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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 14:15


Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper - 6 dager siden
Can I just be your shop bitch. It would be be so fun Learning from you
Jimmy_inc - 9 dager siden
I had a toothpick go thought my thumb. you can see the wound from both sides
SeanFarrell321 - 11 dager siden
You should never put a turnicate on the off before having suitable medical treatment
NOVAM1A - 18 dager siden
what is your 2 x72 grinder brand with the surface grinder?
george barnes
george barnes - 20 dager siden
I seem to recall hearing of Gil Hibben doing this back in the 70s. Said it wasn’t worth it
Elias Jarjoura
Elias Jarjoura - 20 dager siden
You're using carbon steel tools to work SS, you will contaminate the stainless, no matter how much you pickle and passivate it, the stainless will not stay stainless in a month or two
Chris Coe
Chris Coe - 22 dager siden
Wash it with acid.
Chris Reynecke
Chris Reynecke - 26 dager siden
Great channel guys, keep up the good work, also nice to see our flag there (South Africa).
Cliff P
Cliff P - 27 dager siden
Guys guys I would have told you how to make DSS. Hey let me google it for you really quick.
Joe Mofo
Joe Mofo - 29 dager siden
4:32 “How hot are we going to get it, Will?”
Uden One-Eye
Uden One-Eye - Måned siden
Yeah how absurd and atrocious of you to even consider sharing knowledge with the world that could benefit everyone, because of some pansy patent/copyright bs.
Did I say pansy? I'm sorry. I meant "completely logical"
Brad Cogan
Brad Cogan - Måned siden
Point to note: I know you were just messing around with the tourniquet but if using one seriously you should only apply a tourniquet for very serious blood loss, like for a large amputation or if you've punctured a major artery etc. They should also be applied as far out as they can be because often the parts of the body outward of the tourniquet may actually have to be amputated due to the cutting off of the blood from that point. It's also worth nothing that once you've applied a tourniquet, you should never remove it as blood clots and toxins can build up where it's applied which can kill you if released too quickly. You should also record the time down when it was applied so the doctors know how long it's been on there.
Adam Toney
Adam Toney - Måned siden
What’s is the face mask you have on called and who makes it and where can I get one
Rowland Prinsloo
Rowland Prinsloo - Måned siden
Like the South African flag in the background
M B - Måned siden
Thanks Alot mans beacase I love stainless steel and I hate rust and normal steel and iron
Thank you man's so much
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles - 2 måneder siden
I can attest to how bad a tourniquet hurts
justin schmidt
justin schmidt - 2 måneder siden
I work in the pipe welding industry and there is a flux paste we use when we can not get a good argon purge on the inside of the pipe to stop oxidation (sugaring as we call it). I’m not sure how the paste would hold up in a forge or if you would just brush it on after you heat the price. But may help in getting it to forge weld, and have less cracking issues. I noticed you all use a powder flux on some other carbon projects you do. The stainless flux may be a shot worth taking.
Darrell Schmitz
Darrell Schmitz - 2 måneder siden
Confused with boxing in the Damascus layer.
JPLab - 2 måneder siden
You guys really need to wear working gloves MORE OFTEN, aka ALL THE TIME. You're not a wimp for wearing gloves, protect your hands, you only have 10 fingers and 2 hands in your lifetime, be safe. Accidents like that could one day escalate to something worse, and experience doesn't matter. I've seen 40 years of experience workers losing a finger because too much confidence is the worst enemy of safety. Love your videos!
Stephen - 2 måneder siden
Will is deffo that guy who hurts himself alllllllll the time haha
mike desensi
mike desensi - 2 måneder siden
stainless steel damascus is usely done in a can........but it can be made with out as along as its encased and kept from oxygen, if you look in a can that was used for stainless steel you'll find a green residue , thats chromium oxide a by product of the process
jinxUKBK - 2 måneder siden
U deleted my message.

What a w anker
KING Of Haws
KING Of Haws - 2 måneder siden
Which alloys of stainless were used to make this?
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds - 2 måneder siden
I needed a bigger warning than that three second counter.......
