Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]

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Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]
Runtime: 04:42


Chunkz - 7 dager siden
Hope you guys loved the song! Let us know your favourite bits of the riddim!
Christopher Cannone
Christopher Cannone - 3 dager siden
Good song could use a tiny bit more bass and less auto tune on chunkz your voice is great man,you don't need as much autotune as you think.Filly was perfect .Great tune lads.
elliot's vids
elliot's vids - 3 dager siden
Its pretty shit
Aaron Redgrave
Aaron Redgrave - 3 dager siden
Good for you man!! Leaving dreams out here. All the best in the future
Prince Naz Gaming
Prince Naz Gaming - 3 dager siden
This song is a banger🎶🔥🔥🔥
Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre
Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre - 3 dager siden
filly going all bilingual on us .... mad
Betania Johnny
Betania Johnny - 16 sekunder siden
“Grande culo” at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣
soccerpoppysmic - 2 minutter siden
filly is DANGEROUS with his trim
Tom Betly
Tom Betly - 32 minutter siden
Is not as good as ur other music I think too much auto tune but still a madness
Tamerat Broglio
Tamerat Broglio - 53 minutter siden
Who is the teacher in the beginning, for research purposes of course
Daniel John
Daniel John - 56 minutter siden
No one can take these man places literally the funniest and cold duo🥶🥶
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Time siden
Anyone Recognise the girl from DOES THE SHOE FIT.
Dan tv
Dan tv - Time siden
Loveee itttt
ahmed dawoud
ahmed dawoud - Time siden
Less auto tune.. and it would be perfect!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - Time siden
Yeah man!!!
Luke Holmes
Luke Holmes - 2 timer siden
I want Filly to be my hype man!
Adam Adem
Adam Adem - 2 timer siden
Absolutely MAD
Alfie Metcalfe
Alfie Metcalfe - 2 timer siden
This is a tune
Daniel Hudson
Daniel Hudson - 3 timer siden
Yung filly is actually kinda hard
Zain Mallick
Zain Mallick - 3 timer siden
3:28 best part
Liyema TheGoat
Liyema TheGoat - 3 timer siden
Bro I really love these 2 cause when I watched this video. I teared up and I wished that my best friend and I can live like them or be great people.
U guys inspire to have something to look forward 2 everyday. Much love to Filly and Chunkz
Zahrah Noor
Zahrah Noor - 3 timer siden
2:24 filly be teaching about bundas tho
k Kash
k Kash - 4 timer siden
His got monye in his account. He banks with us 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 man got money 500 k plus
KingDanielCbo - 4 timer siden
why my mans filly sounding like darkoo
Haris Ali
Haris Ali - 4 timer siden
is it only me who can hear clean up at the start 🤣
Ismail Mahat
Ismail Mahat - 4 timer siden
Chunkz most underated singer ..he never disappoint ♥️♥️
STR8murduhGames - 4 timer siden
Young. NINE
Young. NINE - 4 timer siden
ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh hahahaha hah ha
Mina - 5 timer siden
girl said let me take a look
Hibba Tahir
Hibba Tahir - 5 timer siden
Yeah man!!!
Granty harris
Granty harris - 5 timer siden
Dis is 🔥
Prince Ebenezer
Prince Ebenezer - 5 timer siden
Who produced this song?
Jxws LightZ
Jxws LightZ - 5 timer siden
If this was an chunkz channel it would be on 5 mill already
Chalky White
Chalky White - 5 timer siden
Really like this!
Bella C
Bella C - 5 timer siden
Nah I love these two they’re so precious and I’m so proud of them God is really rewarding y’all
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 5 timer siden
This is lit!
stranger_ edits
stranger_ edits - 6 timer siden
So shit they don’t even speak they mumble so wet
Funny guy with 250 Subs
Funny guy with 250 Subs - 6 timer siden
Did anyone spit aj triangle at 1:06
Dillon Hodge
Dillon Hodge - 6 timer siden
This is insane
Maajid Ibrahim
Maajid Ibrahim - 6 timer siden
Mama ar u interested 😂
Me and u on a plane 😹😜
AshCrouch 95
AshCrouch 95 - 6 timer siden
the start of the song was terrible
Ariyan Choudhury
Ariyan Choudhury - 6 timer siden
Who’s that teacher?
Jack Sim
Jack Sim - 6 timer siden
Saadiq Mukhtar
Saadiq Mukhtar - 7 timer siden
Seriously, who unlikes these😑
Reece Churchouse
Reece Churchouse - 7 timer siden
Man literally said ergh fs man
meechi99 - 7 timer siden
Idc 3:27 ended me🤣🤣🤣🤣
its bronx
its bronx - 8 timer siden
30% of the song - BARZ STRAIGHT BARZ
The other 70% - AAAaaAaaAAaaa
Jordan Darko
Jordan Darko - 8 timer siden
big tune!
