Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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About the game:
Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
Learn more:
Title: Come Close
Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
Title: Suicide
Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
Title: Makes Me Feel Better
Created by: Kevin Hastings
Runtime: 05:14


Don Harris
Don Harris - 10 minutter siden
Tomorrow i will get this game😈😉
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams - Time siden
SZEAG - 3 timer siden
Marcelina Tavarez
Marcelina Tavarez - 8 timer siden
People seeing the trailer: this is gonna be a good game! :)

People when they get it: ho boy im crying fuck this it dong work
Shiro Yasha
Shiro Yasha - 9 timer siden
TheDudemanSweet - 9 timer siden
"Cyberpunk 2077 marries glitches and bugs to make your gaming experience complete shit. Oh you want a refund? NOPE! lol! Sucks to be you"
Jason Evans
Jason Evans - 10 timer siden
This is the biggest load of shit i have ever played !
NuclearGlory03 - 11 timer siden
So that was a fucking lie
chuck wood
chuck wood - 12 timer siden
Brain dancing reminds of Strange Days with Angela Basset & Ralph Fiennes. They had the same head gear minus the extra features. Still it's a pain in the a**.
Franck MD
Franck MD - 14 timer siden
its a fucking lie
Kad3n - 15 timer siden
the only reason im here is the song 2 minutes in TELL ME WHAT IS IT!??!?!
Kreisegger - 16 timer siden
instead of buying Cyberpunk 2077, you can buy The Witcher 3 GOTY on a lower price, and trust me, you're gonna be much more happy
Soldier Scar
Soldier Scar - 17 timer siden
Wow this is such a copy of GTA V's 5 min gameplay trailer, a woman showing/telling what you can do in the game/world, except in GTA you can do all those things and Cyberpunk trailer is just a scripted lie..
Zo RA - 18 timer siden
Yay another overhyped game what a Surprise
Jaroslaw Glowacz
Jaroslaw Glowacz - 18 timer siden
I hate open world games (and rpg's), I want a well done linear story (where you can't miss a great side mission, and there is no filler content cause it's too expensive to make everything high quality in an massive open world) where you are the hero and criminal activity is never an option, not even if police spawns when you do it - and like here forgets it immediately later..., or so I've heard. And yes I'm polish, and I don't like The Witcher series either. Poland is a rural country compared to western countries, this mega high tech is funny for us to make therefore, but I like LA which this is in the future I think, and well I'm a little bit glad Poland gets some attention internationally - even if it's for the wrong reason. But they say this is a step up from the similar game Fallout 76 at least, so worry if a game has "78" in it's title, lol... :-(
Zander Rednaz
Zander Rednaz - 19 timer siden
I played it and i have to say it runs surprisingly well on last gen consoles.
Real - 20 timer siden
Wy się weźcie patałachy lepiej za wiedźmina bo inne gry spierdolic tylko potraficie 😄
Mike Play
Mike Play - 22 timer siden
flowerninetwoseven - 23 timer siden
당연히 말이 되죠~
cyber lucyfer
cyber lucyfer - Dag siden
przyszlosc lucyferianska
Jess 4You
Jess 4You - Dag siden
I heard this game was set to dethrone GTA V... now it's struggling to dethrone GTA III
varun k vijayakumar
varun k vijayakumar - Dag siden
Pls repease in amdroid
Montexic - Dag siden
I wonder if I’ll live till 2077 and see the game to it’s true premise
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Dag siden
Haters Before the launch: Haha this game gonna suck
Haters After launch: Our expectations for you were low but Holy Fuck
neutro X17
neutro X17 - Dag siden
what is the soundtrack please someone enlighten me? 🙏🏻🙏🏻