Johnathan Grey
Johnathan Grey - 2 måneder siden
How about easy twisting it. This is so easy I can't believe how easy this is. Lol
Johnathan Grey
Johnathan Grey - 2 måneder siden
You guys are a few years too late.
Johnathan Grey
Johnathan Grey - 2 måneder siden
You didn't even add leaves.
Tim Fitton
Tim Fitton - 2 måneder siden
"How's the thumb feeling will?" 😂 😂 😂
eric wilde
eric wilde - 3 måneder siden
flux guys put flux in your can at the beginning
CAESAR DIY PROJECTS - 3 måneder siden
Greetings from Egypt
As an advice
Weld the plates first then weld the box to the plates pack
When forging every 5mins add Borax and press it frequently then hammer it
Iain O'halloran
Iain O'halloran - 3 måneder siden
Would stainless steel and copper make Damascus or would it be to difficult to forge weld.
Eman M
Eman M - 3 måneder siden
Alec seems like a strict boss, wonder how the sexual tension is between these two
Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson - 3 måneder siden
I would like to have some Damascus parts for my car, a shifter would be amazing
Abhishek Gourav
Abhishek Gourav - 3 måneder siden
The up-close shot of the wound and Will prying it....i was like dudeee leave it alone.. touching with dirty hands ..
Jonathan Towle
Jonathan Towle - 3 måneder siden
White hot not red hot 🤔
Perry Price
Perry Price - 3 måneder siden
Stop chunking the digits!.
The man who Took the road less traveled
Why no flux? Borax?
RSH21 - 3 måneder siden
Sweet part one of a twenty five part series to see how a knife and fork are made.
V@per trailer HD
V@per trailer HD - 3 måneder siden
Maybe if you purge all the atmosphere out of the can with argon gas you will have success
V@per trailer HD
V@per trailer HD - 3 måneder siden
With all stainless steel, when you weld you have to to watch out for (surgar) "any penetration that is ir has has not been back by argon gas
Charles Harrison
Charles Harrison - 3 måneder siden
I think you should get some actual ore from Jordan to make a wootz Damascus sword.
Jo Smotherman
Jo Smotherman - 3 måneder siden
Get rid of the rubber gloves. You are not a surgeon.
Andre Thompson
Andre Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Remember when tig welding steinless you have to fake take away the oxygen at the back otherwise it makes like a "coniflower" at the other side. Rather use steinless welding Rods "arc welding "
Experiment with 2 SS plate and weld them together with tig welding and look at the other side you will see the Coniflower effect. This happens when ss welding get exposed to oxygen (defects) stickwelding or arc welding takes away the oxygen.try it
Greatings from South Africa
Casa del Shed
Casa del Shed - 3 måneder siden
I am going to be the you tube try hard here, sooooo. Perhaps next time try a carbon rich atmosphere in the forge to reduce free oxygen in the fire. To reduce oxidising while heating.
Callum Bush
Callum Bush - 3 måneder siden
Losing the accent there matey!
Doc 5150
Doc 5150 - 3 måneder siden
Get doors
Bj Ritchie
Bj Ritchie - 3 måneder siden
Hi Alec and Will, I work in the HVAC industry down here in Florida. I use a tool called the duct knife everyday. Was wondering could you make me one of these in Damascus so it would hold it's edge
Andrew Brunton
Andrew Brunton - 3 måneder siden
Why didn't they use borax ?
Aleksandar Milicevic
Aleksandar Milicevic - 3 måneder siden
Gloves, any one?
Sean Tangneys
Sean Tangneys - 3 måneder siden
really we're just children with access to dangerous equipment
Sean Tangneys
Sean Tangneys - 3 måneder siden
sees thumb *houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh*
Norsepool - 4 måneder siden
I know im late on this. But no joke keep a small tube of clear super glue. It will stop the bleeding and give you an instant bandage. Also kills germs inside wound. Thats what it was invented for. Korean war i think it was made to be fast blood clot and hold chunks of flesh together that's why it sticks to skin better than anything. Yepp
Snapps Undone
Snapps Undone - 4 måneder siden
Great job guys 👍
amin tafara
amin tafara - 4 måneder siden
Please try with 316 Damascus
paul dean
paul dean - 4 måneder siden
Answer is stainless has 1% carbon , you need more carbon to show a Damascus welded knife cause stainless won't paterna being so low in carbon, you can Damascus weld it but if paterna starts then it's not stainless no more ,it's not 99% pure steel
firehelp - 4 måneder siden
you'll want to wear a respirator, you're probably exceeding the chromium particulate limit, chromium causes cancer
Josef - 4 måneder siden
"You'll have to wait til the next teat."
