Doctor Reacts to BIZARRE Facebook Health Posts

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I’ve taken a look at disturbing health posts showing up everywhere from NOburn to TikTok, but today I decided to take a look at the source of a lot of the internet’s medical misinformation: Facebook. What I saw drove me up the wall. Quiet a baby by pressing pressure points? Heal muscle soreness by walking barefoot? The dangers of a red tongue?! Don’t believe everything you see in a Facebook video, and definitely don’t share it unless you can verify it’s TRUE!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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Jack - Time siden
I need a checkup.
Mauricio Osuna
Mauricio Osuna - Time siden
Why would someone NOT sleep on their left side? That's the easiest way to keep your stomach juices where they belong and avoid heartburn.
HappyChicken 215
HappyChicken 215 - 2 timer siden
“ this is why beer is healthy o-
* beer Commercial
Ultimare - 2 timer siden
internet BS article: "This is Why Beer is Healthy"
Dr. Mike. "Whow Whow Whow!"
Me: "Well.. let's just hear it out."
Chris H
Chris H - 2 timer siden
You should go on Reddit and check out a thread called HealthAnxiety.
Ella McNoname
Ella McNoname - 3 timer siden
FaceBook is known to be the home of -medical conspiracies- *just conspiracies in general*
Sternchen .M
Sternchen .M - 5 timer siden
Him :“...increases anxiety...“ Me: a dancer:“Well that explains a lot“
Isabella Morton
Isabella Morton - 6 timer siden
actually vaccines CAN cause Autism.... So....
TheCumberCoIlective - 6 timer siden
Who opens a bag of chips like that? Did you slash it with a knife? Weird
Gilbert Gil
Gilbert Gil - 6 timer siden
The baby one is foot reflexology, I don't think it helps babies as much as adults.
Sam O Neill
Sam O Neill - 6 timer siden
I love the videos, they're fun and informative. Could you help me please? I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. It keeps me from sleeping. I eat well, I run 60 to 80 Kms a week. Do you have any tips on how I can get rid of it, or at least calm it down? I can go weeks without it, and then suddenly suffer up to four or five nights straight with it. I stick to the same routine and foods. So I don't know what's causing it . Thanks in advance.
Someone You Know
Someone You Know - 6 timer siden
The image of a conjoined Doctor Mike shall forever haunt me
Catherine Howard
Catherine Howard - 6 timer siden
If you want to make a baby sleep, use Nap Time!
SuspiciousBlobfish - 6 timer siden
Those glasses look so good on him😵
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie - 6 timer siden
How to make baby stop crying in 30 seconds get your gun and magazine and put a bullet in there load the magazine into the gun rack the slide then put the barrel next to your ear then you can’t hear them crying you can’t hear anything
No One
No One - 2 timer siden
go back to sleep you're drunk
Tom Marsdon
Tom Marsdon - 7 timer siden
"did you know the energy from the Earth can help you live a healthier life?"
"Yeah, like if you go out into the sun"
Anyone else see the problem here?
Andrew Rudulph
Andrew Rudulph - 7 timer siden
I know you were trying to be as ridiculous as possible with the "electrical charge leaving the body by walking barefoot" statement, but that's pretty close to what they literally claim. I've heard things as wild as walking barefoot helps attune your bodies vibrations with the frequency of the universe.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw - 7 timer siden
harvard literally has a webpage called "dancing and the brain" where they cite a few different studies describing the neurological benefits of dancing.
Obelion - 7 timer siden
in the spirit of the "alcohol is beneficial"
did you know CRYSTAL METH has some amazing benefits?
Completely replaces that unhealthy caffeine, you wont ever need another coffee to get out of bed!
better work life balance since you dont have to sleep anymore!!
no more theeth = save $$$ on teeth hygiene products!!!
as you see the benefits are ENDLESS! try Crystal Meth now
No One
No One - 2 timer siden
Emma Vreeland
Emma Vreeland - 8 timer siden
I'm a dancer and dance can boost memory if you're learning new choreography all the time like I have to. Not trying to like contradict a literal doctor but just saying if dance is your career it can.
Kaya Augustyniak
Kaya Augustyniak - 8 timer siden
in response to the baby pressure point post, i think its good to note that while reflexology is a form of alt med and is not a substitute for actual medical advice and intervention when needed, it definitely can help with things like colic, headaches, and minor aches. My dad is a massage therapist, and growing up he always used pressure points to ease any minor pain my sisters or i had. Of course its not an exact science, but it does zero harm and is good to at least try out!
Tommy Wijaya
Tommy Wijaya - 8 timer siden
How to calm a baby in one minute: just throw them away
Av - 8 timer siden
FaceBook moms believe everything they see on there
Keisha Walter
Keisha Walter - 8 timer siden
Dr Mike: “infectious disease”
English captions: “infelicitous disease”
Me: A what now? 🤨🧐🤔
Blake Clem
Blake Clem - 9 timer siden
I have a bone to pick dr mike. Lol first off I want to say I love your channel and videos. Great work seriously. In scientific terms a theory is something that usually has a substantial amount of research and facts into it. A hypothesis is more like a guess though and something that definitely needs more research. Just thought I'd tell you that. A lot of anti science people constantly say "oh it's just a theory" like yes bro.... because it has lots of facts and research data already to support it. That's why it's called a theory.
