Cam Newton, Zeke's offseason, J.R. Smith (6.30.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

▶ Will Cam lead New England to yet another division title? (00:00)
▶ How much do you like the addition of J.R. Smith to the Lakers? (25:00)
▶ Should Dallas be concerned with Ezekiel Elliott’s offseason? (42:25)
▶ What’s your reaction to Ja Morant’s apology for his latest social media posts? (54:33)
▶ Will Cam be a good fit with Bill Belichick? (1:05:03)
▶ Will JR Smith be enough to replace Avery Bradley? (1:16:12)
▶ Skip & Shannon discuss the mixed emotions NBA players have expressed about returning. (1:30:38)
▶ Are you surprised Tom Brady said throwing 5 TD in the Patriots’ 2007 win vs. the Bills was his best game ever? (1:41:10)
▶ Skip & Shannon discuss Colin Kaepernick’s upcoming scripted Netflix series. (1:51:33)
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Cam Newton, Zeke's offseason, J.R. Smith (6.30.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Runtime: 1:54:26


Sofia Firmino
Sofia Firmino - 15 dager siden
blippi videos
Brandon S.
Brandon S. - Måned siden
Audio gets really messed up at 1:20:00
Saul Munoz
Saul Munoz - Måned siden
42:43 😂 Shannon
Bleach Cowboy
Bleach Cowboy - Måned siden
Skip is right, Lebron should have taken that shot with 4 seconds left. People blame JR for that game but Lebron not innocent either
Rury Hernandez
Rury Hernandez - Måned siden
Luka is trash 🗑
1nfam0us Basturd
1nfam0us Basturd - Måned siden
Something is wrong with the audio overlapping each commentator during the Broussard skit.
Cedric Taylor
Cedric Taylor - Måned siden
Shannon speaks the truth! Man
P. Menjivar
P. Menjivar - Måned siden
Richard Hendrix
Richard Hendrix - Måned siden
I am the "truth"
matt ensley
matt ensley - Måned siden
Cowboys usually own Thanksgiving? They got destroyed by the Bills last year and by the Chargers the year before. Seems like they always lose if they dont get to play the Lions....
Ronald Arceneaux
Ronald Arceneaux - Måned siden
Unc said Dillon took off everything he had on!!! Man, I'm CRYING 😂😂😂😂😂 in this 🚚!!!
Ronald Arceneaux
Ronald Arceneaux - Måned siden
P. Menjivar
P. Menjivar - Måned siden
skip 'Zeke is lowkey faded" bayless
Aziz W
Aziz W - Måned siden
Josh Allen and Buffalo will run over the Patriots this year. Again this is our division.🐂💙❤
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami - Måned siden
skip's love(obsession) for Jordan is weird.. btw skip still a SPUR's fan!?? or his HATE for LBJ got him stuck btwn BK(kd) & LAC(kawhi) 🤣😂
TD Rex
TD Rex - Måned siden
Cam gonna win the AFC East
TD Rex
TD Rex - Måned siden
@Charles Horton why was Cam a MVP tho
Charles Horton
Charles Horton - Måned siden
Cam is a BUSTER....Just like Johny Manzel.