Chris Cuomo reacts to Trump comment 'nobody likes me'

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President Trump wondered during a coronavirus press briefing why Dr. Anthony Fauci's approval rating was so high and his was so low. CNN's Chris Cuomo gives his take.
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Dee Wise Owl
Dee Wise Owl - 3 timer siden
Chris Cuomo is hawt!
spitfire red
spitfire red - 3 timer siden
CNN Lies Okay get this through your heads please!
ken walters
ken walters - 6 timer siden
No our day and age we reliaize, God give us a body that can heal itself .
Tennessee Gock
Tennessee Gock - 8 timer siden
Trump is the world's most insecure narcissist who wants his name on every stimulus check. He is jealous of those who get praises and take attention away from him. He loves to take credits that don't belong to him and disclaims all responsibilities of bad occurrences. P.S. Please fix the sound volume for future videos. I could barely hear this video despite having turned the volume up all the way. Thanks.
Josh Burgandy
Josh Burgandy - 9 timer siden
Michelle Chopra
Michelle Chopra - 9 timer siden
This is not a pandemic!! It is hoax! Wake up people!!!!!!! Read your bible! Jesus is the only one that can save you!
Nancy Faurie
Nancy Faurie - 10 timer siden
If what you assumed, is not what you perceived, doesn't mean you intentionally missled anyone. Anthony Fouci is a scientist, early scientific research, may lead you to believe something and further research proves, what was assured in the earlier findings, wasn't altogether accurate.
Dr. Fouci has never failed to own his inaccurate assumption's and letting the public know about the inaccuracies and sharing with the public, new data found and correcting the earlier findings. Trial and error is , it's science in a nutshell. Errors should not be looked at , as being willfully missed. Ask any Scientist, what has been his or her greatest teacher, I'm not a scientist, just a science minded person, so I'm only assuming the answer would be, mistakes made have been my greatest teacher.
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 10 timer siden
turbosdolphin - 10 timer siden
Wah, wah, wah! I know 6-yr-olds that are more mature than that windbag.
Garry Hutchinson
Garry Hutchinson - 10 timer siden
NARCISSIST....!!! It’s not rocket science!!!
jocelyn carillo
jocelyn carillo - 11 timer siden
Trump is one of the greatest PRESIDENT of the unites states. He works so hard what is the best for this nation. You gotta be so blind not to see the hard work he does! Remember he doesn't get paid for this. What an awesome President I love him, I pray for him, and God is with him. God Bless the united states of America! Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🕊❤️
HR Hamada
HR Hamada - 14 timer siden
"he's working with us"
Willow Fox
Willow Fox - 14 timer siden
POS president!!!!!!
Alice Warren
Alice Warren - 14 timer siden
Own up!
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat - 15 timer siden
Residents in major U.S. cities like New York and San Francisco have started to leave in droves due to various factors, including the lack of jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, technology and a potential increase in violent crime, according to a column posted on Monday.
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce - 18 timer siden
Well I guess Trump has alot in common with Cuomo. Nobody likes you either. CNN FAKE NEWS HACK
MASLIAH TALIB - 18 timer siden
Stephanie Dinsdale
Stephanie Dinsdale - 18 timer siden
la resistencia
Barb Arakelian
Barb Arakelian - Dag siden
Love you Chris n ur brother should run for President n Vice President
C Sanford
C Sanford - Dag siden
Of course, it's about politics. Keep blaming it on the President, not your brother or his cronies allowing 10's of thousands to "protest" for months but everyone else has to quarantine. Or NYC Health Commissioner Dave A. Chokshi telling people "enjoy the parade ( Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown) and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about #corona virus" On March 10, NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot presented findings of the disease to the mayor (de blasio) and recommended a clap down to slow the spread. de blasio refused. A day later it was reported that the mayor was still urging healthy people to go out and eat. And let not forget the governors statement "“People have to understand this is not a death sentence.
You're all a joke! Instead of bashing, look beyond your hatred and try to work together, for ALL the people.
Never Trump Republican
News flash Donnie people don’t just not like you!! They hate you!! I myself have never said I hate anyone, not ever but I can say with great certainty I loath Trump, if he died tonight, the world would be a better place!!
Silvia Sottili
Silvia Sottili - Dag siden
Cuomo you are an idiot ,you are the most lier I have ever heard .
the President has done more for this country than other ever and this virus is the most challenging time in decades .
you continue to manipulate what the President say and state .
he is right ...He has done all he can giving local the power they must use to do their part .
Cuomo you have a talent to manipulate and interpreted all in your way disgust me
Noel Klock
Noel Klock - Dag siden
😂😂😂any of you would vote for Biden, dementia, of course Cuomo you couldn’t wait to twist manipulate, 😂😂😂#Trump2020
V Mitch2911
V Mitch2911 - 8 timer siden
How did he manipulate? He used his words and his tweets.
Debora Ward
Debora Ward - Dag siden
He is only thinking about him self
Heinz Ruedi
Heinz Ruedi - Dag siden
Hey Fredo! Are you still threatening Seniors to throw them of Balconies and Bicycles! Thank your Brother...without him you’d be without a Job!
Sherry Harper
Sherry Harper - Dag siden
Poor spoiled brat 😢 nobody likes me 😢😢😭
Pam Pearson
Pam Pearson - Dag siden
tRumps father taught him that there can only be 1 winner... and everybody else is a loser.... so, in order for tRump to actually think he IS a winner,.... he HAS to force everyone else to down to make them seem like losers.... but really tRumps leadership of us has made AMERICA the biggest loser of all 😢😢😢🤬
Pam Pearson
Pam Pearson - Dag siden
tRump is such a baby...reminds me of a 3 year old saying the old rhyme, “Nobody likes me, Everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat Worms!” Whah whah whah....cry 🍼 has
Studio Satire
Studio Satire - Dag siden
Don't worry Mister President. Here at Studio Satire we adore your very very large brain.