lupe nieto
lupe nieto - 4 måneder siden
I think this dude just like to hear himself talk, he takes forever to do any kind of work.
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan - 4 måneder siden
God damn... All the way down to the derma.
Gi Al
Gi Al - 4 måneder siden
I read the warning, yet failed to heed the advice. Now im not hungry anymore
John Hicks
John Hicks - 4 måneder siden
Couldn’t you use drain cleaner for the etch? I believe most such products are muriatic acid
King Quesadilla
King Quesadilla - 4 måneder siden
How do you not have Kevlar gloves? Why? You have a space suit...but no gloves?
Hugh Lorrey
Hugh Lorrey - 5 måneder siden
Soooooo? I'm wondering if it is possible to make a billets of Damascus using copper, brass, white metal and mild steel? I know it's a melting point thing but it would be so cool looking as a knife in a highly polished finish
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone - 5 måneder siden
I was impressed by just welding the stainless box. If you can manage Damascus, so much the better
Jzolt - 5 måneder siden
Run a file over mild steel & then over stainless, you don't need to do much more than that to tell that stainless is significantly harder than Highcarbon steel.
LOSER - 5 måneder siden
Will has that quiet but extremely funny humor that I love
Edit: hello kitty band aids are the only acceptable band aids, good job
James Amazons
James Amazons - 5 måneder siden
Man, Damascus steel really did degraded its meaning.
Draximus Meridius
Draximus Meridius - 5 måneder siden
Alec, Hows the thumb feeling will? Will 👎
Alec, Great!!
Angelkiller 59
Angelkiller 59 - 6 måneder siden
i think this guy is related to the guy who made lamas with hats
Jarrod Gertig
Jarrod Gertig - 6 måneder siden
Where's a "Will it Damascus?" series?
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams - 6 måneder siden
Gold old cubitron grinder discs. My favorite
PJ Almighty
PJ Almighty - 6 måneder siden
Will "No Thumbs" Stelter shall be his new nickname from here on out!

(Seriously, Alec needs to make a gift episode of creating Damascus thimbles for Will before he ends off having 3/4ths of his thumbs filed off...)
Andrew Cingle
Andrew Cingle - 6 måneder siden
Do I hear stainless steel Damascus katana in your voice? Challenge? "U can do it! All night long, all night..." If u have to. Sorry I feel puny today. Shameless Waterboy reference.
Dr. Weaver
Dr. Weaver - 6 måneder siden
You know instead of making a stainless steel can to keep the oxygen out, you can make a borax and water solution and dip the billet in that for a while then you are ready to forge weld.
Foreign Africano
Foreign Africano - 6 måneder siden
Stainless steel Is only stainless because it has a Chrome nano layer on the outside that keeps it from rusting and exposed to the elements so when you grinded it it was no longer stainless anymore it was exposed🎓🎓🎓
dzopik - 6 måneder siden
why dont he let a hole in the billet? when he press the billet it could press the air out. Now its trapped
thehandyman406 - 6 måneder siden
Meant to say Damascus
thehandyman406 - 6 måneder siden
Make a Demarcus gun barrel.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton - 6 måneder siden
treat the stainless with hydrochloric acid to dissolve off the chromium oxide layer rather than grinding it off. get an argon welding torch and try to displace the air with argon before welding the "box" shut
fixento - 6 måneder siden
These guys couldn't find their own arse in a blacksmith shop.
Michael Papadopoulos
Michael Papadopoulos - 6 måneder siden
Alec PLEASE Please Please please, there is a Japanese demascus that contains brass or bronze every 5th or 6th line leaving a golden glow like a gold stripe , please please try make it.