DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

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DaBaby - Rockstar feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)
Written | Directed by Reel Goats
Produced by Spicy Rico
Executive Produced by DaBaby
Production Manager: Shaq Gonzoe
Production Coordinator : Gemini
Assistant Director : Gabi Rico
DP: Logan Meis & James Rico
Steadicam : Aser Santos
A/C : Phillip Hoang
Production Assistant : Robin James
Production Assistant: Kosmic Shots
Production Assistant: Nae
VFX : Scissor Films
VFX: Joe Grayem
Runtime: 07:09


Myia Murphy
Myia Murphy - Time siden
I. Love. The. D
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green - Time siden
I've been listening this for 2 weeks now
Kristofer raid
Kristofer raid - Time siden
Only people who didn't come from TikTok can like This

Rift galaxy
Rift galaxy - Time siden
Its kinda funny how the video goes straight from shooting zombies to dababys daughter playing with him
Joshua - Time siden
Da baby is roddy ricch shhhh
w.s.w 2
w.s.w 2 - Time siden
because wea are the less
only ppl who came from tik tok can like this💙
from the rock 💙😌
T1G3R - Time siden
Good song
Martise Woods jr.
Martise Woods jr. - Time siden
I came from Tik Tok and you can stop me you can try but you not
Gold86star - Time siden
Jk literally everyone: OnLy PeOpLe WhO dIdNt CoMe FrOm TiKtOk CaN lIkE tHiS cOmMeNt
Ibrahim Anjum
Ibrahim Anjum - Time siden
MissMilly321 - Time siden
is this a anti white song or?
lilsupreem brudda
lilsupreem brudda - Time siden
Dam I got 1 mil likes
cam cam
cam cam - Time siden
Want thank all that step up to. React to their force in killing ! Again. We are monitored all they way around 5g will fill in thoses blank spots. So know it an if cops or any govt goes through planting cameras. You think they care they dont all need money! So they call future. An like michael j
They dont care. All thoses that past through you lost your. Chance. Your hate calls future we have nothing to lose ! Crazy. Ready. To have. Our points made an must say real good stuff thank you all !
Opiniâtre Official
Opiniâtre Official - Time siden
All dislikes are for asthmatics😂☠
A check up to my account and Subscribe please please please 🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭
Simpdara Uchiha
Simpdara Uchiha - Time siden
This is what's gonna happen in August
michelle - Time siden
bad guy
bad guy - Time siden
Only people who didnt come from tik tok most love this
Max Muller
Max Muller - 2 timer siden
best tik tok song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Isabel Viera
Isabel Viera - 2 timer siden
Only people who didn't come from Tik tok can Like
Cora Elphage
Cora Elphage - 2 timer siden
My baby brother is obbsesed
Isabel Viera
Isabel Viera - 2 timer siden
Tik tok suckd
Aboubacardemba Sylla
Aboubacardemba Sylla - 2 timer siden
ComfyEmmaBean - 2 timer siden
Im just Wondering if they actually killed the people that act like they were zombies
Meditate For Awareness
Meditate For Awareness - 2 timer siden
🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥That spin while shooting tho 😆
Orla Onoh
Orla Onoh - 2 timer siden
me> search up rockstar -find rockstar by Postmalone
also me= searches up trolls holiday movie - find trollz by 69 and nicki
Ryhana Barrett
Ryhana Barrett - 2 timer siden
Roddy ricch and dababy look the same
Orla Onoh
Orla Onoh - 2 timer siden
only people who didnt come from tiktok can like this now
tyreek hill
tyreek hill - 2 timer siden
People who came tic tock like this only
Sam Renda
Sam Renda - 2 timer siden
2:17 hackers in cod
Subscribe for no reasen plesez
Coronavirus: we got this
Zombies: grab the guitars
Dababay n Roddyrich: call of duty
Jose Luis Gallo
Jose Luis Gallo - 2 timer siden
I listen it from a kid when I was play fortnite lol
Niyah Baeee
Niyah Baeee - 2 timer siden
Make sure u subscribe and like my location to give me a huge thumbs up
Scar IV
Scar IV - 2 timer siden
Watch roddy wave his hand 😀😀😀
xxxsaamir Turner
xxxsaamir Turner - 2 timer siden
Tramell Hicks
Tramell Hicks - 2 timer siden
You suck
Carter Vance
Carter Vance - 2 timer siden
His daughter is hands down BEAUTIFUL
Syd ?
Syd ? - 3 timer siden
Luis Cortez
Luis Cortez - 3 timer siden
Thos song is trash
Logan Erle
Logan Erle - 3 timer siden
You and roddy ricch are the duo ever
Eytan Fein
Eytan Fein - 3 timer siden
Y is da first part so disturbing
Kid Gaming105
Kid Gaming105 - 3 timer siden
My new favourite song no lie
Don Awah
Don Awah - 3 timer siden
Dababy put in so much time and effort in this video and we can clearly see how he got his knee sprained 😣
This what actors go through to make a movie or a good music😎
Cheers to the great work brother!
Daniel Cruz Flores
Daniel Cruz Flores - 3 timer siden
Grant Quinn
Grant Quinn - 3 timer siden
Akila Thalapitigoda
Akila Thalapitigoda - 3 timer siden
Only ppl who play pubg mobile will know wht gun roddy was using😅😆