Sarah Reinecke
Sarah Reinecke - 10 timer siden
8:50 he’s so sarcastic, it’s great 😂
SilverSkyCloud - 10 timer siden
the dislikes are anti vaxxers
DULLI - 10 timer siden
DR mike: benefits of dance, incfreases anxiety
me: WHAT, benefit??
phebe palmer
phebe palmer - 11 timer siden
Lmao why does everyone act like autism is a bad thing?? I like my autism, and I also like not having measles, mumps & rubella! It’s a win-win-win-win scenario!
Cynthia Nelson
Cynthia Nelson - 11 timer siden
So the pressure points in the feet are what affect say the head or teeth. Just for clarification for you. Pee woop
Delfin - 11 timer siden
but it make-a me happy
Michael S. Brooks
Michael S. Brooks - 11 timer siden
All things considered....Beer and Wine in moderation. I have heard that 1 glass of Red Wine a day is good for something. Gotta love Burgandy!
Sarah Neuren
Sarah Neuren - 11 timer siden
I've had the MMR vaccine twice, because my college was dumb, and getting it the first time two weeks before I turned 1 was not good enough. Guess what? NO AUTISM. The study that tried to "prove" that was disproved and showed to be false a loooooooong time ago.
Paul Kroiß
Paul Kroiß - 12 timer siden
"is there a part of their body that's bothering them?" Baby: mom what is that thing between my legs? I don't like it
Kerry Ann Lewis
Kerry Ann Lewis - 12 timer siden
Pressure points they do in reflexology. All the points on the bottom of your feet are for different areas of your organs and parts of your body pressing them can help. Works!
Tamara T
Tamara T - 12 timer siden
Ah okay so I think with the baby one 🤓 you apply gentle pressure to those areas of the foot if the baby has some sort of pain or discomfort in the areas it was relating to?
Never tried it but hey 🤷🏻
Grendel _
Grendel _ - 13 timer siden
@0:28, high carb breakfasts? yuuuk...
Ess Jay
Ess Jay - 13 timer siden
Reflexology Mike, it works. Trust
《Chewing Gum》
《Chewing Gum》 - 16 timer siden
that poo poo is higher than my grades
blah89080 - 17 timer siden
Hey dr. Mike, speaking of autism can there be a video about the presentation of autism in women? I’ve seen a few articles about how women get diagnosed less frequently or often misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. Also I found it interesting that adults are finding out they have ASD when it’s more commonly thought of as a disability in children. I’d like to see more information about inclusive neurodiversity for adults since children seem to be the main topic that is thought of when autism is mentioned.
hen ko
hen ko - 12 timer siden
to 40 times
Václav Havlíček
Václav Havlíček - 19 timer siden
i come from a country where there's huge beer consumption so i wont be surprised if there wasnt no research done to it. however, i've never heard of any of these benefits so its probably still fake
CJ Neumann
CJ Neumann - 21 time siden
I have Adhd is it normal for when i drink coffee it makes me tired?
wmbookworm96 - 21 time siden
I woke up one morning with one of my arms above my head and I had to use my other arm to move it to get the blood flowing again because I couldn’t move it...not a fun way to wake up
Himikowo towoga
Himikowo towoga - 22 timer siden
Um so I can sleep however I want and have no problems and one time I woke up and my head was turned to the left my body was straight and my legs were turned to the right and I was still comfortable
Micaela Duran
Micaela Duran - 22 timer siden
The Fernet is an argentine drink and its ALCOHOL we DO NOT drink it alone because it's too strong, we drink it with coke and we would usually poor like a 25% fernet 75% coke ratio . If you drink that and that much so as to get rid of your hangover, you'll probably remain the same or worsen it by 10 times!!! Also the mint part, we also have an alternative fernet that already has mint in it lol.
AliceGoneMad - 23 timer siden
I sleep like a dead person on my back with my hands on my stomach. I can't sleep at all if my hands are above that position. Though sometimes I wake up on my stomach with my arms underneath me on my stomach as well.
dreamOrbZ Vlogger
dreamOrbZ Vlogger - Dag siden
Ive been backstabbed,and probably been bamboozled
dreamOrbZ Vlogger
dreamOrbZ Vlogger - Dag siden
When youre mexican but your zodiac sign is not leo
*sad burrito noises*
allyssa longggchhhaaamppp
"LiEs" -doctor Mike 2020
Atari Artistry
Atari Artistry - Dag siden
I tore my rotator cuff playing rugby, and I can tell you guys it isn’t fun. Even sleeping with that position of ur arm being above u DOES hurt like hell. Just listen to dr Mike and avoid messing with it lmao
Cassie - Dag siden
people to get more active (fitness, dancing etc) as it will not only improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system, but also improve your brain, your memory.
