DJ Khaled ft. Drake - POPSTAR (Official Music Video - Starring Justin Bieber)

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Production Company: Fela / Mssng Peces
Director: Julien Christian Lutz pka Director X
Producer: Fuliane Petikyan / Taj Critchlow / Sam Lecca
DP: Chris Probst
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Another One (yeah)
DJ Khaled
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
Aye, shorty with the long text I don’t talk, aye
Shorty with the long legs she don’t walk, yeah
Last year I kept it on the tuck, aye
2020, I came to fuck it up, yeah
I want a long life a legendary one
I want a quick death yeah and an easy one
I want a pretty girl and an honest one
I want this drink and another one, yeah
And I’m troublesome, yeah
I’m a popstar but this shit ain’t bubblegum, yeah
You would probably think my manager was Scooter Braun, yeah
But my manager with 20 hoes in Buddakan, yeah
Aye, look, Arianna, Selena my Visa
It can take as many charges as it needs to my girl
That shit platinum just like all of my releases my girl
Niggas come for me I tear them all to pieces my girl
I’m gonna show your sexy ass what relief is my girl
Please don’t take no shit that’s bout to have you geekin
And I’m not driving nothing that I got to stick the keys in
Wonder how I got this way I swear I got the
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
I’m a popstar not a doctor
Watch her said she rep a whole different block so I blocked her
Busy at the crib cooking salmon with the lobster
If we talking joints it’s just me and David Foster
Bodyguards don’t look like Kevin Costner you tweakin
Just pulled up to Whitney Houston Texas for the evening
They tell the same story so much they start to believe it
The ones that start like Drizzy shit was cool but we even
Man how the fuck….
2,4,6,8 watch is factory so they appreciate
Crown in my hand and I’m really playing keep away
Shit don’t even usually get this big without a Bieber face
Nah nah piece of cake
Nah nah Turks and Caic
Yeah yeah go and get your friends we can sneak away
Yeah yeah yeah I keep a … like I keep the faith
Wonder how I got this way swear I got the
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
Bitches calling my phone like I’m locked up nonstop
From the plane to the fucking helicopter yeah
Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out nah nah
I’m a popstar not a doctor
(C) 2020 OVO as licensed to We The Best/Epic Records
Runtime: 08:06


Derek Le
Derek Le - Time siden
Bojack Horseman’s house
rishabh mendiratta
rishabh mendiratta - 2 timer siden
Beat so good that I did that manager step even though I have cervical problem.
Adam Ex
Adam Ex - 4 timer siden
Dope clip lmao
pity villanueva
pity villanueva - 4 timer siden
Fuaaaa que tema recién consco a este artista soy de Uruguay muy bueno
Jones V
Jones V - 5 timer siden
Justin Bieber in this music video is the employee at Walmart that doesn’t do anything but gets payed more than the other workers
Jones V
Jones V - 5 timer siden
And another one
DEATHBOLT - 5 timer siden
timthstatman pulls up
Brittany John
Brittany John - 5 timer siden
4:10 did anyone else realize zane is in this music video or am i high?
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 6 timer siden
king icey
king icey - 7 timer siden
Khaled this go hard I wanna b part of ovo in we the best I got some bangers in the stash it's king Icey
TRU MAN - 7 timer siden
First world problems
OLIXIA__Peach - 8 timer siden
When he got saved and still says bad words
Edwige Pierre
Edwige Pierre - 8 timer siden
2020 and i came to fuck it up
covid: bruh don't take all the credit
* Riham*
* Riham* - 8 timer siden
Yes, it's Drake
Emma - 8 timer siden
100% ripped off that line from Outlander...
baby khaled
baby khaled - 8 timer siden
My name Khaled :O
baby khaled
baby khaled - 8 timer siden
That’s me
Liz Garcia
Liz Garcia - 8 timer siden
Be Me
Be Me - 8 timer siden
This song is so fun and catchy :) i love it :)
dΔto YT
dΔto YT - 9 timer siden
I LOVE YOU bieber
carl johnson
carl johnson - 9 timer siden
Enjoy Live
Enjoy Live - 10 timer siden
Enjoy Live
Enjoy Live - 10 timer siden
Mae Mae Galyon
Mae Mae Galyon - 10 timer siden
the 50's reacting: Oh Justin *the tv laughter thing*
The 70''s: GrOoOoOoOoOoOoVy
The 90's: Thats FLYYYY
2010: Zadamnnn
2020: *either u didn't feel safe or u were dead so*
Tabitha Reich-Okwechime
Tabitha Reich-Okwechime - 10 timer siden
Does anyone know the girls’ instagrams?
