Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

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World's longest card throw balloon pop!?! Oh yes we did!
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AbsolutE Inc.
AbsolutE Inc. - 2 timer siden
Real life Twised fate
John Kistler
John Kistler - 2 timer siden
Did Jeremy Renner write this song?
bacalolo - 2 timer siden
Is he related to hisoka or something 🤔♠️♥️♦️♣️
COMET BOOST - 2 timer siden
They are playing checkers
He's playing fruit (food) ninja
Wondering what his card is made of
SayfRG2874 - 3 timer siden
If the "Ace of Spades" was a man.
Isaac Center
Isaac Center - 3 timer siden
Will there be a Overtime 16
ARYAMAN SRIVASTAVA - 4 timer siden
I am from India you are awesome
izan__ izuuu
izan__ izuuu - 4 timer siden
Love from india kerala
Mobed kickflips r us
Mobed kickflips r us - 4 timer siden

Shivam Sahani
Shivam Sahani - 4 timer siden
Aliannette Lebron rivera
Aliannette Lebron rivera - 5 timer siden
I love them so much they are so cool🤷
Jeremy Dillingham
Jeremy Dillingham - 5 timer siden
Instead of making new trophies every episode why not make 1 really nice trophy and make that like ure belt
Subbing to everyone who sub to me with notis!!
"Be Honest who's been a 𝗙𝗔𝗡 for more than a year“😇?

(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ) 💝
Angel David Romero Macias
Angel David Romero Macias - 6 timer siden
3:12 if he is was in PvZ BFN it will be the best it will be the magician zombie and trow cards and cut the plants
Angel David Romero Macias
Angel David Romero Macias - 6 timer siden
Haifa Saleh
Haifa Saleh - 7 timer siden
this guy must be the best rock skipper ever
Cole Walli
Cole Walli - 7 timer siden
Uses paper to cut Dr Pepper
Hard Hard
Hard Hard - 7 timer siden
I'd saw rick threw 2 cards, nxt vid rick will throw 3 cards.
AlyssonGd FF
AlyssonGd FF - 8 timer siden
1:13 now is a bullet of the airsoft
Unknown Playz
Unknown Playz - 9 timer siden
It's like watching someone use aimbot in real life
Nie mam Pomysłu
Nie mam Pomysłu - 9 timer siden
Ad twisted fate
Kadisha Douglas
Kadisha Douglas - 9 timer siden
This was so coooool
Hud9McMaster2009 - 10 timer siden
What kind of cards is he using
MarMateium - 10 timer siden
This time he is slicing a pea and next time he is slicing a grain of rice
Muhammad Nabeel
Muhammad Nabeel - 11 timer siden
R.i.p Apple, 🍎
Mario Kroell
Mario Kroell - 11 timer siden
Na hör mal!!!! !
Drew Richmond
Drew Richmond - 11 timer siden
I’m still trying to figure out why this dude came to my elementary school for an assembly
Die_Hertz_ Bhasi
Die_Hertz_ Bhasi - 12 timer siden
*MinD BlowinG TrickS💥*
Connor Martin
Connor Martin - 12 timer siden
3:00 they copied Mark Rober
Alessio Veltri
Alessio Veltri - 13 timer siden
it impossible that a card cut
world gamer jr
world gamer jr - 13 timer siden
Hi man what's up
William Lam
William Lam - 13 timer siden
they infused haki in the cards
Joann Gervase
Joann Gervase - 13 timer siden
They should do a card throwing contest
Saija MacArtney
Saija MacArtney - 14 timer siden
Saija MacArtney
Saija MacArtney - 14 timer siden
You lit 🔥
Matt Albanese
Matt Albanese - 14 timer siden
What do they do with the cards that get pickle juice or anything else that gets on the cards
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 14 timer siden
4:06 he blew ballon
Petr Karásek
Petr Karásek - 14 timer siden
They look like they dont want to do this anymore, but they want the money. I just see pain behind their eye´s.
Swipe Boyz
Swipe Boyz - 15 timer siden
Read the name
Ali De Banaan
Ali De Banaan - 15 timer siden
I think he is a nen user
Zooba :Битва животных
Да да,я тот русский комент который ты ищешь
DEPUTAT_FF - 15 timer siden
Руский есть
Ak. Duwadi
Ak. Duwadi - 15 timer siden
Hisoka lol
Kothapalli Mitesh
Kothapalli Mitesh - 15 timer siden
Rick should start throwing kunai
Abdulla Abdulla
Abdulla Abdulla - 16 timer siden
Christopher - 16 timer siden
Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne
Hakan HGM
Hakan HGM - 16 timer siden
türkler+1 yanıt
White trace Gaming
White trace Gaming - 16 timer siden
Well I can throw cards but can't aim like these guys 😂🤣
Blast Cat
Blast Cat - 16 timer siden
The more I watch this the more I can't believe it's real.
Mohammed Mufaz
Mohammed Mufaz - 16 timer siden
3:49 who else noticed the mark on ty's face before the blooper
Mohammed Mufaz
Mohammed Mufaz - 16 timer siden
1:55 new idea for a top 10 in overtime?
10k subs without video challenge.
If 10k is possible with no video then help to complete this challenge it is a tough challenge .so you can make it easily.

Stay healthy and stay blessed guys😘😇
Voopul - 17 timer siden
4:06 he blew ballon
pro REIS
pro REIS - 18 timer siden
Türk ler burdamu
fraser macleod
fraser macleod - 18 timer siden
Wow he’s amazing
fraser macleod
fraser macleod - 18 timer siden
Az HA - 18 timer siden
You guys are funny!
Gage Burmeister
Gage Burmeister - 18 timer siden
I need panda
Tobiáš Vojtek
Tobiáš Vojtek - 18 timer siden
This year DUDE PERFECT 52.6 millions subribers. Year 2025 130millions subscibers
ASESINATO 01 - 19 timer siden
its like edit wow👍😕