Catching up with my Sister - Childhood food

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Runtime: 17:40


Abigail Zelaya
Abigail Zelaya - 2 timer siden
My bby looks good in blue 😩😍💗
Shammyy - 4 timer siden
Yay Filipino Brand Y'all
Litzy Barcenas
Litzy Barcenas - 5 timer siden
Princess:so your only gna give me 1 pack only
Bretman:no but I feel like you ate it
Princess:how the f*ip did I eat it
Bretman:....carefully 🧠
karol josif morcillos
karol josif morcillos - 11 timer siden
I’m currently eating the same food! Yum! ❤️
Jed Fred
Jed Fred - 12 timer siden
Yess pancit canton with eggs is my thing even now
Deyleen Trujillo
Deyleen Trujillo - 17 timer siden
Mary Joy De la Cerna
Mary Joy De la Cerna - 20 timer siden
Imma cook Pacncit Canton now. Imma hungry 😋🤤
Savannah Siphonekham
Savannah Siphonekham - Dag siden
My biggest flex is i have the same rice cooker as brentmen 🙃
Puteri Ayu
Puteri Ayu - Dag siden
Princess is so pretty omai.
mxnt.chxcolate - Dag siden
I can't 😭 princess is so PRETTYYYY
Ashlyn Barrera
Ashlyn Barrera - Dag siden
They bring nice.. what happened 😂
HunterLevi 48
HunterLevi 48 - Dag siden
tek kala ko noodles pancit canton pala HAHAHHAHAHA
Angela E
Angela E - Dag siden
BITCH, IT'S PANCIT CANTON. That's like one of the most famous "meryenda"/snack in the Philippines!
Amanda Cordero
Amanda Cordero - Dag siden
I want to try it but what that exact brand. Can you put the link in please?
Yay Gaming
Yay Gaming - Dag siden
Yesss Bishhhh! Lucky Me/ Pancit Canton is my lifeeeeeeee I LIVE for them. :)))))
Jheng Lee
Jheng Lee - Dag siden
Watching from the PHILIPPINES! And we usually prepare the sauce on top of the sizzling noodles 😊
Sharon Abellana
Sharon Abellana - Dag siden
Pancit canton is my favorite noodles paired with rice . Love this channel
Sharon Abellana
Sharon Abellana - Dag siden
Very proud that your a filipino because i am a filipino too hahahahha
Sharon Abellana
Sharon Abellana - Dag siden
I have been watching this channel for about 2 years and i can say that i enjoyed those 2 years
Henry Jones
Henry Jones - 2 dager siden
What’s the title of the background music ???????
Jayleen Luna
Jayleen Luna - 2 dager siden
can someone tell me where i can buy the top princess is wearing !??? TIA 😊
Jay Villa
Jay Villa - 2 dager siden
I am a filipino like them and that is also my favorite pancit caton
Ronnie Rich
Ronnie Rich - 2 dager siden
I just love Bretman Rock's intro; "Because without Turtles, we wouldn't have any Turtles." 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Acub
Brandon Acub - 2 dager siden
omg bretman I love ponset cantoon to
Blue Squad never sad
Blue Squad never sad - 2 dager siden
Wow the editing