minute 0:51
neutro X17
neutro X17 - Dag siden
@Swifty Poncik Thank you very much friend
Swifty Poncik
Swifty Poncik - Dag siden
Come close
I created this account for Learning Not 4 Fapping
I can't wait to this game on Alpha
toto lebarjo
toto lebarjo - Dag siden
Pieprzyć swoją brudną Polskę pod szyldem Brudny, duży sukinsyn, twoje słowa
Devendra Bhatnagar
Devendra Bhatnagar - Dag siden
After 2months this game become a really good because it has worst water physics even gta 1 is better than this game now compare the time game developers would be very proud of themselves(of cbp2077) that they released such a bad game in 2020 that games of 1900's has better physics and features lmaooooo😂😂😂😂😂
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
Dafaq happened with Jackie? His stint in the game was far too short...
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
Who is the delicious redhead at 1:25? Is she in game or just a decoration on Stan's show?
Ozzy - Dag siden
tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
Esper the Bard
Esper the Bard - Dag siden
Hype-up-punk 2020
CTRL - D - Dag siden
Happy fool's day!! 😆
Michael - Dag siden
Song at 3:19?
Windfish - 2 dager siden
Seems like they spent more time developing the trailers than the game itself.
NuclearGlory03 - 11 timer siden
They literally did
Aryan Dey
Aryan Dey - 2 dager siden
TheGamer's World
TheGamer's World - 2 dager siden
2077?? 56 yrs from now
Thrashmetalman - 2 dager siden
Still waiting for this game to release....
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza - 2 dager siden
We should nickname this Game "Cyberbugs 2021"
TheWetBread Toast
TheWetBread Toast - 2 dager siden
This got gay
Jan Školník
Jan Školník - 2 dager siden
Game had a lot of bugs. But i still like it. 8,5/10
Дмитрий Слядовский
Geralt of Night City
Geralt of Night City - 2 dager siden
Doesn't even come close to The Witcher 3...
sudah berhenti ngeyutub
sudah berhenti ngeyutub - 3 dager siden
Nice game
Jasmin Che Dakin
Jasmin Che Dakin - 3 dager siden
just use EMP anda they all die
Xu Shanlian
Xu Shanlian - 3 dager siden
Totally won't be buggy
Good soul
Good soul - 3 dager siden
You tried to be doom but fall worst than trump. Sad
Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva - 3 dager siden
All lies
エッチMatsu - 3 dager siden
Spent 160 hours looking for "story changing player choices." Still looking.
T X - 3 dager siden
what i saw is chaos
Huseyn Mammadov
Huseyn Mammadov - 3 dager siden
please PLEASE just buy gta, dont touch this game and its company
Hellbuu - 3 dager siden
The game is so glitchy thats why the trailer has laggy and glitching effects
Gideon October
Gideon October - 3 dager siden
who is narrator voice? oh wait at least Hitman does what it claims in the trailer
abcd efg
abcd efg - 3 dager siden
Yeah...good thriller..just thriller
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez - 4 dager siden
Qadi - 4 dager siden
I love how she says over crowded even on pc the npcs seem so dead and they even said they'll have over 1000 npc with there own day and night cycle and I'm guessing that's walking around in circles
Nav Yo
Nav Yo - 4 dager siden
1 Movement of silence for gamers who died before the game was released....................
alfons bradley
alfons bradley - 4 dager siden
Hey, thus has not bad like to dislike ratio
Dandelion - 4 dager siden
i came from crowbcat
Aniket Wakade
Aniket Wakade - 4 dager siden
I finally know why the year 2077. Cdpr Strategy was to release beta version now and it will get updates till 2077 and that will be the final version 😂
sWitcher -_-
sWitcher -_- - 4 dager siden
There is a game in the bug
Arim Oh
Arim Oh - 4 dager siden
CD Project Red: This is where the fun begins!

