Cardi B, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, DaBaby & More In First-Ever BET Awards Performances! | BET Awards 20

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Whether it's their first performance or their first win, we are taking a look back at some celebrity #Firsts at the BET Awards! #BETAwards2020 #BETAwards20
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Runtime: 56:21


DYNAMIC RAY - Dag siden
19:19 IM DYINGGG 😭😭😭💀💀💀 Literally ME
Breanna King
Breanna King - 4 dager siden
Lizzo and her flute was the bomb no cap💕
Deborah Tisdale
Deborah Tisdale - 4 dager siden
Love the flavor of this generation!! As long as I know that their message is positive, I am all aboard!!!
Tmac1963 - 5 dager siden
Madeline Grullon
Madeline Grullon - 8 dager siden
who else peeped the guy fall a 1:06
Lisseth Flores
Lisseth Flores - 9 dager siden
smells like teen spirit
Lul Jaysmoov Raps
Lul Jaysmoov Raps - 10 dager siden
This is 2019 wAy before corona
lilyyy 84
lilyyy 84 - 11 dager siden
Best performance is Cardi b🤭
lilyyy 84
lilyyy 84 - 11 dager siden
Best performance is Cardi b🤭
Harsh Notes
Harsh Notes - 13 dager siden
Ok but Offset bustin out them moves 🔥
road work ahead, uh yeah I sure hope does
i'm hereeee
Jaden Morgan
Jaden Morgan - 16 dager siden
Bet works for the Democratic pushing to wear mask and soon to push vaccines that will put your health at risk the dems are full of pedophiles and killers trying to anything they can to control us and they are using their puppet celebrities to push it and you are falling for this black lives matter stuff is nothing but a destruction created by the Democrats get woke it’s not just black and white
Crackman_ KirkYT
Crackman_ KirkYT - 16 dager siden
We’re is your mask
King Kaze
King Kaze - 16 dager siden
Old town road went crazy
Hijrah Utama
Hijrah Utama - 16 dager siden
BET ini eksklusif banget buat Black People, padahal mereka sendiri yg gak mau dibeda2in, coba kalo penghargaannya khusus kulit putih pasti dibilang rasis
Jovon Sturgis
Jovon Sturgis - 17 dager siden
why D'Angelo in this video he clearly was a legend before his comeback performance!
June Ravelo
June Ravelo - 17 dager siden
The first performance is on fire🔥🔥Cardi b and Offset lit up the stage😩😎
Jackie Lee Wei
Jackie Lee Wei - 17 dager siden
Black women have to put in white women hair just to look presentable, how about that, too ashamed to walk out with their own hair and why is that???
Jalaiya Canteen
Jalaiya Canteen - 17 dager siden
Cardi and offset had the best performance they gave me CHOREOGRAPHY PERIODTTT
chloe2raww. - 18 dager siden
The kids in the BET awards 👁️💧👄💧👁️
It’s Merline
It’s Merline - 18 dager siden
Who else skip songs they didn’t want to hear idk
FaZe_Riot - 19 dager siden
Why Ti walking like that though😂😂 8:09
The Real Rose
The Real Rose - 21 dag siden
Omg polo g performed my babyyyyyt I’m so proud of him🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😢😢😢
The Real Rose
The Real Rose - 21 dag siden
Damnnnnn queen naija made itttttt I ain’t even know she performed at the bet awards 🎉🎉I’m proud of her
Maeva Georges
Maeva Georges - 22 dager siden
Is it just me did sawettie( I don’t really know how to spell her name) sound tired
Lexo Getti
Lexo Getti - 22 dager siden
Da Baby needs to get a leg day in his workout lmfao. Looking like a golf tee in a Turtle Neck.
Kamille Johnson
Kamille Johnson - 23 dager siden
When sza said I never won anything in front of people🥺😭
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young - 23 dager siden
I like how you did this with no commercials just straight to the point Jam after Jam
paradroidx - 23 dager siden
Migos should have did Need It. Oh well all entertaining anyway. Thanks
halie estrada
halie estrada - 23 dager siden
the migos looks cool as hell until they try having a real life conversation.
