what you say. About get up at 5, it is very early. And can hart people who have habit get up late.
crisanto santa ana
crisanto santa ana - 4 måneder siden
Matt ... please quit YouTubing and just be a comedian please
Marina Tanevska
Marina Tanevska - 4 måneder siden
is that about "magic of the morning" book?
Joshina - 4 måneder siden
I have to wake up at 5am for school every day... I hate it
Ferdinand Miguel Mico
Ferdinand Miguel Mico - 4 måneder siden
except with Goggins there's no exceptions
Theodore J. Burkhardt
Theodore J. Burkhardt - 4 måneder siden
“Lions, and Mormon missionaries” I laughed so hard
Ivana Bosnic
Ivana Bosnic - 5 måneder siden
Finally someone reasonable!! Thanks!
Abhilash Mishra
Abhilash Mishra - 5 måneder siden
23 years of waking up at 4:45 am :P
JustinK - 5 måneder siden
Perfect response to the “Why can’t you wake up early like the rest of us high performers?” for anyone who’s a night owl would be “Why can’t you find it within you to stay up late and keep working like the rest of us night grinders?”
kaivalya kashyap
kaivalya kashyap - 5 måneder siden
god thank you .. I am crazily going mad with this experiment.. not 5 am but ive tried with 6 and the whole day is ruined.. tried for more than 15 days... I am able to wake up but still it doesn't seem to work out... crazy thing is that I can be awake till 1 but unable to stay productive after 10... any suggestions Matt?
Sharon Zamora Alvarez
Sharon Zamora Alvarez - 5 måneder siden
I wake up at 5:00 a.m for the last decade of my life (I’m 20) in my country is really normal for people to do this, we call “late” 8:00 a.m. In my culture is normal but it’s really difficult when we are a night owl it’s awful you always tired and unproductive so agreed with you when you said that by waking a certain hour of the day that doesn’t not guarantee productivity. Everyone it’s different we should learn to listen to our selves more
Kekk Shinobi
Kekk Shinobi - 6 måneder siden
The video we needed.
Mandy Self
Mandy Self - 6 måneder siden
As long as you get the right amount of sleep than it doesn't matter when you go to bed or get up. BTW alcohol is a depressant and it dehydrates you.
Kyle Warr
Kyle Warr - 6 måneder siden
I have to get up at 5:30 to get to school on time everyday
Shibuuty - 6 måneder siden
I laughed so hard 4:00
tawseef taher
tawseef taher - 6 måneder siden
Sunna Árnadóttir
Sunna Árnadóttir - 6 måneder siden
One of the first things I learned in the rehabilitation program I'm in for burnout is that nightowls that have work early in the morning and early birds who have night shifts for long periods of time are so likely to experience burnout that it's almost guaranteed to happen so paying attention to which one you are is incredibly important, you also might not stay a nightowl or an early bird your entire life, it can shift
Nahid Mahamud
Nahid Mahamud - 7 måneder siden
I am a freelance programmer and generally worked at night. But from last 2/3 weeks I started to go to bed early[around 10-10:30PM] and wakeup at 4:00-4:30 AM.... Get more things done before 11 AM.... Waking up early is really working for me.
Sastra Vijaya
Sastra Vijaya - 7 måneder siden
That pinguin tho haha
Samanvay Karambhe
Samanvay Karambhe - 7 måneder siden
Great video. Matt, apart from the context, I feel all these habits and morning routine videos relating to being successfully suffer from a survivorship bias. Sure they worked for these billionaires, but there are an equal number of people if not more, for whom it didn't work. There aren't any videos on the latter. We watch these videos without trying to understand ourselves first. We see the same pattern in media which only showcases the successful companies and the "overnight" success of individuals.
Julia Rocha
Julia Rocha - 7 måneder siden
Btw glad to know I'm not the only one who talks to the ceiling. What a relief
Julia Rocha
Julia Rocha - 7 måneder siden
Jeez! Just what I needed to watch!
Anjay Rathore
Anjay Rathore - 7 måneder siden
Which mistake?