Bugthesda: Your swords please! We don't want to make a mess in front of Cap!

Captain Charity: You two can't beat him he's Corporate!

Obsidian: Captain Charity.... Corporates are our specialty!

Bugthesda: I've been looking forward to this.....

CD Project Red: My powers have doubled since the last time we met Commander.....

Bugthesda: Good..... twice the pride..... double the fall.......

Captain Charity: Good Pole good....... kill him...... kill him now.

CD Project Red: I...... I shouldn't....

Captain Charity: DEW IT!

Obsidian: Hello there!

Todd Howard: General Obsidian we've been expecting you!

Todd Howard: Back away! I will make it just work myself!

Obsidian: Your move!

Todd Howard: You fool I was trained in making things just work by Bugthesda themselves!

Obsidian: So uncivilized.....

Captain Charity: There are many ways to make money some would consider to be unnatural so please Poland embrace my schemes and scams I beg you...


Captain Charity: Well it's about time you figured that out I've been dropping hints like crazy plus my name gave it away!!!

CD Project Red: I am a slow learner......

CD Project Red: Captain Charity is THE CORPORATE COMMANDER we've been searching for all these years!

Players: In the name of Gamers we place you under arrest.

Captain Charity: Are you threatening me plebs?

Players: The gaming industry will decide your fate.

Captain Charity: I am the gaming industry!!!

Players: Not yet!

Captain Charity: It's treason then.......

Corporate Commander: I told you Pole that it's come to this! The toxic gamers are taking over!

Players: The oppression of the gaming corporations will never return! You have lost!

Corporate Commander: No...... NO! NO!!! You will lose!!!!! He's the traitor!!!!!

Players; No he's the traitor!!! Augh!!!! Don't listen to him!!!!!

Corporate Commander: I can help you make lots of money!!!!! You must choose!!!! I'm to weak! I can't hold it any longer! Oh don't kill me! Please!

Players: I'm going to end this.....

CD Project Red: You can't! He must stand trial! It's not the gamer way! I need HIM! NOOOOOO!!!

Corporate Commander: MONEY!!!!! UNLIMITED MONEYYYYYY!!!!!

CD Project Red: What have I done!?

Corporate Commander: You are fulfilling your destiny...... a powerful video game company you shall become! Hence forth you shall be known as Capitalist Commander!!!

Corporate Commander: The attempt on my life has left me scarred...... the gamers will be hunted down and defeated! In order to maintain our profits and endless cashgrabs! The Gaming Industry will be reorganized into the Corporate Land!!! For a richer and profiteered industry!

Obsidian: This is how the future of gaming dies..... with thunderous applause......

Angry Joe: Destroy the Corporates we must!!!

Capitalist Commander: You turned my fans against me!!!

Obsidian: You have done that yourself!

Capitalist Commander: You will not take them from me!!!

Obsidian: Your greed and lust for money has already done that!

Capitalist Commander: Don't lecture me Obsidian! I've seen through your lies! I have brought the Witchers! Cyberpunk 2077! And most importantly money to my new gaming industry!!!

Obsidian: Your new gaming industry!? Polish my allegiance is to the gamers to their hearts!!!

Capitalist Commander: If you're not with me then you are my enemy!

Obsidian: Only a Corporate deals with absolutes..... I will do what I must!

Capitalist Commander: You will try......

Corporate Commander: Ah Angry Joe I was wondering when you'd show up!

Angry Joe: I hear you have a new apprentice Captain Charity... or should I call you Corporate Commander!!!

Corporate Commander: Your arrogance and privilege blinds you now taste the full might of Corporate!

Corporate Commander: I have waited a long time for this moment! My little Puerto Rican friend..... hahahahaha! At long last the Corporations have taken completely over!!!

Angry Joe: Not if say anything I HAVE!!! If so powerful you are! Why leave!?

Corporate Commander: You cannot stop me! Capitalist Commander will become more powerful than either of us!!!

Angry Joe: Faith in your apprentice misplaced as is your faith in greed!

Obsidian: I have failed you my polish friend..... I have failed you......

Capitalist Commander: I should have known the gamers were going to take over!


Capitalist Commander: From my point of view the gamers are evil!!!

Obsidian: Then you are lost!!!

Capitalist Commander: This is the end for you my old friend I will do what Bugthesda couldn't...

Obsidian: It's over Polish! I have the high ground!!!

Capitalist Commander: You underestimate my fanbase!!!

Obsidian: Don't try it!!!

Obsidian: There were two Chosen Ones and I was one of them! You were the second chosen one!!! You were supposed to help me destroy the Corporates not join them!!! And you joined them! Nooooo!!!

Capitalist Commander (CD Project Red): I HATE YOU!!!

