Decluttering for Messy People

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Film og animasjon
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laminage - 3 dager siden
I love watching Men doing their Decluttering and Minimalism. It's so different but so cool. Growing up My Father (RIP), was a real Mama's Boy and she did everything for him. He was great doing outside but you always had to watch him when he was inside because he would misplace stuff. One time I did hte Laundry and Ironed his Shirts and put them all on The Doorknob for him to put away. He didn't, and when I asked why he said it was "easier" to keep them there.
Excellence Kisonga
Excellence Kisonga - 3 dager siden
1:10 song?
Portret fotograaf Almere, Herman Chow true about human behaviour. Thanks for sharing. Love it!
Soorin Yuu
Soorin Yuu - 9 dager siden
How to not end up in a mess of a room while in a pandemic:
lea shay
lea shay - 14 dager siden
Excuse me can I have your birth chart thank you I deeply enjoy your content
Constance Adione
Constance Adione - 15 dager siden
Wow, that's a lot of comments coming, just wondering if you get to read all of it.
Neal Haridy
Neal Haridy - 15 dager siden
Matt: “Take it one room at a time, one drawer at a time” me living in a dorm room with two drawers: 😐
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 16 dager siden
Next video suggestion, decluttering toxic people in our life.
Carlos Wildermann
Carlos Wildermann - 23 dager siden
I feel chuck the god vibes from supernatural . Good video nonetheless 👍 trying to fix up my life with these videos
Noureddine HN
Noureddine HN - 24 dager siden
if she didn't kill because of shampoo bottles, she will do because of this 7:12 😁
Archer - 25 dager siden
I bet you were the teacher's favorite kid in the primary school ...
Renov Matheus
Renov Matheus - Måned siden
Western Create Consumerism you destroy it to create new product how they of life its call “minimalism” its new product ...
Rakshita Naik
Rakshita Naik - Måned siden
Some people just want to watch the world burn. Lmao🤣
Mark Degaute
Mark Degaute - Måned siden
I'm constantly trying to convince my wife to reform. My advice to her so far is:
Use it or lose it and focus on quality over quantity.
One in one out on new items which should be replacing something.
Maximum 2 of anything (excluding items like underwear, socks or work shirts).
Finally, don't forget "digital" clutter. Only keep and back up quality.
When I was single my loft only consisted of empty luggage and a Christmas tree. Those days are long gone. I hope this helps fellow mild OCD people out there.
Stefania Spadafora
Stefania Spadafora - Måned siden
🤣 I know you were joking about taking kids toys away from them it's a good idea to reduce the amount of toys kids have
Jimbob Didleydoo
Jimbob Didleydoo - Måned siden
NOOOOOO i wanted you to take the toys away:(
Erstatz Reifen
Erstatz Reifen - Måned siden
Hey everyone, i have one question to all of you or directly to Matt :-) Does erveryone know the brand and model of the watch at the Minute 3:40 to 3:45 in this video? Thanks a lot for your Help. I wish all of you a happy weekend. Best whishes, Lars
john jack
john jack - Måned siden
Any approach is good for getting rid of anything that gets in our way. This is remarkably described in this excellent book by a French author who has taken a humorous and uncompromising look at the issue. Here it is:
Chillin' Killin'
Chillin' Killin' - Måned siden
Matt, you made a baby cry for this video, YPoS.
Reya recognized
Reya recognized - Måned siden
I catch myself everytime and keep on getting back to this video haha...
Gabriel Vicente
Gabriel Vicente - Måned siden
''I will take away one toy from a child'' LOL
maggie hari
maggie hari - Måned siden
I hope I’m not a lost cause. I’m 48 😬
CATO - 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much patreons
Ameera Meera
Ameera Meera - 2 måneder siden
am a grown up kid =25 yrs old with 30 teddy bears,10 bunnies,10 robot toy,20 remote cars,30 barbie dolls...if some1 touch it ...💔
DuvGameTutorial - 2 måneder siden
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Gregory Peterson
Gregory Peterson - 2 måneder siden
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ReTryGFX - 2 måneder siden
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DJI Mavic Pro User 687
DJI Mavic Pro User 687 - 2 måneder siden
Matt's jokes make me feel like I'm not funny LOL
Nel Hernandez
Nel Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
my grandfather used the same thing to me about "losing my head if it wasn't attached"... only he didn't say "head"
Dreamer - 2 måneder siden
2:18 I lost my concentration
Dee Carrier
Dee Carrier - 2 måneder siden
I used quarantine to use up all my mini products and I declutterd my work wardrobe as well. Had 2 full bags ready to go when our store reopened
Sudheer Kumar
Sudheer Kumar - 2 måneder siden
Finally! One male among the 100s of women cleaning videos
jflores85 - 2 måneder siden
The more I clean to be less messy , everything gets messier
Matthew West
Matthew West - 2 måneder siden
1st video I watched by him. Found it by a link someone posted in their video. Didn’t find it helpful and felt it was more judgmental of people.