David Stone
David Stone - 8 timer siden
She wanna love the high life this song is a bop me and my spliff listening to this oiii love to chunks and Phily respect boys 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Joshua MASHIRI - 8 timer siden
Bun the video what’s her number 🙃😂😂😂😂
Andy Mantua
Andy Mantua - 8 timer siden
Pure talent 💯👌🏾
Wow Ty
Wow Ty - 8 timer siden
Imagine a Chunkz X KSI Collab😱
Toby Woodham
Toby Woodham - 8 timer siden
fuckyoumean bitch
fuckyoumean bitch - 8 timer siden
The song was great but philly your more time using chunkz for the clout 🤨😑🤦🏾‍♂️
Elvis Amos
Elvis Amos - 8 timer siden
2:13 is she the one from the speed dating on footyasylum
Shannon Loade
Shannon Loade - 9 timer siden
2:30 to 3:00, easily my fave part
4L2loose Ashaba
4L2loose Ashaba - 9 timer siden
This hits different 🤯🔥🔥
CamUK - 9 timer siden
yeah man !!!!
fxck hxpe
fxck hxpe - 9 timer siden
CamUK - 9 timer siden
FIRE !!!!!!!!!!
Adaobi - 10 timer siden
Yeahhhh man this is a vibe🌟
Shahida - 10 timer siden
Abdulsalam Sayed
Abdulsalam Sayed - 10 timer siden
Mohamed Abdirizaq
Mohamed Abdirizaq - 10 timer siden
Sehar_ x
Sehar_ x - 11 timer siden
Yessss love it
EpiczClutch - 11 timer siden
Watch by next year they gona be collating with Dave and Stormzy like if u agree
salma abdinasir
salma abdinasir - 11 timer siden
Love this song who agrees with that
Zaka hl
Zaka hl - 12 timer siden
This remind me of footlooker music
funglefoot - 12 timer siden
They’re looking good in this business attire can’t lie
Dj SoundTrooper
Dj SoundTrooper - 12 timer siden
I need the sister @ in the orange dress for education purposes,cheers lads 👌🏽
Jesus Is Dat You?
Jesus Is Dat You? - 13 timer siden
Does Filly have a hispanic background?
Tendo vera
Tendo vera - 14 timer siden
The plane really said "Bunda Inc"😂😂🙌
PV Beauty
PV Beauty - 14 timer siden
Fire 🔥
Scruffy - 14 timer siden
2:32 ive been waiting for this since he posted it on instagram :)
Jessie_queen* Susanna
Jessie_queen* Susanna - 15 timer siden
I love it 🥰
Kareem Qassem
Kareem Qassem - 15 timer siden
This video promotes black excellence 🙌🏽💯
anesu bangani
anesu bangani - 15 timer siden
Ok it slaps!!!
H A - 15 timer siden
This pair for me is, Happiness personified. Stay successful Allhamdallah x
Gintas Libikas
Gintas Libikas - 15 timer siden
Whose the teacher at the beginning of the video?! 🤔
Stepbro Sonald
Stepbro Sonald - 16 timer siden
Alex D
Alex D - 17 timer siden
Visuals are crazy🤩🤩
Gamer Gray
Gamer Gray - 17 timer siden
interviewer; What Type Of Music Do You Like?
oratile tlhabanyane
oratile tlhabanyane - 17 timer siden
i can't stop listening to this song !!! :'(
RameeZable - 18 timer siden
Kayla Arends
Kayla Arends - 18 timer siden
I can’t even explain my love for this duo anymore lol. Well done gents 💕
Hulk Maker
Hulk Maker - 20 timer siden
BUNDA inc😳😂😂
abdi karim
abdi karim - 21 time siden
This song is amazing Keep
It up
Pids Sosar
Pids Sosar - 21 time siden
Man like Chunks and Philly
Xavi Theodore
Xavi Theodore - 22 timer siden
These two 😍😹♥️💯
Da Silva jnr
Da Silva jnr - 23 timer siden
Much love from Africa
xin ming
xin ming - 23 timer siden
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abdullahi abdullah
abdullahi abdullah - 23 timer siden
This low-key got the same flow as somali music
Sharkyp music
Sharkyp music - Dag siden
It’s a big tuune!! 💥💥👌
Jesus Is Dat You?
Jesus Is Dat You? - Dag siden
Txiiii hispanic mood 👏👏👏
Jesus Is Dat You?
Jesus Is Dat You? - Dag siden
Chunkz vocals are fuckin great though
Java Hub
Java Hub - Dag siden
Editer : How much autotune would you like?
Filly : Yes
Mo Mo
Mo Mo - Dag siden
Come up of di Decaaaade✊🏾. Love from Somalia 🇸🇴.
B BLOBBIE - Dag siden
mhic gamer
mhic gamer - Dag siden
Anyone Recognise the girl from DOES THE SHOE FIT.
Miles Edler
Miles Edler - Dag siden
Komizi - Dag siden
They only reason I dislike this , is because Niko is missing form video clip . NDL
George North
George North - Dag siden
But u on hold make ur hands touch your toooesss chunks and filly put u on holdd should have 🙏🏻 before 2 million broo
Bee Tee
Bee Tee - Dag siden
Whoever pressed the dislike button hates black people pure and simple
This is VIBES
LAWRENCE Asznee - Dag siden
Asznee well done
David Christie
David Christie - Dag siden
Luv the way chunkz went YARD n filly went AFRO
Ceeday Theworst
Ceeday Theworst - Dag siden
The cinematic were firee
Abdinaasir farah official
i liket sound