Obsidian: You were like my brothers Polacks!!! I loved you!
Mr Rainbrow
Mr Rainbrow - 4 dager siden
Replace the "P" with "J"
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - 4 dager siden
Absolute garbage game
Johnny Double Barrel
Johnny Double Barrel - 4 dager siden
I wonder what Keanu thinks of how the game is currently.
Game Over Dan
Game Over Dan - 21 time siden
I'd imagine he's trying to keep a low profile and distance himself from the game.
Mike Tucson456
Mike Tucson456 - 4 dager siden
GTA V is better.
Sigma The Dancer
Sigma The Dancer - 4 dager siden
Just straight up lied to all of us...
hola :3
hola :3 - 4 dager siden
AE Echenique
AE Echenique - 4 dager siden
how can I get my money back
theseventhammer - 4 dager siden
When marketing and reality couldn't be further apart... man what a letdown this game was
Meteor - 4 dager siden
Welcome to Cyberpunk 2077, the game where even the homeless people have more cyberarms than you. And the maximum cosmetic costumization of your character are clothes and literally three cyberware (Gorilla Arms, Mantis Blades, Projectile Launcher). GOD BLESS THE MODDERS!
NoctemAeternusMusic - 4 dager siden
“...people from all over have converged on the already crowded Night City”. Me driving through empty streets at 4 pm: *bitch where?*
Captain Rex
Captain Rex - 15 timer siden
@SlayGwynned have you ever been in a big city? There’s never not loads of people
SlayGwynned - 4 dager siden
Who would have thought there would be few people outside at 4pm
NoctemAeternusMusic - 4 dager siden
God, there is so much false advertisement in this trailer. I think the one that bothers me the most is when she mentions enhancements you can get and it shows a bunch of badass bionic limbs that you definitely cannot get in the game. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Х Р - 4 dager siden
Пожалуйста добавьте на некстген консолях ps5 и xbox series x-s gameplay от третьего лица и метро
Khalid Nour
Khalid Nour - 4 dager siden
welcome to cyberprank1999
donny acevedo
donny acevedo - 4 dager siden
Bruh even rdr2 has better graphics and more detail
donny acevedo
donny acevedo - 4 dager siden
And that came out what 3 years ago
Point Man
Point Man - 5 dager siden
No flathead or other external tools: 1 time use for the story mission and everything else is your cyberware
No reputation recognition: you get more gigs as you complete more gigs and , as simple as that. no NPCs will ever acknowledge your reputation
No quest givers to give you gigs: you only get phonecalls as you walk by the mission area; all rewards are teleported into your inventory, gigs and fixers have no plotlines
No distractions outside of combat and a grand total 2 sx workers
No car showrooms, the parte where you and Jackie go get the car is a split second of the intro cutscene after that plays after you meet Jackie for the first time during the patch specific intro.
Schmeler Errol
Schmeler Errol - 5 dager siden
The malicious air intraoperatively disarm because band locally trick at a third gosling. outstanding, mindless carp
Frikkie Yeen
Frikkie Yeen - 5 dager siden
Is the narrator in this trailer the same voice actor for Karen Bowman from Wildlands? (Jane Perry)
Or is it Lisa Ray-Jacobs? Who voiced Diana from the Hitman series.
Lil Clouty
Lil Clouty - 5 dager siden
MMMyeah lie to me baby
ElitistMagi - 5 dager siden
well this was a lie
Dawid Piotrowski
Dawid Piotrowski - 5 dager siden
"So that was a fucking lie"
Dr Rhesus
Dr Rhesus - 3 dager siden
@James Doe And don't forget what they promised : -Advanced police system with bounty hunters coming for you -Character customization as well as car tuning (advertised in the vehicle trailer iirc, even though I know they cancelled that part before the release it still sucks) -Mantis climbing, wall running -No way to get a new haircut in the game, no mirrors in the clothing shops you go to -All clothing, food and weapon shops sell the same shit in all the different stores across the map (why tf is jinguji guy selling me tank tops or worn maelstrom biker coats that I also found in a ghetto shop, why is a fancy corpo bar selling me soda drinks and snacks I could buy on the nearest vending machine ?) -Literally no control over the elevators in the game, you can only go to a specific zone (no garage level or rooftop access from the elevator contrary to previews), no ability to enter many buildings or even stores. You can't even interact with food stalls around the game, only some specific ones are selling things. -NPC AI that borders retardation as they walk around the same path over and over in hopes to make it seem like they're doing something. I will mention enemy AI, but that was obvious anyways. -Literally everything about lifepaths being either straight up lying or useless, no control over your lifepath mission. -The intro animation after the lifepath mission which is identical for all lifepaths. And many more things I forgot, for example compatibility with current gen consoles (at the time this was announced PS5 and Xbone weren't even announced or out), which is a straight up lie just like compatibility with older hardware. Forgetting all this implies you're turning a blind eye to what CDPR and countless other companies did, and do : lie about their games to sell them, give a youtube-tier "apology" or whatever and then deliver some updates over a few months and move on to the next project. I'm mad for those who pre-ordered, because those were fucked over the full price for this absolute disgrace of a game. The fact CDPR claimed the game was "Gold" on mid-october is yet another proof of their lying. What they should have done is to keep working on the game until it was as the trailers advertised, and ONLY THEN announce a release date. Devs wouldn't have had to crunch, management would have gotten massive investments right after the release date dropped and we would have the real game. I hope they turn this around, but it's very unlikely we'll ever see the game we were promised. And this practice will go on for as long as people tolerate and forget this shit.
James Doe
James Doe - 4 dager siden
@SlayGwynned don't lie mate, there isn't even dynamic water textures Go ahead, throw a grenade into water. Also I've seen countless missing textures, it displays "missing prefab" Tell me that's an next generation game.
SlayGwynned - 4 dager siden
Everything shown is in the game
Gary Beano
Gary Beano - 5 dager siden
What a load of shit, all of this.
Preston Saleh
Preston Saleh - 5 dager siden
Bro this game is fucking amazing I’m also playing on series X tho but then again why would people buy a new game on a last gen console
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight - 3 dager siden
Its still the worst game I've ever played
Shree Kaushik
Shree Kaushik - 4 dager siden
then why they made it for last gen
snakedeadly - 5 dager siden
does anyone know the music track here please 1:00
Hermione Way
Hermione Way - 5 dager siden
OMG I still can't believe how *speedhack2021* on instagram was able to get my banned account back but he did, mehn it's such a great joy to have my account back finally!!!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 dager siden
I would really like to know when the console players are going to stop getting fucked on this mod situation I have uncovered everything gotten every single achievement ran through every play through unlocked all of the scenes so when the fuck is cyberpunk getting mods for console players ?
Gabe Rivers
Gabe Rivers - 5 dager siden
I have finished the game and came to see the trailer. Now I don't know what I have finished, because it sure as hell doesn't look this good. Lol.
CRITIPEEP GAMEING - 5 dager siden
GAMMING CHANNEL - 5 dager siden
A game about future made by devloppers livin in the past
Hunter - 5 dager siden
RDR" > Cybercuck 2077
Jake -
Jake - - 5 dager siden
The biggest gaming flop EVER! Period.