RoPlaysGames - 10 timer siden
3:54 did anyone notice king Bach??
xd jacob
xd jacob - 10 timer siden
trash bags as pants
Ricky - 11 timer siden
I watch for zane
LunaOfficial - 11 timer siden
6:24 da ringtone tho. 🤣
EmotiveEwe 85
EmotiveEwe 85 - 11 timer siden
Justin looks like tik tok's final boss
Justin Richard
Justin Richard - 12 timer siden
Another one
Cláudio Henrique
Cláudio Henrique - 12 timer siden
Music starts in 2:30
Trenton Flowers
Trenton Flowers - 12 timer siden
good work
Elina Navarro
Elina Navarro - 12 timer siden
Lataya Burton
Lataya Burton - 12 timer siden
drake: complaining about dj Khaled
me: dang do you want a divorce?😂
S. Nakamoto da Silva
S. Nakamoto da Silva - 12 timer siden
Gente rica usa cada roupa feia....
Alisha Walker
Alisha Walker - 12 timer siden
That wasn't just Bieber sinning at first
DamageBorna21 - 12 timer siden
Bach only there for the drink😂😂
lovemebabie - 12 timer siden
only watching to see zane
Incze Kristóf
Incze Kristóf - 13 timer siden
Tayredty - 13 timer siden
Enock Karima
Enock Karima - 14 timer siden
3:16 And that's the bottom line. Because Corona said so.
Даврон Исмагилов
Егор Крид, ты ли это?
maybe-vlog - 14 timer siden
Here for Zane Hijazi
Andrew DaSilva
Andrew DaSilva - 14 timer siden
get me out of here.....6god
Lobsang Paljor
Lobsang Paljor - 14 timer siden
Drake sir can you say there you fuck up plz 👆
MikkyLan Pemi
MikkyLan Pemi - 15 timer siden
Justin all turned up & stuff!
Videos Best Videos
Videos Best Videos - 15 timer siden
I AM A POPSTAR NOT A DOCTOR. no offense doctors😂
Abel Perez
Abel Perez - 15 timer siden
Mans off his rocker
bb - 15 timer siden
we not goinig to talk about justin sead the n word at 3:50
Aqseer Sodhi
Aqseer Sodhi - 16 timer siden
i think you mean 12 o clock :)
Gunda Gaming
Gunda Gaming - 17 timer siden
I just need a wifi lol
King Moshiach
King Moshiach - 17 timer siden
I am the Messiah and I'm looking for my followers
Om Sapariya
Om Sapariya - 17 timer siden
How someone can get long life and quick death 😂
Alan Kostrzewa
Alan Kostrzewa - 18 timer siden
another one
MikkyLan Pemi
MikkyLan Pemi - 19 timer siden
& another one!
MikkyLan Pemi
MikkyLan Pemi - 19 timer siden
Ha ha, hilarious AdamW & King Bach!
Diy Fever
Diy Fever - 20 timer siden
Only here for Justin! 🙋‍♀️
55 M
55 M - 20 timer siden
يا جيش العرب اين انتم
Justin bieber is the prince of pop
#6699 Rxxse
#6699 Rxxse - 21 time siden
whos that asian boi chillin
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar - 21 time siden
Vine + music video
Indu Sharma
Indu Sharma - 22 timer siden
Do a norther one
MK FAMILLY - 22 timer siden
Thegreen Dragon
Thegreen Dragon - 23 timer siden
Okay we r popstar n that doctors shit ask to him 😒
KidZeus - 23 timer siden
Dj Khaled is a living meme
JayLHZ - Dag siden
is that king bach or?
