Dak signing the franchise tag reveals he was desperately losing the negotiation | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Last Monday Dak Prescott ended his holdout by officially signing his exclusive franchise tag. He will earn just over 31 million dollars in 2020 and is now expected to participate in training camp. The Cowboys and Dak still have until July 15th to get a long-term deal done. Hear why Skip Bayless believes that by Dak was losing the negotiation.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
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Dak signing the franchise tag reveals he was desperately losing the negotiation | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What are your thoughts on Dak Prescott signing the franchise tag?
Dre Day
Dre Day - 25 dager siden
Dude what else could he do sign it play n leave u all didnt pay me so im out after 1 year
Man Child
Man Child - 29 dager siden
Dak lost the negotiations the moment Dallas signed Dalton
Basil Ramel
Basil Ramel - 29 dager siden
Man got to pay his bills. There is no question? He's a multi-millionaire; life is great for a young black man. He made good decisions in his life, an fell not into the street/hood life. Ignorance creates poverty, an poverty is the route to all evil. Enjoy the game an stop killing it with the none-sense.
Jay.A Lnx
Jay.A Lnx - Måned siden
And dak sucks “ he don’t even deserve 30M!. He can’t get it done . Only teams he can beat and his performance is actually solid is with loosing teams . Half Or more of those wins in his own trash division 😂
Lorilee Myers
Lorilee Myers - Måned siden
@Brad greenblood in order to get paid more than other elite quarterbacks, you have to win more games with the roster they had/have. He regressed in that aspect last year. That was a sb roster. Put any other top quarterback in that situation. Nothing less than competing for the NFC championship would suffice. The same holds true for this year. Time to put up or get out!
Ura Bubba
Ura Bubba - 22 dager siden
Dak and his agent walked away from $165 mil/5 years offer.
Victory Saber
Victory Saber - 22 dager siden
Never have I heard such garbage. Oh hes 8 n 8, 9 n 7. Oh he deserves top qb pay lmao. Delusional
B T - 23 dager siden
I have one problem with the money part with Patrick. Dak has to win super bowls. Dak hasn't come close to doing that.
John Quinn
John Quinn - 24 dager siden
Get rid of him Dak won’t win us playoff games
Bhumi Rushing
Bhumi Rushing - 25 dager siden
I doubt he signs anything but the franchise tag from now on. He's not worth the money he's asking.
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - 26 dager siden
Virtual mini camp: NFL madden. LMAO
deuteriumjones - 26 dager siden
Dak just isn’t worth it, the cowboy’s should have signed Cam Newton and cut him loose.
Your mom goes to college
Your mom goes to college - 26 dager siden
“I did always thought”.
Adam Lyn
Adam Lyn - 28 dager siden
Cowboy should match the Kansas City chiefs offered to Patrick mahomes
Adam Lyn
Adam Lyn - 28 dager siden
Jordan Truce
Jordan Truce - 28 dager siden
Does Dak seriously think he’s worth all of this trouble? Cowboys should just start Andy Dalton week 1 and see how it goes. It’s not like they went anywhere with Dak last year.
James Archie
James Archie - 29 dager siden
Who came here after the Mahomes deal?
Wood Dragon
Wood Dragon - 29 dager siden
Players in the NFL and the NBA are poor money managers hence why they have so many problems with finances and there getting tooken advantage of by desperate money management to get there hands on these people's money shameful.
Penumbra Hey
Penumbra Hey - 29 dager siden
Can they turn Shannon's mic off? He would still be heard (even if we turn down the volume lol) but at a more tolerable level.
Russell Branham
Russell Branham - 29 dager siden
35 million/year for four years is what Dak and the Cowboys have agreed to.
Pete Pan
Pete Pan - Måned siden
Imagine a world where Dak thinks he is as valuable fiscally as Patrick Mahomes...
Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell - Måned siden
Hi, I'm shannon sharpe, and I suffer from cognitive dissonance, especially when "non blacks" are incolved. Pay dat man his money...even if he didn't earn it becuz he half black.
Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell - Måned siden
Dak wants winner money, but even with all the other parts set up, he can't win. Tyoical move from a loser. Gibs me monies, diss about respek.
Ferdie Cassel
Ferdie Cassel - Måned siden
It's heartbreaking that football is no longer a game. Politics and money has ruined it all.
Michael H
Michael H - Måned siden
Dak is worth the league minimum....... no more
T V - Måned siden
Shannon needs to stop doing his own laundry.
Greg Holmes-Brown
Greg Holmes-Brown - Måned siden
That beat in the beginning didn’t have to go that hard 😤🔥
Augustus McCrae
Augustus McCrae - Måned siden
Prescott can’t beat good teams
Prescott vs. good competition
Here's a look at Prescott's career by the Cowboys' opponents' season win total:
9 or Fewer 10+ Wins
Record 35-11 5-13
TD-Int 75-17 22-19
Total QBR 72.9 55.3
QBR rank 2nd 19th
There really is no hiding how poorly Prescott has played against good opponents in his first four seasons. He has played 18 career games against teams that would finish with 10-plus wins, and his performance hasn’t been stellar.