Lilly Feldman
Lilly Feldman - 7 måneder siden
There are expections to the rule that there are exemptions to the rule. Ah sweet irony
Totally normal cat
Totally normal cat - 8 måneder siden
I woke up at 5 today and this video was recommended... 😐
Santiago Aldasoro
Santiago Aldasoro - 8 måneder siden
Personally i've found out waking up at 5 key to my discipline and achievements
Kya थकेला Channel Hey
Kya थकेला Channel Hey - 8 måneder siden
When I Need to go to the Job I hate to wake up at 7:30 Am
Now In Lockdown I Wake up at 5:30 for My personal Growth I never hate This One in fact i love this time..
Nathália Diôgo
Nathália Diôgo - 8 måneder siden
much respect for that
dayedreamx - 8 måneder siden
Omg. I really needed this. Yesterday I decided to wake up at 6am thinking I was going to be all of sudden healthy and successful and productive. But I realized that maybe that isn't for me. Maybe I should making a different change. One I know is right for ME. And not just bc some successful person on YouTube did it😳
Serene - 8 måneder siden
I love your channel, and this video is really great. just wish you didn’t use bad words so I could share your experiences with my kids
SixFeetApart - 8 måneder siden
I had to do that for school... my mom had to start her work before me. She is a teacher. I had to wake up to get ready for school. No buses to my school came to my house so I had to go to my grandparents. This made me wake up super early every day for 6 months.
vivi - 8 måneder siden
Wow didn't realize this was uploaded today exactly a year ago..
Hemal Mamtora
Hemal Mamtora - 8 måneder siden
There are almost always exceptions to the rule.
The "almost" term makes an exception to the above rule.
If you get it , you are awesome ! (With exceptions, of course)
got no name
got no name - 8 måneder siden
*It was safer to have people awake longer during the day and the night to prevent from outside intruders like lions and mormen missionaries*
Refiloe Sihlangu
Refiloe Sihlangu - 8 måneder siden
I wake up at 4am everyday but I still study for about 2 hours.
UrB - 8 måneder siden
I know for the past 1 to 1.5 years I got obsessed with self help books and developing myself. What I learned later was that not everything works for everyone. We must know a rule or an idea and then experiment.
Christiaan Kruger
Christiaan Kruger - 8 måneder siden
Lions and Mormon missionaries XD
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar - 8 måneder siden
I sleep at 5 AM. I work from 12 AM to 5 AM with few little breaks.
Rafael Mateus De Souza Silva
Rafael Mateus De Souza Silva - 8 måneder siden
I'm a mormon guy, I get a little offended but I still loving you Matt
OsAmAh - 8 måneder siden
There are billions of Muslim who wake up at4 am or maybe 5am to do their pray. what a deep faith they have. im one of them👋
Care Tree
Care Tree - 9 måneder siden
I got some Vsauce vibes at 1:08
Hadi Masri
Hadi Masri - 9 måneder siden
0:25 how many times the camera fell and you repeated the sketch
Lapo - 9 måneder siden
Jessica Pahwa
Jessica Pahwa - 9 måneder siden
I love Matt’s aerial shots
Ben Jay
Ben Jay - 9 måneder siden
that mormon missionaries line had me dead
MOKLAPP - 9 måneder siden
I always wonder what Matt was like as a kid.
BUX GT - 9 måneder siden
*_How about sleeping early? 🤔_*
Jarved - 9 måneder siden
This world is full of copying.
Deckstro - 9 måneder siden
I did the same...
ubant - 9 måneder siden
You should make tutorial how to be you
Yash MJ
Yash MJ - 10 måneder siden
I used to wake up at 05:30 in the morning during my school / college years from 2001 to 2019 didn't matter if it was Sunday, Now i wake up at 6:30 and i feel a little out of energy everyday, It takes just a little longer to get out of bed
Mage Animator
Mage Animator - 10 måneder siden
Waking up at 5 AM alone does not give you superpowers.
