Dean Schneider Reunion of Nayla the Queen

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The Reunion of Nayla „The Queen“ with her Pride🐾 was unbelievable! I‘ve never learned more about the behavior of Lions🦁 than in this particular event!
It also gave Me a better insight into their mind and revealed their way of thinking when it comes to family-structure, acceptance, changes and love! I am also incredibly excited to be able to share all these experiences first hand with all of You guys!🙏🏼❤️ I hope you could also learn a bit more about their fascinating behavior and take this experiences further into the world.

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About Dean Schneider:
I am a 27-year old Swiss guy, who dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years!
Born in Switzerland (Zurich) on October 3, 1992, I was blessed to grow up in a loving family with my sister (one year older) and my parents, who were always very supportive and loving. My mother is originally from the Balkan region (Southeastern Europe), while my dad is a Swiss citizen. I discovered my deep passion for wildlife at the age of six or seven, through the legendary Steve Irwin! He was the one who brought wildlife into my living room in Zurich and inspired and educated me about all kinds of different animal species.
Even though I was so passionate about animals, I originally followed a very ordinary path to adulthood, eventually ending up in the finance industry as a financial advisor. After a very successful year, I decided to found my own company, which then, over the next three years, allowed me to generate the financial foundation to launch the Hakuna Mipaka project at the age of 23-24.
After starting my life in South Africa additional financial support form my Family allowed me to evolve and develop the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis for 2 Years without having to depend on any income sources such as offering touristic visits / programs, breeding or trading of animals, donations or any other monetary businesses!
About Hakuna Mipaka:
The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is located on around 400 hectares (four million square meters) in the wilderness of South Africa! It is home to thousands of different wild animal species! Besides that, the oasis also serves as a life-long home to a few rescued wild animals, which were born in captivity! We also do rehabilitation programs with different animals, which are then being released back into the wild.
The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis is my personal home and a private sanctuary that is NOT open to the public. We don’t cater to tourists and don’t allow any day visits or animal activities! We don’t breed animals and we are also not trading animals. I built this place for animals and not for humans. The Hakuna Mipaka oasis is a secure, wild & lifelong home to the animals that live here.
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sherry lynn camba
sherry lynn camba - 47 minutter siden
He is just the best! I hope I can be part of something like this and bond with animals forever and just be free !! But here Im working in a office job infront of a computer 8 hours a day.
Rey MNA - Time siden
Im glad this was on my recommendations. Love is really everywhere 😍
Buffie Chubbuck
Buffie Chubbuck - 3 timer siden
That was what one would call an intense moment!!
Big Dawg
Big Dawg - 3 timer siden
Wish he had tigers would LOVE to see some tigers
Archana Bansal
Archana Bansal - 3 timer siden
Please buy an great dane it match to your name
Batsheva Gamoran
Batsheva Gamoran - 3 timer siden
When lions love you they remember you because I've experienced it.
Batsheva Gamoran
Batsheva Gamoran - 3 timer siden
NKRI Forjosie
NKRI Forjosie - 3 timer siden
Living dr. Dolittle
miss mimi
miss mimi - 5 timer siden
Simba has been tamed....
Andy Daly
Andy Daly - 5 timer siden
I wish one day this guy meet Wild Frank, and do a video together
joseph pelham
joseph pelham - 6 timer siden
3 20 Where we go 1 we go all That is what lions ROAR !
Philip Ogden
Philip Ogden - 7 timer siden
Dude please be careful. This is terrifying
zisco1983 - 8 timer siden
You re playing with fire, one day you will burn yourself.
Mary Joy De Leon Castillo
Mary Joy De Leon Castillo - 8 timer siden
Who Loves Dean 💗💗💗
Do a hug to hug like lion 💗💗💗
Nyla Wilson
Nyla Wilson - 8 timer siden
It was so weird to hear you say my name, but mine is spelled as Nyla, is pronounced the same as hers. Very seldom hear anything by that name
Gail Christ
Gail Christ - 9 timer siden
My words for Dean: LION KISSER
GaMeR MoDs
GaMeR MoDs - 9 timer siden
Oh! you are ```amazing```
Lisa Marie Sundin
Lisa Marie Sundin - 9 timer siden
Admire the decision to spay Nayla. Now maybe make a separate enclosure for a new pride of rescues.