The most lasting impression of Prescott’s performance against good teams isn’t great either; he went 0-5 against 10-win teams in 2019, a season that ended with the 8-8 Cowboys finishing one game behind the 9-7 Eagles for the NFC East crown.
kevin Edwards
kevin Edwards - Måned siden
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech - Måned siden
The Dallas Cowboys is NOT AMERICAS TEAM!. AMERICAS TEAM BECAME NEW ENGLAND twenty years ago!.
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech - Måned siden
Dak Prescott is a low grade QB. What makes Dak Prescott worth more than a " Lamar Jackson", " Tom Brady", Drew Brees ", Aaron Rogers"?. Absolutely NOTHING!.
Ramon Velazquez
Ramon Velazquez - Måned siden
Skip is the exact type of person you point to when you describe a delusional cowboy fan
Robert Velez
Robert Velez - Måned siden
$31 million for dink and Dak lmao.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown - Måned siden
Get Aaron Rodgers next year
Cole Turner
Cole Turner - Måned siden
I hope the NFL goes broke...no longer a sport...it's too much politically correct controversy to be an escape from life's daily grind.
Dak is a good kid, great leader but a mediocre quarterback.
Aaron Reagan
Aaron Reagan - Måned siden
Offer up a trade package of Dak & Zeke and try to land Rodgers.
Mean Green
Mean Green - Måned siden
Get Adams, and Clowney, and roll with Andy Dalton
Spencer Stone
Spencer Stone - Måned siden
Is he really using Gallup as a point here? Gtfoh skrap
Mike NEGAN - Måned siden
He signed it because he plans to leave lol
Skai - Måned siden
40 million?!? Per year?!? Makes it sound like a dream that we signed Wentz already.
mj. rock
mj. rock - Måned siden
Who out there really think fans will be allowed to fill up stadiums across the country???
Random Guy
Random Guy - Måned siden
Love these guys. Best thing on Fox Sports 👏
Breeze Comics
Breeze Comics - Måned siden
I'm so done with all of you sports media. So biased and full of hypocrites. Only middle of road people are clay Travis and his network.
Keith Jordan
Keith Jordan - Måned siden
Daks fine. So are cowgirls. 10-6
Thomas Pick
Thomas Pick - Måned siden
Get rid of that spoiled rotten brat Dak. Let the red haired stranger play. Andy is a good qb. Let Andy be the qb from now on. Bye, bye Dak, you idiot!
Bo Pennington
Bo Pennington - Måned siden
Lol funny because he's not even going to be the starting quarterback by the end of the year
CJFRM3658 - Måned siden
Skip Bayless Ball Park Their Not Even In The Stands
Anweezzy's World
Anweezzy's World - Måned siden
Shannon said you was doing so good..ant no one said that.🤣🤣🤣
John Billings
John Billings - Måned siden
Dak finally found his "systemic racism." All 31 million of it.
Frylock 019
Frylock 019 - Måned siden
I like how skip always forgets dak only wants a 4 year deal and the cowboys want a 5 year deal. He wants more money for the 5 year just give him the 4 year deal he wants.
Joel G
Joel G - Måned siden
Just over 30 million for 1 season NICE. I’m tired of saying this is our year.
m Cave
m Cave - Måned siden
For Dak it's do or die this year...JULY 14 don't sign him to long term deal dudes not worth it.
Jr Reyes
Jr Reyes - Måned siden
He isn't worth more then Russel Wilson
Al Eisele
Al Eisele - Måned siden
NFL contracts have become a business for AGENTS.. DISGUSTING.. Dak or any player IS NOT worth the money being paid to any player..
kevin Edwards
kevin Edwards - Måned siden
Skip BAYLESS is now senile
Dak Prescott signing the franchise tag and close to the deadline gave him more leverage. That 31 million
Is a hard count against the salary cap and next sesaon will be even more so in three seasons it could be 43 to 45 if tagged for three seasons.
31 this season then 37 to 40 next sesaon then the third is crazy.
So paying him for 4 years is better because he dont want a six year deal .
4 years is cheaper and better for the cap than keeping him on a tag.
Martin Munoz
Martin Munoz - Måned siden
Just 31millon i make 820.00 month
anthony patterson
anthony patterson - Måned siden
Averaged 9-7 the last three years playing in the weak NFC East
3-7 outside the NFC East in 2019, a division with two rookie QBs and two lame duck coaches
5 wins in October-December 2019
0-5 in games decided by 7 points or less
2-8 in games decided by 14 points or less
0-8 losing at halftime
1-5 against playoff teams
0 TDs when trailing with
D Man
D Man - Måned siden
He right there behind Tony Romo,......lol FACTS
Benito Ramos
Benito Ramos - Måned siden
Skip is a major dumbfuck ..
Dagga DaGahd
Dagga DaGahd - Måned siden
Its because of Dak! Not because of Dallas! People been loving Dak since college
Dagga DaGahd
Dagga DaGahd - Måned siden
Skip he still played guud enough for the contract
Peter Toadstone
Peter Toadstone - Måned siden
I have a feeling Dalton is getting into the game before long lol
tiffani smith
tiffani smith - Måned siden
SKIP sick of listening to your chicken feed excuses! pay the man.
Douglas Rose
Douglas Rose - Måned siden
Look ya'll... Everybody making such a huge deal out of all this mess. Bottom line the cowboys are trying to hold on to all the talent that they have just recently obtained. They're not leaving Dak out. Matter of factthey're probably talking to him about why they are doing this to push for a playoff run. He will get paid 🦄