If you wake up grouchy and do nothing about it, its counter intuitive, because without any habits, your brain has many different options and you have to choose when you're at your least awake state (decision fatigue in the morning is not a good start to the day)
But wake up at 5 AM exercising IMMEDIATELY, you will relieve all the morning cortisol you had instantly.
I'm really passionate about this because I've been reading the book "The 5 AM Club" by Robin Sharma and he has a formula "the 20/20/20 formula" that allows you to be In a peak mental state BEFORE doing work so you can actually maximise your productivity.
Everyone reading this, read that book. The actual models show up later in the book if you're impatient for the lessons (in that case, find Robin Sharma on YouTube). But read the book if you actually want waking up at 5 AM to work for you.
Halley Nguyen
Halley Nguyen - 10 måneder siden
Welcome to high school
Ulysses Payne
Ulysses Payne - 10 måneder siden
Thanks for being honest!!!!
Spiritv - 10 måneder siden
Fuck waking up at 5am. I have my own business. I will wake up whenever I want, work whenever I want, and make more money whenever I want. I don't need some MindBodyGreen blogger telling me to rise early when I feel like shit doing it.
Santiago Aldasoro
Santiago Aldasoro - 8 måneder siden
Nobody saild u had to do it u dickhead
KG7YTS - 10 måneder siden
Do you still work out when you are sick? If not, at what point to you determine you have recovered enough to work out again
Brianne Barker
Brianne Barker - 10 måneder siden
Like Mormon missionaries 😂
MeteorBlitz - 10 måneder siden
I have to wake up at 5am everyday because of school
Kieran Waddington
Kieran Waddington - 10 måneder siden
I think Attenborough is the one you're looking for😜
Amira Hafez
Amira Hafez - 11 måneder siden
„Like lions, and mormon missionaries“ 😂👏🏼👏🏼
Johnathon Gasper
Johnathon Gasper - 11 måneder siden
Do you have a booklist? I and I believe many others would appreciate it
Zac Peters
Zac Peters - 11 måneder siden
Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder - 11 måneder siden
As a cyclist that has been hit before, its a bad excuse. Also fuck Prius drivers..

I'm jk. Hope he is doing well. That shit is rough.
Sidak Uppal
Sidak Uppal - 11 måneder siden
Sidak Uppal
RafXJAWZ - 11 måneder siden
You could have just took some melatonin 15 min before bed and aswell have 3 alarms gapped about 2 mins. Have alarms about 6 mins before your desired wake up time. But first know if your a 5, 7 or 8 hour sleep kinda person.
Thabata Haddad
Thabata Haddad - 11 måneder siden
Thabata Haddad
Thabata Haddad - 11 måneder siden
Farquharson - 11 måneder siden
basic military training focuses on sleep deprivation. The first week sucks... but somehow the end is oddly bareable, even when you have duty during your sleeping hours
Jelena Stojanovic
Jelena Stojanovic - 11 måneder siden
I feel like a lot of people post these videos of the benefits of waking up early so that other people think that these bloggers have their shit together. Make believe posts/self promotion posts, you know? Waking up early has always been something like a "status symbol" for having your shit together
Drew J
Drew J - 11 måneder siden
I was a Mormon missionary !
Stephanie Holmes
Stephanie Holmes - 11 måneder siden
I wake up at 5:30am, and get up at 6:00am. I stretch and think and pray before my feet hit the floor, and since I have started doing that, I am so much more awake and productive and actually get out of bed at 6am, and do the things I planned on doing, which I did not do when I set only one alarm, and expected myself to wake up and get moving in the same 30 second time frame.
stevenstrumpf7 - 11 måneder siden
"you won't believe"
Danny Perski
Danny Perski - 11 måneder siden
Don't make clickbait titles.
Mari Ali
Mari Ali - År siden
I really love the advise he gave in here, I never thought of things quiet like that...i recall a time where i was skinny and glowing with youthful looks, at that time I was eating a lot of fruits and very little carbs...i ate sugary treats, veges and seafood. I read somewhere about a balanced meal of this and that etc. cutting out my indulgences, now I've gained weight and look older than my age...i realise i should never have changed my working formula! slowly going back and I'm getting there again...