Ezequiel Weinhardt
Ezequiel Weinhardt - Dag siden
Fuck haters. Enjoy Every good times with the homies
R G - Dag siden
David Muñoz
David Muñoz - Dag siden
8 minutes plus six seconds of pure bullshit
Esse Drake é uma porcaria mesmo
Akshar - Dag siden
Drake as usual stealing lyrics 👾👾
Devesh Thakur
Devesh Thakur - Dag siden
The OUTLANDER same dialogue-made-lyrics are refrence or just copied?
Lauanny Vieira
Lauanny Vieira - Dag siden
Justin Bieber vc é top
GFR AlokWPlays
GFR AlokWPlays - Dag siden
Vyse 2021
Vyse 2021 - Dag siden
Wack video, no substance
Cole Doyle
Cole Doyle - Dag siden
no body talking bout king bach going off
Veldura - Dag siden
Yoo drake # uno smh veldura aaa,aaa tivooo another 1
Ingrid Vansan
Ingrid Vansan - Dag siden
oh no, i dont like so much this song. i love ma boyfriend
Nachman 98
Nachman 98 - Dag siden
Another One ❤
cynthia nuamah
cynthia nuamah - Dag siden
Jesus Christ is coming
Mannyy - Dag siden
who’s watching this in 2039??
Choco Rose
Choco Rose - 16 timer siden
I am
Fouad vlogs
Fouad vlogs - Dag siden
so we not gonna talk about it? 3:50
Roberto Gautier
Roberto Gautier - Dag siden
I thought Justin Bieber was a rapper XD
Ralph Fontanez
Ralph Fontanez - Dag siden
Yo we feeling this shit straight from the hood big up my g...from all the way bx ny peace..🤨
JB's body is drug addicted.
Jake Rogers
Jake Rogers - Dag siden
Gay AF you ruined Bieber's video. Just get a room
Kr4l - Dag siden
Alguien español (speak Spanish)
Angela Cullen
Angela Cullen - Dag siden
Justin,s child. Dad i think I am sick
Justin. Am a popstar not a doctor
Child . Why
Justin . Biches calling my phone like am locked up
David Guadarrama
David Guadarrama - Dag siden
Mucha intro xd
İbrahim Mede
İbrahim Mede - Dag siden
Drake & Khaled is idiots
James Lee
James Lee - Dag siden
Your song is awesome and your my hero
Tahamid Khan
Tahamid Khan - Dag siden
What kind of song is this it should be fore over 20 year olds and u show some teenagers bad influence to us
Connor M
Connor M - Dag siden
Am I gonna have to be the one to point out that this house is used for porn vids?
Gamer Tard
Gamer Tard - 6 timer siden
Lmao for real?
#rare #secrete
#rare #secrete - Dag siden
Rin凛 - Dag siden
"I am a popstar not a doctor" *and another one*
Cayden Lee
Cayden Lee - 9 timer siden
brooo i feel you
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar - Dag siden
So true😅😅
JMOB - Dag siden
Abhishek Bagaria
Abhishek Bagaria - Dag siden
Song is good lyrics are worse and video? Who gives it fuck?
Magick Infused
Magick Infused - Dag siden
I though he was training? He looks so skinny where's the gains?
Magick Infused
Magick Infused - Dag siden
Them girls are ew is this really what we push to the kids? This ain't music is brainwashing propaganda. I rate tom macdonald
WPPaH - وبّـاهـ
and another one
Hassan Bahlaq
Hassan Bahlaq - 6 timer siden
شيايبك انت قديم ههههههه
MR. B 45
MR. B 45 - 11 timer siden
Abdullah Alhusainan
Abdullah Alhusainan - 13 timer siden
هههههههههههه وبااه
Nahid - 14 timer siden
Larson Spencer
Larson Spencer - Dag siden
Latoria McHaney
Latoria McHaney - Dag siden
😂Justin said you wasn’t in the video