Uma Rani Rethina Velu
Uma Rani Rethina Velu - Dag siden
So what
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
We are in the most dangerous and deadly reality show ever created.
Hayden Homandberg
Hayden Homandberg - Dag siden
Y’all really only listen to the news
And he can’t control the pandemic like he’s a god
Franchesca Pena
Franchesca Pena - Dag siden
“Nothing to do with like and all to do with trust”. Amen
Charles Meyer
Charles Meyer - Dag siden
Josh Burgandy
Josh Burgandy - 9 timer siden
Z Green
Z Green - 14 timer siden
bodoti qwiu Trump does that and more. Way more. Biden isn’t perfect, but he is wayyy better than Trump.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Dag siden
comes to Biden Freddo refuses to address anything he says or give him a question that is worthy of a future president.
kyle flanagan
kyle flanagan - Dag siden
Wow. Cnn has literally no faction of actual reporting or new sense. Chris Cuomo is just as bad as his brother. And Bill Deblasio is even worse. You really think the POTUS cares that much about what CNN thinks? Everything reported on this ‘news network’ is such awful reporting and biased lies. I’ve never in my life seen so many poor excuses for journalism and personal opinions with no factual evidence or real sense of what’s happening in the world. It’s so entirely faked and sensationalized it makes me want to vomit.
Siony Bana
Siony Bana - Dag siden
Those corrupt Dems dont like you, Mr.President. Don't worry,
Cheryl Newman Writer/Model/Actress
He’s finally come to at least one realization--nobody likes him.
Nathan G
Nathan G - Dag siden
Nice good job clipping him to fit the agenda siiiiiick
Dorrell Mainer
Dorrell Mainer - 2 dager siden
Thank you Chris for always bringing the truth.
Ronald Adams
Ronald Adams - 2 dager siden
Shun trump supporters, dont invite your crazy uncle to family gatherings, keep your kids away from their trump loving nana, dont do business with trump supporters. They lie and cheat. I dont associate with republican trash.
Everest Road
Everest Road - 2 dager siden
CNN is awful.
Connie Valentin
Connie Valentin - 2 dager siden
You deserve a gold medal the size of the Empire State Building. You are a 100 percent man and have them where they belong. You are my here.
Connie Valentin
Connie Valentin - 2 dager siden
Meant to say,you are my hero
Bonnie Panes
Bonnie Panes - 2 dager siden
Did Chris Cuomo ever concern himself about the 'moat' in his brother's eye. You know, the Governor of NY. You know the one who is responsible for the deaths of seniors...........apparently, half the deaths from COVID19 were in the nursing homes.
Ray Dorey
Ray Dorey - 2 dager siden
Has it only been a week?
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller - 2 dager siden
Nobody likes him because he ISN’T helping the AMERICAN people
BigMan Trucking
BigMan Trucking - 2 dager siden
Comment Here!!!!!!!!
Dark Justice
Dark Justice - 2 dager siden
Is Trump a child? Maybe he needs to ask himself if he is a likable person? That answer is no!!!
mikin lirou
mikin lirou - 2 dager siden
Trump: 'Nobody likes me' Everyone: 'No sh*t'
lakeisha haynes
lakeisha haynes - 2 dager siden
anthony gill
anthony gill - 2 dager siden
Amazing how you cut off the statement mid sentences. "Nobody likes me" - Good leaders should be feared and respected they don't need to be liked. Patton wasn't liked but he lead. These liberal hacks who are supporting a senile old man. Freddo say he is a psychologist - hilarious. How can Freddo give advice to the president about anything. When it comes to Biden Freddo refuses to address anything he says or give him a question that is worthy of a future president.
Good Servant
Good Servant - 2 dager siden
It's fake
Mmbourgeois Bourgeois
Mmbourgeois Bourgeois - 2 dager siden
Trump is by Far the Best President! That’s a Fact..
Trump 2020
Major Lazer20
Major Lazer20 - 2 dager siden
Mmbourgeois Bourgeois
Mmbourgeois Bourgeois - 2 dager siden
Trump 2020 From Canada 🇨🇦
Major Lazer20
Major Lazer20 - 2 dager siden
F M - 2 dager siden
Shelly Morrison
Shelly Morrison - 2 dager siden
This is par for the course of a narcissistic sociopath. Thank you Chris.
chenoaspirit - 2 dager siden
And ur comments and trumps comments r taken out of context. If u want to give “news” then do it honestly. Hydroxacloraquine has been used for years. It’s safe! My aunt has taken it for years. If it’s possible, if ur dying of COVID then TAKE IT.
chenoaspirit - 2 dager siden
U Cuomo r an idiot. That “sitcom” between u and ur brother have used this pandemic to try to start ur own sitcom. U and ur brother have destroyed New York. Blaming trump for something no one had control of is ur way of shifting the blame for the mishandling u have done. U need to grow up and accept ur responsibility for ur actions which have killed thousands. U r a disgrace.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 2 dager siden
Awww, poor baby! Nobody likes him 😑😒🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄!
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat - 2 dager siden
More than a third of Americans say they would not get a COVID-19 vaccine even if were free and FDA-approved, according to a new Gallup poll.
Rob C
Rob C - 2 dager siden
A "man" who has spent the last three years twisting the federal government into a dysfunctional profit center, divided the country and slaughtered our economy wonders why nobody likes him???
macalice1 - 2 dager siden
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - 2 dager siden