Beatriz Alicia Palacio Jaramillo
Honey I live with a hoarder, I wonder how is this going to help me
TJ Wash
TJ Wash - 2 måneder siden
A great video overall but I really want to compliment you on a specific thing. You didn't say kinda/sorta. I'm so tired of people saying so I kinda did this and it sorta worked out so I kinda liked that... It's become habitual I think because we all hear it so much. Thank you for making statements with conviction, sounds more professional that way sorta.
greeksurferdude - 2 måneder siden
Mikayel Simonyan
Mikayel Simonyan - 2 måneder siden
This is my new religion!
Ericka Cummings
Ericka Cummings - 2 måneder siden
Where did you get your dark see through bins with the white lids?
Denzil Rodrigues
Denzil Rodrigues - 2 måneder siden
I've gone through the decluttering process multiple times thinking that my room is 'dirty'. In reality though I was so used to a decluttered room that it actually took me more time to find my stuff since I didnt want to spoilt the organised manner of my clothes. I've just been living like my decluttered self from a couple months now as I genuinely feel better rather than having a tidy room. If you clean your room weekly (hoover, dust, replace and wash sheets) having a decluttered room isnt really bad. This might actually be quite confusing to understand lol hopefully someone else also with me 😂
BrwnWndr - 2 måneder siden
When he took the toy away from the kid! 😆😆
Нелли Михайлова
Нелли Михайлова - 2 måneder siden
Even if you control flow of new stuff their total number is increasing! You have to throw away old stuff constantly
wndr wmn
wndr wmn - 2 måneder siden
New subbed😊
Sonya Trejo
Sonya Trejo - 2 måneder siden
I became a lot less messy when I accepted that I would have to spend a few hundred dollars on containers and tray organizers for every drawer and cabinet and closet to give everything a place.
Jay Keshavan
Jay Keshavan - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else a little worried YouTube saw through your webcam and thought, "alright, we gotta help this person out" lmao..
Warren Zhu
Warren Zhu - 2 måneder siden
Kids, Clean Your Rooms
emordnilap backwards
emordnilap backwards - 2 måneder siden
Anyone familiar with the konmari method? He needs to read the books Marie kondo made and make a part two to this video. Maybe even have a collab with her. She's pretty awesome and has a bright personality that would work well in the show and contrast his.
Nico - 2 måneder siden
One of the rare declutter video I can watch without getting board!
Simmy indc
Simmy indc - 2 måneder siden
Great video but Natalie: don't date a guy whose prettier than you and with more toilettrees than you honey lol
Sarah - 3 måneder siden
He’s not exactly wrong about the kids though. I’m not a parent so I don’t know from experience, but I’m a child development major and was taught the more toys can overwhelm children because they’re overstimulated.
Janina S
Janina S - 3 måneder siden
I just started to watch your videos and like to little joke in every one! Please don't stop this :)
Ganesha Adiguna
Ganesha Adiguna - 3 måneder siden
"Pick up after your kids.. or girlfriend" I feel you.
Mr JH - 3 måneder siden
Some super tips on this one! Much appreciated. Thanks!
Juliettemadethat - 3 måneder siden
I really liked your advice about surfaces: never thought about it and so smart!
Kimberly Marmolejo
Kimberly Marmolejo - 3 måneder siden
So...about the hotel shampoos and conditioners, my sig other does the same thing. He brings them all home and they just take up space. Drives me in order to keep him and me happy, I take those mini bottles (and keep 1 of each for travel) and I dump the remaining ones into the shampoo and conditioner bottles that are in our shower. Who cares if they are different kinds...then recycle all those tiny bottles. Problem solved. ❤😁 I also refill the travel bottles from those big bottles in my shower when necessary.
Bruno Vicente
Bruno Vicente - 3 måneder siden
Me: **breaks phone screen**
Phone Screen: **costs 150$ to repair**
Me: 0:37
Jason - 3 måneder siden
This May sound insane... okay it will definitely sound insane. I've got a spare bedroom/home office in my apartment which has been handy with Covid-19 and needing to work from home full time. My biggest concern about this place has always been the closet. I know that it I have that much space open I'll fill it with crap which equates to consumerism and worst of all, needless junk. About 6 months after I moved in I cleaned it out threw stuff away and was surprised by how much empty space I had. ln fear of filling it with things I will use briefly then let become dust collectors I began putting empty boxes in the barren closet. Not like hoarding boxes but large, empty, taped shut Amazon boxes and other things that I've ordered. The end result is a closet that looks completely full but has nothing in it and helps me fight the urge to buy an out of season coat on sale to hang in it, or to buy another gadget or start a new hobby that will die on the vine the first time work gets too hectic to free up time. We'll see if it works because I'm buying a new bicycle next week and with any luck I won't feel the need to buy every possible and potentially necessary doo-dad for the new bike.
Emma - 3 måneder siden
I now want to clean my room but the problem is it's already clean..
Rashq e Qamar Wali Sarkar
Rashq e Qamar Wali Sarkar - 3 måneder siden
the joy of less ?????????
OlTcNuke - 3 måneder siden
where does he get all his music from? Also, what is the name of the track in this video?