(You can pin this comment, so everyone should know)
Edmund Blackadder
Edmund Blackadder - 5 dager siden
if you paid full price get a refund and buy it half price instead
Tsögö Bauggi
Tsögö Bauggi - 5 dager siden
Don't buy it at all.
sol cutta
sol cutta - 5 dager siden
Johnny silverhand? Fuxk keanu if the name didn't alert you. Would he take movie role where he called Johnny silverhand. Lol. Bet he wished he stayed the fuxk away from this
sol cutta
sol cutta - 5 dager siden
What about the complete inability to play even a single game without it completely breaking. Why would u buy this. Its a total con.
Skylark Ninja
Skylark Ninja - 6 dager siden
I feel this game like player Ready movie 😄😊😘
Tejas A
Tejas A - 6 dager siden
But can't challenge with GTA 💪💪
ØddŁY Psycho
ØddŁY Psycho - 6 dager siden
Bruh I just realised that this whole trailer is a hard copy of red dead 2s gameplay trailer.
The crazy Theorist
The crazy Theorist - 6 dager siden
The worst thing about this game is that there's nothing to do outside of missions. You can't fly plans, or play in a band, or even buy fast food(they showed you doing that in a E3 trailer) CDPR said that there would be more to do in Cyberpunk than in RDR2 but unless they plan on adding stuff with DLC its never going to happen
SlayGwynned - Dag siden
@bob joe also for your profile pic I can easily say that the game draws the attention of normies, guns and cares right futuristic GTA that is what you want ? BTW its football,not a soccer
SlayGwynned - Dag siden
@bob joe uhm big bad CDPR I have read the interview
bob joe
bob joe - Dag siden
@SlayGwynned E3 Trailer was fake. Read Jason Schreier's interview of Cyberpunk 2077. Also they knew they would buy you gullible fanboys with a simple watermark, "Does not represent the final look of the game" cleansing them all of their sins and lies they've done.
SlayGwynned - Dag siden
@ghøst øf sparta every quest showed is in the game it wasn't fake they just showed it too early because community begged every E3 demo is like this but they are showed when they are close to realase
ghøst øf sparta
ghøst øf sparta - 2 dager siden
Because it’s not a finished game. E3 Trailer was fake.
GojiraRising - 6 dager siden