Jon Osornio
Jon Osornio - 3 timer siden
Best music video of 2020💯
Emanuel Flores
Emanuel Flores - 3 timer siden
DaBaby looks insanely good in those clothes
350 subs with videos?
350 subs with videos? - 3 timer siden
*I think DaBaby broke his brand new Lamborghini*
Ephraim Harmon
Ephraim Harmon - 3 timer siden
Do baby when the song started we did not see your and rody rich
Goldener __Muffin
Goldener __Muffin - 3 timer siden
Call of Duty in real life 😂
A.A.I Gaming
A.A.I Gaming - 3 timer siden
Use me as a “This Song Is Sick” button
Battle Of The Dinosaur
Battle Of The Dinosaur - 3 timer siden
QUAD_HelloBro - 3 timer siden

black lives matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
droiid hector 03
droiid hector 03 - 3 timer siden
Iss thiss worthyyyy????https://youtu.be/Udbp0Pr33SM
Taha Görken
Taha Görken - 3 timer siden
That's not a music video that's an entire movie
Elza Kremic
Elza Kremic - 3 timer siden
NO SOUCI - 3 timer siden
if only there were zombies, there would be no more racism
SongsLover - 4 timer siden
a wild Trevor Philips Spotted at 1:33 😂😂
Aj Tv
Aj Tv - 4 timer siden
derek ebo
derek ebo - 4 timer siden
Omg guys the way roddy ricch walks makes me laugh so much
Shamar Morris
Shamar Morris - 4 timer siden
Good Yea
Good Yea - 4 timer siden
And roddy rich
Good Yea
Good Yea - 4 timer siden
I love you dababy
Kyle Kener
Kyle Kener - 4 timer siden
Who else found this through Merkules?
Helix - 4 timer siden
Roddy Ricch has aimbot, please call the admin
Katelyn Morfeld
Katelyn Morfeld - 4 timer siden
fishy gang on top fishy
fishy gang on top fishy - 4 timer siden
this music is the best
amar pradeep
amar pradeep - 4 timer siden
Only people who didn't come from TikTok can like this
HAMMER Rock GAMING P2 - 4 timer siden
Yeah yeah..........💥💥
Christian Hamby
Christian Hamby - 4 timer siden
Itz_Nick_on_YT - 4 timer siden
Who loves the video cuz it reminds them of good ol cod zombies
👇 🤚 And shoutout to all the zombies 😂
sherwin lixn
sherwin lixn - 4 timer siden
couple years from now, we'll be commenting.."who remembers when this song came out and we had that corona pandemic" damn.
Kdzthegreat - 5 timer siden
I pull up
kamal younes
kamal younes - 5 timer siden
T D - 5 timer siden
The video is sick
Elaine Hines
Elaine Hines - 5 timer siden
Omg me reacting to this is like i want to meet them in person
Btw Will
Btw Will - 5 timer siden
This to fire
le_stuff_2 resh
le_stuff_2 resh - 5 timer siden
Only people who didn't com from fortnite can like this
Devan Loi
Devan Loi - 5 timer siden