Star Star
Star Star - 2 dager siden
Where do i get those noodles 🍜 an what flavors is he making ahhhh help 😩
Star Star
Star Star - 2 dager siden
@ichigobunny thank you 🙏🏽🤍
ichigobunny - 2 dager siden
Its 'extra hot' pancit canton
Kenze Seirro
Kenze Seirro - 2 dager siden
Pancit cantonn😩💗
Lizette Morales
Lizette Morales - 2 dager siden
Princess looks like she’s glowing! 🧡Loving her hair too! & Bretman’s hair is perfection! 💙
bretmanrock videos
bretmanrock videos - 3 dager siden
For all Bretman’s IG stories, please checkout my channel.
Setareh Ebrahimi
Setareh Ebrahimi - 3 dager siden
Your sister is so stunning. Good to see different kinds of beauty.
Valentina Fillastre
Valentina Fillastre - 3 dager siden
this is my first time watching one of his videos and i already feel like i love them both
Biancakate 11
Biancakate 11 - 4 dager siden
the edit is wrong the plant??
Majikku - 4 dager siden
whatttt? i didn’t know princess was only 19!
ᑎᗩᑎᗩ S.S
ᑎᗩᑎᗩ S.S - 4 dager siden
I love how they always match
Sophie - 4 dager siden
I love those especially Calamansi flavor!
Mikaela Chanelle Brita
Mikaela Chanelle Brita - 5 dager siden
They're so lucky they have the old vesion of pancit canton..
Celine Coria
Celine Coria - 5 dager siden
Oohhh! Pancit canton. 😍 i love thatvthey like the spiciest. Haha. I love sweet and spicy with cheese and calamansi. 🥰
Finny The Spiritual Student
Finny The Spiritual Student - 5 dager siden
Okay but I want the noodles
alyssa martinez
alyssa martinez - 5 dager siden
“Just wait till she finds out I’m bretman rock”
sarah lee beauty
sarah lee beauty - 5 dager siden
he missed her lol you can tell how he was like she’s next door!!
Hannah B
Hannah B - 5 dager siden
Function or beauty don’t work on my hair and I answered the questions correctly too so idk what happened
Ester - 6 dager siden
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia - 7 dager siden
What is the food they're eating called?
Reca Quimada
Reca Quimada - 6 dager siden
Lucky me pancit canton
Ezekiel De Joya
Ezekiel De Joya - 7 dager siden
I 💙 Pancit Canton but the one from the Philippines not the one from seafood city...Bretman was being nice right now although he’s a bit mean idc! Haha he really missed his sister! Yeah... 😍🤗💙😎
Shaylyn Hart
Shaylyn Hart - 7 dager siden
i know i’m late but does bretman even really CHEW?! i swear he just inhaled those noodles 😂
Mia M
Mia M - 7 dager siden
When princess said bretman was her brother I was so shocked I literally forgot they were siblings 😭
Riley Cruz
Riley Cruz - 8 dager siden
love the rice cooker in the background! hahahahaha!
Alexandra Dizon
Alexandra Dizon - 8 dager siden
are we not gonna talk about how much ice they have 😂 😂
Sydney Ruff
Sydney Ruff - 8 dager siden
Why he look like Joy from that Pixar movie 😂😂
Hamtha Noordeen
Hamtha Noordeen - 9 dager siden
Orange reallllllyllyylyyly compliments their skin tone!
Hamtha Noordeen
Hamtha Noordeen - 9 dager siden
Name a more *iconic* duo
Hamtha Noordeen
Hamtha Noordeen - 9 dager siden
20 WITH 2 KIDS!!??
Damn princess is *thriving*
Vlogs of Randomness
Vlogs of Randomness - 9 dager siden
This is almost the only video they get along 😂❤️
Simon Leal
Simon Leal - 9 dager siden
Damn Velma is kinda prospering
Cess Adriano
Cess Adriano - 10 dager siden
Is bretman asian?
*Saw a rice cooker - oh , confirmed.
bakassシ - Dag siden
@Brooklyn Bully - Arie Make Em Mad its the white floral rice cooker 😂
Patience Rachel
Patience Rachel - 6 dager siden
@Brooklyn Bully - Arie Make Em Mad having a rice cooker doesn't mean you're asian...but being Asian means you must have a rice cooker
Brooklyn Bully - Arie Make Em Mad
I didn’t know having a rice cooker means you’re Asian.
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon - 8 dager siden
Yes, he’s Filipino 🇵🇭
picazzo - 11 dager siden
I’m a bad BITCH now.
h e y y o w
h e y y o w - 11 dager siden
ok but that water look so tasty💖🤤
dayana batrisyia
dayana batrisyia - 11 dager siden
i want to see you with cleo 😭
Alba - 11 dager siden
Imma grab myself a mf fork! * takes out a spoon*
Elena Diaz
Elena Diaz - 11 dager siden
i have the same birthday as princess mae ahhhh