Cherrychocol8 - Dag siden
0:38 "Increase anxiety" ? xD it said "Increase energy"...
xevozmaster360 - Dag siden
Best Hangover Cure: After a Night of Drinking, Chug to big glasses of Cold Water and go to sleep, wake up feeling like you never drank last night
thor498 - Dag siden
Sleeping position do not really matter because the are not sleeping positions they are positions to fall asleep. Everyone moves during sleep your turning around every night up to 40 times
Cassie - Dag siden
could not give me sugar, also not many people know that there are multiple types of diabetes.
thor498 - Dag siden
Dancing has a lot of overcross motivations that require a lot of coordination and interneurinal communication within the brain. So you could argue that it is a good for memory.
Oren Pur
Oren Pur - Dag siden
This man deserves all the good things that life can possibly offer. Bless him..
LethalRed - Dag siden
I think what they ment there is that if you press a certain part of the baby's foot,they will feel it in a certain area,
like if you press the baby's toes the baby will feel it in their Head and Teeth
Kaya Augustyniak
Kaya Augustyniak - 8 timer siden
also i think its good to note that while reflexology is a form of alt med and is not a substitute for actual medical advice and intervention when needed, it definitely can help with things like colic, headaches, and minor aches. My dad is a massage therapist, and growing up he always used pressure points to ease any minor pain my sisters or i had. Of course its not an exact science, but it does zero harm and is good to at least try out!
MuminF4n - Dag siden
Once , I watched a movie where the love interest told the protagonist to have a beer AND a painkiller in the morning in order to not be hungover. I was shocked and appalled, and that was before I took one course in basic first aid and 2 courses in medical first aid. The best cure for a hangover, in my opinion, is either drink enough water during and after alcohol consumption or just simply don't drink so much that it gives you a hangover.
Luna van der Meij
Luna van der Meij - Dag siden
It makes me so angry that people still believe that vacines give you autism i have autism and know better
Callisto - Dag siden
Everytime I go on WebMD and find something I think I have when I go to the doctor about it I'm always right
609s - Dag siden
About the sleeping position... It's not healthy to do the middle one since your spine is HEAVY and your organs are soft, this means that your spine can like droop on your organs.
(Fact I learned from my brain if you didn't know)
Ingrid Lopez
Ingrid Lopez - Dag siden
I think dancing can help w memory if you’re trying to pick up choreography quickly on a regular basis
Prabhpreet Gill
Prabhpreet Gill - Dag siden
can you please do an apartment tour?
MicaelHD - Dag siden
9:17 Seguro el que hizo eso le gusta tomar fernet con Coca sentado en la esquina escuchando La Mona
Nathan - Dag siden
I got a Bud Lite add as soon as he said " this is why beer is healthy"
15ssody - Dag siden
Me: Dances
My anxiety: I'm gonna do whats called a pro gamer move
Daiana Dark shadow
Daiana Dark shadow - Dag siden
There was and add that the first thing it said is how we become doctors
YouTube knows to much
Krazyman 882
Krazyman 882 - Dag siden
You should do a diabetes fact video, from my experience as being a type 1 diabetic not many people know much about it. For example when I was 6 my friends mom thought she could not give me sugar, also not many people know that there are multiple types of diabetes.
SanraS Uzumaki
SanraS Uzumaki - 2 dager siden
I thought My cursor was moving by itself!! LOL
Niqita Alexandra
Niqita Alexandra - 2 dager siden
Common Doc, even you should acknowledge Reflexology / acupunture / Qhiropratic
50k subs before 2022
50k subs before 2022 - 2 dager siden
Breaking: Roughly 10% of non anti-vaxers get autism.
destiny !!
destiny !! - 2 dager siden
When they mentioned Dance increases memory I’m pretty sure they meant choreographed dance lol
xXdoge105Xx - 2 dager siden
Ahhhh, I need a medic bag.
Oju6 - 2 dager siden
Why are American so afraid of vaccines?
Bayougirl78 - 2 dager siden
The MMR vaccine doesn't even contain the mercury-based preservative, Thimerosal, that was originally blamed for causing autism in the first place. It's terrifying how many people will believe nonsense just because it's in Meme form.
Ellary Rose Illustrations
Ellary Rose Illustrations - 2 dager siden
I love how the ad right after it said "Beer is healthy" was a PBR ad. 😂
Bayougirl78 - 2 dager siden
I will argue that dance as an exercise form can help with memory. You're learning combinations and choreography, it's like any other form of studying/memorization :)
Jackie - 2 dager siden
How to calm a crying baby in one minute? Chloroform on a cloth.
Bununy - 2 dager siden
The dont think the people who listen to fb medical memes as actual medical advice trust their actual doctors or any accurate medical source.
Caroline Oliveira
Caroline Oliveira - 2 dager siden
Beer helps me with my stomach. Don't know why but antacids don't work on me. When it's really bad I have one beer and it's gone. Please don't judge me.