Sem de Bruin
Sem de Bruin - 9 timer siden
You are a special man
Quantum Music Creations
Quantum Music Creations - 9 timer siden
I love Lions. Such Majestic creatures. I want one as a pet lol especially after that. My neighnours would move out, all of them and all street for myself.
Geeked S4v4ge
Geeked S4v4ge - 11 timer siden
Get on Joe Rogan's podcast
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 11 timer siden
This may be a weird question.. But are you seen as like, a female or male lion within the pack? according to how they behave towards you? Or is this not a thing?
Modern Wealth
Modern Wealth - 11 timer siden
Imagine someone trying to intimidate this guy on the street. Nerves of steel
NICK NACK 9000 - 11 timer siden
Es war ein nices Video
Saurav Anand
Saurav Anand - 12 timer siden
They must have kept you for some better day meal.
Raania29 Shamas
Raania29 Shamas - 12 timer siden
Plz poste more viseo
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 11 timer siden
She have 21 vids 1M sub omygod
Mar Camino
Mar Camino - 12 timer siden
Gracias por tu gran labor. Eres admirable , envidio tu vida en libertad y tu bella relación con los animales. Un saludo cordial desde Cantabria España
aate l
aate l - 12 timer siden
What's your place in the lion pride? Can you proof your place without fighting?
Akali Main
Akali Main - 13 timer siden
Sooo I am kinda new to this channel, so can anyone tell me why she was sepperated from them in the first place and what her role was in the pride before?
CP3 originale
CP3 originale - 13 timer siden
So beautiful man. Happy I got to experience that.
Rohini Sonawane
Rohini Sonawane - 13 timer siden
At 3:29 Snow looks so cute!
Agelos Linardakis
Agelos Linardakis - 14 timer siden
What is your height? (Just because I am curious).
Thamel Pigeon
Thamel Pigeon - 14 timer siden
Your video quality has such a eye pleasing deam color great Nayla reunion
Natalie Mione
Natalie Mione - 15 timer siden
I just found your channel. I doubt you will see this but I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life and your pride with us. You are truly remarkable and I look forward to learning more about these beautiful animals.
Andrea Böing
Andrea Böing - 15 timer siden
Es muss atemberaubend sein so nah bei ihnen sein zu können und auch noch mit ihnen zu knuddeln
Jemille Romero
Jemille Romero - 16 timer siden
It's amazing how you actually know them like who's leo or nayla ❤️❤️❤️
Teish Ahmad
Teish Ahmad - 16 timer siden
We need more people like you legitimately out there to protect animals Steve Irwin is a legend
Kindondo Game
Kindondo Game - 16 timer siden
Cat is catttt....
Michela Doro
Michela Doro - 17 timer siden
Only W-O-W
MERAI SENPAI - 17 timer siden
She have 21 vids 1M sub omygod
Nicole Einfach
Nicole Einfach - 18 timer siden
div patel div patel
div patel div patel - 18 timer siden
Love u dean....doing AWESOME work....
Justinas Zubrus
Justinas Zubrus - 18 timer siden
i think Leo is a hero in this, standing for hes sister,standing even against pride king. this was epic to watch
sonu sharma
sonu sharma - 18 timer siden
Shocking : The guy loving animal , animals fight each other ;nd jealous if anyone comes close
! . 🤔This is god gifted person yo .

He is Rocking every one shocking😆😆😅
3zooz Legend
3zooz Legend - 19 timer siden
This is impressive
Dean has a lion heart 🦁
Derylz Karindra
Derylz Karindra - 19 timer siden
include Indonesian subtitles please
Mohammad Hamzah
Mohammad Hamzah - 20 timer siden
Mannn , Since i see ur YouTube channel , my 2 cat alrdy got new name !
The Boy : Dexter
The girl : Nayla !