IHardi - År siden
Going to bed at 10 am and waking up at 6 pm. Feel great.
Pasha K
Pasha K - År siden
In my country in winter the sun rises at 8 am. Why do I have to get up at 5? Otherwise in summer I wake up at 6 am easily.
Antandra - År siden
Dude, go to a rave party. No offense, but you’re missing out.
emily - År siden
Lack of sleep means you crave sugar so you eat a lot more because you're body needs energy
Moon Star
Moon Star - År siden
Hi Matt! This is year I started with a goal to quit alcohol completely which is easy for me because I don't get urges.
I also started with some home workout to stay fit and will soon go to a gym. I also try to meditate every day. I am struggling with a sleep schedule because I sleep around 12am and if I have to wake up at 6 it becomes really difficult especially during winter.
Also with eating habits which is disastrous because I eat a lot of processed snacks containing sugars and preservatives. I like watching your videos. Can you post a video about your gym exercises or daily fitness routines? Thanks :)
shaky pirate
shaky pirate - År siden
It's 5 am and I'm awake

It's 5 am and I'm still awake
Enrico Pedri
Enrico Pedri - År siden
Davis Alen jr
Davis Alen jr - År siden
New sub here bro I like the videos you make becuse there real and not no BS thanks bro
Kyle Lawrence
Kyle Lawrence - År siden
Im not a promoter by any means, but I use the app sleep cycle, it really helps you plan and monitor your sleep habits. The way I understand, it uses the microphone to asses wether you’re in rem sleep or not. When you’re in rem you don’t move. I have the alarm set for between 5am and 5:30am. It will chime when I’m restless, making that buzzer less of a shock to hit system. I no longer need to hit snooze as often. Saved my mornings!
EABK - År siden
You’re awesome
IA Girl 19
IA Girl 19 - År siden
Work night shift, and you will understand the importance of sleep.
Bunny Cow
Bunny Cow - År siden
one of your subscribers is a Mormon
yuan L
yuan L - År siden
別人說好不見得對自己是好的 保持獨立思考的態度很重要 不然也只是跟風模仿罷了⋯⋯
Muhammed Q
Muhammed Q - År siden
Quite alcohol 🍷 for 30 days you’ll get why religions prohibit drinking..
Robin King
Robin King - År siden
He bro, wich program do u use for editing?
Олександр Бутенко
That is amazing business opportunity that you are using! Most people try to commit to something for a life time or years! They start with great plan and fail in few months. You say you will stop doing something in 30 days and you give advises for other people about you 30 days trail. Brilliant!
Reiki - År siden
It really depends on your chrono type
50% of people are bears, bears get their best sleep later in the evening and wake up later in the morning. While someone who is a wolf would do best sleeping at 8pm and waking up at 5 am
Sean Conway
Sean Conway - År siden
Predators like lions and Mormon missionaries
Azzeddine Hadjersi
Azzeddine Hadjersi - År siden
I love the end of that video 👏so funny
Maca López
Maca López - År siden
hey! i let you my experience about waking up at 5am, during about 2 years i was waking up at 5am 5 day a week (mo-fr). and it was so necessary to me to go on on the day that if i did not do it i was just a zombie. in this moment of my live i had a really monoton routine.
waking up at 5 am, drink a coffee take my bike to go to the gym and start my gym routine at 6am, finished at 7 to take a shower and go to start my work as a waitress at 8am, then working till 18:00 and then just cross the street to star the uni class at 18:30, finish them at 21:45 and enjoy whit my friends till around 22:30 then arrived at home around 23:00 and go directly to sleep. during the weekend i was cooking my meals for all the week. 
I´m still a life but i can not wake up at 5 no more, may because i have more free time during the day so i don't really need to wake up so early to do exercises, i actually still don't find the balance and i actually don't exercising that often as i want. still working on that. 
thanks for your videos! and sorry for my english in case you can not understand something.
Nomli Nouas
Nomli Nouas - År siden
Less cussing plz