Aaliyah Rose
Aaliyah Rose - 24 dager siden
Who was the singer after Da baby ? x
Aaliyah Rose
Aaliyah Rose - 24 dager siden
D’angelo 😍
Turner turner
Turner turner - 25 dager siden
Why don't they have on mask?
Jolie - 25 dager siden
I love Saweetie but that was a horrible performance 😒
I eat Fruit
I eat Fruit - 25 dager siden
No boomer
Netania Nancy
Netania Nancy - 26 dager siden
Cardi a queeen she owned the stage
Nanyla Hinnant
Nanyla Hinnant - 26 dager siden
Some guy was following da baby when he was in the red shirt and no one noticed
Crystal Avena
Crystal Avena - 26 dager siden
Omg i loved cardi
Gina McGraw
Gina McGraw - 26 dager siden
so...where did she pull the flute out from
Daniel Zak
Daniel Zak - 26 dager siden
Walk it like I talk it
Sathish S
Sathish S - 26 dager siden
18:12 is the guy who messed up the verge computer build? lol
Eugene Freeman
Eugene Freeman - 27 dager siden
Are they going to sell the losers off at the end?
Elaine El-Adly
Elaine El-Adly - 27 dager siden
What a meSS❗❗❗
jgoldmartinez - 27 dager siden
WOW this is lit
Maeg B
Maeg B - 27 dager siden
I guess this started coronavirus
Leylani Trujillo
Leylani Trujillo - 27 dager siden
I love lizzo
Olivia Oleros
Olivia Oleros - 27 dager siden
I love how lizzo was nice enough to feature the BET awards in her performance
Dan Onyango
Dan Onyango - 27 dager siden
It’s so fun i like Lil nas xDaBaby their song is fine even am watching it right now
Don baby
Don baby - 27 dager siden
36:52 All I kept thinking about was the memes made with her face😭
SuperNotoriousT - 27 dager siden
54.33 WOW Lizzo! Wow! I nerra knew till now what she on! 👍🏾🇬🇧
SuperNotoriousT - 27 dager siden
50.30 Chloe X Halle sweet hearts? Fo some reason, this lady here (Like loads of other’s tbh ijs tbf) HAS A Spark which y’all lack combined for some reason 🧐🤚🤔🤚, equalling, I feel entertained by ‘spark owners’ instead of creeped out ;). 🤷🏾‍♀️🇬🇧
O.k I’m out 😁👍🏾🇬🇧
SuperNotoriousT - 27 dager siden
18.49 Why Lil Nas X mic not as decent as Cyrus?
Where’s lil Nas x ‘back up’ so his verses spat out stronger/louder/clear like Cyrus? Kmt 😒🤚 dont Trust dis song tbh coz of Cyrus. 🇬🇧
SuperNotoriousT - 27 dager siden
Me: Artist “Nissan” is AMAZING!
Not what’s up with the advertising?!? To distracting! 👎🏾🇬🇧
SuperNotoriousT - 27 dager siden
2018!!!!! NOT 2020? 🙄
Mya The goofer
Mya The goofer - 27 dager siden
Insidestiny - 28 dager siden
Queen slidddd🔥🔥
Xxmoonlight_sweetxX - 28 dager siden
When I saw the babies I said: da babies wait what-
Xxmoonlight_sweetxX - 28 dager siden
I love how people still support lil nas x even if he is gay I watched this on my tv to it was awesome
Justin Manipis
Justin Manipis - 28 dager siden
mary j blige
Passion Jones
Passion Jones - 28 dager siden
Remember how groups used to always sing and do everything together set is with the Migos and doing his own thing
Jordin Walker
Jordin Walker - 28 dager siden
I thought this was 2020 bet awards then I was like I know the beginning too well and now I remember it’s 2019 bet awaards