The Resia
The Resia - 20 timer siden
Medizin für die Seele
Smiley Face
Smiley Face - 20 timer siden
Lions are just literally big cats that like cuddling 😊
Nackir WK
Nackir WK - 21 time siden
Your videos bring my smile evry single time im so happy thare are still angels like u that still want to protect animals i want to work in a place were i can take care of animals because i feel like they are more like a family to me.I have a war in evry day with my family bc they thing that birds are dumb and they are only for food but its not like that and the chikens are like a family to me once one of my chikens taked a worm and give it to me 😅 watching ur videos made me happy because i know that if u can i can too and u give me motivation❤️🦋.
Sener S
Sener S - 21 time siden
One day, your lions will attack you. Be very careful mate.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 21 time siden
Bless your heart man
Visva Harshini
Visva Harshini - 21 time siden
Hey dean
So when is nayla birthday 🍰 because I love her
CoNoRz CrAzY
CoNoRz CrAzY - 21 time siden
Guys this man is amazing! Show some love as he is nice to us, nice to the animals and he is nice to the heart. Subscribe to him and get him loads more love
Luca_harris_YT Harris
Luca_harris_YT Harris - 21 time siden
post more dean
NW DC - 21 time siden
You are the real hero dear sir 🙂
Doğancan Kocabaşoğlu
Doğancan Kocabaşoğlu - 22 timer siden
This is what lvl 20 Beastmaster Ranger look like
Vladimir Knor
Vladimir Knor - 22 timer siden
Dear god, I always think of Siegfrid and Roy and what the tiger did to him trying to protect him. But then again, it was an unnatural situation, with the loud audience.
Sumiyati Santoso
Sumiyati Santoso - 23 timer siden
Maybe someone can help me to translate my comment in english?
Sumiyati Santoso
Sumiyati Santoso - 23 timer siden
Aduuuh,itu singa berantem apa bercanda,bikin deg2an aja.
Muntanga - 23 timer siden
You Have too much YOUTUBE ACC Report of then
Wesley Williams
Wesley Williams - 23 timer siden
I wonder camera he uses his videos are so clean
Tough Bickies
Tough Bickies - 23 timer siden
When they started roaring, That must have been the most amazingly spiritual, grounding, connecting moment! Absolutely Incredible ❣️ 😍
syara wijayanti
syara wijayanti - Dag siden
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Hi Ki
Hi Ki - Dag siden
First step to join a lion pride:Have yellowish white hair
ghost onscreen
ghost onscreen - Dag siden
Just thinking what would happen if someone harm him in front of his pet lions 😂😂😂
Ayu Rohana
Ayu Rohana - Dag siden
dia yang di situ aku yang jantungan..
nelsie nai
nelsie nai - Dag siden
The lions’ drama is better than the kardashians.
85 k subscribers without any videos
he is only enjoying this quarentine
SlothGirls - Dag siden
me: waiting for next video
Jmass 86
Jmass 86 - Dag siden
Oh wow, wild animals wanting to go hunt and eat.......
jazzpip1 - Dag siden
Hope this guy stopped getting hate from people
Abhiram channel
Abhiram channel - Dag siden
Your channel is the best Then,Now,Forever
Umasankar Behera
Umasankar Behera - Dag siden
Livin' with death
Rivah OLIVER-PEEL - Dag siden
Dharma - Dag siden
does dean schneider not get income from uploading videos on youtube? because in every video he uploads I never get an advertisement while watching his channel, I feel sad if he doesn't earn money because he risked his own life and the cameraman to upload videos on YouTube, hopefully the next video will have ads
Tasriyani Nurham
Tasriyani Nurham - Dag siden
omg amazing
Yibo FENG - Dag siden
No you don't necessarily have to roar with them LOL
Alesia Burgzorg
Alesia Burgzorg - Dag siden
Love your relationship with them it is something special I wish I can do that it is beautiful and so are them
Bhebs Elizario
Bhebs Elizario - Dag siden
The pride:Roooaaaarrrrr!!!!
No one not even a single soul